Hearing the offer that came out from Nana ’s mouth, rather than getting excited, Shishio quickly sobered up. He almost let lust and desire swallow him up, and it made him unable to help but quickly did a self-reflection. However, he couldn ’t be blamed, too, since Nana had tempted him. His body had become twice as strong. Of course, his needs in that area had also become stronger, which somehow made him helpless. He felt that he attained the level of sage since he could stop his volcano-like desire.

If Shishio could say ”I love you ” to Nana, then without hesitation, he would eat her even if they were at the school. However, he could not do so, and he felt that it would be quite unfair to Nana if he really did eat her here and now.

”Thank you, but let ’s wait till I can say I love you to you, ” Shishio said.

Hearing his words, rather than disappointment, Nana showed a smile and asked, ”You ’re ready to say it now? ” She also waited for him to say ”I love you ” to her, and if possible, she wanted to hear it before giving her virginity to him.

Nana observed Shishio ’s state and could see the clarity in his eyes. She knew what she had said before was because of the moment of impulse. Still, even if she helped him with her hands, she wouldn ’t regret it since she could see how painful he was before, and it seemed that if she let him out from this room, something might happen, which was why she needed to help him. Anyway, it was also her fault for provoking him before.

Shishio looked at Nana and said, ”I might not be able to say it now, but I ’m glad that you can become mine now. ”

”See? ” Nana was quite proud now and said, ”Still, even if you have me, you still confessed to Miu-senpai, huh? ”

”….. ” Shishio.

Nana looked at Shishio, who was in silence and couldn ’t help but snort. She then changed her position and sat on his lap, positioning herself in the most comfortable position, snuggling into him.

Shishio also calmed herself, but it was impossible to calm his dick, so he could only hug Nana while ignoring his normal response.

”You ’re not going to say anything about my confession to Miu-senpai? ” Shishio asked.

”Well, I expected this, after all. I ’m not that surprised, ” Nana said simply.

”Thank you, ” Shishio said while burying his face on her neck.

”You should be! ” Nana ’s tone might sound angry, but in truth, she didn ’t feel angry. However, she needed to reprimand him or else, she wasn ’t sure how many girls would join his harem in the future.

Shishio didn ’t say much since no words could express his feelings at this moment. The only thing that he could do was take care of her better from now on, even in the future. However, he forgot about his hard dick that was pressed under Nana ’s butts at that moment.

Nana blushed when she felt the huge hot rod below her skirt and said, ”Yours is a bit too big, right? ”

”You said that to me. Yours is also big too, ” Shishio said helplessly. It wasn ’t that he tried to exaggerate, but he hadn ’t seen anyone whose boobs were as big as Nana. Most of the female students in this school had quite a flat chest or a normal size. Someone such as Nana was quite rare. As for Ayaka (Nana ’s big sister), he felt she wasn ’t a human anymore.

Nana was quite proud of her size and asked, ”Do you want to touch it? ”

”Can I? ” Shishio asked.

”Why not? But can you let me see yours too? ” Nana asked curiously.

”You want to see mine? ” Shishio asked.

”Um. ” Nana nodded without hesitation.

”…. ”

”Can I? ” Nana asked.

”Well, I don ’t mind… ” Shishio didn ’t see any harm in showing his dick to Nana. ”But you only want to see it? You don ’t want to touch it? ”

Nana blushed and hit his chest without hesitation. ”You pervert! ”

Shishio caught her hand and said, ”Isn ’t you the one who provoked me? You know, if I let you show it to you, we might not just stop by hugging and kissing each other. ” He might be able to keep his hands before, but if she really saw his hard penis, he was sure that they wouldn ’t stop just by touching each other, and there would be more than that.

Nana ’s heart was racing, and she was in deep thought, thinking about his words and knew that he was right. She had seen his berserk state before. He was like a hungry lion, ready to devour anything in front of him, including her.

Shishio hugged Nana ’s waist again and said, ”We ’re at school, and there ’s still a lot of time in the future. ”

”Well, that ’s true. ” Nana nodded since she knew that there were many times in the future and thought that she might be impatient. However, it might be because of his presence that it caused her to feel eager to do it with him, and it might be only her institution that she knew their first sex would be great.

Nana also knew that if she provoked him any longer, then it might not be good.

”Still, I have to admit, there ’s a thrill when we ’re doing it at school, ” Shishio said with a sigh. He didn ’t need to worry about being known by someone or being filmed with a hidden camera since, with his ability, it was simply impossible for someone to film them secretly. Even if there was one, they would become the feed of the fish on Tokyo Bay immediately.

If it was for the safety of his women, Shishio wouldn ’t hesitate and became a butcher.

Nana chuckled and said, ”Well, I like it better if we ’re not at school, though. ” Even though she didn ’t mind the thrill, she felt that it was better to do it at home or at a hotel where she didn ’t need to worry about being caught by someone.

”Then why did you provoke me here? ” Shishio asked helplessly.

”Isn ’t it because you ’ve confessed to both Mashiro-chan and Miu-senpai? ” Nana grumbled.

”….. ” Shishio.

”Well, I will forgive you this time, but I want to be the first, alright? ” Nana said while looking at his eyes.

Shishio shook his head and couldn ’t make this promise. ”Sorry, I can ’t do that. ”

”Huh? Why? ” Nana was dumbfounded.

”Something like that happens because of the mood if there ’s no mood and we ’re doing it because you don ’t want to lose to someone, the memory of our first time won ’t be precious, ” Shishio said while holding Nana ’s hands, rubbing it gently, telling her not to be too impatient.

”Hmm…. ” Nana thought for a while and nodded. ”That might be true. ” She then thought that the Golden Week was quite close, so she asked, ”Are you free during Golden Week? ”

Golden Week is a week from the 29th of April to early May containing several Japanese holidays.

It could be said every student and everyone in Japan was very excited about Golden Week, including Nana.

Shishio thought for a bit and nodded. ”I should be free. ” During Golden Week, he didn ’t intend to return to Kyoto since he had only one week of holiday. He felt that it was too wasteful to use his holiday to return to Kyoto.

”You ’re not going back to Kyoto? ” Nana asked since she knew that Shishio was from Kyoto.

”Do you want to come with me to Kyoto? ” Shishio asked.

Nana was dumbfounded. Her face turned red, and she quickly shook her head. ”I ’m not ready to meet your parents! ” She might have let Shishio meet her parents, but she wasn ’t ready to meet his parents!

’Especially… ’ Nana sighed and wondered what Shishio ’s parents thought when they knew that their son had many lovers…

”Even if you don ’t want to meet my parents, isn ’t it alright just to play around Kyoto? I ’ll show you around there, ” Shishio said. After all, with the memory of the previous Shishio Oga, he knew very well about every part of Kyoto. As for his classmates during middle school, he didn ’t care much, and he was sure that they wouldn ’t notice him, considering the huge change in him.

Nana was tempted, but then she said with a sigh, ”I don ’t have much money, though. ” Her pocket money might be a bit huge for someone around her age since her parents were quite well-off, but it didn ’t mean she was being pampered. She also had worked a part-time job from time to time, but she didn ’t feel that it was enough to visit Kyoto. As for asking Shishio to treat her, such a thought had never crossed her mind since she didn ’t date him because of money.

”Hmm… ” Shishio didn ’t mind treating Nana, but he felt that she might reject it. ”Well, it is still spring, and the temperature is a bit cold, but do you want to go to Tateyama? ”

”Tateyama? ” Nana was confused and asked, ”You mean in Chiba? ”

”Um. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”I know an inn owner in that area. We should be able to stay there free. ” In truth, he owned the inn in that area, but he felt that it was too much if he said that.

”Eh? For real? Really? ” Nana was surprised and asked, ”Is it going to be free? ”

”Um. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”Do you want to go there? ”

”Of course! ” Nana said without hesitation.

”Well, we can go there on Golden Week, but don ’t forget about the monthly exam after Golden Week, ” Shishio said.

”Oh, right! There ’s an exam! ” Nana only remembered since her mind had been preoccupied with Shishio. She remembered her goal to defeat her boyfriend, but when she thought about her boyfriend ’s ability…

”…. ”

”What ’s wrong? ” Shishio asked.

”I know that my ability isn ’t enough, but I ’ll say this! ” Nana then stood up and pointed her finger at him. ”If I beat you on the rank on the monthly exam, we have to go on a date with the two of us. ” Her expression was solemn, and somehow her art style also changed slightly.

”….. ” Shishio.

Shishio looked at Nana and said, ”Even if you don ’t win, I don ’t mind bringing you, though. ”

”You don ’t understand. ” Nana shook her head and said, ”People often say that the fruit that comes from your hard work is the sweetest. ”

’Really? ’ Shishio didn ’t think too much since he felt the fruit that came from stealing was better, but he wouldn ’t say it. He then nodded and said, ”Alright, but what if I won? ”

”Tell me what you want. I ’ll agree on whatever it is. Even sexual requests are fine, too, ” Nana said without hesitation.

”… ”

Shishio was tempted, but he was a bit hesitant.

”What? Do you have something that you want to ask? ” Nana quickly caught his expression and asked with a smile. She sat on his lap again while poking his chest several times. ”Tell me, tell me, what do you want me to do? Just show me your hidden fetish or whatever. ”

”…. ” Shishio.

Shishio took a deep breath and said, ”Well, can you serve me using a maid uniform? ”

”Good, I agree! ” Nana said without hesitation. She beamed with a smile and asked, ”But this is the first time I ’ve heard you have a maid fetish. ” She only learned it by now, and as for her view about it, she didn ’t care much, or rather, it was good that she could learn it for the first time.

Shishio let out a sigh and said, ”Yes, I have a maid fetish. ”

”I thought that you had more extreme fetishes such as sadism or bondage since you love to tease me, ” Nana said without worry.

”….. ” Shishio.

Shishio stared at Nana, wondering whether this girl was a masochist, considering he had gotten the ”Bondage Mastery ” from her mother.

”Hmm…. ” Nana nodded and said, ”I ’ll try to buy it for you. ”

”No, no, I ’ll prepare it for you, ” Shishio quickly said.

”Is that alright? You don ’t know my size, right? ” Nana asked.

”No, we have hugged each other before. I know your size very well, ” Shishio said since he had ”Tailoring Mastery, ” it was simply a child ’s play to know her size.

”Well, if you say so. ” Nana nodded while wondering how this guy could know her size?

”How about we go back now? We ’ve been here for quite a while, ” Shishio said as his penis calmed down.

”Alright, let ’s go back. ” Nana was about to go back, but Shishio quickly stopped her. She was confused and asked, ”What ’s wrong? ”

”Your clothes and hair are a bit messy. ” Shishio was helpless and said, ”What do you think if you suddenly come out like this? ” He then helped Nana to tidy up her clothes. He had ”Household Mastery, ” and it was simply a child ’s play for him to tidy up her clothes. In truth, even if she gave him fellatio or had sex here, he believed that he could clean all of them without being noticed by anyone, but he knew that it wasn ’t right to do it here, especially it was her first time.

Nana was looking at Shishio, who tidied up her uniform with a daze, wondering how this guy could be so skillful?

Shishio tidied up Nana ’s clothes, then took one of the books from the literature club. ”Should we go back? ”

”Of course! ” Nana then held his hand without hesitation and walked out of the clubroom.

Leaving no trace behind, Shishio and Nana returned to their class and kept their little secret in their hearts.

As time passed, some students also started to enter the school, including Mea and Maiko.

”Mea! Maiko! ”

”Nana! ” 2x

The three of them chatted together with a smile and excitedly.

Looking at Nana, who acted as if nothing happened, Shishio could only sigh and thought that a woman was really a natural actress. As for the trace of the two, they didn ’t need to worry since with ”Household Chores Mastery, ” it was simply a child ’s play to hide their trace.

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