I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 221 - The Place He Should Be

Shishio felt that the situation had become strange, and he also knew that he needed to talk with Kiriya since he had skipped the club twice. ”Well, I ’ll go with Kiriya-sensei. ” He then looked at Kiriya and asked, ”Is it going to take a long time, Sensei? ”

”Well, I might take your entire break time, ” Kiriya said gently.

”… ” Shishio raised his eyebrow then looked at his girlfriend. ”What do you think? ”

”It can ’t be helped. You ’ve skipped twice, after all. ” Saki then gave the bento box in her hand to Shishio. ”Eat this. I ’ll go with them. ”

”Thanks. ” Shishio nodded. ”Then I ’ll go first. ” He turned and said, ”Sensei, let ’s go. ”

”Oh. ” Kiriya nodded and said, ”Bye everyone. ”

Looking at Shishio and Kiriya, who stood next to each other, they wondered why they felt like it was a bit weird for some reason since Kiriya ’s eyes were… Cough! Cough! They quickly shook their heads since they felt that it might be a bit too much to think that way.

”Follow me first, ” Kiriya said.

Shishio nodded and didn ’t think too much. He followed Kiriya, walking together next to each other, but somehow he noticed the gaze of everyone on them. However, he had never thought too much about that gaze until he saw a familiar girl, who often walked with Yumiko before. ”Ebina-senpai. ” He gave her a nod, but somehow Ebina gave him a thumbs up, which confused him.

”Do you know her? ” Kiriya asked. After all, even though many people had seen them, it was his first time to see him greet someone.

”Well, an acquaintance that I know by chance, ” Shishio said. ”Anyway, where are we going, Sensei? ” In truth, he was too lazy to talk with Kiriya, but he wanted to humor him a bit, wondering what Kiriya wanted to say to him. He knew all the teachers ’ information in this school, including Kiriya, and he knew that Kiriya had a huge taint on his career, but as long as Kiriya didn ’t say much, he wouldn ’t say anything.

”We ’re going to the rooftop. Let ’s eat there, ” Kiriya said.

”Oh. ” Shishio nodded and didn ’t think too much but thought about the windy rooftop during the spring. He was wondering whether he could eat peacefully there. Anyway, he needed to listen to what this teacher wanted to do first.

Shishio and Kiriya came to the rooftop and could feel the strong wind that hit their entire bodies, but somehow, even though this should be uncomfortable, neither said anything.

It wasn ’t Shishio ’s first time to come here since he had come here twice and all of them were because of Nanami, but he had to admit that the design of every school rooftop was very similar to each other. It was an open field with some benches in some places and a single small building that was connected to the entrance door of the rooftop. He could also even see a small staircase on the side of the small building so someone could climb up easily.

”Do you often come here, Sensei? ” Shishio asked.

”If I want to smoke, I usually come here, ” Kiriya said, then started to climb the stairs. ”Come on. Let ’s talk on the top here. ”

Looking at Kiriya, who was climbing up the small building, Shishio didn ’t think too much and jumped directly to the top of this building. Controlling his power, he nodded and felt that it was so easy to do this, but well, everything was only his mind, and he didn ’t really want to attract that much attention, nor did he try to show off his power, so he followed Kiriya and climbed up the stairs.

Shishio and Kiriya were on the top of the small building, and they sat next to each other with their legs dangling on edge.

”I ’ll eat first, Kiriya-sensei, ” Shishio said.

”Sure. ” Kiriya then took out his cigarette and started to smoke.

Shishio didn ’t think too much when he saw Kiriya started to smoke since the wind moved in the opposite direction, so even if Kiriya smoked, it didn ’t cause much trouble for him.

When Kiriya saw Shishio eating so leisurely, he couldn ’t help but say, ”You know, when you first entered the literature club, I wonder what was going to happen between you and all the girls that entered the club. ” He smoked his cigarette leisurely and said, ”But I didn ’t expect you to do it this way. ”

”What do you mean? ” Shishio asked, pretending that he didn ’t know anything.

”I ’d thought that you were going to choose one among them, but I ’d never expected that you would decide to date all of them. ” Kiriya had to admit that Shishio was amazing since he could see that Shishio didn ’t date his girls secretly. Rather Shishio dated all the girls openly without hiding that fact from the girls, which made him wonder how did this guy do it?

Kiriya looked at him with a fascinating expression, thinking that it was really interesting to keep Shishio by his side.

”…. ”

”You ’re going to acquiesce my words? ” Kiriya asked since Shishio didn ’t say anything.

Shishio didn ’t glance at Kiriya and said, ”Sensei, have you heard a sentence? ”

”What sentence? ” Kiriya asked.

”There can ’t be too much truth in any relationship, ” Shishio said while eating the bento that Saki cooked. The bento might be cold, but he could feel the burning hot love from Saki in this bento.

Looking up at the cloudy sky, Shishio knew that it was the perfect time for someone to stay relaxed on the rooftop. ’Should I bring them here? ’ He shook his head and decided not to bring his girlfriends here since girls were more sensitive toward cold, after all.

As for Kiriya, who heard Shishio ’s words, surprised, then started to mutter those words while smoking.

Neither of them said anything until Shishio finished his bento.

”Oga-kun, I hope that you ’re not playing with them, ” Kiriya said sincerely. There was nothing that he could do as a teacher in this situation, but he hoped that Shishio didn ’t play with the girls ’ hearts on the literature club, hoping he would treat each of them dearly.

Kiriya ’s words caused Shishio to feel surprised and asked, ”You don ’t think that it is wrong Sensei? ”

”Wrong? I don ’t think so. ” Kiriya shook his head and said, ”Love is free, after all. If you want to love someone, just chase after them, but at the same time, you should bear the responsibility of falling in love with someone. You have a love of a lot of girls in you. You have a lot of responsibility from now on. ”

’Responsibility… ’

Shishio knew that Kiriya was right, and at the same time, this responsibility was something that forced him to the corner, forcing him to move on, forgetting his past, but it wasn ’t so easy for him to forget his past.

”What ’s wrong? You have some trouble in your mind? ” Kiriya asked.

”Sensei, do you think there are words that can express the affection of someone other than love? ” Shishio asked. He looked at Kiriya, wondering whether Kiriya could answer this question since he knew that Kiriya was a literature teacher. At the same time, Kiriya was also a novelist, so he thought that Kiriya might answer this question.

”Hmm… interesting question… ” Kiriya rubbed his chin with a smile and thought of Shishio ’s question. ”With words other than love, huh? I have never thought about this before, but do you have to express your affection to someone through words? I think that our every action, our care, our attention toward the people that we care about or we love with can be used as something to express our affection to someone, right? ” He felt that if words couldn ’t be used, then used an action, but was it so simple?

”If that ’s the case, then it might be good, but you should know that girls aren ’t an Esper, and they don ’t have a mind-reading ability. ” Shishio, who had finished his lunch, rested by lying on his back, placed both of his hands behind his head while staring at the sky, ignoring the fact that it wasn ’t good to sleep after he ate, and said, ”They want to put the affection of someone into words, which is why you need to say, ”I love you. ”

Kiriya looked at Shishio and somehow understood why this guy could have a lot of girlfriends so easily. ”You have trouble saying, ”I love you ”? ”

Shishio looked at Kiriya lazily and said, ”You sure are so blunt Sensei. ”

Kiriya smoked his cigarette again and said lazily, ”You know, I have thought that you ’re someone that can easily say ”I love you ” to girls. ”

”Unlike what you think, Sensei, I think that love is a heavier emotion. It isn ’t as free as you think, ” Shishio said.

”Oh, what do you think love is? ” Kiriya asked with interest.

Shishio knew that each person ’s understanding of love was different, and even though Nana ’s interpretation of love was very nice to hear, his interpretation of love was quite different. ”Well, if I have to say it, then love is like chocolate. ”

”Chocolate, huh? ” Kiriya looked at the sky and said, ”Well, that ’s true. It is bitter. ”

”Yeah, but if you add sugar, it is sweet. If you add a raisin, it ’ll taste sour. If you add nuts, it ’ll add a nice texture. As long as you add something, it ’ll change its taste, and it is wonderful, but in the end, its taste is bitter, ” Shishio said. It was so bitter that he wanted to puke it out, but he knew that he couldn ’t since he had put it inside his mouth and his tongue had already remembered this taste.

”But if you eat too much, you ’ll get diabetes, ” Kiriya said with a smile.

”…. ” Shishio couldn ’t refute it.

”You can ’t always hold on to the important things. By letting them go, we gain something else, ” Kiriya said.

”Sensei…? ” Shishio looked at Kiriya in surprise.

Kiriya smiled and said, ”With that feeling, I ’m sure that you ’ll treat them so dearly. ” Hearing Shishio ’s words, he felt reassured and knew that Shishio would treat each of his girls dearly. ”You know, if you confess to me as you did to your girlfriends, I might agree directly. ”

”….. ” Shishio.

”Should we go back, Sensei? ” Shishio asked since he wanted to escape from Kiriya now!

”Fufufu, you ’re so cute, Oga-kun. ”

”….. ”

Shishio decided to run away now!

Inside the room, many chairs were put on the back of the room, and several tables were kept too. It was just a normal room used to keep unused chairs and tables, but inside, a beautiful girl was sitting there with a bag on her side. Her feet kept tapping the ground several times, not rhythmically, but rather in a hurry, showing how annoyed this girl was.

Folding her arms, Yukinoshita ’s expression was icy at this moment, as cold as Siberian tundra, and if someone saw her, they would quickly look away since her expression was horrifying!

Even so, Yukinoshita didn ’t say anything until she heard the sound of the bell that told her the break was over and she needed to return to her class.

”….. ”

Yukoshita ’s face was calm, but her heart was burning hot. If she had to make a comparison, then it was as hot as Death Valley in California.

’That guy isn ’t coming! ’

Yukinoshita was furious now, but then she calmed herself and took a deep breath. Her flat chest somehow undulated up and down, but then she smiled and thought that it was fascinating that someone had done this to her. ”Good, good… ” Her voice was very icy, but then when she thought about the cute cat photos that she had seen, she let out a long sigh, and somehow, her face blushed. She needed to get those cat photos no matter what!

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