I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 221 - The Place He Should Be

without hesitation since he didn ’t choose his girlfriend based on their breasts, well, a breast might be a part of them, but legs and face were also important, right?

”It ’s okay, it ’s okay, this guy receives a lot of love letters every day, and a lot of girls keep stealing glances at him, so I am sure a lot of girls want to change my position now, ” Nana said heartily without care.

”….. ” Shishio.

Yukinoshita sighed and said, ”It ’s hard to be his girlfriend. ”

”It ’s okay, I ’m the winner now, ” Nana said while hugging Shishio ’s neck, showing her sovereignty.

Yukinoshita looked at Shishio, who was being hugged, without much change on her expression as if it was none of her problems, but strangely enough, she felt a bit annoyed.

Shishio didn ’t think too much of Nana ’s actions since she was his girlfriend, and it was normal for her to be jealous. ”So what ’s wrong, Senpai? If you suddenly come here, there will be a lot of rumors about us since you ’re also very popular, ” he said. If Yukinoshita was only a normal student, then no one cared much about her since many girls tried to approach him, but Yukishita was very famous, after all.

Shishio could tell that there would be many rumors that he was two-timing or three-timing in the future, but even so, he believed that he would be alright, considering he was very handsome.

”It ’s your fault, isn ’t it? ” Yukinoshita also started to sober and knew that her action was very impulsive. It might be because she was annoyed when Shishio didn ’t come after her call before, but now, she knew that if she came directly to his class, it would cause many annoying rumors, not like she cared about it, though.

However, Yukinoshita also knew that her actions might cause misunderstanding to his girlfriend, so she apologized.

”So what ’s wrong, Senpai? ” Shishio asked.

”Take this, ” Yukinoshita said while giving the paper bag to Shishio.

”Hmm? ”

Shishio checked the paper bag and was surprised when he saw the inside was a new camera.

”It is a camera! ” Nana was surprised when she looked inside the paper bag.

Shishio looked at the camera for a while and asked, ”What do you want me to do with this? Do you want me to check whether you have bought the right one or not? ” He was wondering why she suddenly brought the camera here.

”Take it, ” Yukinoshita said.

”…. ” Shishio and Nana.

”Why? ” Shishio asked since he was confused.

Yukinoshita ’s face was so red at this moment since she was very embarrassed.

Nana raised her eyebrow while looking at Shishio, wondering whether he had done something. She then nudged her arm to his chest, questioning him with her eyes.

Shishio shook his head, clearly telling her that he didn ’t understand anything. He then heard Yukinoshita ’s murmur…

”…Ca… ”

”Hmm? ” Nana was confused.

”Cat. ”

”Cat? ” 2x

Yukinoshita nodded with a red face and then quickly returned to her cold expression. ”You can take that camera, but you need to give me a cat photo. ”

”….. ”

Nana recalled that Shishio told her that Yukinoshita was a cat maniac, but she didn ’t expect to be this maniac.

”You ’ll give me this camera? ” Shishio asked weirdly.

”Um. ” Yukinoshita nodded without hesitation and said, ”But you need to give me a picture of the cat. ”

”… ” Shishio.

”I have prepared a lot of memories there. You can keep the photo of cats there, ” Yukinoshita said, showing the memory card inside the paper bag.

Shishio knew that he shouldn ’t be hesitant, considering he got the camera for free by just taking a cat photo, but he also knew that his skill wasn ’t cheap. He could get a lot of money with his photography skills. However, he had never thought too much about money, considering he had a lot of it, and it was also a request from a beautiful girl. ”Is this alright? ”

”Yes, you don ’t need to worry. You can use the camera whatever you want as long as you give me a cat photo, ” Yukinoshita said.

”Then I ’ll accept it. ” Shishio didn ’t hesitate and said, ”Thank you, Senpai. ”

”No problem, but don ’t forget about the photos, ” Yukinoshita said.

”You really love cats, huh? ” Shishio said with a smile.

Yukinoshita ’s face was so red, but then it quickly turned cold again. ”It seems that you ’re not respecting your senior that much, Oga-kun. ”

”No, I respect you very much, Senpai. You even gave me a camera, ” Shishio said with a smile. ”Then, I ’ll take care of it. ”

”No problem. ” Yukinoshita nodded while looking away since she wasn ’t sure why. She felt it was a bit hot when she saw this smile.

Nana, who was sitting on Shishio ’s lap, didn ’t think too much since she knew the ins and outs of what had happened, and she also knew that her boyfriend ’s photography skill was top-notch.

”Shishio! ”

Shishio, Nana, and Yukinoshita turned their heads and saw a group of girls outside the class.

Shishio looked at the time and said, ”Well, Senpai, we ’ll go back first. ”

”Yes. ” Yukinoshita nodded, but then she was wondering how many beautiful girls that this guy knew. Somehow, there were many questions on her head at that moment, but she knew that it was too rude to ask this question.

”Nanami, I ’ll go back first, ” Shishio said.

”Ah, yes, Shishio-kun. ” Nanami was a bit surprised but quickly nodded.

”….. ” Yukinoshita looked at Nanami weirdly since she clearly heard that this girl called Shishio by his first name.

”See you, Usa, Tagami, ” Shishio said to both of them.

”Oh! ” 2x

Usa and Tagami felt jealous, but what could they do?

Shishio, Nana, and Yukinoshita walked out from the class and saw Shiina, Saki, Ritsu, and Miu.

There were a lot of girls around him, and it should be the limit, right?

Shishio turned his head and saw someone who seemed to be hiding with the crowd. Both of their eyes met each other, and he clearly understood why this girl wanted to speak. He took his phone and sent a text without looking, but then she heard Saki ’s question.

”Why is Yukinoshita-san here? ” Saki asked with a frown, wondering whether Yukinoshita couldn ’t escape from Shishio ’s claws at this moment.

Looking at many girls who were looking at him, Shishio knew that even though he didn ’t need to enter the emotional roller coaster, he had entered another troublesome situation again.

As for Sorata, Shishio might have noticed him, but it was better to ignore this guy since he knew that sooner or later, Sorata would become a background character, returning to the place where he should belong to.

Still, at this moment, the heart of every boy who saw Shishio at this moment synchronized for a moment, and they said a similar sentence in their minds, ’Go explode! ’ However, if there was a chance, they hoped that they could be reborn into a handsome guy with a system. That way, they were sure that they would become popular and have a harem.

If Shishio knew what they were thinking, he could only snort. Becoming a handsome guy was easy, but creating a harem wasn ’t easy since there were still many handsome guys who were being manipulated by girls.

Shishio suddenly remembered a quote from a famous tv drama that he had watched.

’Love is like riding or speaking French: if you don ’t learn it young, it ’s hard to get the trick of it later. ’

So while we ’re young, let ’s be in love.

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