Shishio looked at Sayaka, whose body was trembling, sobbing while trying to act scared, then looked at the man and couldn ’t help but felt pity since he knew that this man was being fooled by this vile woman. He somehow had an urge to wipe her makeup to show the reality to the man in front of him, telling this man that he was dating a girl who celebrated a Halloween party for the entire year.

Ritsu, Shiina, Saki, and Futaba, who saw Sayaka suddenly hugging Shishio ’s arm without hesitation, couldn ’t help but frown. Still, then they also noticed that a conflict would certainly happen soon, and it was because of Sayaka.

Shishio frowned, but then he said in a low voice, ”Sayaka-san, I owe you one before, so I ’ll help you this time, but let go of my arm. My girlfriend is here. ”

Sayaka was stunned when she heard Shishio ’s words since she didn ’t expect him to be immune to her cute face and her frail woman act, but she heard that his girlfriend was just beside them. She couldn ’t help but frown, wondering who had stolen her target. She glanced at the four girls and wondered who his girlfriend was, but suddenly a shout woke her up.

”Hey, who are you?! What ’s your relationship with Sayaka-chan!? ” The man was very gloomy, and because Shishio was looking at Sayaka, he didn ’t see Shishio ’s face clearly, and his head was clouded with the thought of his loved one hugging the arm of another arm, which made his head full of anger!

When they heard the anger of the man, Shiina, Ritsu, Saki, and Futaba had different reactions.

Shiina was frowning, but at the same time, she was a bit scared since the man was very loud so she naturally hid behind Shishio.

Saki and Ritsu somehow could guess that this man was fooled by Sayaka, and both of them couldn ’t help but become annoyed at Sayaka, who had brought trouble to Shishio. However, unlike Ritsu, who was worried about him, Saki thought that this guy would be beaten directly by Shishio if this guy dared to mess up.

Shishio had fought with someone with two meters height and body of muscles, and the scrawny guy in front of him was just like a weak stick. Saki was sure that Shishio wouldn ’t be hurt by this guy, or rather she thought that she should call an ambulance now.

Futaba, who didn ’t like conflicts, also felt quite scared and hid behind Shishio while looking at Sayaka with a frown since she knew that the trouble was coming because of this woman. She wondered if there was a way that they could walk away without any trouble, but during this situation, her bright mind that could list phi numbers smoothly couldn ’t think straight at this moment.

Behind there was Sorata, who was watching this accident with some excitement. He had gone back and followed everyone from behind before, but he could only look at them from a far away with some longing. However, he knew that he couldn ’t join them, which was why he was envious, and at the same time, he was also happy when he saw Shishio was caught in trouble, so he waited for the man to beat up Shishio!

Everyone wondered what Shishio would do, but Shishio just stood there, staring at the man in front of him in silence.

”…. ”


Shishio ’s body was three times stronger than normal humans, and he was naturally athletic and tall, so when he just stood there, he would put a lot of pressure on the people that he was facing, along with his temperament that had been forged in his previous life, his presence was just too special. His face was also very handsome, and a handsome guy always had this privilege.

The man couldn ’t stay and lowered his head subconsciously and didn ’t dare to look at Shishio. If Shishio were a normal high school student with a chicken personality, then, without a doubt, he would punch him.

Unfortunately, Shishio wasn ’t, and he was the predator at the top of the food chain. If this man dared to fight, then he would be devoured directly.

As for the girls, they were fascinated by him at that moment!

So handsome!

Everyone thought at this moment.

”Go, ” Shishio said simply.

”I… ” The man wanted to say something but then looked at Sayaka, who seemed fascinated by Shishio. He then looked at Shishio and Sayaka again and then looked at the four beautiful girls around him. He couldn ’t help but feel so jealous at this moment. However, when he saw Shishio ’s huge body and handsome face, the words just couldn ’t come out at this moment. His legs also couldn ’t stop shaking at that moment, and somehow his head also became dizzy.

”Or do you want to fight now? ” Shishio asked.

”….. ”

”I ’m sorry. ” The man bowed his head and ran directly away.

”…. ” Everyone.

Shishio looked at Sayaka and said, ”Sayaka-san, I don ’t care much about what you ’re doing, but don ’t bring trouble to the Sakurasou. ” He then looked at the place where Roberta was hiding with a rifle in her hand and quickly shook his head since he was afraid that his maid might kill that guy later. Even though he didn ’t mind taking someone else ’s life, it didn ’t mean that he was okay to kill someone just because he was annoyed.

”Yes, I ’m sorry, Oga-kun… ” Sayaka said with a pitiful expression, but then she said, ”Still, how did you do it, Oga-kun? You can scare him away directly with just a few words! ” She was amazed by Shishio, who could scare the man with just a few words, and couldn ’t help but disdain that man who followed her secretly.

”Sa. Ya. Ka. San! ” Ritsu was staring at Sayaka with anger since this woman brought trouble to Sakurasou!

Hearing Ritsu ’s anger, Sayaka wanted to say something, but…

”What ’s wrong? ” Chihiro and Mayumi, who had just come back home, looked at the commotion and wondered what was happening.

When everyone was looking at her, Sayaka knew that trouble was coming.

”Hey, what ’s going on? ”

Hearing this familiar voice, they turned and saw Shiro-san, who was caught by the police, and somehow, they pretended that they didn ’t know him at that moment, but Shiro-san was still better since he was still happy.

As for Sorata, he was also ignored, but unlike Shiro-san, he was unhappy.

In the living room, while waiting for Shishio to change his clothes, Chihiro, Roberta, and Mayumi listened to Ritsu and what had happened, which made them frown when they looked at Sayaka.

As for Futaba and Saki, both of them had heard that Sakurasou was a den of weirdos. They didn ’t believe it at first, but when they saw Shiro-san, they believed that this place was a den of weirdos, but with Shishio around, they didn ’t need to worry that much, and Shishio also told them that even though Shiro-san was a pervert, Shiro-san was harmless and wouldn ’t do anything or rather, Shiro-san would be happy to be beaten up, which somehow made them stay three meters away from Shiro-san.

Shiro-san wasn ’t sure why, but he was very excited at that moment.

After listening to what had happened, Chihiro frowned while looking at Sayaka and said, ”Sayaka, whatever you do outside is your own affair, but you know Sayaka. I won ’t take it kindly if you bring trouble back here to the Sakurasou. If something like that happens… ”


”If something like that happens…? ” Sayaka looked at Chihiro nervously.

”It might be good if you pack up your clothes directly, ” Chihiro said.

”….. ” Sayaka.

Hearing Chihiro ’s words, even though it might sound cruel, there was no rebuttal from them since the trouble that Sayaka might cause was very troublesome. Fortunately, Shishio was able to scare away the man with few words. Still, if a fight happened, or worse case the man might feel resentment, he might decide to burn Sakurasou down, or the man might sneak into Sakurasou to harm the tenants inside, which was why Chihiro didn ’t hesitate to kick Sayaka away if Sayaka caused another trouble.

Well, if that happened, then the man ’s future would also be very dark, but when someone was irrational, they would do anything.

”EEEEHHHH!!! ” Sayaka was dumbfounded since she didn ’t expect that she would be kicked out directly. She had to admit that Sakurasou was comfortable and it was very cheap. More importantly, there was a handsome guy here that was pleasing to her eyes, and the food of this handsome guy was so good, she didn ’t want to move!

”Sorry, I ’ll make sure that it doesn ’t happen again, ” Sayaka apologized without hesitation.

Chihiro nodded and accepted Sayaka ’s apology, but then everyone was attracted by the cat ’s voice.

”Meow~~. ”

They turned their heads and saw Shishio was in his casual clothes, walking to the living room with Hikari (Sorata ’s cat) in his hands. Everyone could see that the cat snuggled happily on his arms, and it was so sticky with him, but more than that, watching a handsome guy playing with a cat was really pleasing to the eye.

”Futaba-san, here ’s the cat. You can try to play with it to see whether you want to adopt it or not, ” Shishio said.

Hearing Shishio ’s words, Futaba wanted to say that she would adopt the cat no matter what, but when she recalled Shishio ’s words before and knew that cat wasn ’t a thing, it was a living being, so she needed to take care of it, somehow it gave her a pressure. ”Yes. ”

Shishio moved closer to Futaba and said, ”Try to play with it. I ’ll teach you how to pet it. ”

”Um. ” Futaba nodded with blush.

”Saki, do you want to play with Hikari too? ” Shishio asked.

”Well, I ’ll try it. ” Saki nodded and played with the cat while listening to Shishio ’s 101 ways to take care of a cat.

Shishio then looked at Shiina, who moved closer, and asked, ”Do you want to play too, Mashiro? ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded, but she raised her chin and wanted him to play with her.

”… ” Shishio.

Shishio looked at Shiina for a bit before he caressed her chin.

”Nyaa~~. ” Shiina showed a comfortable expression and acted like a docile cat.

”….. ”

Looking at the four people who played with the cat and a role cat play, they weren ’t sure what to say for a moment.

”… ”

”Cough! Cough! Shishio, who are those two? ” Mayumi suddenly asked. She then looked at Saki and Futaba, and she had to admit that both of them were very beautiful. Futaba might be a bit short, but she could see that her chest was huge. On the other hand, even though Saki might not have exaggerated boobs such as her or Futaba and her face might be quite stern, the mole under Saki ’s right eye gave off a sexy touch and was somehow seductive feeling, which made her think that both of them weren ’t easy.

Mayumi felt two blows hit on both of her liver and chin when she saw the two girls in front of her, but she still stood up and asked who were the two girls that came along with them, but before Shishio answered, someone interrupted him.

”Shishio, I want to eat your food again! ” Misaki entered but then noticed both Saki and Futaba. ”Huh? Who are you two? ”

Futaba and Saki weren ’t good at talking, so they looked at Shishio.

”…. ”

”Well, I ’ll introduce you to them one by one. ” Shishio then looked at Futaba and said, ”Her name is Futaba Rio. She ’s here because she wants to adopt a cat. ”

”Hello. ” Futaba bowed her head gently while looking at everyone curiously. She had to admit that even though this place was quite noisy, there was this strange feeling that made her feel comfortable.

Everyone nodded and looked at Futaba with a smile as they sighed in relief since Futaba was coming to take a look at a cat, so when they looked at Saki, they thought that Saki ’s situation was quite similar.

Shishio then looked at Saki, looked at her with a light smile, and said, ”And this is Saki Kawasaki. She ’s my lover. ”

Saki blushed instantly, but as for the others, except for Ritsu and Shiina, they felt in silence since they didn ’t expect that Saki would be his girlfriend at that moment.

”……. ”

Shishio could see that everyone was silent until his shoulder was patted by Shiro-san. ”What ’s wrong, Shiro-san? ”

”Oga-kun, are you a masochist too? ” Shiro-san asked curiously.

”…… ”

Shishio wasn ’t sure how to answer this question, but he just wanted to beat Shiro-san at that moment.

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