When Shishio introduced Saki as his lover, except for Shiro-san, Roberta, Ritsu, and Shiina, the rest were dumbfounded and looked at Saki in a daze. Looking at her, wondering whether there was something special about her that made him fell for her. They knew that Shishio had a girlfriend, and in their minds, they often imagined what kind of girl could make him fall in love, but they didn ’t expect that girl would be Saki.

They were looking at Saki, and they had to admit that she was beautiful, especially the mole under her right eye, which gave her a sexy touch and was somehow a seductive feeling. Not only that, but they could also see that she didn ’t wear makeup, showing her beautiful skin was something that Chihiro, Mayumi, and Sayaka were jealous about. However, even though she was beautiful, her stern expression caused them to feel strange when Shishio decided to date such a delinquent-like girl. However, when they saw her blushing shyly when he introduced her as his lover, they somehow understood why he fell for her.

Saki gave off a feeling like a lone wolf, she was cold and would push everyone away, but when she was close with someone, she would show an unexpectedly sweet and warm side that would make them fall in love with her.

Misaki, Chihiro, Sayaka, and Mayumi thought similarly, and at the same time, they were looking at Shishio, wondering how they could get to know each other.

”??? ”

Shishio noticed that they were looking at him, which somehow made him confused.

”Um, Kawasaki-san, you ’re also from Suimei? ” Chihiro asked.

”Um. ” Saki nodded.

”That ’s my aunt, Chihiro Sengoku. She ’s also a teacher at Suimei, ” Shishio said.

”Ah! ” Saki was dumbfounded and quickly bowed her head, wasn ’t sure what to say.

Chihiro smiled and thought that Saki was quite cute, but at the same time, she felt bitter. She quickly erased the negative emotion on her and asked, ”What year? ”

”…2nd year, ” Saki said politely and awkwardly since Chihiro was Shishio ’s aunt. Even though she knew that Shishio ’s aunt was living in Sakurasou, when she met her for the first time, she couldn ’t help but feel quite nervous.

Chihiro was quite amused by Saki ’s reaction.

”Chihiro-nee, don ’t tease Saki too much, ” Shishio said.

Chihiro snorted and said, ”Who is going to bully your girlfriend? Rather than being noisy here, why don ’t you cook dinner? ”

”….. ” Shishio looked at Chihiro, and somehow he understood why this woman hadn ’t married now. He then looked at Shiina for a while since he could see that she was looking at her, holding his hand. He patted her hand, and somehow, even though she didn ’t say anything, he knew what she wanted to ask, but he felt like their relationship was different from a lover or a girlfriend when he thought about it.

When Shishio introduced Saki as his lover, Shiina was wondering what her relationship was with him. They had kissed each other, slept together, and even supported each other, but he had never confirmed the relationship between them.

”We ’ll have a date tomorrow. Why don ’t we talk slowly at that time? ” Shishio asked.

Shiina looked at Shishio ’s eyes for a moment, then nodded gently.

”Date? ” Futaba was dumbfounded.

Everyone gathered together so they could hear Shishio ’s words which somehow made them look at Saki subconsciously.

”Shishio, are you going on a date with Mashiro tomorrow? ” Mayumi asked directly with a smile.

”Ah, your girlfriend is here, but you ’re telling the other girl that you ’re going on a date tomorrow? ” Sayaka smiled then looked at Saki, then asked, ”What do you think, Kawasaki-san? ”

”….. ”

Shishio knew that his relationship with many girls would be known sooner or later, especially when he was living with many people here. He was really wondering whether he should move since there was a lot of inconvenience by living in Sakurasou, considering he wasn ’t alone in this place, and it was hard to keep his privacy.

Shishio hadn ’t said anything, and everyone was looking at Saki, wondering how was her reaction, considering he would go on a date with Shiina on Saturday.

Saki only raised her eyebrow and said, ”You two are jealous? ”

”… ”

Everyone was in silence when they heard Saki ’s words.

Saki didn ’t have a good personality, after all. If her opponent was polite, she would be polite too, but if her opponent was rude, she would also be rude!

Somehow there was a tic-tac-toe mark on Mayumi ’s forehead and said, ”Hey, high school girl, don ’t be too proud because you can date him! ” In truth, she was really jealous of Saki. After all, Shishio was just like a dream lover of every girl. He was so handsome, he was so smart, he could cook delicious food, and more importantly, his penis was huge!

Mayumi had never seen such a perfect man before. If she was 10 years younger, then without hesitation, she would try to chase after him, which was why, when she heard that Shishio had a girlfriend, she was very envious of his girlfriend, but who would have thought that his girlfriend would be so uncute and unfriendly!

Mayumi thought that she needed to remind Saki that even though both of them were dating now, it didn ’t mean Saki ’s status as his girlfriend was safe!

Shishio lived in Sakurasou, and Mayumi could see him every day, which meant she could steal from him anytime!

If Shishio knew what Mayumi was thinking, then he could only stare at her speechlessly.

”Hmph! ” Saki snorted directly and looked away.

”You little bitch! ” Mayumi was furious at that moment. She didn ’t have a good personality anyway, so there was no need to hide anything! If you want to fight, then let ’s fight!

Mayumi stood up and wanted to teach Saki!

Saki saw Mayumi was also ready to teach Mayumi since she didn ’t feel afraid of Mayumi!

Shishio sighed and said, ”Shiro-san, let me borrow your rope. ”

”Huh? ” Shiro-san was dumbfounded, but before he answered, he was dumbfounded since his body was tied with a rope in an instant! He couldn ’t believe his eyes! He trained in the path of bondage his entire life, but he had never seen such perfect bondage in his entire life!

Shiro-san was about to kowtow to ask Shishio to be his teacher, but suddenly the rope on his body was grabbed by Shishio.

”Okay, stop fighting, or I ’ll throw Shiro-san on you, Mayumi-san, ” Shishio said while holding Shiro-san in his hand.

”….. ”

Everything turned quiet, especially when they saw Shiro-san was tied like a ham.

”….. ”

Everyone was silent. However, Shiro-san ’s face flushed, and he was full of excitement!

”Ah, you ’re great, Oga-kun! ” Shiro-san was right! He knew that Shishio was a great sadist, and he knew that Shishio was the best!

Saki and Mayumi also quickly stopped when they heard Shishio ’s words.

Saki somehow sighed in relief and quickly moved back, only to realize why this place was called a den of weirdos.

As for Mayumi, she panicked at that moment. She raised her hands high and said, ”Take that thing down! Don ’t throw it at me! I won ’t fight! Just place that thing down, Shishio! ” She directly gave up and didn ’t want Shiro-san to be thrown at her!

Shishio nodded and let go of Shiro-san to the ground.


Shiro-san was dropped to the ground with his face facing the ground. His breathing was heavy, and his face flushed. Fortunately, no one was able to see his face at that moment.

Mayumi sighed in relief, pushed the frame of her glasses, then looked at Shishio ’s bondage technique. She, of course, had seen a lot of bondage books, considering it was easy for her to get bored and at how Shiro-san had a lot of books about it. Her hobby was also to bully Shiro-san, so when she saw the bondage on Shiro-san ’s body, she couldn ’t help but marvel a bit, and at the same time. ”Shishio, do you have a hobby on bondage? ”

Everyone was looking at Shishio with curiosity. After all, they could see such smooth and tidy bondage. It wasn ’t something that an amateur could do!

Shishio looked at Mayumi with a sweet and harmless smile and said, ”Well, do you want to try it too, Mayumi-san? ”


Everyone ’s body shuddered at this moment when they saw this sweet smile, and somehow their faces flushed, thinking that this guy was a sadist! However, they had to admit that his smile was very handsome!

’This handsome face is too unfair, right? ’

Shishio returned to his usual expression and said, ”Alright, I was joking, but still, if I don ’t do this, you might fight each other. ” He sighed and said, ”I ’ll be straight so there won ’t be any misunderstanding in the future, and since we ’ll live together, you might know it sooner or later. ”

”What ’s wrong? ” Chihiro asked curiously.

Everyone was also looking at him curiously.

”In truth… ” Shishio looked at Saki, and Saki had a complicated expression. He nodded and knew that he might have made a hasty decision. Even though Saki didn ’t mind, it didn ’t mean that she wanted many people to know about this matter, and even though his relationship with everyone here was good, they were practically strangers to Saki. Hence, he quickly changed his mind and said, ”In truth, Saki knows that I ’ll go on a date with Mashiro. ”

Shishio also somehow reflected himself. Even though he lived with everyone in Sakurasou, it didn ’t mean everyone needed to know everything about him. Their relationship might be close, but it wasn ’t close enough to tell each other secrets.

Kiriya might know his relationship with the girls by his observation and Kiriya was quite open-minded that Shishio didn ’t mind talking with him openly, and it might be because Kiriya might also swing that way that Shishio didn ’t need to worry too much when Kiriya knew his relationship with a lot of girls.

Shishio also knew Kiriya ’s secret so he didn ’t need to worry about him.

As for the others, Shishio knew that they weren ’t as open-minded as Kiriya, Mea, or Maiko.

Shishio was also tired since he had ridden on the emotional roller coaster in the past few days, and he didn ’t want to ride it again since it was very troublesome.

Everyone then looked at Saki and looked at her curiously.

Saki somehow sighed in relief, hearing Shishio ’s words, and nodded. ”Yes. ”

”Is that alright with you? ” Ritsu asked with a frown.

”Well, they ’re only going on a date for a manga, so there ’s no need for such a fuss, right? ” Saki said simply.

They then wanted to say something, but Shishio quickly said, ”How about we have dinner first? I ’ll cook you something. ”

”Let me help! ” Saki said without hesitation.

”No, no, you don ’t need to, ” Chihiro quickly said and stopped Saki. ”Stay here. His food is delicious. ” She then looked at Futaba and said, ”Futaba-san, you ’ll have dinner with us, right? ”

”Ah! ” Futaba was surprised, but then she asked unsurely, ”…Is that alright? ” She didn ’t look at Chihiro but instead looked at Shishio.

Shishio nodded without hesitation and said, ”Why not? Stay here a little longer so you can make your decision whether you ’ll adopt the cat or not. ”

Futaba nodded and said softly, ”Thank you, Oga-kun. ”

Shishio then went to the kitchen to prepare dinner, showing his cooking ability directly.

Saki and Futaba looked at Shishio, who was in the kitchen with amazement since his cooking ability was too amazing, right?

While watching Shishio, Saki was called by Chihiro suddenly.

”Kawasaki-san, ” Chihiro said.

”Ah, yes! ” Unlike when she faced Mayumi, Saki was very polite toward Chihiro. After all, Chihiro was Shishio ’s aunt.

Chihiro bowed her head slightly and said, ”Please take care of him. ”

Saki was stunned, but she also bowed her head slightly. ”Yes, I ’ll take care of him. ”

Chihiro smiled and said, ”I can see that you ’re a good girl, but you should be careful. His charm is dangerous, and I ’m sure that he ’ll have a lot of temptation. ”

”…. ” Saki nodded inwardly since she knew that Chihiro told the truth.

Shishio was handsome, rich, and smart. The number of girls who wanted to enter his bed couldn ’t be counted by hand.

Saki nodded and said, ”I know that. ” She wasn ’t alone in this relationship, and there was another girl, including Shiina, who was sitting next to her. Looking at her beautiful features, she somehow understood why Shishio fell for her.

Shiina also looked at Saki without saying anything.

Everyone was looking at both Saki and Shiina, wondering whether something would happen.

Mayumi and Sayaka looked at Shiina and Saki with a snack on their hands, wondering whether something interesting would happen.

Ritsu, Misaki, and Futaba had complicated emotions, but they didn ’t say anything.

Roberta was staying beside Shishio, helping him with the dinner preparation.

Chihiro sipped her beer silently.

Everyone had different kinds of emotions at this moment, but the happiest one would be Shiro-san since he was tied in a rope and being ignored by everyone.

As for the most unlucky one, then it was Sorata since his existence was forgotten now.

With all of that, Shishio learned a moral lesson today. He found out that a relationship was like bondage, the more complicated the technique was, the harder it was to learn, and if he wasn ’t careful, the rope would be tangled, or he might be tied up like Shiro-san. If he was a masochist, he would be delighted.

Unfortunately, he wasn ’t.

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