While Shishio was cooking, Mayumi looked at Saki again and asked, ”Say, Kawasaki, right? ”

Saki nodded unkindly toward Mayumi since this woman was a bit annoying.

Mayumi didn ’t care much about Saki ’s reaction, but she smiled and asked, ”Say, don ’t you worry that I ’ll steal your boyfriend from you? ”

”Ha? ” Saki looked at Mayumi with a strange expression. Looking at Mayumi as if this woman was crazy.

Sayaka looked at Mayumi with a contemptuous smile and said, ”Mayumi-san, you ’re twice older than him. How can you seduce him? ” She had to admit that Shishio was so handsome. With his cooking ability, she knew that it was only a time before he became rich in the future, creating a restaurant business with billions of income a year. She would be lying if she wasn ’t tempted by him, and she also had a lot of experience seducing men. More importantly, they were living together! This was the most important point since many things could happen as long as a man and a woman stayed under the same roof!

”With my charm, isn ’t it normal for him to fall for me? ” Mayumi asked. She was a beautiful woman. Her boobs were huge. She also wore glasses. Her personality was also quite good (based on her imagination). Wasn ’t she such a perfect woman? She was sure that a virgin teenager like Shishio would be crazy about her if he stayed under the same with a perfect woman like her, right?

”…………. ”

Everything was silent. It was so quiet that they heard the sizzling sound in the kitchen.

Shishio also heard Mayumi ’s narcissistic words, but he pretended that he didn ’t hear anything. He had to admit that Mayumi was beautiful, and he would be lying if he wasn ’t tempted. However, it was only limited to her body, he was tempted, and he didn ’t mind having one stand night with Mayumi, but to take responsibility for her, he felt that it was difficult to do. They were also living in the same dorm, so if something happened between the two, then it would be awkward.

Still, even if something happened between him and Mayumi in the future, he really didn ’t think too much. Everything happened, and he decided to become a responsible scumbag, so what was the use of hesitation?

Still, he hadn ’t solved his problem, and if he dated another woman again, he was trampling the feeling of his woman, so it was better to slow down a bit until he could say ”I love you ” to his woman.

There were really a lot of problems that Shishio hadn ’t solved. The first one was Tokugawa ’s fighting invitation. Then the other one was to solve the problem in his heart. Thinking about Tokugawa, somehow, he felt a bit annoyed, but it was normal, considering how overbearing the thought of the rich people was.

Shishio knew that there was no equality in this world when someone ’s net worth had reached to a certain extent, no rules could bind them down, killing someone a normal person could be easily done without being caught by the police and entering jail so, in front of Tokugawa, he needed to appear strong. With his ability, he knew that it was easy to assassinate Tokugawa without anyone noticing.

It was also the reason why Shishio had never thought to date someone when he became Shishio Oga. He didn ’t want to be weak, and he wanted to be on the strong side, controlling his fate, which was why he didn ’t have time to think about dating or girls. But now, it was different since he had gotten a system, so all the problems that he threw aside after he became Shishio Oga appeared one after another, like a continuous bombardment on his mind.

Shishio, who was cooking now, knew that it was a bit impossible to solve everything directly. For now, it was better not to think too much about the conversation that he had heard and solved his problem with a steady step one by one, then moving forward.

Hearing Mayumi ’s words, everyone was silent, and they could only stare at this woman helplessly.

”Shishio, did you hear that? ” Chihiro suddenly asked Shishio directly, wondering what he was going to say after hearing Mayumi ’s words.

”Sorry, I didn ’t hear what you were talking about. What did you say? ” Shishio asked innocently.

”Cough! Cough! It ’s good that you didn ’t hear anything. ” Chihiro then grimly stared at Mayumi and asked, ”Say, are you drunk? ”

”I ’m not drunk! I haven ’t even sipped a single sip of alcohol! How can I drunk?! ” Mayumi was annoyed, looked at Saki, then asked, ”So what do you think, Kawasaki? ”

Saki rubbed her temple and could see that even though Mayumi was beautiful, this woman was really disappointed, and she didn ’t think that Shishio was going to have anything to do with this woman. She then glanced at all the girls here and didn ’t think too much about both Sayaka and Chihiro, but it was different for Ritsu and Futaba, who walked with them before.

As for Shiina, Saki knew that Shiina and Shishio had made a relationship already, so there was no point in talking about their matter now.

As for Roberta, Saki wasn ’t sure, but well, even if Shishio became together with Roberta, she didn ’t think too much. Rather, she might support them since Roberta somehow gave off a similar feeling to herself.

’Then lastly… ’

Saki looked at Misaki and thought for a while before she took a deep breath and said, ”Okay, let me be clear with all of you here since I ’m sure that all of you here are tempted by him, right? ”

”……….. ”

They couldn ’t say anything in refute, and they looked away in a blush since they would be lying if they weren ’t tempted by him. His face was handsome, so handsome that they hadn ’t seen someone as handsome as him in their entire lives. His grade was amazing, so amazing that he could be called the number one high school student in Japan, no, in the world. As for his other talents such as music, cooking, drawing, martial arts, etc., it made them wonder whether this guy was the illegitimate child of some deities in this country (there are at least 8,000 deities in Japan).

With all of that, if they were saying that they didn ’t have an interest in him, then they would be lying. But at the same time, they looked at Saki in surprise since this girl was too calm, right?

Looking at their expression, Saki didn ’t feel that surprised and said, ”You don ’t feel that surprised, you know? Even if he didn ’t do anything, many girls are ready to use their bodies to tempt him. Every day, he gets at least 10 love letters. ” She let out a sigh and said, ”Sometimes, I am even worried that he might dump me for a lot of girls that have confessed to him. ” In a low voice, she told them since she didn ’t want Shishio to hear her words.

”……. ”

Shishio frowned, but he didn ’t say anything since he needed to pretend he didn ’t hear Saki ’s words. The best way to solve Saki ’s worry was to tell her that he loved her, but he couldn ’t say, ”I love you. ”

Unlike Saki ’s love, his feeling toward her was like a possession. He didn ’t want other guys to have her, so he confessed to her. As for whether he loved her or not, even though he couldn ’t say ”I love you, ” he knew that he had affection toward her.

”But I ’m not worried. ” Saki smiled and said, ”Since I know that he cares about me dearly. ”

”….. ”

Shishio thought that he was fortunate to have Saki.

Saki then looked at the girls and said, ”So here, let me tell all of you that you ’re free to seduce him. As for whether you can get him or not, try it. ”

”…….. ”

Everyone showed a variety of emotions on their faces, and at the same time, they felt amazed by Saki ’s trust in Shishio. However, no one said anything, and they showed a variety of emotions at this moment.

Ritsu then looked at Saki and asked, ”You ’re not worried that he ’ll date another girl suddenly? ”

”I ’m not afraid. ” Saki shook her head since she was dating Shishio with Nana. Why would she be afraid if he dated another girl again?

Mayumi then raised her hand and asked, ”Can I ask you the last question? ”

”What ’s wrong? ” Saki asked, and this time, her expression was slightly better.

”Have you had sex? ” Mayumi asked.

”……. ”

Everything was silent until they heard Shishio ’s words. ”Who wants Mayumi-san ’s food portion? ”

”Me! ”

Except for Saki and Futaba, who didn ’t understand anything, everyone raised their hands without hesitation.

”What?! ” Mayumi was in despair, and she quickly begged. ”No! Let me eat your food! Don ’t give it to someone else! ”

”…… ”

Staring at Mayumi coldly, Shishio thought that this woman was somehow irritating. If her huge breasts didn ’t hug his leg at this moment, he might kick her away at this moment.

Being stared at coldly by Shishio, Mayumi somehow felt like he might awaken something.

Mayumi ’s problem was quickly solved, and everyone was eating dinner together.

Shishio was cooking rice, tofu onion miso soup, ginger fried pork, flavored dried fish, pickled seaweed and squid, rolled egg, and seafood salad.

It was the first time for Futaba and Saki to eat Shishio ’s food.

In truth, Futaba felt a bit hesitant to eat the food that was cooked by him, but he told her that he had made it for her, so if she didn ’t eat, it would become a waste, so in the end, she could only eat the food while thinking that he was very sneaky, but somehow it brought her a smile.

’However… ’

Looking at Saki, Futaba sighed.

When Futaba and Saki ate Shishio ’s food, they felt like an aerial bombardment exploded on their mouths, which somehow made their tongue numb, but at the same time, they couldn ’t stop eating since it was very delicious!

During the dinner, everyone was quiet, and no one said anything since they wanted to appreciate the food more.

Somehow, when they finished their dinner, the one with the most complicated feeling was Saki since she had always prepared a bento for him. Her cooking ability wasn ’t bad, but it wasn ’t that good either. It was also very plain, which somehow made her confidence hit hard, thinking that he forced himself to eat her food.

Shishio didn ’t notice this, but even if he didn ’t know, it didn ’t really matter since he could talk about this matter later.

When the girls cleaned up the dishes, Shishio asked, ”So Futaba-san, do you want to adopt Hikari? ”

”I… ” Futaba somehow hesitated when Shishio asked this question. She had bought a lot of cat books and learned how to take care of a cat. She even bought all the necessary things to keep a cat, but somehow when she was asked this question, she hesitated for a moment.

”You know, if you don ’t want to, you don ’t need to force yourself, ” Shishio said.

”No, no, I have bought books about pet cats and bought all the necessities to keep them, but I am living alone, after all, so I ’m afraid that I can ’t do well. ” As Shishio had said before, Futaba knew that a cat was a living thing, and it could die if she didn ’t take care of it. As for the trouble, after she kept a cat, she didn ’t think too much, and all she thought was that she might be afraid that she couldn ’t do well to take care of the cat so she might hurt it or something.

Hearing Futaba ’s reason, Shishio nodded with a smile and said, ”You know, after hearing that reason, I am not worried to let you adopt Hikari, but if you ’re not ready, then you don ’t need to force yourself. ”

”I ’m sorry… ” Futaba was quite embarrassed. She had come to Sakurasou and ate dinner that Shishio had cooked, but she wasn ’t ready to take care of the pet.

”It ’s alright. You don ’t need to worry, ” Shishio said.

”Yeah, stop all the gloomy matters, and let ’s play! There ’s a lot of games here! ” Mayumi said without hesitation.

”Um… it ’s almost dark… I need to go back, ” Futaba said while looking at the time. She could see the sky was quite dark, and she knew that it would be quite troublesome if she didn ’t go back early.

”Shishio, why don ’t you take her back home? ” Saki asked.

Shishio nodded and asked, ”Do you want me to take you back, Futaba-san? ”

”Eh? ” Futaba was dumbfounded.

”I have a motorcycle here. I can take you back faster, and it is dangerous to let you go back alone at night like this, ” Shishio said.

Shishio didn ’t feel surprised when Saki told him to take Futaba back since Saki had a bad experience walking back alone.

”…Is that okay? ” Futaba looked at Saki and Shishio, feeling a bit hesitant.

”It ’s alright. ” Shishio stood up and said, ”I ’ll take the helmet to my room. ” He then looked at Saki and asked, ”Saki, are you alright to stay here for a moment? ”

”Um. ” Saki nodded and said, ”I want to talk with Mashiro first. ”

Shiina nodded and said, ”Come to my room? ”

Saki looked at Shiina for a moment and nodded.

Saki and Shina left their room, and Sayaka and Mayumi wanted to eavesdrop on them, but they were stopped by Ritsu and Chihiro directly.

”Don ’t cause trouble, or I ’ll kick you out of Sakurasou, ” Chihiro threatened directly.

”……. ” Mayumi and Sayaka.

Futaba also followed Shishio, but somehow her face flushed, and she was a bit shy when she thought he would bring her back with a motorcycle.

Even if Shishio, Shiina, Saki, and Futaba had left, the Sakurasou was still very noisy, and everyone had alcohol together.

”Hey, Shiro, you don ’t want to drink? ” Mayumi asked.

”Wait a moment, I want to do my research first, ” Shiro-san said while trying to learn Shishio ’s bondage technique. His bondage path was lonely, and it was a bit boring since he had always been on the top, but now, it seemed that he was only a frog at the bottom of well since he only realized that there was a master right, living under the same roof as him. Shishio reluctantly taught him before, but before Shishio taught him, Shishio gave him a test, and unless he could solve this test, Shishio wouldn ’t teach him.

Shiro-san had never been this fired up before, and now, he was going to solve this test no matter what!

’With that bondage technique, I can walk further into my path! ’

Shiro-san vowed that he would solve this test!

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