I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 228 - Do You Have A Stomach Fetish?

Shishio returned to Sakurasou and parked his motorcycle before he entered the building.

”I am back. ”

Shishio took his phone and texted Saki since she should be in Shiina ’s room at the moment.

Shishio: ”I am back. Do you want to go back now? If you ’re ready, I will send you home. ”

Shishio didn ’t wait too long and received his answer.

Saki: ”Wait a moment, I will talk with Mashiro first. You should rest in your room first. ”

Shishio felt weird, wondering what they were talking about, but he replied, ”Then tell me when you ’re done. ” He believed in Saki and knew that there was no way for Saki and Shiina to fight each other.

Saki: ”Okay. ”

Shishio then put his phone back and could hear the commotion and sound of the television in the living room, but he didn ’t care much and walked back to his room on the 2nd floor. When he walked into the corridor, he saw Sorata ’s room was open, and it was a bit noisy there. He walked there and saw Sorata packing his belongings. He raised his eyebrow and asked, ”Kanda-kun, are you going to move? ”

Sorata, who packed his things, was startled and quickly turned. ”O – Oga-kun! ”

”You ’re going to move? ” Shishio ignored Sorata ’s exclaim and asked Sorata this question again.

”…. ”

Sorata looked at Shishio for a while and gritted his teeth. He really felt envious of Shishio, who owned everything, and just standing beside him, he felt really pressured. He felt like the world was so unfair, but what could he do? Just by standing in front of him, he could see the difference between him and Shishio.

Shishio ’s presence was special, and it was different from a normal person like him.

”…Yes, ” Sorata answered Shishio ’s question with a low voice. He lowered his head and didn ’t look at him since he was afraid that all the ugliness on his heart would be shown on his face at this moment.

”I see… ” Shishio didn ’t expect Sorata to leave so soon. He remembered that Sorata had just two weeks ago, but now, Sorata had decided to move. He recalled Chihiro had reminded Sorata, but this guy was so persistent and didn ’t believe Chihiro ’s words before, in the end, Sorata decided to move to Sakurasou.

Looking at Sorata now, Shishio knew it was a bit cruel, but he felt that this guy was too pathetic. Sorata was the one who had decided to pick up the cat. Sorata was the one who had decided to move out from Sakurasou.

Everything was Sorata ’s decision, but he regretted it and decided to move out from Sakurasou.

Even though Shishio felt that this guy was pathetic, he didn ’t look down on Sorata. However, he felt a bit disappointed since he thought that Sorata, the main character in the story and the one who had cut down Shiina ’s wings from the world of art, would be an interesting opponent.

Still, in the end, Sorata was just…

Shishio shook his head and knew that from now on, Sorata ’s position would be reduced as a background character in his class, and from now on, they wouldn ’t meet each other on the Sakurasou anymore.

However, Shishio knew how indecisive this guy was. As long as there was some hesitation, he knew that Sorata would decide to stay in this place longer, and he didn ’t want that. He knew that before Sorata moved out from Sakurasou, there was still a chance for him to return, so until then, he wouldn ’t let down on his guard down.

”I see… ” Shishio nodded and said, ”If that ’s your decision, I ’ll respect you. Do you need my help to pack your things? ”

”Ah, no, no! I can do it myself, ” Sorata quickly said while shaking his head since Shishio ’s response was so nice and gentle that it made him feel that he was really an ugly person. It wasn ’t a matter of the face, but rather it was the matter of the heart. Still, staying in the Sakurasou, he might not realize that all the worry and envy on his heart reflected on his face, which caused his appearance to become worse than normal.

Shishio nodded and didn ’t force himself to help Sorata since he didn ’t really want to help, but he knew that Sorata wouldn ’t let him help, so he just said those words casually. ”Well, if that ’s the case, I ’ll go back to my room. ” He didn ’t stay any longer and returned to his room without hesitation.

Looking at Shishio, who had walked away, Sorata let out a sigh of relief, but at the same time, he was wondering why Shishio had everything, but he was just like this.

If Shishio knew what Sorata was thinking, he could only shake his head since young people didn ’t really understand the world of adults.

There was nothing fair in this world, and there was no use in envying other people ’s world. Rather than that, it was better to work hard and change your own world, but Shishio wouldn ’t say that to his opponent.

In front of his family, Shishio was gentle, but in front of his enemy, he would be ruthless since no enemies would show their gratitude or even thanked him even if he helped them. Rather they would become his enemy again, which was why there was a Chinese idiom: ”Cut the grass from its roots. ”

The meaning of that idiom was simple: that that was to annihilate your enemy so they wouldn ’t bother you again in the future, leaving you with hidden danger.

If Shishio wanted, the best way to remove Sorata was to fire Sorata ’s father from his job, which gave Sorata ’s family financial difficulty, which made Sorata needed to stop from school. Still, he knew that Sorata had both a sister and a mother. He was sure that both Sorata ’s sister and mother would reward him, so he wouldn ’t do that since if he did that, he wouldn ’t be able to meet both of them.

As for killing Sorata, Shishio felt that method was too tasteless, simple, and stupid. He might be okay to erase his opponent from this world, but it was only the last method unless he was being threatened.

An eye for an eye. If you screw me, I ’ll screw you back. Twice, no, hundredfold!

Shishio somehow remembered the famous lines of a famous TV drama and couldn ’t help but think about entering the entertainment industry later. He owned the majority of Sony, and he was very excited about the future of this company. Under his hand, he knew that this company would become a behemoth sooner or later.

When Shishio was resting in his room, Saki and Shiina talked to each other, especially about his problem.

”You ’re going on a date with him tomorrow, right? ” Saki asked.

”Um. ” Shiina nodded.

Saki looked at Shiina and had to admit that this girl was beautiful, but this girl simply lacked common sense. ”Well, before that, is that alright with you, Mashiro? ”

”What ’s wrong? ” Shiina was confused.

”About how he introduced me as his girlfriend, you ’re his woman too, right? ” Saki asked.

”… ” Shiina.

Saki looked at Shiina, who stayed in silence and couldn ’t help but become confused and asked, ”What ’s wrong? ”

”Our relationship… I don ’t know. ” Shiina shook her head since they hadn ’t confirmed their relationship.

Saki raised her eyebrow and asked, ”You don ’t know your relationship? ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded.

”Has he confessed to you? ” Saki asked.

Shiina shook her head and said, ”I was the one who confessed to him. ”

”… ”

Saki couldn ’t say anything when she heard Shiina ’s answer since, unlike her, Shiina was the one who confessed to Shishio. She looked at Shiina and said, ”You should talk to each other tomorrow. ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded and said, ”Shishio said that we would talk to each other tomorrow. ”

Saki nodded and didn ’t feel surprised since she knew that if Shishio had decided to do something, this guy would really do it. ”So, what do you want to talk about? ”

”I want to help Shishio. ” Shiina looked straight into Saki ’s eyes and said, ”Shishio is in pain, and I want to help him. ”

Saki looked at Shiina for a moment and thought that this girl was really unique. As for Shishio ’s problem, she also knew, but she didn ’t know what to do. ”What are you planning to do? ”

”… ” Shiina couldn ’t answer Saki ’s question and fell into silence.

Saki smiled and couldn ’t help but pat Shiina ’s head lightly. ”You really love Shishio, huh? ”

Shiina nodded and said, ”I love Shishio. ” If it was before, she might not understand, but now, she understood, and she knew that she had fallen for him. She looked at Saki and asked, ”How about Saki? ”

”I love him, ” Saki said without hesitation. ”Which is why I have decided to believe him. I ’m sure he ’ll say he loves us when the time comes. ”

Staring at Saki for a while, Shiina hesitated before she nodded.

”Well, you should enjoy your date tomorrow. I ’ll go back since I need to go home, ” Saki said.

”Um. ” Shiina nodded.

Saki then texted Shishio that she was ready to go home, but then she looked at Shiina and asked, ”Say, Mashiro. ”

”Hmm? ” Shiina looked at Saki curiously.

”Are there any girls that he ’s close to within this dorm? ” Saki asked.

Hearing Saki ’s question, Shiina thought for a while before she gave her answer.

Shishio didn ’t know what Shiina and Saki were saying to each other. He stood at the entrance of Sakurasou, wearing a jacket since it was slightly cold at night. In truth, it wasn ’t that cold again for him, considering his body had become three times stronger than a normal human.

Shishio waited for a while until he saw Saki coming out from the girls ’ area side.

Saki was a bit embarrassed and said, ”Sorry to make you wait, Shishio. ”

”I think it is worth it to wait for a beautiful girl like you, ” Shishio said with a smile.

”….. ”

Saki was a bit embarrassed, her face blushed, and she wasn ’t sure what to say for a while until she let out a sigh and said, ”You know, I wonder how many girls have heard those words? ”

”Only you, I only said those words to my Saki-chan, ” Shishio said.

”Don ’t call me Saki-chan! ” Saki ’s face was burning red.

”It can ’t be helped my Saki is too cute, ” Shishio said with a sigh and really wanted to push her on the bed. ”Let ’s go back. ”

”Um… ” In the end, Saki lowered her head since her defense was too low against Shishio ’s flirt. She then wore her shoes and then saw him extend his hand toward her. She showed a smile, then reached for his hand without hesitation, letting him pull her up, holding his hand while walking out of Sakurasou, but then stopped when her phone vibrated.

”What ’s wrong? ” Shishio asked.

”My phone. ” Saki took her phone and saw that she had received a call from Nana. ”Nana? ”

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