As Shishio and Shiina went on a date, Nana and Saki also went out since they planned to buy battle underwear.

Saki ’s face was red, but Nana was full of smugness, holding Saki ’s hand as if Saki was her lover.

”What are you embarrassed about? ” Nana asked with a smile.

”…You ’re just too shameless…. ” Saki was lost for words before she let out a sigh.

Similarly, they also went to Shinjuku since there were many department stores there, and it was safe. There were a lot of clothing stores on Shinjuku, but more importantly, they thought they might meet him since they knew that he was going on a date with Shiina.

”It might be a bit expensive in Shinjuku, but is that alright, Senpai? ” Nana asked.

”Call me Saki, Nana, ” Saki said.

”Right, Saki, ” Nana said with a smile.

”It ’s alright, ” Saki said calmly as for what Shishio gave her last night. It was better to talk about it later since she felt this girl might cause a commotion when she knew that Shishio gave her his credit card, which made her speechless. She let out a sigh while wondering whether there was a shop that sold maid uniforms in Shinjuku.

Ritsu and Misaki also had arrived at Shinjuku, and when they walked around together, Ritsu was called by someone.

”Kawai-senpai! ”

Ritsu was startled when her name was called, but then she was surprised to see Nanami was on the ice cream store, wearing a uniform, when she turned around. ”Um, Aoyama-san, what are you doing here? ”

Nanami looked at Ritsu and Misaki. She knew Ritsu since Shishio had introduced them. As for Misaki, Misaki was a famous figure on Suimei, so naturally, she knew about her, but she didn ’t know much about Misaki.

”Ricchan, Ricchan, who is this? ” Misaki quickly asked with a smile.

Ritsu sighed when she saw Misaki was holding her arm, but she didn ’t think too much and introduced Nanami to Misaki. ”This is Aoyama Nana. She ’s Shishio ’s friend. ”

”Nice to meet you, Kamiigusa-senpai. ” Nanami bowed her head gently while thinking how come Ritsu called Shishio by his first name. Inwardly, she wondered why there were many beautiful girls who knew him, which made her speechless.

”Hello! Hello! I ’m Kamiigusa Misaki, Nanamin! ” Misaki said cheerfully, but then her eyes attracted somewhere, and her expression started to change.

”Right, it seems that you ’re looking for someone. Do you need help? ” Nanami asked.

Ritsu ’s face quickly reddened since it was a bit embarrassing to say why they were in Shinjuku. She then looked at Misaki, waiting for her to answer Nanami ’s question. ”Senpai? ” She saw that Misaki ’s eyes went somewhere, and when she followed Misaki ’s gaze, she was dumbfounded when she saw Mitaka was there, holding hands with a woman, laughing together. ”Mitaka-senpai? ” When she said that name, she quickly covered her mouth and looked at Misaki, whose expression started to smile again.

Nanami also followed, then saw a man and a woman hugging each other and walking like lovers. She was confused, but then she saw the man seemed to notice them and the man ’s expression was stunned. When she saw this expression, she didn ’t need to guess everything since it was pretty much obvious.

”Ricchan, how about we go to the bookstore now? Let ’s buy a lot of books, ” Misaki said and quickly left with Ritsu.

”Ah, yes! ” Ritsu didn ’t say much and quickly followed Misaki since she could tell that Misaki ’s mood wasn ’t good. As for following Shishio, even though she wanted to see what was happening between Shishio and Shiina, she felt it was important to watch over Misaki.

”Wait, Misaki! ”

When Misaki and Ritsu left, the man stared at by both of them quickly chased after them, leaving the woman behind.

Nanami didn ’t expect to see such a tv drama plot on reality, but she also didn ’t say much and read the mood by staying in silence and returned to her job, but when suddenly she saw someone familiar again.

This time, Nanami saw Sorata and Shiro-san walking around. She didn ’t know Shiro-san, so she pretended that she didn ’t see anything. As for Sorata, even though she knew him, she pretended that she didn ’t see him either. As for a reason? Wasn ’t it obvious?


”Aoyama! ”

Nanami turned around, and she still maintained her professional service. ”Oh? Kanda-kun? Why are you here? ”

When Sorata saw Nanami ’s smile, he felt relief, but then he quickly asked, ”Did you see Oga-kun? ”

”Shishio-kun? ” Nanami ’s expression started to become softer when she heard Shishio ’s name, and she quickly asked, ”What ’s wrong with Shishio-kun? ”

”…. ”

Sorata couldn ’t say anything for a moment, and the way Nanami called Shishio by his first name echoed on his mind several times.

Shiro-san looked at Sorata and could only shake his head. ”Well, we ’re just looking for him. Have you seen him? ”

Nanami didn ’t know what Shiro-san was, but she didn ’t think too much and shook her head. ”No, I didn ’t see him. ” However, she was worried and asked, ”Um, is something happening with Shishio-kun? ”

”No, you don ’t need to worry, ” Shiro-san said with a smile, then patted Sorata ’s shoulder. ”Let ’s go, Kanda. ”

”Ah, yes… ” Sorata was quite gloomy at that moment and didn ’t want Nanami to see his expression, especially when he knew Shishio and Nanami were close enough to call each other by their first name. He wondered what had happened, but he didn ’t have the guts to ask and could only follow Shiro-san sullenly.

Looking at Sorata ’s state, Shiro-san could only shake his head and thought that this guy was quite high-maintained.

Nanami wanted to stop both of them, but in the end, she didn ’t say anything. She took her phone and looked at Shishio ’s number that she had saved, but then she didn ’t know whether she should call him or not.


”Ah, Aoyama! ”

Nanami turned her head, and she was surprised to see both Nana and Saki. She didn ’t know Saki, but she knew that Saki often walked with Shishio. As for Nana, she knew Nana since they were classmates.

”Can you give me a rum raisin one, Aoyama? ” Nana asked. ”How about you, Saki? ”

”Hmm… give me a strawberry, ” Saki said after she looked at the taste of the ice creams that were displayed in front of her.

”Saki, your choice is too cute. As a delinquent, how can you choose a strawberry? ” Nana said with a laugh.

”It ’s my business! And I ’m not delinquent! ” Saki was annoyed and wanted to slap Nana ’s butts somehow.

Nanami only smiled when she saw how close Saki and Nana were.

They talked to each other before Nana asked, ”Right, Nanami, can I call you that? ”

”Um, it is okay, Sunohara-san, ” Nanami said with a gentle smile.

”It ’s alright. It ’s alright. You can also call me Nana. ” Nana smiled and said, ”Say, did you see Shishio here? ”

”Shishio-kun? ” Nanami was wondering what was happening with Shishio since she heard his name several times.

”Well, if you don ’t see him, then it is alright, ” Nana said with a smile and didn ’t think too much, but she looked at Nanami thoughtfully since Nanami called Shishio by his first name.

Saki was also the same and looked at Nanami thoughtfully.

”Um, what ’s wrong with Shishio-kun? ” Nanami asked.

Nana wanted to say something, but Saki nudged her side. She saw Saki glaring at her, which made her pout. ”It ’s alright. You don ’t need to think too much. By the way, thank you for the ice cream and good luck with your job. ”

Saki also gave a polite bow to Nanami, then left together with Nana.

Looking at Nana and Saki, who had left, Nanami ’s mind was preoccupied with Shishio, wondering why everyone was looking at him, making her curious and worried. She wanted to text him, but somehow she was afraid to bother him.

”Aoyama-san, what ’s wrong? ”

”Ah, I ’m alright, you don ’t need to worry, ” Nanami said with a smile to her colleague and continued her job. She knew that this wasn ’t the time to worry about him, and now, it was better to work hard to achieve her dream. He had a girlfriend, and there was no way for both of them to be together unless they broke up. ’No! No! No! Nanami, you can ’t think that way! ’ She then decided to busy herself with work since she didn ’t want to be someone who wished for someone ’s unhappiness, but when could she get her happiness?

Nanami felt that she should be satisfied with this relationship, but… she just couldn ’t.

As for Shishio, he had already noticed Nanami with his ”Enhanced Vision, ” and with his ”Ninjutsu Mastery, ” he could observe his surroundings better, so when he saw Nanami, he quickly changed direction since it would be troublesome to explain his relationship with Shiina.

Shishio and Shiina were having fun together, playing, trying on various clothes, etc., but then she asked something which surprised him. ”Do you want something to remind you of your first date? ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded, especially when she thought about the photo they had taken secretly when they went on arcade before.

”Hmm… ” Shishio thought for a moment, then saw the Citizen Watch store and said, ”How about a watch? ”

”Watch? ” Shiina titled her head.

”Yeah. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”We ’ll buy for a couple of types. ”

”Why watch? ” Shiina was confused.

”Well, first is practical since we can use it in daily life, and at the same time, it has a romantic meaning, ” Shishio said.

”What does it mean? ” Shiina asked curiously with eager eyes since this guy had always been able to surprise him.

”I want to be in your every day. ” Shishio looked at Shiina and said those words. ”What do you think? ”

A watch would be worn in everyday life so the meaning was obvious, right?

Shiina blushed and nodded without hesitation, feeling a bit shy and wanted to snuggle into him further.

”Well, let ’s go. ” Shishio then brought Shiina to the Citizen Watch store directly. He was sure that those meanings of buying a watch as a gift were made by the advertisement, so many people would buy it without hesitation like a diamond had a meaning for unbreakable love. Still, girls were suckers for this kind of advertisement, and they really loved this kind of romantic gift. He also didn ’t lack money, so he bought the watches for him and Shiina without hesitation.

Citizen watch might not be a luxurious brand for a watch, but it wasn ’t bad and Shishio didn ’t intend to buy a luxurious brand since they were only in high school. If they went to school while wearing a luxurious brand of watches like Rolex or Patek Philippe, then it would be too weird, right?

Coming together, Shiina looked at the watch that had been bought by Shishio and looked at the watch that Shishio wore. Both of them wore similar watches, which made her smile happily.

”Should we continue our date? ” Shishio asked.

”Um. ” Shiina nodded with a smile, and somehow, she had a similar wish to every girl who had spent their time together with him. She wished for the time to stop at this moment so this happy time could last forever, but even so, besides all the dates, there was something that she had been waiting for.

When it was almost evening, and the sky turned orange, Shishio looked at the castle-like building with the ”Hotel Forison ” signboard written right outside of the hotel, in front of him with a speechless and a bit of curiosity in his eyes. It was his first time to come to the love hotel, so he would be lying if he wasn ’t curious, but he felt a bit weird coming to this place with such a pure girl.

”Should we go, Shishio? ” Shiina asked.

”…… ”

When he heard those soft and gentle voices, and those eyes that were moistened with desire and curiosity, Shishio felt like he received a blow on his solar plexus.

’No, it ’s more dangerous than that! ’

Shishio felt like a hydrogen bomb exploded right on his mind, and even though he knew that his thought was very impure, he had an urge to taint this girl with his color somehow. ”Mashiro. ”

”Hmm? ”

”Be careful when you say something like that, or you might be attacked by a guy, ” Shishio said.

”Shishio is going to attack me? ” Shiina asked with a hint of curiosity and expectation.

”…. ”

”How about we go inside? ” Shishio asked.

”Um. ”

Holding each other ’s hands, they entered the new world.

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