to the bathroom.

”…. ”

Looking at her smooth butts, Shishio really wanted to push Shiina on the bed directly, but he calmed himself when he received a notification.

”…. ”

Shishio looked at his reward and felt amazed by it, but he decided to accept it later. He tried to calm himself, taking a deep breath, and slowly his penis also started to calm down. He then took his laptop and also started to write his story to finish it. He knew that he was ready to finish his story now, and as expected, he finished it soon, but…

”… ”

Shishio put his laptop on the table, staring at the ceiling absentmindedly, and wondering why, rather than feeling relief, he only felt empty. He thought that he could move on this way, but it seemed that it was harder than he had thought, and at the same time, he couldn ’t help but laugh since there was no way those precious memories could be erased with just one story, especially when this story was just a story that he plagiarized from his original world.

’What did you expect? ’

Shishio couldn ’t help but laugh in a depreciated manner, let out a tired sigh, sat there absentmindedly, wondering what he should do now. He shook his head and rested on the sofa before he closed his eyes since he felt a bit sleepy somehow.

On the jacuzzi, Shiina ’s face was so red. She scooped the water that was filled with a lot of roses absently. Even though it smelled very nice, she felt that her body was scorching at this moment, especially when she remembered what she had done with Shishio before or it might be because of the warm water in the jacuzzi, either way, she felt a bit lonely to stay here without Shishio.

Shiina didn ’t walk out first but thought about his words and wondered whether there was something that she could do, but after a while, she couldn ’t think anything and could only walk out from the bathroom. She dried her body and wore a bathrobe, walking out, and saw Shishio, who seemed to be sleeping on the sofa, curled to the side.

Shiina couldn ’t see his expression, so he walked toward him and wanted to kiss him again to wake him up, but stopped when she saw his pained expression and tears dripped from his eyes. She couldn ’t say words and couldn ’t do anything. She then looked at him and heard an unfamiliar name that came out of his mouth.

Shiina had an urge to hug him at that moment, telling him everything was alright. However, she didn ’t want to wake him up. She wanted to wipe the tears on his eyes, so she moved closer and called his name softly.

”Shishio… ”

Shishio awoke suddenly and cleared his face in a matter less than a second before he turned his head, moved away slightly, and saw Shiina, who was right in front of him. ”Oh? Are you done with your bath, Mashiro? Then I ’ll take a bath first. ” He walked directly to the bathroom without waiting for her response.

Shiina looked at Shishio ’s back and couldn ’t say anything. She somehow hated her inability to say something, but then she noticed his laptop and saw his story. She then sat down and read his story since it seemed that he had finished his story.

Shishio washed his body before he entered the rose bath that was taken by Shiina before. If it was other boys, they would be all excited and might drink the bathwater directly, but he wasn ’t really in the mood to make such a joke.

Shishio wondered why he slept before and dreamed about her, which made him feel complicated since he knew that Shiina might have seen him shed tears when he was sleeping. If he was awoken, his emotions might be controlled, but when he was sleeping, he couldn ’t control himself, considering he couldn ’t control what kind of dream he would have during his sleep.

It might be because Shishio had finished his story that his feelings became intense, and it became harder to forget her.

’Am I going to be trapped by this kind of feeling? ’

Shishio didn ’t like being trapped by this kind of feeling, and he also felt how incompetent he was for not being able to say that he loved his women in this world. He thought about his promise with Saki tomorrow, and he couldn ’t see himself being able to say, ”I love you. ”

Shishio took a deep breath and drowned himself in the jacuzzi, feeling the pressured water on himself and the smell of the rose from the water. After a while, he came out and swept his wet hair back, thinking whether he should lie, and forced himself to say those words.

Still, Shishio remembered that a rose had an aphrodisiac effect, and of course, even though his mood was very heavy, his penis was very active, making him speechless. He let out a long sigh, and somehow it subsidized slowly.

But suddenly, the bathroom door opened, and Shiina entered directly. ”Shishio, let ’s go to Iwafune! ”

”…. ”

Shishio looked at Shiina with a blank expression.

After reading Shishio ’s story, Shiina couldn ’t stay any longer and went to the bathroom directly, asking him to go to Iwafune. Still, then she looked at Shishio ’s body, which had a very well-developed muscle, eight packs abs and v-line below the abs, slender and powerful legs, and a breathtaking body. When he wore his clothes, he looked quite slim, but when he was naked, he looked strong. Then she looked at his huge penis, which was dangling on the water, and somehow she felt a bit dizzy.

”Mashiro! ”

Shishio quickly walked out from the jacuzzi and caught Shiina in his arms, feeling speechless when he saw Shiina had a nosebleed. He had seen many perverted MCs have nosebleeds when they saw a naked beautiful woman, but it was his first time seeing a beautiful girl have a nosebleed when she saw a naked man.

Shishio ignored his naked body and carried Shiina directly in his arms before resting on the bed. He cleaned up the nosebleed on her nose and gave her water to drink.

Shiina ’s complexion was better, and Shishio sighed in relief somehow.

Shishio could see that Shiina was alright, so he wanted to return to the bathroom again. ”You need to rest first. ” He wanted to dry his body and wear clothes, but his wrist was caught.

”Shishio, let ’s go to Iwafune now, ” Shiina said while holding his wrist.

Looking at Shiina at the moment, Shishio asked, ”Why? ”

”Because I want to help you, ” Shiina said.

”….. ”

Neither of them said anything, but Shiina ’s face was blushing, and she couldn ’t help but dart to his body and nether region from time to time.

Shishio somehow felt a bit amused and nodded. ”Well, let ’s go to Iwafune.. ” He didn ’t know why Shiina wanted to go there, but right now, it might not be bad to go on a trip to forget everything.

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