The sky suddenly started raining, and Shishio quickly carried Shiina to the lodging where they would stay tonight. They came quite late at night, and he was worried that the owner had already fallen asleep, but it seemed they were in luck since the inn owner was still awake.

When the door opened, Shishio and Shiina saw a grandma with a sleepy face looking at them.

”Oh! ” The grandma was surprised and her eyes wide open when she saw Shishio since it was her first time seeing someone so handsome, but then she looked at the beautiful Shiina on his arm and nodded in understanding. ”Room for two? ”

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded, ignored the nod that the grandma did, then asked, ”Is there a bath here? ” It was a bit cold so he thought that they could take a warm bath.

”There ’s a bathroom inside. You can take a warm bath there, ” the grandma said.

”Thank you. ” 2x

Shishio and Shiina were quite grateful since the temperature was quite cold.

”Before you come in, can I ask about your relationship? ” The grandma asked while looking at both of them curiously.

Shiina didn ’t answer and looked at Shishio.

”We ’re lovers, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

Shiina smiled and seemed satisfied.

”Is that alright? ” Shishio asked.

”Well, I ’ll prepare you a room on the second floor of the house so you can have fun without worrying there, ” the grandma said before walking inside directly.

”… ” Shishio.

”Shishio, are we going to have fun? ” Shiina asked while looking at him curiously.

”…. ” Shishio.

”Hurry up and come in! Don ’t forget to close and lock the door, ” the grandma quickly said.

”Yes! ” Shishio was grateful for the grandma at that moment.

The grandma led both Shishio and Shiina to their room, and as they walked, Shishio and Shiina observed the lodging. Rather than calling it lodging, it was a normal house with a slightly larger area. If it was in Tokyo, then he would be surprised by the size of the house, but it was located in Iwafune and the land price in the countryside was quite low, so he didn ’t feel surprised by the area of the house.

The building was quite old, and as they walked on the wooden floor, they could hear the squeaking sound from the floor, showing how old this house was, but even so, it was strangely comfortable and giving off a homey feeling.

”You ’re alone here, Grandma? ” Shishio asked, and as he entered, he quickly observed his surroundings and didn ’t feel anyone ’s presence besides this grandma.

”Yeah, I ’m living here alone. ” The grandma yawned and said, ”If you two didn ’t knock on the door late at night, I would have already been asleep. ”

”Sorry… ” 2x

Shishio and Shiina said sorry, but on their faces, they didn ’t show sorry at all.

The grandma also didn ’t think too much and asked, ”Are you two from Tokyo? ”

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded and asked, ”How did you know, Grandma? ”

”With how stylish and beautiful you two are, there ’s no way for you two to come from the countryside. ” The grandma stared at Shishio and snorted. ”Do you think that the people in the countryside are blind to the trend in the city? Don ’t underestimate the countryside! When I was young, I ’d been in Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro! ”

”….. ” Shishio.

”So what are you two doing in this city? Eloping? ” Grandma asked.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded.

”….. ” The grandma.

Shishio only smiled at the grandma.

Looking at Shishio ’s smile, the grandma looked away and thought that a handsome guy was dangerous! She took a deep breath and said, ”The bathroom is over there! ” She pointed her finger in the direction of the bathroom.

”Thanks. ”

”If you have sex, don ’t do it in the bathtub since you ’ll dirty the water. ” The grandma yawned and walked back to her room. ”I ’m going to sleep. You two can do it on your own. ”

”….. ” Shishio.

However, before the grandma returned, she stopped and said, ”I won ’t prepare the dinner, but you can have breakfast tomorrow. ”

”Thank you very much, ” Shishio said with a slight bow.

”Thank you. ” Shiina bowed slightly.

The grandma waved her hand slightly, but before she entered, she stopped again and said, ”By the way, I don ’t have a condom here. ” Leaving those words, she entered her room and closed the door.

”…. ” Shishio.

Shishio wondered whether the people in the countryside were so open, but when he thought about the lack of entertainment, sex might be the only entertainment in this place. ”Let ’s enter the room, Mashiro. ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded and asked, ”Do you bring a condom, Shishio? ”

”…. ” Shishio.

Shishio and Shiina entered the room and could see the size of the room wasn ’t that much different from their room on Sakurasou. If they were asked whether there was a difference, then it should be the style of the interior.

The style of the interior of the room was ”Washitsu ” ( ”Japanese-style room) with a tatami floor and sliding door.

Shishio put down his bag and took out the futon from the wardrobe, and set them up on the floor. Even though it wasn ’t his first time sleeping on the futon, he didn ’t really like it and he was more comfortable sleeping with a bed, but the beggar couldn ’t choose. He then looked at Shiina and asked, ”Mashiro, can you sleep on the futon? ”

Shiina didn ’t answer Shishio and laid on the futon. She curled her body with the duvet, lying on the mattress of the futon, showing a comfortable expression. ”Okay. ”

Shishio nodded and said, ”You should take a bath first. ”

Shiina shook her head and said, ”No, you should go first, Shishio. ”

”Really? ” Shishio raised his eyebrow.

”Um. ” Shiina nodded.

”Well, if you say so. ” Shishio nodded and didn ’t think too much since he thought that Shiina wanted to sleep directly, but it seemed that he underestimated her since when he walked out, she opened her closed eyes, stood up, following him quietly toward the bathroom too.

Shishio washed his body inside the bathroom with warm water, and somehow he felt very comfortable since it was freezing. He checked the water temperature on the bathtub and somehow sighed in relief, wanting to take a dip there immediately.

Shishio didn ’t feel that surprised for the grandma to keep the warm water in the bathtub since usually, the people in this country would use the warm water yesterday so in the morning the next day, they could take warm water without waiting long.

Shishio washed the soap from his body, but suddenly the door was opened by someone.

”….. ” Shishio.

”Shishio, let ’s take a bath together, ” Shiina said.

Shishio turned around and didn ’t even have time to say anything since his eyes were quickly attracted to Shiina ’s naked body. He couldn ’t look away, and his penis quickly became hard since she was just beautiful. Her breasts might not be that big, but it wasn ’t that small. Her legs were slender, and her thighs were smooth. Frankly, he was quite surprised when he saw that she had a tiny blonde bush in her nether region, hiding showing a beautiful slit that had never been shown to anyone, but what attracted him the most was the liquid that slowly dripped from that place. It might be water, but something might mix within.

When Shishio stared at Shiina, she also did the same and stared at him.

Before when Shiina stared at Shishio, she had a nosebleed, but now, her resistance had grown a bit, so she didn ’t have a nosebleed. However, she had to admit that his body was beautiful and sexy, especially that huge penis, the curve on the shaft, the big glans, the thickness, the length, and the hardness that caused it to turn upward, everything made her stunned for a moment.

”…. ”

Shishio gulped and asked, ”Are you sure? ” He hadn ’t had sex for two weeks, and he didn ’t even let it out by himself. With how strong he was, he often had a wet dream almost every day. If he didn ’t have a ”Household Chores Mastery, ” he would be troubled.

Shiina also gulped, but she nodded. ”Um. ” She felt a bit shy, so she covered both her chest and bottom with her hands even though she didn ’t understand why.

”Then sit on the stool first. I ’ll wash you, ” Shishio said.

Shiina ’s face was red, but she nodded. She moved forward slowly since the floor was wet before she sat on the stool.

Shishio squatted behind Shiina, and just a whiff of her smell somehow caused him to have a concussion. It was so hard not to hold himself since the girl in front of him was so attractive. Even though he often thought of her as a little girl, in truth, she was a beautiful girl. He took a deep breath and said, ”I ’ll tie your hair before I start to wash your body. ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded, but when his fingers touched her hair and skin, the cold on her body disappeared, and her entire body became hot. She wasn ’t sure why, but she felt very embarrassed at that moment.

Shishio tied Shiina ’s hair into a bun, then washed her body with warm water before he put soap on his hand and started to wash her body gently.

”….. ” Shishio.

Shiina could feel his hands on her back, slowly enveloping her body, which made her body giddy. She didn ’t say anything, and her eyes kept staring at his thing that was so hard. ”Shishio. ”

”Hmm? ”

”Is that painful? ” Shiina could see the veins around Shishio ’s penis, which made her wonder whether it was painful.

”Well… ” Shishio had to admit that it was so painful to hold himself several times.

”…Do you need my help? ” Shiina asked.

”Help? ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded and asked, ”Can I help you? ”

”….. ”

Shishio looked at Shiina as he washed her body. He touched her smooth white skin, mochi-like butts, her soft breasts, and her hard nipples. Her nipples were so hard as he caressed them with his fingers and played them with his hands gently, but slowly it turned rougher and rougher.

Shiina moaned, and her breath started to rush. ”Shishio… I – I feel weird on this place… ” She didn ’t know why she wanted to let out something.

”Don ’t hold it, ” Shishio whispered.

As her breasts were teased, her neck was lightly kissed several times, and her thighs were caressed gently and slowly, teasing her near her pussy, and before long, Shiina let out a moan, and her body shuddered. ”Hnnh~!! ” Her head turned white as she let out something from her nether region.

”Good girl… ” Shishio praised, kissing her hair tenderly. He also breathed heavily, sniffing her nape and kissing her shoulder several times. He was so obsessed with her. He had an urge to rub his penis on her back and butts, but he held himself since he didn ’t want to scare her.

Shiina panted as she leaned back on his chest, letting him hug her. It was her first time feeling like that, but she had to admit that it felt so pleasurable. She turned her head and could see his pained expression as if holding something and his intense gaze as if he wanted to swallow her over. She could also feel something hard and hot on her back. As she blushed and her body became hotter, she called his name softly. ”Shishio… ”

”Hmm? ” His voice was like a growl of a beast.

”…Can I help you? ” Shiina asked.

Shishio stared at Shiina for a moment and whispered with a hoarse voice, ”Can you? ”

Shiina ’s face was so red, leaned on his chest, feeling the hard and hot rod on her back. Her face flushed, but she nodded gently. ”Teach me. ”

”Um. ” Shishio nodded without hesitation, then sat on the edge of the bathtub, looking down at Shiina, and asked, ”Try to stroke it with your hands. ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded obediently and touched his penis slowly, nervously, and curiously. It was her first time touching it, and the size intimidated her, but even so, she still touched it, slowly enveloping it with both of her hands. ”It ’s so big… ”

Shishio let out a comfortable sigh, gritting his teeth since her hands were so soft that it was so nice to be held by her. He wanted to just push her directly, but he knew that he couldn ’t do that, considering it was her first time, and at the same time, he lamented why they were inside the bathroom, not in the bedroom. ”Gather your saliva and drip it on my penis, Mashiro. ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded and gathered saliva in her mouth before she dripped it onto his penis as she stroked him. She could feel that it was easier to stroke him, and she started to move faster. ”Does it feel good, Shishio? ”

Looking at Shiina, Shishio thought that this cute girl had become his, not Kanda Sorata, but Shiina Mashiro was his. ”Look at me for a moment, Mashiro. ”

Shiina, who had been focussed on his penis, looked at him with an upturned gaze, showing a confused expression, before he grabbed her chin and she was kissed!

Shiina opened her eyes wide when she was kissed, but then she closed her eyes as she enjoyed their kiss.

Their tongues were entangling with each other, and they exchanged saliva, creating a lewd sound as they kissed, but even so, Shiina didn ’t stop her hands and kept stroking him. They kissed for a long time before they parted to take oxygen to their lungs.

”I ’m going to let out, Mashiro, ” Shishio said as he gritted his teeth.

”Hmm? ” Shiina didn ’t understand, but then a white, thick, cloudy semen spurt from his penis dirtied her face and body as if trying to mark her body.

Shishio let out his semen as he watched this pure girl being dirtied by him. Rather than calm down, he became even more excited, and his penis didn ’t even show a sign of fatigue even if he had let out such a huge amount of semen. Still, his thing was as hard as ever.

Shiina closed her eyes and could feel the hot and thick liquid on her face and body, but at the same time, she could feel that these liquids wanted to impregnate her, seemingly wanting to enter her every pore. The smell of the liquid was so intense that it made her entire body so hot and made her pussy drip a lew juice continuously. She opened her eyes lightly. Everything was so hazy since she was covered in a white, thick liquid. Looking at his semen curiously, she then touched the semen that slowly dripped from her chin and lightly licked it.

”… ” Shishio.

Shiina tilted her head and said, ”It tastes strange, but I don ’t hate it. ” She tried to lick it again somehow. It might taste better than she had thought. It might not be sweet, and it had a strange taste, but she couldn ’t get enough.

”… ”

”Can you help me again, Mashiro? ” Shishio asked since it seemed that there was no way for him to calm down tonight.

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