s guy thought something lewd all the time!

”Sorry, sorry, but I can ’t help it, ” Shishio said. ”But it is also your fault, Mashiro. ”

”My fault? ” Shiina was confused.

”You ’re so beautiful that I can ’t help but want to touch you all the time, ” Shishio said, rubbing his face against her nape.

Shiina blushed and looked away. ”Don ’t do something weird, alright? ”

”Um, I ’ll just rub your belly, ” Shishio said.

Shiina looked at his hand that rubbed her belly and couldn ’t help but asked, ”Shishio, do you have a belly fetish? ”

”… ” Shishio.

Shiina didn ’t say much and let him rub her belly since it felt comfortable, but still, she needed to say this. ”Pervert. ”

”… ” Shishio.

Shishio sighed and said, ”Yes, yes, I ’m a pervert. ”

Shiina hummed happily.

”Mashiro. ”

”Hmm? ”

”Do you really want to draw your manga using my story? ”

”Um. ”

”You know, to write a romance novel, your editor has told you to fall in love, right? Why don ’t you use your experience and use them in your manga? ” Shishio asked.

”Because I don ’t want anyone to see my precious memory with you. ” Shiina looked at Shishio and said, ”It ’s our memory. It is only for both of us. ”

”Mashiro! ” Shishio couldn ’t help but hug this girl tightly.

Shiina also smiled and hugged him.

Then they entangled each other before Shishio pushed her directly into the futon.

As they gazed over into each other ’s eyes, the rain started to dissipate, and the cloudy sky started to disappear, showing the shy moon that had been hiding.

Shiina blushed as she stared into his eyes. She could see that he was full of desire for her which made her shy and eager at that same time.

”Mashiro… ” Shishio growled, kissed her neck, then moved back slightly, staring into her eyes.

Their eyes stared into each other before they started to kiss each other deeply.

Shishio had made up his mind, so there was no need to hesitate. He slid his hand inside the t-shirt, rubbed her belly gently, moving upward toward her soft mound, feeling her hard nipple.

”Hnnh~~. ” Shiina moaned as she kissed. She stared at him, raised her t-shirt, and started to suck her nipple. ”Shishio… ” She grabbed his head, moving her every finger on his soft hair, hugging it tightly.

Shishio only glanced at Shiina with an upturned eye before moving his other hand toward her nether region. He knew that his size was big, and it was her first time, so he needed to invest more time in the foreplay. He touched her panties and could feel how damp it was. He caressed it gently and caused her to call his name several times while moaning.

”Shishio… ” Shiina panted and felt something was about to come out again, but he suddenly stopped, making her confused. However, she opened her eyes wide open when she saw what he was about to do.

Shishio was right between Shiina ’s legs and looked at her slit, smelling the sweet smell that came from it.

”Th – That ’s place is dirty, Shishio… ” Shiina blushed again and wanted to push him away, but her body was so weak after being teased by him.

”It ’s your first time so let me give you a good time, ” Shishio said before he started to eat her up.

”Ahh~~! ” Shiina was startled by the sudden pleasure that she had never felt before.

Shishio grabbed her waist so Shiina wouldn ’t escape, licking her labia, as he teased her clitoris while putting his fingers inside, feeling her hymen, before he teased her inside without damaging her hymen several times. He could feel the juice keep dripping from her pussy, and he drank it without hesitation since it was so sweet, but he knew that he couldn ’t continue since he was afraid she might pass out from the pleasure.

If Shiina passed out, then who would take care of the heat inside his body? The grandma? Don ’t joke around!

Shiina tightened her legs and couldn ’t control her voice. She kept calling his name as her body was about to let out something, but suddenly he stopped again, which confused her. ”Shishio? ”

Shishio didn ’t say much and took out his penis from his boxer. He looked at her and said, ”I ’m going to start, Mashiro. ”

Shiina looked at his penis and nodded, wondering how it could fit inside her.

Shishio took the condom given by Chihiro before, tore the packet with his teeth, and put it on his penis. It was quite tight, but it was alright. If possible, he wanted to get something like ”Pharmaceutics Mastery ” or ”Medicine Mastery ” that way, he might be able to make a harmless pill that could stop pregnancy.

As for all of his ability, if it was an ability that was able to stop his semen from impregnating a girl, then Shishio wouldn ’t use a condom!

However, enough of that, Shishio put his penis right at the entrance of her pussy. He rubbed his penis there several times, causing the juice to drench his penis.

”Shishio… ” Shiina couldn ’t handle it any longer and called his name again.

Shishio looked at Shiina and said, ”I love you, Shiina. ”

Shiina felt her eyes and lips tremble, and then she answered him, ”I love you, Shishio. ”

Shishio kissed her lips as he plunged his dick into the entrance of her pussy.

The entrance was slowly opened, and the thick stick meat entered her body slowly, which caused her to have difficulty breathing since it was so huge until suddenly she could feel something was lost, but she didn ’t feel sadness. She felt happy since she knew that they had become one at this moment.

With his extra care from the foreplay, Shiina successfully lost her first time and was taught by Shishio the enjoyment of a woman as she was tainted with his color.

”Ahhhhnnnnnn~~! ”

Hearing the animal-like cry and a loud moan of ecstasy from the second floor caused the grandma to open her eyes slightly before she closed them again, but if someone looked closely, her body trembled, and her face flushed.

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