Shishio didn ’t sleep for an entire night, watching Shiina ’s face, who was sleeping like a cat on his arm. He could see fatigue in her eyes but also a comfortable and satisfying expression. In truth, he had never expected all of this to happen, and he just followed the flow, and since it happened, then it happened.

All Shishio needed to do was to take responsibility for this cute girl. He caressed her bangs, gently played with them so he wouldn ’t wake her up, but when he saw the sun was about to wake up, he thought to do his morning work-out, but in the end, he decided not to do it since if he wasn ’t right beside Shiina when she woke up, then she might get scared.

Shishio knew that when a girl lost their first time, they would be in a weak state, especially when they needed to face him, whose energy was more than a normal person.

Feeling his hard penis, he sighed, but he knew that he couldn ’t do too much to Shiina, considering she was tired from last night, so he thought to open his rewards since he had received many rewards. Even though it felt strange to receive rewards after he got all of her first time, he still accepted them since he could protect his women better.

Shishio then checked all the rewards that he had received and he had to admit that all the rewards he received from Shiina were amazing.

”Pheromone Control ”, ”Spin ”, ”Flawless Coordination ”, ”Taekwondo Mastery ”, and ”Art Mastery ”.

Usually, there was a mix between both assets and abilities. Still, most of the rewards that he got from Shiina were mostly an ability, and he was glad for it since he didn ’t lack money, so the only thing he needed to do was become stronger.

Shishio then decided to accept the ”Pheromone Control, ” and the moment he accepted it, he was amazed since this ability was very amazing.

”Pheromone Control ” gives complete control over the pheromones, a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species, of oneself and others, including releasing pheromones that induce attraction between subjects (or within a subject for oneself), to exuding pheromones strong enough to induce sleep, change or influence emotions, draw crowds, etc.

Shishio thought for a while and then controlled his pheromone to make his presence more comfortable. As expected, Shiina, who was sleeping, moved closer and hugged him tightly. He saw her little nose move slightly and couldn ’t help but want to pinch it, but he held it since he was afraid this girl might wake up, so he decided to open his other reward.

Still, this ability was quite dangerous since, with this ability, Shishio could seduce any girls that he wanted, and with just using his pheromone, he could take them to a bedroom, having sex with them.

Shishio thought for a while and felt that it might be good to get rewards by one-stand-night rather than dating the girls or the women. He had a ”Disease Immunity ” after all, so he wasn ’t afraid of disease or anything related.

Shishio knew that he would become a scumbag this way, but the rewards that he could get were amazing, and he just wanted something to protect his women. He wasn ’t sure, but he felt that something dangerous might come toward him, so he needed to get stronger as soon as possible, even though he didn ’t really want to be a fuckboy.

Even though it might sound weird, this feeling really happened, and he thought that this feeling might be related to the ”Danger Intuition ” that he got in the past.

Shaking his head gently, Shishio then accepted his next reward, which was ”Spin. ”

Some people might not be familiar with the ”Spin, but Shishio was very familiar with it since it was a supernatural phenomenon wielded by multiple key characters in Steel Ball Run in Jojo Series.

Spin is a state of perfect or near-perfect rotation that produces a unique form of energy that can be applied for many uses.

In simple terms, the ”Spin ” was just an ability to rotate something.

Then what was the use of the ”Spin ”?

Spin can be used for a wide range of destructive, defensive, medical, and utilitarian purposes, depending on the available tool.

Using a ”Spin ” might be possible without a tool, but it is better to use it since it can be used for many things.

Still, if Shishio had to ask, it was better to receive a ”Hamon ” rather than a ”Spin ” since ”Hamon ” could affect healing, longevity, and a youthful appearance.

However, in terms of attack power, compared to ”Hamon, ” Shishio had to admit that ”Spin ” was stronger and it was more suitable to be used on fighting, considering by using the ”Spin, ” he was able to redirect the attack of someone easily or made his attack stronger.

It was impossible to use this ability now since he didn ’t want to wake Shiina up since he knew this ability might be noisy, so he decided to accept his other rewards.

’Flawless Coordination ’

The moment Shishio accepted this reward, he could feel that he could control his body better. His physical abilities were heightened to the point where he could perform any physical activity without difficulty. He imagined himself doing the act in his mind. He was able to perform it without any problem. This could range from free-running to juggling swords to doing multiple back-flips.

Still, more importantly, as long as Shishio saw something, then he might be able to replicate any movement or act, especially when he combined it with his ”Enhanced Memory ” and ”Enhanced Vision. ”

Shishio still wanted to learn Aikido since he knew that this martial art was unique, and even though he knew that it might be cruel, only a talented one could master it. After all, if normal people used it, this martial art would be useless in the fight, and it was better to learn a strike-type martial art such as boxing or karate since Aikido was extremely complex.

With all of his explanations above, he wanted to say that he would learn Aikido faster later. After all, the martial arts in this world were very developed, so he wanted to learn something that caught his eyes, whether it was a martial art or another skill, since he was very greedy.

Even though it was still far from instant copy ability, he could learn any martial art faster with his ability. Still, if possible, he wanted to get something like ”Enhanced Mirror Neuron ” to copy any movement-related abilities, whether it was martial arts, sports, dance, and a lot more easily.

However, even if an instant copy ability was wonderful, what Shishio liked the most about this ability was to control his body better. When he combined the ”Flawless Coordination ” and ”Seimei Kikan ” that he got before, even if his strength became stronger and stronger in the future, he wouldn ’t have a hard time controlling them. Even if he had sex with his girls in the future, he wouldn ’t be afraid that he might hurt them, considering he could control his body perfectly.

Shishio had checked ”Flawless Coordination ” ability then decided to accept his other reward, which was ”Taekwondo Mastery. ” In truth, when he received this ”Taekwondo Mastery, ” he was quite surprised. After all, he thought that Taekwondo was a weak martial art, but it seemed that there was something deeper than that.

Shishio ’s prejudice over Taekwondo couldn ’t be blamed. After all, there were no strong taekwondo fighters in this world, and most Taekwondo practitioners were using a fancy technique to entertain the public. This martial art was also quite young since it was only developed during the 1940s, and rather than Taekwondo, it was better to learn Karate since Taekwondo originated from Karate.

But of course, it didn ’t mean Taekwondo copied Karate. Rather it combined both Karate and traditional Korean martial art, which was known as Taekkyon.

However, Taekwondo was more than that, especially their famous Theory of power.

The emphasis on speed and agility is a defining characteristic of Taekwondo and has its origins in analyses undertaken by Choi Hong Hi. The results of that analysis are known by ITF practitioners as Choi ’s Theory of Power.

Choi based his understanding of power on biomechanics and Newtonian physics as well as Chinese martial arts. For example, Choi observed that the kinetic energy of a strike increases quadratically with the speed of the strike but increases only linearly with the mass of the striking object. In other words, speed is more important than size in terms of generating power.

Shishio, who had a ”Taekwondo Mastery, ” was able to master the Theory of Power, and of course, his Theory of Power was several times stronger.

Besides the Theory of Power, Taekwondo was famous for its kick, but that wasn ’t all. There were also pressure point applications, throws, joint locks, termination techniques, choking techniques, and freeing techniques.

However, most Taekwondo practitioners were only good with their feet, and they weren ’t good at other things, which was why they were quite weak compared to other martial arts that emphasized balance.

When Shishio thought about his other martial art, which was ”Bajiquan Mastery, ” he felt a bit weird. Still, at the same time, his ”Taekwondo Mastery ” could strengthen his ”Bajiquan Mastery ” to some certain extent.

Bajiquan is focused on his fists and stays on the ground all the time, but Taekwondo is focused on feet and acrobatic movement.

Shishio thought that the combination of Bajiquan and Taekwondo was better than he had thought, but it was far from enough, which was why he thought to learn Aikido later.

As for his fight with Tokugawa ’s fighter later, Shishio thought that it might be good to use his ”Taekwondo Mastery ” during his fight.

There was no way for him to test his ”Taekwondo Mastery ” on the bed, so Shishio accepted his last reward, which was ”Art Mastery. ”

After he accepted this reward, Shishio could understand all art forms, instantly and perfectly utilizing them like he had trained in them for years. He also possessed great knowledge and skill in art, such as painting, dancing, penmanship, etc., without any education. He could effortlessly create an artistic idea in their mind and work off that to create it in reality.

In the past, Shishio had gotten ”Painting Mastery ” from Shiina. Still, this time, with ”Art Mastery, ” he had mastered many art forms, whether acting, animation, calligraphy, dancing, filming, music, painting, performing, photography, sculpting, singing, etc.

Looking at the girl, who was still sleeping on his arm, snuggling into his chest tightly, Shishio smiled softly and thought that he would treasure this girl, but then he heard a footstep that moved closer and knew that it should be the grandma, so he didn ’t think too much.

However, both of them were still naked when the grandma opened the sliding door.

”Hurry up and wake up! I have prepared breakfast! It won ’t be good if the food has gotten cold! ” The grandma said as she entered the room, looking at Shishio and Shiina, who were snuggling together on the futon naked, but then her lips twitched, and she blushed when she saw his huge thing was standing tall below the blanket.

”Haven ’t you gotten enough? You had sex for a long time last night! Do you want to toss this old lady too?! ” The grandma roared as she closed the door gently.

”… ” Shishio.

But then the door opened again, and the grandma said, ”Your girl is still tired, don ’t force him to have sex again. ” She then closed the door again gently and walked away.

”…. ” Shishio.

”Hmm… ” Shiina frowned and hugged Shishio tighter.

Shishio patted Shiina ’s head gently and thought that the grandma was a good woman. Unfortunately, that grandma didn ’t trigger his system. Still, his system had been triggered by a mother, a little girl, and even a boy with a girlish feature. As for a grandma, he had never seen one, but he felt that there should be a grandma that would trigger his system, but enough of that since there was something that he needed to do.

”Mashiro, wake up. Let ’s eat. ”

Still, even though it sounded quite like a scumbag, Shishio had to admit that the grandma was quite cute, and rather than a grandma, she was like a mature woman in her 40s, which made him a bit giddy. If he had to say, she was like an older Miho Nakayama, but at the same time, he looked at his nether region had gotten hard again, and it pressed into Shiina ’s smooth belly.

Shiina didn ’t care much and only slept as usual.

Shishio let out a sigh and thought that he was really a scumbag.

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