Chihiro ’s thought was pretty simple, Shishio had a car, and he was also a male, so she thought he could help Sorata, who would move to the regular dorm. After all, she could also see that Sorata ’s appearance was quite pitiful. In truth, it wasn ’t her first time seeing a student like Sorata, who felt pressured by his surroundings because all the people around him were too dazzling, which made him feel inferior. It was such a normal scene in Sakurasou, which was why she didn ’t feel that much surprised by Sorata ’s situation.

As a teacher, Chihiro also couldn ’t do anything. After all, it was a matter of mental health, rather than forcing someone to stay in Sakurasou and have such stress. It was better to move out as soon as possible.

Chihiro had reminded Sorata before, but this guy didn ’t listen to her, so what had happened to him wasn ’t her fault, and he reaped what he sowed.

However, at least Chihiro thought to help Sorata to move by asking her nephew, but…

”Sorry, I have something to do later, and I can ’t help Kanda-kun to move out, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

”Huh? Where are you going? ” Chihiro asked with a frown since her nephew had been out all the time.

”I ’m going on a date, ” Shishio said.

”… ”

There was nothing to hide. After all, everyone knew that he had a girlfriend, so Shishio didn ’t need to hide that he was going on a date with his girlfriend.

”Huh? You just went back with Mashiro. Then you went on a date? ” Mayumi looked at Shishio with some dissatisfaction since this guy was quite a scumbag, right?

”I ’m going out for a date today because I went out with Mashiro yesterday. ” Shishio stared at Mayumi speechlessly and said, ”If I don ’t go out with my girlfriend today, then won ’t it be unfair for her? ”

”….. ”

His explanation was logical, but somehow, the three of them were still quite unhappy.

”Well, I ’ll bring some souvenirs when I go back later, ” Shishio said.

”Where are you going? ” Chihiro asked.

”Enoshima. ”

”Enoshima! ” 3x

Ritsu, Mayumi, and Chihiro were surprised, but at the same time, they felt jealous!

”So I might return quite late, but I ’ll try to buy something for all of you, ” Shishio said.

”Well, be careful… ” Chihiro couldn ’t say anything. She had let go of him, so as long as he didn ’t cause trouble, then she would let him do what he wanted to do.

”I ’ll change my clothes first. ” Shishio was only wearing a t-shirt and wrapped his lower body with a towel. He noticed that Ritsu, Mayumi, and Chihiro had glanced at his big bulge from time to time, but he didn ’t think too much since there was nothing to hide, but…

”Shishio! ”

Suddenly Misaki jumped into Shishio ’s back and shook his body. ”I ’m hungry! Can you cook me something? ”

”Wait! Wait! Senpai, don ’t shake me so hard! ” Shishio was speechless and wanted to throw this stupid girl away, but…

”…. ”

Everyone was in silence when the white towel fell to the ground, and they saw a huge thing on his nether region.

”… ”

Shishio sighed, took his white towel calmly, and wrapped it on his waist again. He looked at Misaki blankly and asked, ”Can you let me go now? ”

”Um. ” Misaki nodded shakily and stepped down from Shishio slowly.

Then everyone watched Shishio, who walked away, but they didn ’t say anything. However, they had to admit that even though it wasn ’t standing, it was still huge, but it was quite cute for some reason, and it resembled an elephant ’s trunk.

”Cough! Cough! ” Chihiro blushed and said, ”Well, I ’m going to sleep first. ”

”Um, me too. ” Mayumi also blushed, but at the same time, she really wanted to push Shishio to the bed right away.

As for both Misaki and Ritsu, they also blushed feverishly and quickly returned to their rooms.

However, in the minds of four females, they thought the same things…

’Huge!!! ’

As for Sorata, he just left, and everyone forgot about him, but at the same time, he was just dumbfounded, squeezed his thighs tightly, and felt in shock since he thought that the world was just too unfair. Right?

Ogikubo Station.

Shishio made an appointment with Saki to go on a date to Enoshima, and they would meet each other at the Ogikubo station. Still, unlike their original plan, Nana also joined this date, so the three of them would go to Enoshima together.

Nana let out a long sigh. ”I want to meet him as soon as possible… ” When she thought about what had happened yesterday, she thought that she needed to talk with him face to face since there were many things that she wanted to say to him.

”There ’s still a time before the date, or rather we have gone too early, right? ” Saki spoke helplessly, but she also felt the same time since she wanted to meet him as soon as possible.

It might be because it was their first time to go on a date with him, so they became quite excited and came one hour earlier than the appointment time.

”Still, I ’m quite surprised that we ’re going to Enoshima, ” Nana said and felt quite excited to go to Enoshima. ”Have you been there before, Senpai? ”

”No, this will be my first time, ” Saki said.

”Really? ” Nana was surprised, but then she said with a smile, ”Then our first time will be taken by Shishio at the same time. ”

”…. ” Saki.

Nana and Saki were waiting at the entrance of the Ogikubo station together, and even though they were beautiful, they didn ’t attract too much attention since they were wearing a facemask. It wasn ’t that they felt sick or something, but even though Suginami district was quite huge, it was also quite small. There were many students in Suimei living around this area, and they didn ’t really want to be seen by someone, especially when they were going on a date. If they were going on a date with him alone, they might not do this, but they were going on a date with him together, which made the situation very troublesome.

While talking, Nana thought that she should live alone and rent an apartment nearby. That way, she could spend more time with him. She thought that she should talk about this problem with her parents and she also should invite Shishio when she talked with her parents too, so they could believe in her to live alone.

But when they talked to each other and felt a bit annoyed when Shishio had been making them wait so long, they heard their names being called.

”Saki! Nana! ”

Hearing this familiar voice, they turned their heads, and somehow all their annoyance disappeared like magic, especially when they saw his smile since his smile was too dangerous!

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