I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 241 - Shishio Would Eat Anything

”Shishio! ”

Nana quickly dashed and hugged him. Still, her eyes brightened when she saw him, wearing a black cap, white t-shirt, an olive bomber jacket, navy blue jeans pants, and a pair of sneakers. After all, it was her first time seeing him in his casual clothes, and as expected, it was great!

”Sorry, I ’m a bit late. ” Shishio caught Nana naturally, but it was still hard to maintain his composure when the two softest things in this world would press against his chest.

Saki was jealous of Nana, who could do what she wanted directly without feeling embarrassed, but then she looked at Shishio and shook her head. ”No, we didn ’t wait too long. ”

Shishio wasn ’t late, or rather, he came half an hour early, but even so, he could tell that two girls in front of him had come one hour earlier than the appointment time. Even though he wasn ’t at fault, and sometimes it was unreasonable, it was better to apologize first since he knew that there might be some dissatisfaction in their hearts since they had been waiting quite long.

”Come on! We ’re going to Enoshima! We need to go get into the train as soon as possible, or else we will go back quite late! ” Nana wanted to visit many places on Enoshima, considering it was her first time there, especially when she was with both Shishio and Saki. Hence, it was better to enter the train as soon as possible.

”We won ’t use the train. Follow me, ” Shishio said and grasped both the hands of both Nana and Saki, leading the two girls somewhere.

”Huh? ” Nana was confused, but Saki had some ideas inside her mind.

”Come in, ” Shishio said.

”….. ”

Nana was dumbfounded. A motorcycle was one thing, but a car? But in the end, she gave up thinking too much since she was quite excited about this date.

However, there was one problem.

”Who will sit next to him? ” Saki asked while looking at Nana.

”You should sit next to him first. ” Nana looked at Saki and said, ”I ’ve interrupted your date after all. ”

Saki looked at Nana for a moment and said, ”Well, you should sit next to him when we go back. ”

Nana smiled and nodded.

Without a doubt, the relationship between both Saki and Nana was solid, and they had agreed to date him together.

Saki sat next to Shishio, and Nana sat on the back seat.

”So you ’re all ready? ” Shishio asked.

”OOOHHH!!! ” Nana raised her hand excitedly.

”Oh – Oh… ” Saki also followed awkwardly with a red face.

Looking at Saki ’s reaction, Shishio and Nana had to admit that this girl was too cute, right?

The distance between Enoshima and Tokyo wasn ’t that far, and someone could reach it with just an hour of travel by car.

Feeling the smoothness when Shishio drove the car, Saki and Nana were wondering whether there was something that he couldn ’t do.

”I know that it is a bit late, considering we have already been inside the car, but do you have a driving license for a car? ” Saki asked speechlessly.

”I do. ” Shishio nodded. ”It ’s inside my wallet. I ’ll show you if you want. ”

”No, no, it is alright, you should focus on your driving, ” Saki quickly said, trying to stop him.

”But why did you decide to go in a car? ” Nana asked curiously, leaning forward so she could be closer to both Saki and Shishio. In truth, she wanted to hug him directly, but she was afraid that she might bother him since he was driving. If she caused a mess, the three of them might get into the accident, so she needed to be careful. When girls fall in love, their IQ might be lowered, but she still knew her action was still dangerous or not, though there might be an exception.

”Well, I thought that you might want to buy something on Enoshima and I ’d thought to buy a souvenir too. If we go there by train, it ’ll be troublesome to bring all of those souvenirs. ” His thought was quite simple, driving a car was more comfortable than using public transportation. A lot of romance stories in the anime used public transportation because they didn ’t have money, but he was loaded with money, so it was better to use a car since it was very comfortable. ”Still, do you want to go by train? ”

”Well, to tell you the truth, I ’m not really comfortable with public transportation, ” Nana said while raising her boobs lightly. Her boobs were huge. Even if she didn ’t do anything, she would become a center of attention and be leered by many people. Even though she had gotten used to it, it was still tiring her out. ”But I ’m surprised that your parents allow you to drive a car. ”

”They believe in me, and I have the ability, so why not? ” Shishio didn ’t explain too much, nor did he tell them that his parents didn ’t know he had a car since it was very troublesome to explain.

”Still, I ’m not happy that you don ’t feel surprised or something when you know that I ’ll come on this date, ” Nana said with a pout.

”Saki told me, ” Shishio said.

”….. ” Saki.

”Right! ” Saki quickly took out his credit card and gave it back to Shishio without hesitation. ”Shishio, here. ”

Shishio didn ’t take it immediately and asked, ”You can keep it, you know. ”

”No, I feel scared using this card somehow, ” Saki said with an uncomfortable expression, especially when

”Did you use it yesterday? ” Shishio asked.

”No, ” Saki said without hesitation.

”Why? ” Shishio asked with a surprised expression.

”Hmm… I ’m not sure how to explain this, but somehow I feel that our relationship won ’t be sure if I use this, ” Saki said slowly. She extended his credit card and said, ”Please take it back. ”

”Yes, I know that you have a lot of money, but let ’s just keep that kind of relationship in the future, so for now, let ’s have a pure high school romance! ” Nana also added that she was uncomfortable when she thought about using Shishio ’s money, even though she knew that he had a lot of money. Still, it was great to know that he had a lot of money since that way, they wouldn ’t worry about the future, considering she had decided to be with him forever and all.

Shishio thought for a moment and knew that both of them were in high school. It would cause trouble if they bought many things, considering they were still living with their parents and all. At the same time, their relationship wasn ’t built because of money, so they still felt uncomfortable since they were still a student and all, so rather than giving them a credit card directly, which made them feel uncomfortable, it was better to give them a gift or pay them naturally without saying anything in the future.

Shishio nodded and took his credit card. ”Since that ’s your decision, then I ’ll respect your choice. ”

Saki and Nana smiled at the same time.

”Still, did you buy the battle underwear? ” Shishio suddenly asked after he put his credit card in his wallet.

”….. ” Saki.

Nana smiled mischievously and asked, ”I bought it, and I ’m wearing it now. Do you want to see it? ”

”Oh? ” Shishio was interested, but…

”Nana! Shishio! ” Saki wouldn ’t allow this shameless situation to continue anymore, so she needed to stop them.

Shishio and Nana only laughed, and the three of them enjoyed their first date.

Enoshima is a small touristy island near Kamakura known for its beach culture and views of Mount Fuji. It is located in front of the legendary Shonan Beach area known for its colorful beach culture. It ’s also known as a romantic island because it was created by the love goddess Benzaiten.

With Shishio ’s ”Driving Master, ” and when they were talking to each other, it felt like the trip, which took quite a while, felt so fast, and before long, they were already midway from their destination. Right now, they were on the toll road, which made their trip even faster.

”Besides the aquarium, is there a place that you want to visit? ” Shishio asked.

”It ’s my first time going to Enoshima, and I don ’t know much about it, ” Saki said while shaking her head.

”Same for me, but I ’ve done my research! ” Nana said proudly.

”Oh? ” Shishio was quite interested in where Nana wanted to go.

”But before that, Shishio, have you been to Enoshima? ” Nana asked curiously since this guy seemed like he had been on Enoshima island several times, considering he was so confident when he drove the car and didn ’t even need to check whether they were in the right direction, which made her think that he had been on Enoshima.

”No, this is also my first time. ” Shishio shook his head and said, ”But I ’ve done my homework since I don ’t want to get lost on our first date. ” He was coming from Kyoto, or rather, even though he might have gone to Japan in his previous life. Still, he only went to Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto, a famous tourist destination. As for Enoshima, which was only a small island, why did he need to go there? After all, he only had a limited holiday time, and it wasn ’t enough for him to tour around Japan.

”Hehehe, I ’ve taken your first time, ” Nana said with a cheeky smile.

”….. ” Shishio.

Still, both Nana and Saki were happy to learn that Shishio had done his homework before they were going on a date since that means they weren ’t the only ones who were excited about this date.

”Shishio, I love you! ” Nana forgot that Shishio was still driving and hugged him directly.

Shishio felt the cruelty of when someone hugged him behind inside the car since he couldn ’t feel Nana ’s boobs now since they were separated by the car ’s chair when she hugged him.

”Nana, don ’t hug him so suddenly. What if he loses his concentration? ” Saki reprimanded Nana directly, but in truth, she was jealous of Nana, who could hug him without hesitation, but then, she said, ”I love you too, Shishio… ” She had a blush on her face since she was still embarrassed, but she still said those words.

”You sure able to say ”I love you ” like it ’s nothing, ” Shishio said since he knew that both Saki and Nana had said those words to him several times after they met on the station. Even though he could say ”I love you ” now, he hadn ’t said those words to either of them until now. It wasn ’t that he didn ’t want to, but he felt wrong since he wasn ’t the type of someone who could say that he loved someone so easily, and it also felt strange to say that he loved them out of nothing.

”It ’s because it is my real feeling, and I can say it as much as I want to you, ” Nana said with a smile. ”You can ’t say that you love me now, so I ’ll say those words in your place. ”

Shishio looked at Nana and said, ”Thank you, Nana. ” He then looked at Saki and asked, ”How about you, Saki? ”

Saki also smiled and said, ”I want you to remember. ”

”Remember? ” Shishio looked at Saki with a complex expression.

Saki didn ’t think too much of Shishio ’s expression and continued. ”I know that you have something that troubles you, deep inside your heart, and even though you can ’t say those words to us, I know that you have affection toward us and care about us, which is why I want to remember that the two of us are going to be beside you and love you, so I ’ll say those words a lot of times from now on so you ’ll remember that you can rely on us when you want to solve your problem. ” In truth, she had always wanted to help him solve his problem, and now without hesitation, she said the words she had kept inside her heart.

Nana also felt the same, and she also looked at Shishio at that moment.

Hearing the confession of two girls, even if he was a cold guy, Shishio had to admit that their feelings moved him, and since he was okay now, he was going to answer their feelings. ”I know that I should say this in a more romantic place or mood, but I ’ll say this here. ” He took a deep breath and said, ”Saki, Nana, I love you too. ”

”……. ”

Saki and Nana were dumbfounded, and their eyes were red before tears dripped from their eyes.

”Shishio!!! ” 2x

The two girls hugged him directly without hesitation and didn ’t care whether Shishio was driving or not since their feelings were uncontrollable right now!

”Wait! Wait! Don ’t hug me so suddenly! ” Shishio quickly reminded them.

”I love you too! ” 2x

The two girls didn ’t think too much and said those words without hesitation since they had been waiting for those words from his mouth and when they heard them, they felt a sense of happiness that couldn ’t be controlled, but they knew that it was also dangerous to hug him so suddenly when he was in the middle of driving, but they weren ’t satisfied so…

”Shishio, say it again, ” Saki said, urging him.

”Yeah, say it again. I want to hear it again! ” Nana also said.

Shishio looked helplessly at both of them and said, ”I love you. ”

His deep and magnetic voice caused both girls to shudder and felt their legs weak.

”Again. ”

”I love you. ”

”Again! ”

”Te amo. ”

”Again! ”

”Ich liebe dich! ”

”Again! ”

”Je t ’aime! ”

”Again!! ”

”Wo ai ni!! ”

”Again! ”

”Saranghaeyo! ”

”Again! ”

”How many times are you going to ask me? ” Shishio was helpless.

Saki and Nana laughed, and they hadn ’t arrived at Enoshima, but they were full of laughter and felt happy, and they knew for sure they would remember this date for their entire life.

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