To reach the shrine on Enoshima island was time-consuming. They needed to walk on the stairs, and without a doubt, it would tire them out, especially both Nana and Saki, which was why Shishio decided to get the ticket for the famous ”Escar. ”

In simple terms, ”Escar ” is an escalator, but it is built-in outdoors.

If Shishio was only a normal high school student, then it would be impossible for him to buy the ticket for ”Escar ” since it was too expensive, but he didn ’t lack money. It might be a bit expensive, but, they would get a 10% discount when they bought a ticket for the aquarium later.

Still, as someone who was doing business, even Shishio knew that this was just a gimmick, he felt it was a great thing that he could get a discount.

As they walked into the escalator, Shishio read a lot of the history of Enoshima that was written on the wall, but then he heard Nana ’s complaint.

”Isn ’t this escalator too expensive? ” Nana pouted and didn ’t see anything so special about this escalator. Even though Shishio bought the ticket, it was her man ’s money, so she thought they were a bit cheated by the management of this island.

Saki also nodded, but she didn ’t say much. After all, even though Shishio gave her a salary, her way of thinking toward money was still different from Shishio ’s, and 1,000 yen was a lot of money in her mind.

They needed to pay 1,000 yen for a one-day pass ticket, with three people, they needed to pay 3,000 yen.

The pocket money of a high school student wasn ’t much, or rather, it was rather low since a normal high school student would only get 3,000 yen a month, and a 1,000 yen ticket had taken a third of their pocket money. If they don ’t work part-time or have a man like Shishio, they might as well do a small workout by hiking on the entire island of Enoshima.

Shishio couldn ’t help but chuckle when he heard Nana ’s complaint.

”Shishio, why are you laughing? I ’m worried about you, you know? ” Nana pouted.

”Sorry, sorry, but I think that this little comfort is worth the money. ” Shishio smiled when he saw they disagreed with him, so he continued with his explanation. ”Let ’s say if you come with your grandmother here, will you let her walk by the stairs or buy the ticket for the escalator? ”

Nana was dumbfounded, but then she said, ”I ’ll buy the ticket for the escalator. ” When she thought her grandma walked such long stairs, she couldn ’t bear to see it. ”But this is different, right? We ’re young, and my grandma is old. ”

Saki also started to think that even though this escalator was a bit expensive, it was also necessary, especially for those old people.

”It ’s the same. ” Shishio looked at Nana and said, ”You don ’t want your grandma to get tired, and I don ’t want my girlfriends to get tired, so I think this ticket is worth it. ”

”….. ”

Nana and Saki looked at Shishio in a daze before they blushed and hugged his arms simultaneously. The only people on the escalator were only the three of them, and there weren ’t any cameras, so they didn ’t hesitate to flirt with each other.

As for the money talk, Shishio didn ’t really want to talk about it since it was a bit too much, and he also didn ’t see a reason for them to know for now since they might not believe it either, so let ’s just follow the flow.

Still, Shishio had to admit that such a tourism place really made a lot of money since it was just a simple escalator. Someone needed to pay 1,000 yen, but enough of that since they had arrived at the first shrine on Enoshima island.

Enoshima Shrine was located inside Enoshima Iwaya Cave, but that cave cannot be accessed when the sea is rough.

”That is why it was divided into three places on Enoshima: Hetsumiya, Nakatsunomiya, and Okutsunomiya. ”

Listening to Shishio ’s explanation, both Saki and Nana marveled at him, thinking that their man was too smart, right?

If they knew that Shishio read that information on the information board when they were about to enter the escalator, they must be speechless, which was why he wouldn ’t admit it and needed to pretend that he understood everything so they would become more sticky with him.

”Still, how did you know a lot about this? ” Saki was confused, wondering why Shishio learned the knowledge about a shrine.

Shishio only looked away for a moment and said earnestly, ”I ’m quite interested in mythology after all. ”

”….. ”

”Tell us the truth, ” Nana said as she hugged her arm tightly, pressing her breasts against him.

Shishio ’s lips twitched, and he felt his penis was about to go berserk once again. He took a deep breath as he tried to calm himself and said, ”The truth is I read the information when we ’re about to enter the escalator. ”

”…. ” Saki and Nana.

Both of them were speechless before they started to laugh.

As they walked into Hetsumiya, Saki asked, ”Shishio, what ’s so special about this shrine? ”

Shishio pointed at the pond with a dragon statue on the side. ”That ’s a place to wash your money so you ’ll be full of fortune. ”

”Then don ’t you need to wash your money there? You want to become a tycoon, right? ” Nana said as she was about to pull him to the pond.

”If I want to get something, then I ’ll get it with my hands. ” Shishio looked speechless at Nana and said, ”Do you think that you can become a tycoon by just washing your money in that pond? If so, there ’s no poverty in this world. ”

Saki agreed without hesitation if just washing money in that pond. Someone could become rich. Then there wouldn ’t be poverty in this world.

Still, hearing his answer, Saki and Nana knew what kind of man Shishio was, and it was what made them attracted by him.

”Rather than this shrine, how about we continue to the next shrine since I ’m sure you ’ll be more excited in that shrine, ” Shishio said.

”Oh? What is so special about the next shrine? ” Nana asked curiously.

”It ’s a shrine for beauty and relationships, ” Shishio said. However, as his voice fell, both Nana and Saki directly pulled him to the escalator since compared to the first shrine, the effect of the next shrine was more amazing!

As expected, the second shrine, known as Nakatsunomiya, was different from the first shrine. Shishio didn ’t care about the effect of this shrine, or rather, he was more interested in the scenery from the second shrine. It didn ’t mean that he didn ’t believe in God or a higher being, or rather, he believed it since his existence itself was a miracle.

Not only did Shishio become Shishio Oga in this world, but he also got a system. He was just a normal human who was slightly richer than most people in his previous life, but now, he could be called a superhuman because of the system. If there was no higher being, then who would have given him the system?

Which was why Shishio believed in God. As for the deity in this shrine, he felt that it might be someone with a magic ability that the people in the past had worshiped since he knew that there was someone who could use magic in this world, so there should be one in the past, right?

The people in the past were more religious than the people in this time since they believed more in science, but many things in this world couldn ’t be explained by science, which was why Shishio believed in God.

”Shishio, let ’s pray! ”

Both Nana and Saki pulled Shishio to pray at the shrine.

As they clapped their hands in front of the shrine, they threw a coin to the donation box and started to pray.

Shishio didn ’t care much and followed their movements, but at the same time, he was confused. He knew that most of the people in this country believed in Shinto or Buddha, and some were either Catholic or Protestant. What made him strange was that even though most people in this country were either Shinto or Buddha, they celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ. Still, he had never heard of the people in this country trying to celebrate the birthday of Buddha or the deities of Shintoism, but he didn ’t think too much since he was too lazy to think about it.

Nana opened her eyes and said, ”Shishio, Saki, what did you wish? ”

”How about you? ” Shishio asked.

”I wish that we can go together forever, ” Nana said with a smile.

”Even if you don ’t make a wish, I won ’t let you go, ” Shishio said simply.

”Shishio, I love you~~, ” Nana said as she hugged his arm.

”I love you too, ” Shishio said with a smile.

”Me – me too… ” Saki said in a blush.

”I love you too, Saki, ” Shishio said in a deep voice, which made Saki feel shy and put her face against his arm.

”Saki, what about you? What did you wish for? ” Nana asked curiously.

”It ’s a secret, ” Saki said without hesitation.

”Eh? ” Nana pouted, continued to ask Saki, but Saki wouldn ’t say anything so she could only give up and asked Shishio, ”Shishio, you will tell me, right? What ’s your wish? ”

”I don ’t mind, but I didn ’t make a wish, ” Shishio said.

”You didn ’t? ” 2x

Saki and Nana were surprised.

”You want to achieve your wish with your own power? ” Saki asked curiously.

Shishio shook his head and said, ”I gave thanks. ” He looked at both Saki and Nana and said, ”I said, ”Thank you. ” Because every day is fun with you two, and I am glad to meet you when I have come to Tokyo, especially when you two have become mine. I love you, Saki. I love you, Nana. ”

When people prayed, they often made a wish. However, they forgot to appreciate what God had given them, so Shishio didn ’t make a wish. He said thank you and was grateful toward the one who had made him became Shishio Oga. Even though he knew that this shrine might not be the place of the one who had given him this chance to become Shishio Oga and gave him the system, it didn ’t really matter since he just wanted to say all of that.

Still, Shishio wondered whether the deity in this shrine knew the one who gave him a chance. If so, he asked the deity in this shrine to tell the one who gave him a chance to live again how grateful he was.

Hearing Shishio ’s words, both Saki and Nana were in a daze and felt that their hearts almost burst at this moment. They wanted to hug and kiss him directly, but at the same time, they also felt embarrassed!

”Don ’t look at me like that? I feel embarrassed now. ” Shishio looked away, trying to hide his blush, and said, ”How about we continue to the next shrine? ”

”Wait a minute, I ’m going to give thanks too, ” Saki quickly said.

”Me too! ” Nana also quickly said.

Both of them had always made a wish, but they forgot to appreciate what they had received, which made them embarrassed!

Luckily, their man reminded them, which made them quickly give thanks for what God had given them, and after they were done, they quickly pulled him to a deserted place and kissed him directly to his lips.

”I love you, Shishio… ” Nana said as she rested on his chest.

”I love you, Shishio… ” Saki also did the same.

Having a lot of women, Shishio thought that he didn ’t need to make a wish, and what he needed to do was to appreciate what he had now since that way, he could treasure them better.

”How about we continue now? ”

”OOOOH!!! ” 2x

With all of that, they continued their date, and as expected, their date was really fun!

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