I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 245 - Can You See Me?

As Sorata moved to the regular dorm, Shishio enjoyed his date with both Saki and Nana. They didn ’t spend much time at the third shrine. Rather they went to the Samuel Cocking Garden on the top of the Enoshima island. As they entered, they saw the garden was filled with rare plants and a stunning botanical garden that sprawled at the foot of the Sea Candle lighthouse.

”Wow, so many roses! ” Nana was amazed, looking at the garden in front of her. ”Shishio, let ’s take pictures together again! ” Her man was very good at photography, so she didn ’t hesitate to ask him.

”Calm down, ” Shishio said helplessly, and took a picture of Nana, then took a picture together, before he looked at Saki, who was looking at the garden of rose curiously. He approached her and asked, ”Do you like flowers? ”

”Well, it isn ’t bad… ” Saki said in a blush since she felt a bit embarrassed to admit it..

Shishio squatted down beside Saki and looked at the pink rose that was stared at by Saki. ”Do you know the meaning of pink rose? ”

”What? ” Saki looked at Shishio curiously.

”Happiness. ” Shishio looked at Saki and said, ”It represents my feeling now since I ’m happy that I can be with you. ”

”…….. ”

Saki ’s face was so red. She looked around before she stole his lips.

Shishio was a gentleman, so he accepted this kiss gracefully.

Somehow, it felt strange, they had kissed several times, but every time they kissed, it was so wonderful. As they parted, Shishio said with a smile, ”Thank you for the treat. ”

Saki moved closer and snuggled with him.

”Hey, don ’t leave me alone! ” Nana quickly approached them and didn ’t want to be left alone.

Saki and Shishio only laughed and continued to walk, but Nana asked, ”Shishio, what kind of flower is that? ”

”Which flower? ”

”That one. ”

Nana pointed at the yellow flower with a small cup-like shape. ”Oh, that ’s buttercup. ”

”What ’s the flower language of that flower? ” Saki asked curiously while wondering how this guy knew a lot of flower language.

The reason why Shishio knew the flower language was because he knew that a girl loved this kind of cringe and romantic words. Even though he might have a girlfriend that he almost wanted to get married in his previous life, he also had many experiences with a lot of women. After all, he was young, so why should he be in a hurry to settle with one girl when there were many girls around him? He knew that he was a scumbag, but he had repented and decided to settle with one girl. However, his wish to marry this girl failed since he had died. He had become Shishio Oga now, and he couldn ’t return to his previous life.

Shishio didn ’t want to be trapped in his past, which was why he had to move on, and he was able to move on now, but now, thinking what he was doing, he might really return to how he used to be in the past, which made him speechless.

”The flower language for the buttercup is ”I ’m dazzled by your charm. ”, ” Shishio said while looking at the two girls.

”……… ”

Nana and Saki thought that this guy was really good at making them crazy, and if they were on the bed, they would push him immediately. Unfortunately…

”Well, let ’s go to the lighthouse. I ’m curious about the scenery there, ” Shishio said.

The two didn ’t have a comment, and they also wanted to visit the lighthouse.

Enoshima ’s ”Sea Candle ” lighthouse is a prominent symbol of the Shonan area. Its observation platform offers a magnificent 360-degree view, boasting sights such as Mount Fuji, Tokyo Tower, the Boso Peninsula, Izu Oshima, and more.

Looking at two girls looking at the scenery by using a binocular to see the scenery from the top of the lighthouse, Shishio only smiled, thinking that compared to the two girls, the scenery in his surroundings was dull. When he thought about what he had done with Shiina last night, he then looked at the two girls that he dated, especially their toned butts, which made his mouth become dry, but he quickly shook his head since he knew that there was a lot of chance in the future.

Anyway, Shishio hid from the two for a while, trying to calm his penis since it was so hard at that moment.

As they were satisfied, watching the scenery from the lighthouse, they decided to have lunch at the nearby restaurant since they were quite hungry at that moment since they had walked for a while.

Shishio wanted to eat traditional food, but it might take a long trip to go there, so, in the end, he settled for the cafe that was located on the Samuel Cocking Garden, LONCAFE.

The three of them sat together as they looked at the menu.

Saki and Nana looked at the food price, and each of them cost at least more than 1,000 yen which made them speechless, but who made their man so rich?

”What do you want to order, Shishio? ” Nana asked curiously.

”What will you order? ” Shishio asked.

”Um, I ’ll get a ”Cheese Cuban Sandwich Set. ” Nana looked at Shishio and said, ”Can you get the french toast? That way, we can share it. ” The menus seemed very delicious, and she wanted to taste all of them, but she didn ’t want to get fat, so she thought they should share it. ”How about you, Saki? ”

”I ’ll get ”Caramel Banana Walnut Set French Toast, ” Saki said, but then she noticed that Nana was looking at her with a strange expression. ”What? ”

”No, it is unexpected. I ’d thought that you don ’t like sweets or anything, ” Nana said.

Saki snorted, but she didn ’t say much. She looked at Shishio and couldn ’t help but recall the food that he cooked. Her mouth became watery, but at the same time, she became depressed, thinking that he might force himself to eat the lunch that she cooked.

”Shishio, what about you? ” Nana asked again.

Shishio talked with the cute waitress, which made her blush and gave him a recommendation about the food in this cafe, which made both Nana and Saki speechless.

”Then can I get ”Avocado Shrimp Sandwich, ” ”Rich Creme Brulee French Toast, ” and ”Peppermint Tea ”? Shishio asked. Even though he was a foodie and couldn ’t get fat no matter how much he ate, he still refrained from following his desires all the time since he might not be able to control his desire if he kept doing that.

The waitress nodded without hesitation and wrote down all of their orders before she walked away.

”Is the waitress cute? ” Nana asked while staring at Shishio.

”You ’re cuter, Nana, ” Shishio said with a smile.

”Hmph! ” Nana snorted and looked away, trying to hide her blush. ”Still, you ordered two foods? ”

”If I want, I can eat all the menus in this cafe, ” Shishio said.

”….. ” Nana and Saki.

”You ’re not afraid to get fat? ” Saki asked with doubt.

Shishio looked at the two of them then said, ”I know that you might get jealous when I tell you this, but I won ’t get fat no matter how much I eat. ”

”… ” Nana and Saki.

Both of them had never thought that they would be so jealous of their man at this moment.

”After you eat, let me see your stomach, ” Nana said without hesitation.

”….. ”

Shishio looked at Nana for a moment and wondered whether this girl was so horny, but he nodded.

”Fine. ”

Their food quickly came, and they also started to eat, and when they put the food into their mouths, they understood why this cafe was famed for their french toast since this cafe really made their french toast to the point of perfection. It was so soft that they were enthralled by the melty goodness spreading in your mouth!

”Delicious! ”

Nana didn ’t eat her sandwich but ate Shishio ’s french toast directly, eating it with a happy smile.

”…. ”

Shishio didn ’t say much and thought that Nana ’s kiss would taste like french toast later, which made him quite anticipated. He then looked at Saki, whose reaction wasn ’t much better than Nana ’s, and thought girls really had a soft spot for the sweet.

As they finished their food, Nana quickly sat next to Shishio, then lifted his t-shirt to see whether he would get fat or not.

Saki was speechless, but she didn ’t stop Nana since she was also curious.

The moment Shishio ’s belly was shown, the mind of Nana and Saki were blown away when they saw his perfectly shaped eight pack and his sexy v-line, which made them almost have a nosebleed.

”Can you put it down now? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes. ” Nana nodded, but her hand caressed Shishio ’s stomach gently, curiously.

”…. ” Saki.

Nana looked at Saki with a smile and pulled Saki ’s hand too. ”Saki, let ’s do it together. ”

”Um, wh – what?! ” Saki was dumbfounded, but it felt like her hand was automatically moved to Shishio ’s abs, touching it with amazement.

Both of them kept rubbing his belly, but they forgot that Shishio was a male, so…

”…. ”

Saki and Nana looked at the big penis raised through his pants at this moment with a dumbfounded expression since it was too big.

”Can you two stop now? ” Shishio ’s voice was hoarse at this moment, staring at his two girlfriends.

Saki and Nana felt their bodies were so hot when his eyes stared at them.

When their eyes met each other, their thoughts were similar, and they regretted that they had a date on Sunday since if they came on Saturday, then there were a lot of things that they could do.

”Stop it. Someone might see us, ” Shishio said as he calmed himself.

The two of them nodded and quickly looked around. They knew Shishio ’s charm was very dangerous for a girl, and if those girls knew that their man had a huge penis too, they knew that it would be a disaster for them!

Still, both of them were curious how it felt when his thing entered their bodies which somehow made them giddy.

Shishio looked at both of them and knew what they were thinking, but he was also helpless. After all, he knew how troublesome it was when a girl lost their first time, and he knew that he needed to stay with them all the time. If they were on holiday, then it would be easy. Unfortunately, they need to go to school tomorrow.

After calming themselves, they continued to date while pretending that the previous incident didn ’t happen. Then they went to visit the famous Love Bell in Enoshima.

”Shishio, Saki, let ’s ring the bell together and write our name on the locks together! ” Nana said.

Saki and Shishio nodded without hesitation.

The reason why Saki agreed without hesitation was that she also sought this kind of thing.

Shishio might not have an interest in this kind of thing, but he still did this so his girls would be happy since he knew that girls loved this kind of sappy thing.

”Love Bell, ” ”Love Locks, ” ”Love Locket, ” etc., etc., Shishio wasn ’t sure how many times that he had seen this kind of attraction for a lover, but since it could make quite a sum of money for the management of the island, why not?

Shishio also didn ’t talk nonsense, saying that this was a marketing strategy of the management of the island since at this moment, he felt the money to buy the lock was worth it, especially when he saw the smile on the two girls.

When they finished touring around Enoshima island, they went back to the car. They didn ’t plan to go back since they still wanted to visit the aquarium, but Shishio bought too much food, so they needed to put it in the car before continuing their journey.

”Why did you buy so much? ” Saki was helpless.

”It ’s for your family, Nana ’s family, the people in my dorm, the members of the literature club, and my and Nana ’s classmates. ” Shishio put down the specialty foods of Enoshima that he bought before in the car.

Saki and Nana were a bit helpless, but they also felt happy to bring a lot of souvenirs and gifts for their family and friends.

”Saki, do you want to give some to your classmates? ” Shishio asked.

”No, you know that I don ’t have a friend in my class, right? ” Saki said without hesitation while staring at Shishio.

Shishio then hugged Saki, kissed her cheek, and said, ”Well, you have me now. ”

”Hmm… ” Saki nodded with a smile resting on his chest.

Nana didn ’t bother them at this moment since she knew that Saki might need him, but at the same time, she only realized that Saki was a loner and wanted to complain about Saki ’s classmates since Saki was a very wonderful girl!

”Saki, you have me too! ” Nana also hugged both Shishio and Saki.

”Hey! ” Saki was startled when two of the softest things were on her face, but she was unhappy when she felt Nana ’s breasts!

The three of them laughed together while hugging each other. Luckily, they were inside the car, or else they would attract a lot of attention, but at the same time, Shishio lamented why today was a Sunday?!

As they walked out of the car, they visited the Enoshima aquarium, which was one of the must-visit places in Enoshima.

The three of them entered the aquarium together, but when Shishio was about to enter, he felt something weird. He saw a beautiful girl being ignored by a lot of people, walking alone inside the aquarium.

’Strange… ’

”Shishio, Shishio, the jellyfish here are so awesome! ” Nana said in amazement, looking at various jellyfish inside the aquarium.

”Yes, yes, there are sure a lot of them. ” Still, Shishio had to admit that the jellyfish were beautiful, but he was speechless when he saw some jellyfish mating inside the aquarium. He took a picture of them and then looked at Saki and asked, ”What ’s wrong, Saki? ”

Saki was unsure, but then she thought for a moment and said, ”I want to bring my little sister here. ” She felt that the aquarium was so beautiful and was also very good for the education of her little sister, so she thought to bring her little sister here.

”Well, we can revisit Enoshima in the future, ” Shishio said as he held her hand.

”Um. ” Saki nodded with a smile.

”Hey, I want to bring my Nee-chan too! ” Nana also said.

”Sure, sure, bring all of them here, ” Shishio said and didn ’t think too much. After all, they had given him many rewards from the system, so he didn ’t mind taking them to have fun.

Saki and Nana smiled as they continued their date in the aquarium. They looked at various marine life, watched a dolphin show, touched the animals, and did many other things.

Shishio also found a catfish and took a picture of it. He wasn ’t sure whether Yukinoshita would love this catfish, but he took the photo of it anyway since it had a cat by its name.

They kept playing, and the sky turned orange. It was almost evening, and they thought to go back since they had played for a long time. They walked out of the aquarium and were about to go back, but Nana and Saki decided to go to the bathroom first.

”Shishio, wait here. I want to go to the bathroom, ” Nana said.

”I ’ll go with you, ” Saki said.

”I ’ll wait here. ” Shishio nodded and waited for them on the street. As he waited, he watched the sunset from the beach, and he had to admit that this scene was beautiful. He then took out the nori yokan (Japanese sweet) that he bought before and ate it slowly, thinking where he should go in the future. As he ate, he noticed a beautiful girl that he had seen before. He knew that there was something weird about this girl, especially when she ran in his direction. ”Hey, watch out! ”

The girl didn ’t seem to hear his words and crashed into him.

Shishio didn ’t mind crashing into a beautiful girl, so when she crashed into him and almost fell, he caught her naturally. ”Hey, are you alright? ”

When the girl was caught and heard his words, she looked at him with a dumbfounded expression and asked with a shaky and expectant voice, ”Can… Can you see me? ”

Shishio looked at this girl and somehow realized who this girl was and at the same time…

Shishio wasn ’t surprised by the system, but he was surprised that he met this girl here.

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