I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 246 - Do You Believe Me?

When she thought about today ’s date, Nana ’s desire to move alone increased, especially when she thought of what had happened before. Even though they pretended nothing had happened, when she felt his huge thing got hard when she touched his stomach, she really had an urge to do it.

Nana let out a long sigh and thought she needed to talk about this matter with her parents. With all of that, she decided to go out of the toilet and saw Saki, who was washing her hands on the sink.

”Nana. ” Saki nodded.

”Saki. ” Nana smiled and nodded.

Even though they were unsure about their relationship in the past, they knew that they were happy with this relationship after this date.

”Nana.. ”

”Hmm? ”

”His…. ” Saki ’s face was red, and she felt hesitant for a moment before she murmured. ”…Big. ”

Even though Saki only murmured, Nana understood what Saki meant, so she nodded and said, ”His penis is big. ”

”…. ”

Saki ’s face was so red and reprimanded Nana. ”Can you not be so vulgar?! ”

”It ’s alright, it ’s alright, there ’s only the two of us here, ” Nana said nonchalantly.

”….. ”

Saki looked around and nodded. ”Nana, I want to tell you something. ”

”What? ” Nana looked at Saki curiously.

”I want to have sex with him, ” Saki said with a serious expression while looking at Nana.

”…. ”

Nana was dumbfounded there, her face was so red, and she quickly reprimanded Saki. ”Senpai, how can you be so vulgar?! ” Even though she planned to live alone because she wanted to be with him more, she felt like it was a bit too early for her to do that kind of thing. Still, if there was an unexpected situation like if he pushed her, then she would happily accept him, though.

If Saki knew that Nana had invited Shishio alone to the school and did this and that, then she would be speechless by her words.

However, that was the truth, Nana might be alright with kissing him, but she felt that it was still a bit early to have sex. As for when she offered her hand at him at that time, it was because her instinct as a woman told her that she needed to do that, especially when she saw Shishio ’s state, but if she was asked whether she was ready or not, then she wasn ’t ready.

”…… ”

Saki rolled her eyes while she heard Nana ’s words. She looked at Nana fearlessly and said, ”Remember, how did I meet him? ” When she thought that she had almost lost her innocence that time, she wanted to give her first time to him as soon as possible. Even though she had never said it, she felt a bit scared to walk at night alone. The reason why she could walk so calmly right now was because of him. As long as she was with him, she felt that she was being protected, being soothed, and it was comfortable, but at the same time, she could feel his dangerous eyes which stared at her body with a desire, which made her body giddy and excited all the time. The contradiction that she felt from him made her crazy for him.

”Well… ” Nana recalled the story when Saki and Shishio met each other, and somehow she understood why Saki wanted to do this.


”Still, isn ’t it a bit too early, Senpai? We haven ’t dated him in a week! ” Nana quickly said.

”Let ’s say when the mood is right, and either of us went on today ’s date alone with him. Do you think that today ’s date will be over just by sending us back to our home? ” Saki asked.

”Well… ” Nana thought about when she and Shishio stayed in the literature club alone and thought about how aggressive he was. Her body suddenly became giddy when she remembered him, who desired her body so much.

Looking at Nana, who blushed, Saki also somehow understood Nana ’s feeling, and sometimes, she often imagined herself being teased by him then…

”So, what do you plan to do, Senpai? ” Nana asked with some blushes.

”You only call me ”Senpai ” in either school or during this time, huh? ” Saki said with a sigh.

Nana only laughed in response.

”Frankly, I don ’t know… ” Saki sighed.

”….. ” Nana.

”But I want a chance to be with him alone, ” Saki said without hesitation.

”Chance to be with him alone? ” Nana looked at Saki curiously.

”Um. ” Saki nodded.

Nana thought for a moment and said, ”How about Golden Week, Senpai? ”

”Golden Week? ” Saki ’s eyes brightened when she heard Nana ’s words.

”There are two weeks before Golden Week. At that time, we can go on a trip with him alone, ” Nana said.

”Who ’s first? ” Saki asked.

”I ’ll support you this time, so you can go first, Senpai, ” Nana said with a blush. ”But after that, can you tell me your experience? ”

”……… ” Saki.

Mai Sakurajima.

That was her name, she was a famous child actress, but she had decided to take a hiatus for a year or so after what had happened in her middle school time. She wouldn ’t say what had happened to her at the time, but she could only attend a school in the middle term of her first year because of her work commitment. By then, social circles had formed, making her the ”odd one out, ” causing her to be isolated. As a result, the student body didn ’t know how to deal with her. While they had no reason to bully her, they also feared associating with her would cause them to be isolated as well.

Such a situation had happened for an entire year, and Mai just felt tired somehow. She had lost her place in the entertainment, and she was isolated in the school. There was nothing that she could do, and every day was just so hard.

Usually, Mai would stay in the infirmary and sleep there. Her grades were good, and her identity as a public figure, so no one talked much about her actions.

However, a few days ago, something happened, which made her feel curious when a couple had a fight on the infirmary since the content of their fight was quite interesting, and the male was such a scumbag since he thought to date two girls at the same time.

Luckily, Mai coughed and stopped the girl from deciding in a hurry. She hoped that the girl didn ’t accept the confession of the male student.

The incident might not have anything to do with her, but it might be because she had nothing to do that she paid a lot of attention to the couple. Still, even though she didn ’t know who those two couples were at that time, she had seen their backs, and it wasn ’t that hard to know their identity.

’Sunohara Nana and Oga Shishio, huh? ’

The two figures were very famous on the Suimei, after all. One of them was the famous beautiful gal with a sexy body and a smart mind, and the other was the smartest student in the Suimei and the most handsome one at that.

Mai only observed them from far away, but she didn ’t talk with them, but when she saw Nana ’s expression, she knew very well that Nana had fallen for Shishio. She could only sigh at how naive Nana was, but it wasn ’t her problem, nor did she have the right to tell her anything since it was Nana ’s choice. She could see that Nana was happy, then it made her curious what was so special about Shishio Oga besides his handsome face.

Mai had to admit that Shishio Oga might be the most handsome guy she had seen, and she hadn ’t seen someone more handsome than him. She had to admit that his handsome face was a good point. Still, she felt that it wasn ’t enough for Nana to decide to date him together with other girls, which was why she was curious what made him be attracted by Nana since she had to admit that Nana was so beautiful and Nana ’s boobs were just…

”………… ”

Mai had to admit that Nana ’s size was just inhumane. Hence, she observed Shishio from a distance and became even speechless when she saw many beautiful girls around him so much that she wondered how this guy could attract all of them since those girls were all famous for being grumpy and attainable flowers.

With all of that, Mai knew that Shishio should be an enemy of every guy in the school, but unlike what she had imagined, his relationship with everyone was good, and it was as if everything was under his control. He wasn ’t isolated like her, and he was friendly with everyone, which made her dumbfounded.

If Mai didn ’t know that Shishio had two girlfriends, she would think this guy was perfect. However, no one was perfect, and Shishio was a scumbag.

Mai somehow had an urge to open his mask in front of everyone, especially those girls, but who would believe her?

So in the end, Mai didn ’t think too much, but then she saw that even Yukinoshita, who was also very famous in her grade, also came to visit Shishio, which made her even more speechless. Even though she was famous, Yukinoshita was also very famous since Yukinoshita ’s beauty didn ’t lose to her, and she heard that Yukishita should be coming from a rich family. Still, she didn ’t know the details, except that Yukinoshita ’s father was a parliament member or something.

Mai wasn ’t sure what made him so attractive besides his handsome face and grades, so even the famous beautiful girl in the 2nd grade was also attracted by him. However, she also thought it might be a rumor, and no one said too much about it, considering it was clear that Shishio ’s public girlfriend was Sunohara Nana.

The guys were happy, and the girls were depressed, but no one said much since it was his choice.

Mai wanted to refresh her mind and thought about visiting the aquarium. She didn ’t want to go to the aquarium in Tokyo since she was afraid that many people might notice her, so she decided to visit the Enoshima aquarium. It might have been quite far, but it was alright.

Mai walked around to the aquarium and watched various marine life, but someone collided with her, almost making her fall. She was stunned and looked at the person who collided with her, but she saw the person only walk away without looking back. Then a similar thing happened again, but she didn ’t think too much at that time, thinking that they were preoccupied with the scenery of the aquarium since she had to admit that it was beautiful. However, her mood wasn ’t good. Her mood was quite sullen, especially when she had been hit several times.

As the evening came, Mai thought to go home since it might take a while to go back to Tokyo, but she was a bit hungry and decided to eat something first, so she visited a small restaurant. However, an unexpected thing happened since when she entered, she had been ignored, and it was as if the restaurant employee didn ’t notice him. It wasn ’t until another customer appeared that she realized that she had gone unnoticed.

When she realized that, Mai panicked, and the world spun around. She was so dizzy. She wanted to scream for help, but when everyone ignored her, she knew that it was useless. She only wanted someone to see her right now and hoped this nightmare would end soon. She didn ’t know what to do until she collided with someone. She almost fell, but she was caught by the person that she collided with.

”Hey, are you alright? ”

Hearing this familiar voice, Mai was dumbfounded, and as expected, when she looked up, she saw Shishio Oga, and she didn ’t expect to meet him here, but at the same time, she quickly asked with a shaky and expectant voice. ”Can… Can you see me? ”

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