I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 249 - My Sister-in-law Is Lewd

Shishio had never thought too much about the effect of his ”Enhanced Smile ” since he thought this ability was only giving him a better smile, but he forgot how handsome he was. He was very fit since his body was three times better than ordinary people, and of course, it also affected his appearance, which made him even more handsome, adding the effect of the ”Enhanced Smile, ” then…

”….. ”

Shishio then thought about the housewives he had often seen during his workout and thought they might give up their husband and child if they saw his smile.

Luckily, hearing his words, Nana and Saki only remembered that they were on the street and they knew that they were at fault since they almost caused an accident, so they quickly apologized. Still, they realized their man had become more handsome, especially when they saw his smile, which caused them to be unable to look away from him..

In the past, if they were asked what his charming part was, they would answer then it was his eyes without hesitation. After all, Shishio had an ”Enhanced Vision, ” and it caused his eyes to be more attractive, but now, with his ”Enhanced Smile, ” his charm was simply destructive.

The three of them talked to each other as usual again. Since Nana and Saki often stayed with him, they had gotten used to seeing him all the time, so even though their reaction was a bit exaggerated before, they could act naturally with him now. Still, they wondered whether to tell him not to smile anymore except in front of them since they were afraid that a lot of girls might fall again for him, but they felt that it was a bit too much, so they didn ’t say anything.

The time passed very quickly, and before long, they arrived in front of Saki ’s house.

”See you tomorrow, ” Saki said with a smile, feeling a bit reluctant to part, but she knew that they would meet each other again tomorrow.

Nana and Shishio also said goodbye, and before Saki left, Shishio told her to bring a lot of souvenirs that he had bought on Enoshima for her family.

Saki couldn ’t reject, or rather she might give up rejecting, so she accepted, kissing his lips shyly before she walked out from the car.

Looking at Saki, who had walked out, Nana looked at Shishio and asked, ”Shishio, can we stop at Onee-chan first? ” She had decided to live alone, but she knew that she needed her parents ’ permission. She wasn ’t sure whether she could get her parents ’ permission easily, so she decided to bring Ayaka with her.

”Sure. ” Shishio nodded and asked, ”I also want to give them souvenirs. ”

”Alright! ” Nana nodded. ”Let ’s go, Shishio! ” She was glad that they came to Enoshima since this way, she had brought a lot of bribes!

Aki Shiina, someone, might forget about him since he didn ’t appear for a long time, but he was the protagonist of the harem story known as the Sunoharasou. He should be the only male in the story and get the hearts of all the girls living in the Sunohara dorm slowly, having a lot of lucky pervert moments with all the girls, and staying happily there. Not only did he get the heart of the three cute students who were living in that dorm, but he also got the heart of the beautiful caretaker of this dorm.

That should be the future of Aki Shiina, the harem protagonist, that should be the case, but when Shishio appeared a week ago, Aki felt that the world was full of malice. No one loved being compared to each other, and even though his features were quite beautiful and cute that he often being mistaken as a girl, he was naturally weak, so Yuzu Yukimoto, one of the tenants of the Sunaharasou, often compared him to Shishio.

”Shiina, don ’t cause too much trouble! ”

”Shiina, don ’t cry all the time! ”

”Shiinaaaaa! ”

Aki felt like his life was like hell. It might be because he was often being pampered that it was quite hard for him to be reprimanded all the time, and it caused him to be in tears all the time.

Looking at Aki, who was in tears, Yuzu also stopped and sighed, feeling like facing a girl rather than a boy.

”Yuzu-chan, you shouldn ’t bully Akkun! Bad! ” Ayaka couldn ’t help but reprimand Yuzu.

”But Ayaka-san, he has caused a lot of mess! ” Yuzu let out a long sigh, looking at the messy kitchen.

When Shishio appeared, Aki wanted to become more masculine, and he tried a lot of things to prove his masculinity, from cooking, helping Ayaka clean up the house, etc. Still, everything that he had done ended up in a mess since he was naturally clumsy.

If this clumsy attribute was put on the girl, then she would be a cute girl. Unfortunately, this clumsy attribute was set on a boy, so they could only say that this boy was incompetent.

Aki, who wanted to prove his masculinity, decided to make dinner for everyone, but he ended up causing a big mess, and they couldn ’t eat their dinner since everything was ruined.

Yuzu, Sumire, and Yuri, who were growing girls and felt hungry from studying, were very helpless, but unlike Yuzu, who was very frank and openly got angry at Shiina, Sumire and Yuri didn ’t say much, but they looked at Shiina helplessly. They were so hungry and wanted to eat, but the dinner wasn ’t ready, and the reason for this was because of Shiina. How could they not feel annoyed?

If they didn ’t meet Shishio, Yuzu, Sumire, and Yuri might not say much and only waited until Ayaka to cook their dinner. Still, after they had met Shishio, they felt a massive difference between Shishio and Aki.

Both of them were men, but how could one be so weak and incompetent?

If Aki told them that he was a girl, they might not think too much, but he often told them that he was a man and wanted to be treated like one, but the result? It was a disaster.

”It ’s okay, it ’s okay, Akkun is still learning after all, ” Ayaka smiled warmly as if the mess in the kitchen was only a small matter.

”Miss caretaker… ” Aki was moved by Ayaka ’s gentleness and felt like he was being saved. He thought that Ayaka was different from all the girls he had met, and he might have fallen for her. That was what he had felt at that moment.

Ayaka was very kind and very gentle, and she was also an adult, so she thought all of them were here as a child, so it was pretty normal for Aki to make a mistake.

If Aki knew what Ayaka was thinking, he might cry out loud since he wasn ’t even treated as a man. Instead, he was treated like a child.

”Still, what should we do now? ” Ayaka put her palm on her cheek and sighed. ”There aren ’t many ingredients now, and it might be a bit late to buy ingredients since I also need to clean up the kitchen. ”

”What? Then what should we eat? ” Yuzu wanted to cry at this moment and couldn ’t help but glare at Aki, who had caused this problem!

”Hii…!!! ” Aki was scared by Yuzu ’s glare and wanted to hide behind Ayaka, but Ayaka moved away, walked to the kitchen to clean the mess that Aki had caused. The faster she cleaned the kitchen up, the faster that she could buy the ingredients.

Looking at Ayaka, who started to clean up the kitchen, Aki quickly said, ”Ca – Caretaker-san! Let me help you! ”

Ayaka looked at Aki and smiled. ”It ’s alright. Akkun should be tired from cooking, right? You should rest up a bit. ”

Feeling the gentleness of Ayaka, Aki quickly nodded since, in truth, he was exhausted from doing something that he had never done before. He felt a bit sleepy, so he decided to sleep on the sofa for a moment.

However, the truth was that Ayaka didn ’t want Aki to cause any more trouble, so she didn ’t want him to bother her since she wanted to clean up the kitchen fast, but then her phone rang and vibrated, causing her chest to tremble several times. ”Hyaann~~. ”

”Ayaka-san, don ’t do a shameless thing in this dorm! ” Yuzu roared.

”…… ”

Sumire and Yuri were lost for words when they saw Ayaka ’s boobs trembled. They knew that Ayaka ’s boobs were huge, but they had never expected that she would use her boobs as a four-dimensional pocket.

Hearing Yuzu ’s loud voice, Aki awoke since he felt a bit surprised. ”Eh? ”

”What a naughty phone. ” Ayaka didn ’t think too much about Yuzu ’s roar, took out her phone from her chest, and saw that Nana had called her. She was wondering why Nana called her, so she accepted the call quickly. ”Hello Nana-chan, what ’s wrong? ”

Looking at Ayaka, who was talking on the phone, they felt a bit curious about what Ayaka was talking about since they could see that she was thrilled, so when she closed the phone, Yuzu quickly asked, ”What ’s wrong, Ayaka-san? ”

”Ah, Nana-chan and Shishio-kun are going to come, and they will bring a dinner too, so you don ’t need to worry, ” Ayaka said with a happy smile.

”Eh? Really? Shishio-nii will come? ” Yuzu was surprised, but she also felt happy.

”Yes, they just happened to be back from Enoshima, so they wanted to give us a souvenir, and they said they would buy a dinner alone the way, ” Ayaka said with a smile, feeling happy that she could see both Nana and Shishio. After all, it had been a week since she had seen them, so she naturally missed them.

Before Nana entered high school, she lived in the Sunohara dorm, and both sisters had always been together, so it might be the first time both sisters were separated from each other, and of course, Ayaka missed her sister.

Ayaka also missed Shishio. Even though Shishio ’s age was similar to Nana ’s, he gave her a masculine feeling that made her feel it was alright to be pampered by him. She often pampered someone, but someone had never pampered her, so she still remembered the feeling when she was hugged and patted at that time.


”Um, Ayaka-san, can I ask you a question? ” Yuri suddenly raised her hand.

”What ’s wrong, Yuri-chan? ” Ayaka asked.

”Why did Shishio-nii and Nana-senpai go to Enoshima? Were they on a date? ” Yuri asked, and this question somehow caused turbulence in the entire Sunahara dorm.

While there was turbulence in the Sunahara dorm, Nana asked, ”What should we buy for dinner? ” She naturally asked him if it was something normal, but she didn ’t know that she might have depended on him at that moment.

In truth, it was better to cook something, but Shishio was too lazy to cook, and he also didn ’t have ingredients on his hands, so he said, ”Well, how about a kebab? ” He saw a kebab stall on the street, and with his ”Cooking Mastery, ” he could see the taste of the kebab that was sold was quite decent.

”Kebab… ” Thinking of those greasy meats that were wrapped in pita, somehow Nana ’s mouth felt quite watery. ”Let ’s get them! ”

After Nana told them that she and Shishio would come to the Sunohara dorm, everyone directly waited at the entrance since they were a bit hungry. They also had nothing to do, and at the same time, they wanted to ask whether both Nana and Shishio were dating each other or not.

”Still, I ’m jealous that they went to Enoshima, ” Yuzu said with a sigh.

Even though Yuri and Sumire didn ’t say much, they also felt quite jealous of Nana, who could visit Enoshima during her break with Shishio.

”Enoshima, huh? I wonder whether they went to visit the aquarium… ” Yuri murmured.

”Aquarium? ” Sumire looked at Yuri curiously.

”Yes. ” Yuri nodded at Sumire. ”If you go to Enoshima, you should visit the aquarium, right? ”

”Ah, I also want to visit Enoshima too! ” Ayaka, who had cleaned up the kitchen, also joined everyone, felt quite jealous of her little sister who went to Enoshima, but before they continued to talk, they heard the noise of vehicles in front of the dorm, which caused them to feel strange, especially when they saw a luxurious SUV right in front of their dorm, wondering whose car it was. After all, they thought that Shishio and Nana would visit them by riding a motorcycle which was why they were surprised when they saw this car.

”Hey, did you miss me? ” Nana suddenly came out of the car and felt surprised when she saw everyone waiting for her.

”Huh? Nana-senpai? ” Yuzu was dumbfounded.

Not only Yuzu, but Ayaka, Sumire, and Yuri, along with Aki, who timidly followed them, were surprised when they saw Nana suddenly walk out from the car, then suddenly, they heard another voice.

”It has been a while, everyone. ”

There were a lot of questions that they wanted to ask in their minds. Still, as they heard this familiar voice, they turned their heads toward the source of this voice, and when they saw Shishio smiling toward them, somehow, they stopped caring for any of that now and just wanted to indulge themselves in this smile.

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