It might seem weird, but there are many kebab stalls in Japan.

Kebab is from Middle Eastern, so how can it come to Japan, located so far away from the Middle Eastern area?

This is because of the Turks who immigrated from the former Russian Empire to Japan in the early 20th century. With this, it wouldn ’t be weird when there were many kebab stalls in Japan, right?

The juicy meat, the bomb of seasoning, the freshness of the vegetable, and the chewy pita bread, everything was combined into one, creating a perfect dish.

Shishio knew that he needed to thank Turkish people who came to Japan since he could taste such delicious food.

The kebab might be fatty, but for those who were still young, it was their favorite food, especially when they were hungry.

Yuri, Yuzu, Sumire, Ayaka, and Aki ate the kebab that was bought by Shishio in the dining room inside Sunohara dorm with relish since it was so delicious.

”Shishio, yours is spicy, right? Can I try it? ” Nana asked while looking at Shishio ’s kebab..

Unlike everyone whose kebab was mild, Shishio chose the spiciest one since he loved spicy food. Unfortunately, it was pretty hard to get spicy food in this country, considering chili was relatively rare in Japan, and most people in this country didn ’t like spicy food. It was also still in 2005, and the development of the internet wasn ’t that developed, so most restaurants or food shops would sell typical food such as udon, ramen, gyuudon, or sushi.

There also weren ’t many strange foods such as rainbow cheese, cheese sandwiches, or anything related to cheese.

”Are you sure? ” Shishio asked since he knew how sensitive Nana ’s tongue was.

”Yes! ” Nana nodded without hesitation and ate part of Shishio ’s kebab directly. Still, then she suddenly felt her tongue burning, which made her startled, but she didn ’t hate this feeling, or rather, she enjoyed it. Still, she couldn ’t hold it and fanned her tongue with her hand. ”It ’s hot! ”

”Didn ’t I remind you before? ” Shishio was helpless and gave her the yogurt that he had bought before. ”Here, drink this. ”

Nana didn ’t hesitate and drank the yogurt directly. However, Yuri, Yuzu, Sumire, and Aki saw this scene and opened their eyes wide!

”Huh?! ” Yuzu ’s face was so red that she pointed her finger at Nana. ”Senpai, don ’t do anything perverted! ”

”Huh? Perverted? ” Shishio was confused by Yuzu ’s words.

After drinking Shishio ’s white yogurt, Nana felt better and smiled at Yuzu. ”Yuzu, what are you getting shy with an indirect kiss for? Or do you want to drink from Shishio ’s straw too? Here, here! ” She pushed the yogurt that she had drank to Yuzu, trying to tease her.

”Wait! Wait! ” Yuzu ’s face was so red that she saw the straw that was drunk by Shishio. ’Ugh… ’ Her mind was complicated. After all, she was still young, and she didn ’t have any experience, so facing the temptation of the indirect kiss, she was almost overwhelmed, however…

”Ey! ”

Ayaka suddenly joined and drank Shishio ’s white yogurt from the straw Shishio and Nana had used before. She slurped the white yogurt through her mouth and then showed a comfortable expression. ”Shishio ’s yogurt is delicious… ”

”……. ” Shishio.

”O – Onee-chan! ” Nana was startled and could only stare at her sister dumbfoundedly.

Ayaka didn ’t think too much of her little sister ’s words, licking her lips gently with her tongue to clean up the greasy meat from her lips.

”…… ”

Shishio was wondering whether Ayaka was born as a succubus.

”Well, Nana-chan, Shishio-kun, thank you for the kebab, so how much is it? ” Ayaka asked.

”It ’s alright. You don ’t need to. ” Shishio shook his head, then said, ”You treated me to a delicious lunch last week, so this time, it is my time to treat you. ” There was no way for him to receive money from his sister-in-law, right?

”Um, is that okay? ” Ayaka was a bit hesitant.

”Well, it ’s alright, Ayaka-nee. You don ’t need to think too much. ” Shishio then changed the conversation by taking out the souvenirs that he had bought from Enoshima. ”By the way, I have brought a lot of souvenirs from Enoshima. Please share it with everyone. ”

Everyone was quickly attracted by the various sweets and unique foods that Shishio bought and couldn ’t help but become excited.

”Try this. This is delicious, ” Nana said as she gave Sumire, Yuri, Yuzu, and Aki the snacks that she had tried on Enoshima before.

”Um, Nana-san, was Enoshima fun? ” Sumire asked curiously.

”Of course! ” Nana then told them how her experience was on the Enoshima with Shishio. She didn ’t tell about Saki since she felt like it was troublesome to explain to them. Shishio also didn ’t say anything since he knew that even though they had decided to date him together, there was no way for them to tell their acquaintances that there were more than two people in their relationship right now.

Hearing Nana ’s story, the girls couldn ’t help but feel quite jealous since she could go to Enoshima with Shishio.

From shrines, various foods, lighthouses, a beautiful garden, a lunch on the top of the mountain, and then an aquarium, Nana told them everything since she wanted to tell them.

Ayaka knew that she should be happy when she saw her sister was happy, but strangely, she couldn ’t, and there was one question that she wanted to ask, but she hesitated to ask this question. ”Did you go there by car? ”

”Um. ” Nana nodded. ”Shishio drove a car there. ”

”Huh? Is that alright? Shishio-nii is a high school, right? How can he drive a car? ” Yuzu was dumbfounded. Even though she had seen him coming out of the car before, she thought that there was a driver inside the car. She didn ’t feel that it was weird if Shishio had a driver, or rather, she thought that he might be a prince or something, considering he fitted the description of a prince, especially when she recalled his smile at that time.

”Yes. ” Ayaka nodded. ”Motorcycle is one thing, but I feel that a car is too dangerous for you. ” Unlike any other country, it might be because it was rare for the people in this country to ride in a private vehicle, considering how expensive it was. Not only did they need to pay for the car, but they also needed to pay for the parking space, gasoline, tax, and various things, so most people in this country couldn ’t drive a car, and their view of it was dangerous.

”It ’s alright, I have the driving license for a car, ” Shishio said and took out his driving license.

”…… ”

Ayaka and everyone looked at his driving license and were lost for words, wondering how this guy could have so much of a driving license.

”Shishio-nii, do you have a plane or truck driving license too? ” Yuri asked curiously, but she didn ’t expect that Shishio would nod.

”……….. ” Everyone.

”I was joking. ” Shishio felt fun when he saw their reaction. ”Well, we have spent so long here. Should we go back, Nana? ” He could see that it was pretty late, and he also knew that he needed to go back, too, considering he had been out for a long time.

Nana was about to say something, but…

”Wait a moment, can I ask you one last question, Shishio-nii, Nana-senpai? ” Yuzu suddenly asked.

”What ’s wrong? ” Nana looked at Yuzu and asked.

”Um… are you two dating, Shishi-nii, Nana-senpai? ” Yuzu asked with a tense on her face.

’Ah… ’

Not only Yuzu, but Yuri, Sumire, and Ayaka also had solemn expressions on their faces, which made Nana know what they were thinking about, and at the same time, she thought Shishio ’s smile was too dangerous, right?

Nana thought that she should tell him not to smile in the future unless he was right in front of his women, or else there would be many girls who would entangle him.

However, Nana didn ’t answer their question and only looked at Shishio.

Shishio noticed Nana ’s gaze, and he nodded. ”Yes, we ’re dating each other. ”

”…… ”

They had a feeling that Nana and Shishio were dating each other, but when they heard it from his mouth, they felt a shock, and they knew that they should be happy for them, but somehow they couldn ’t be happy. Their expressions were quite complex, and they knew that even though they had only met him twice, he just gave them an unforgettable experience and memory, so when they heard that both Nana and Shishio were dating, they just didn ’t know what to say.

”That ’s great! ” Suddenly Ayaka said and hugged both Nana and Shishio at the same time. ”Congratulations, Nana-chan, Shishio-kun. I ’m happy for both of you. ”

Nana smiled and laughed happily, hugging her sister. ”Thank you, Onee-chan. ”

As for Shishio, he realized how destructive Ayaka was. Her chest was so massive, and when it pressed into his face, it was just so comfortable, and he thought that he might not be satisfied with his pillow anymore after he had tasted this feeling.

Ayaka also felt slightly uncomfortable when she heard that both Shishio and Nana were dating each other. Still, Nana was her sister, so when she saw her sister was happy and was in love with Shishio, she could only be happy for her, but then…

”Shishio-kun, don ’t hurt Nana ’s feeling, alright? ” Ayaka said as she looked at Shishio with a strict expression.

Shishio thought about how he dated Nana with Saki and Shiina, but he knew he needed to hide it now. ”Yes. ”

”That ’s great. ” Ayaka smiled, then said, ”You have to go to the school tomorrow, right? You should go back first. ” In truth, she was lying since she was just afraid that her expression might have shown if both of them stayed any longer, and she didn ’t want that.

Ayaka, Sumire, Yuzu, and Yuri didn ’t feel that happy when they heard that Shishio and Nana were dating each other, but Aki was happy!

Aki was so happy when he knew that Shishio and Nana were dating each other since that meant he didn ’t need to worry that Shishio would take Ayaka, but right now, his existence was so small that he had been ignored for a while. However, it was alright since he was happy at that moment.

Hearing Ayaka ’s words, Shishio nodded, but Nana said, ”Oh, right, Onee-chan, can you come with us back? ”

”Going back? You mean to go home? ” Ayaka asked in doubt.

”Um, mom and dad also miss you after all, ” Nana said. ”And I want to sleep with Onee-chan too tonight. ”

Ayaka thought for a moment and thought about how their sister had grown up. She also wanted to talk about a lot of things with her sister tonight, so she nodded. ”Alright, wait a moment. I ’ll prepare for a while. ”

With that being decided, after Ayaka had changed her clothes and brought some of her clothes, she immediately went out together with Shishio and Nana. She went to her parent ’s house, leaving Yuri, Yuzu, Sumire, and Aki alone in the dorm.

”I ’ll lock the door and don ’t get out at night, alright? ” Ayaka said to the four of them and then looked at Aki. ”Akkun, don ’t cause trouble again, alright? ”

”…. ” Aki.

”Onee-chan, let ’s go! ” Nana said as she pulled Ayaka.

”Moo… Nana-chan. ” Ayaka could only smile when her sister pulled her with a happy smile.

Nana, Ayaka, and Shishio talked to each other as they entered the car, and watching how close they were, Aki could only look at them with longing, wanted to grow up faster since he felt if he didn ’t do so, Ayaka might be stolen and… there was no need to explain, right?

As they arrived at Nana ’s house, her parents were surprised when they saw Shishio arrive in a car, and they were also surprised that Ayaka also came.

It was his first time meeting the father of both Nana and Ayaka, but it might be because their father didn ’t have a son and he only had two daughters that it didn ’t take a long time for him to get close with their father or rather, he had been treated as a son directly.

There was no drama where the father wouldn ’t accept him to date his daughter and flipped the table in the living room in anger.

However, the mother and father of Nana and Ayaka reprimanded him for driving a car alone, considering he was a minor. Still, when Shishio took out his driving license, they could only feel speechless.

They talked for a while, and Shishio thought to go home, but suddenly Nana dropped a bomb, making him speechless.

”Um, mom, dad, can I live alone? ” Nana asked.

”…. ”

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