I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 255 - As Expected Yukinoshitas Legs Are The Best!

When Shishio shared the sweets he bought on the Enoshima, Nana, Mea, and Maiko talked to each other.

Hearing that both Shishio and Nana went to Enoshima together, even though Mea and Maiko had a hobby of staring at a cute boy, they had to admit that they were jealous of Nana. However, they also knew that Nana dated Shishio with Saki, but they had to admit that they were still jealous of Nana.

Still, there was one question that Mea and Maiko wanted to ask Nana.

”Say, did something happen to you two again? ” Maiko asked.

”What do you mean? ” Nana was confused.

”Did you fight again? ” Mea asked.

”Ha? Fight? ” Nana was dumbfounded and confused. ”Why do you think so? ”.

”That guy hasn ’t smiled from the beginning to the end. ” Maiko pointed at Shishio, who returned to his seat and told the strangeness on Shishio.

”Yeah, it ’s rare not to see him smile, ” Mea said and agreed with Maiko ’s point.

Maiko and Mea had to admit that it felt strange when they didn ’t see Shishio smiling, which was why they were wondering whether something had happened again.

”Smile, huh? ” Nana ’s lips twitched when she thought about Shishio ’s smile, and she was glad to know that he didn ’t try to smile since she knew how destructive his smile was. ”Well, I don ’t mind telling you two… ” But before she finished her words, she heard Nanami ’s scream.

”Eehhhh??? ”

”Eh? ” 3x

Nana, Maiko, and Mea turned their heads and wondered whether Shishio tried to seduce someone again.

Shishio looked at Nanami with an amused expression. ”You don ’t want to? ”

”Eh? Eh? ” Nanami was stupefied, but then she was surprised, happy, and lastly, she showed an unconfident expression.

”What ’s wrong? ” Shishio asked and thought that Nanami ’s expression was quite rich.

”But is this alright, Shishio-kun? I ’m happy that you ’re helping me, but I – I don ’t think that I ’m good enough… ” Nanami had never seen Misaki, and when she thought about the anime created by a genius senior, she felt pretty unconfident with her ability. She knew that Shishio might have asked Misaki to make her into the ”Seiyuu ” for the heroine of Misaki ’s anime, but she was afraid to disappoint them. She knew that she wasn ’t a genius, and all she had was her hard work.

”Hey, what are you talking about? ”

Nana, Mea, and Maiko walked closer to Shishio and Nanami.

”Wait a moment. ” Shishio grabbed Nana ’s waist, pulled her closer, and let her sit on his lap since he could see that this girl wanted to cause him trouble.

”Eh? ” Nana was stunned, but she didn ’t fight back, slowly letting herself lean on his chest.

”…. ” Nanami, Mea, and Maiko.

”Nanami, let me ask you a question. ” Shishio looked at Nanami and said, ”Which horse wins the derby? ”

”Eh? Which horse wins the derby? ” Nanami was stunned when Shishio suddenly asked this question, but then she thought for a while and said, ”Wouldn ’t it be the fastest one? ”

Nana, Mea, and Maiko didn ’t disrupt the conversation between Shishio and Nanami and only listened to their conversation quietly while wondering what they were talking about.

”That ’s not incorrect, but it ’s different from what I have in mind. ”

”Then which one is it? ” Nanami asked curiously.

”It ’s… the horse that participates in the derby, ” Shishio said.

”… ”

”Hey, isn ’t that obvious? ” Mea couldn ’t help but interject.

”However, a horse that didn ’t participate has no chance of winning, ” Shishio said.

”Ah! ” Nanami realized what Shishio wanted to tell her.

”It ’s the same as you. ” Shishio looked at Nanami and said, ”It doesn ’t matter whether you ’re confident or not, but do you want to do it or not? You have come so far away from Osaka. Do you want to let go of a chance like this? ”

”… ”

Nanami looked at Shishio in a daze and thought about her fight with her father. She wanted to show her father that she could become a ”Seiyuu ” even without his help, but when the chance was right in front of her, she hesitated.

’If I hesitate right now, how can I become famous ”Seiyuu ”? ’

Nanami took a deep breath and bowed her head. ”Shishio-kun, let me do it! No, please let me do it! Give me the chance to become the heroine in Misaki-senpai ’s anime. ”

Shishio nodded and felt happy, watching Nanami ’s growth somehow. ”That ’s great. I ’ll tell her later. You should be prepared. As for the script, I ’ll give it to you tomorrow so you can be prepared. ”

”Yes. ” Nanami nodded without hesitation.

”Since you are done talking, can you tell us what you were talking about? ” Nana asked.

Shishio looked at Nana, then told her about Misaki ’s plan to create an anime and invited Nanami to become the ”Seiyuu ” of that anime. As for his participation as the scriptwriter, he was too lazy to talk about this matter.

Mea and Maiko nodded and didn ’t feel surprised since they knew that Misaki was living in Sakurasou and Shishio was living in that place too, so it wasn ’t surprising for both Misaki and Shishio to know each other. Still, they were wondering if this guy had also tried to seduce Misaki.

”You must be hiding something, right? You haven ’t told us all, ” Nana said, and her beautiful eyes were staring at him as if trying to see the secret that he was hiding.

”What secret? ” Shishio looked at Nana helplessly and patted her bouncy butts. ”Koharu-sensei is going to come. You should go back to your seat. ”

Nana blushed when Shishio patted her butts, so she twisted her waist, trying to seduce him.

Luckily, they were surrounded by Nanami, Mea, and Maiko, so Nana ’s action wasn ’t seen by everyone in the class, but the three girls thought that the interaction between Shishio and Nana was too shameless, right?

Shishio was speechless, and his thing reacted. Luckily, he reacted fast and lifted Nana as he glared at her, wondering whether his girl wanted to provoke him again.

Nana only smiled and didn ’t think too much before talking with Nanami, Mea, and Maiko.

Sorata, who saw Nanami talking happily with Shishio, couldn ’t help but clench his fist tightly, wondering how they could talk so happy without him. Luckily, their conversation ended when Koharu came to start the class.

As Koharu came, she learned that everyone was eating the sweet that Shishio bought from Enoshima, and she couldn ’t help but feel jealous when she knew it.

Shishio was speechless and also shared one with Koharu. ”Sensei, I didn ’t forget about you. I have also bought something for you. ”

”Ah, thank you, Oga-kun! ” Koharu said with a smile, but then suddenly, a gloomy aura started to appear around her.

”Sensei, what ’s wrong? ” Shishio asked with some confusion.

Not only Shishio, but everyone also looked at Koharu with a strange expression.

Koharu laughed sadly and said, ”Hehehe… when you went to Enoshima to have a date with your girlfriend… Here, I was staying in my apartment, sleeping, eating, without doing anything alone… Haha… ” She then laughed hard, but this laugh was so sad.

”… ”

Everyone pretended that they didn ’t see anything, and they only looked away so they wouldn ’t touch the bomb. Still, they worried about Shishio, who had touched the bomb, but they knew they couldn ’t do anything.

Shishio was speechless, and when he saw that, everyone was looking away. He then showed a mischievous expression and whispered, ”Then Koharu-sensei, do you want to go on a date with me? ”

”Eh?! ” Koharu was stupefied, and her face was so red.

”Sensei, you ’re cute, and I ’ll be happy if I have a chance to go on a date with you, ” Shishio said in a whisper so no one could hear his flirt.

”Wh – What are you talking about, Oga-kun! We ’re a student and a teacher! ” Koharu quickly reprimanded Shishio with a red face. ”I ’ll pretend that I don ’t hear anything, so don ’t cause trouble again. ” However, after being told that she was cute, her face was full of smiles, and everyone could see many flowers around her. ”By the way, call me Shirayama-sensei! Not Koharu-sensei, alright, Oga-kun? ”

”….. ”

”Ok. ” Shishio only nodded in a perfunctory manner.

”Hey, did you listen to me? ” Koharu pouted and showed annoyance, but if someone saw her at this moment, she was like a girlfriend who tried to ask her boyfriend to pamper her.

”….. ”

’What the fuck is happening? ’ Everything thought at that moment as they looked at Koharu, then looked at Shishio with some confusion.

As for Nana, Nanami, Mea, and Maiko, even though they didn ’t hear what Shishio and Koharu were talking about, they knew some or less the content of their conversation, and at the same time, they wanted to smack this guy ’s head.

The time quickly passed, and before long, it was time for a break.

Shishio didn ’t immediately meet Yukinoshita and waited for Shiina, Saki, Miu, and Ritsu to come to his class since they usually eat lunch together.

”Hey, do you like Koharu-sensei? ” Nana asked directly.

Shishio looked at Nana for a moment and said, ”If I have to choose whether I like her or hate her, then I like her, but my like here is different from the ”like ” that I have for you. ”

Nana once again blushed and thought that this guy had a way with a word, right?

”By the way, you ’re not going to have lunch with us? ” Nana asked.

”Yes, you know my promise with Yukinoshita-senpai, right? I ’m going to give her the photos that I have promised. ” Shishio had told Nana that he would give the photos he had taken since he had promised Yukinoshita.

”Well, don ’t forget about the karaoke later, alright? ” Nana said and didn ’t think too much since she believed in him.

”You don ’t need to worry. ” Shishio nodded since he didn ’t forget his promise to go to the karaoke even though he was a bit too lazy to go.

Then it didn ’t take a long time before Shiina, Ritsu, Miu, and Saki came one after another, and Shishio, Nana, Mea, and Maiko also walked out from their class to have lunch together in the clubroom.

”Sorry, I have something to do. ” Shishio apologized, then looked at Saki.

Saki was a bit embarrassed and didn ’t look at him, feeling slightly nervous, then gave him the bento she had made.

Shishio looked at Saki ’s expression for a moment and said, ”Saki, thank you for making my lunch, and I ’m grateful for it, and as usual, I know that this will taste very delicious. ”

”…. ” Saki looked at Shishio in surprise before she blushed. She had always been worried that her food didn ’t fit his taste, but she forgot that Shishio had always tasted that her food was delicious, which somehow made her realize that her worry was redundant. She shook her head and said, ”No, I have always enjoyed making lunch for you. ”

”…. ” Everyone.

”Cough! Cough! How about we make lunch together tomorrow? Let ’s do a taste tasting, ” Nana said with a bright smile.

”That ’s a great idea! ” Mea nodded without hesitation.

”Shishio, you should make your own lunch! ” Maiko quickly reminded Shishio.

”Well, I don ’t mind. ” Shishio didn ’t think too much, then looked at Shiina, Ritsu, and Miu. When his eyes met Miu, she looked away in a blush, which somehow made him sigh. ”I ’ll go first. ” He then waved his hand and left since he needed to meet someone first.

They didn ’t feel surprised when Shishio left since they knew he had something to do, but then they looked at Shiina since they felt something had changed around her.

”Mashiro, can I ask you a question? ” Nana asked since she wanted to know how Shiina could help Shishio, whose personality was so complicated, and wanted to know what stage they had reached.

”Hmm? ” Shiina looked at Nana with a confused expression.

”Did something happen between you and Shishio? ” Nana asked.

Everyone also looked at Shiina, wondering whether something had happened since the aura around Shiina changed. They also noticed the match watch that Shishio and Shiina wore at that moment, which somehow made them slightly jealous. Still, except for Ritsu, everyone knew the relationship between Shishio and Shiina, so they didn ’t feel that surprised.

When suddenly being asked, Shiina was still in a daze, but her cheeks gradually covered in blush since she recalled the time she was with Shishio at Iwafune and what had happened last night.

Looking at her cute blush, they knew that something must be happening.

Nana and Saki looked at each other, and they had to admit that they were a bit jealous of Shiina since they knew that Shiina was the one who saved Shishio. Still, at the same time, they were grateful for Shiina, so without hesitation, they brought Shiina to the clubroom to talk.

Everyone also followed, but Ritsu was confused.

’What ’s happening? ’ Ritsu thought.

As for Usa, who was left behind, he could only cry, but he knew it was too late to join them. Still, he wondered whether Shishio would go since if Shishio wasn ’t there, he couldn ’t join them, right?

As for Sorata, he wasn ’t sure why. There was a dreaded feeling in his heart when he saw Shiina change. It felt that Shiina was no longer pure and someone had painted her with a color, which made his face pale, and he was in shock, but then he quickly shook his head and thought that he might think too much, right?

However, Sorata had to admit that Shiina was so beautiful.

Unfortunately, Sorata wasn ’t part of Shiina ’s life, and they were now just strangers…

’It ’s on a special-use building, on the fourth floor, in an unnamed class. ’

Shishio walked in the direction that was told by Yukinoshita and came to the clubroom of the service club. As he walked, he had to admit that this building was quite empty, and he was sure that there was a lot of empty room in this building, which made him couldn ’t help but think that he could use one of those rooms for himself.

Unlike the literature club, which was located in the main building, the service club was located in the special use building, which meant that this club was newly established or the club didn ’t have many members.

Shishio walked for a while before he arrived at the unnamed room and knocked on the door lightly.

”Enter. ”

Hearing this cold yet gentle voice, Shishio entered the room without hesitation as he called the owner of this voice. ”Yukinoshita-senpai. ” As he entered, he saw the beautiful girl whose body was basked by the hazy sunlight, but as he glanced at her legs that were wrapped in black tights, he had to admit that this girl ’s legs were perfect.

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