I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 256 - Shishio Is Popular

Sitting quietly inside her clubroom, Yukinoshita read the book in her hands, flipping page after page, but obviously, her focus wasn ’t on the book. Instead, she kept glancing at the door of her clubroom, waiting for someone.

Last time, that guy didn ’t come and caused her to wait for him for a long time and made her come to his classroom, attracting everyone ’s attention, and even now, the girls in her class looked at her with a contemptuous expression.

Yukinoshita was known as a cold queen, after all, and no guys had ever entered her eyes, but she approached Shishio, who was so popular in the school, which caused the girls to think that she wasn ’t much different from them.

In the end, Yukinoshita was a girl, and she was attracted to a handsome guy. She wasn ’t that much different from them, which somehow made her more humanized and approachable in people ’s eyes, but she didn ’t realize it, and she also didn ’t care either since she mostly ignored everyone.

Yukinoshita was alone, and she didn ’t care about other opinions, so even if she complained to Shishio at that time, she didn ’t think too much since she just wanted to tease him. However, she didn ’t expect that she would be teased back by him.

Thinking back, Yukinoshita felt that she had been teased by him several times, which made her annoyed. Still, when she thought that Shishio didn ’t come to his appointment a few days ago, she was annoyed, but at the same time, she also understood, considering she forced him to come and he also had a girlfriend..

If his girlfriend knew that he had come to visit her, Yukinoshita also thought it would get them into an argument, so Shishio decided not to come to her clubroom, so she understood why he didn ’t come at that time. She understood, but it didn ’t mean that she didn ’t feel annoyed. However, she didn ’t understand why she felt annoyed. After all, she had only met him a few times, and they weren ’t even friends either.

’I wonder why? ’

Like her, Shishio was popular, and he was like a sun, the center of the Solar System, being surrounded by many planets, meteoroids, and various other things.

Yukinoshita was the same, she was also a star, but she was alone in her system, unlike him. She thought that she had met someone similar. Unfortunately, Shishio was different, there was a single planet that orbited around him, and that planet was known as Nana.

Yukinoshita had to admit that Nana was cute and all, she was smart and famous in the first year, but more importantly, her boobs were so huge that she felt that people were born unequal in this world.

Still, if Yukinoshita knew that there were more planets around Shishio, she might directly call him scum without hesitation. She was on her own thought, but suddenly she was startled when the door of her classroom was knocked on.

”Yukinoshita-senpai, I ’m here. ”

Yukinoshita calmed herself then said, ”Enter. ”

The door was opened, and Yukinoshita understood why Shishio had so many fans even in her class since this guy was too handsome, right?


Yukinoshita frowned and thought that there was something strange about Shishio at that moment.

’What ’s wrong? ’

Shishio entered and stared at Yukinoshita ’s legs for 0.02 seconds before he looked straight into her eyes. He could see that she was staring at him, seemingly deep in thought or something. He then raised the camera that she had given him back then and said, ”Senpai, I have taken the photos of the cats. Do you want to see them? ”

Hearing Shishio ’s words, Yukinoshita quickly sobered up and nodded with a serious expression. ”Let me check them. ” Her words were strict, but they contained unhidden excitement.

Shishio didn ’t immediately walk toward Yukinoshita, but he took a chair and table at the back of the class so he could eat his lunch. ”While you ’re watching, can I eat my lunch here? ”

”Sure. ”

Yukinoshita nodded as she drank the tea that she brewed inside the clubroom. She also prepared her bento and also thought about eating it in the clubroom. Hearing his words, she also took out her bento, prepared to eat, thinking she would eat them while looking at various cute photos of cats. She was eager, but she still maintained her composure, showing the calmness of a senior.

Shishio was, after all, her junior, and Yukinoshita knew that she needed to educate him since she knew that under the mask of a good student, this guy was simply a delinquent!

”Why are you looking at me like that, Senpai? ” Shishio was speechless as he put the table and the chair next to Yukinoshita, but he still maintained some distance since they weren ’t particularly close. He also knew the importance of personal space, but unlike the original MC, who put his seat so far away, he didn ’t put his seat and table too far from Yukinoshita.

If someone asked how far the distance between them was, then it was similar to the space between two seats in the classroom.

Yukinoshita didn ’t say much, but her eyes were attracted to the paper bag that Shishio had brought.

”Oh, right, Senpai. ” After Shishio set up the table and chair, he put the paper bag that he had brought to Yukinoshita ’s table. ”It might not be much be compared to your camera, but it is for you. ”

”Huh? ”

Yukinoshita was surprised and hesitated for a moment before she decided to reject. ”Oga-kun, I didn ’t give you the camera for this intention. ”

”I know. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”After all, you just want to see a photo of a cute cat, right? ”

”… ”

Yukinoshita was stunned, and her face was so hot at that moment. She felt ashamed since this cheeky junior had teased her again!

”Please don ’t reject this, Senpai. After all, it is only a snack, ” Shishio said simply, then returned to his seat to prepare to eat.

”A snack? ” Yukinoshita ’s expression was at ease when she heard Shishio ’s words since a snack wasn ’t that expensive and no girls hated a snack. She also missed her chance to return the paper bag, so she curiously looked at the paper bag, looking at various snacks and sweets that she had never seen before. ”Where did you buy them? ”

”Enoshima. ”

”Enoshima? ” Yukinoshita was surprised and asked, ”Why did you go there? ” It was normal for her to show such a reaction. After all, Enoshima was located in Kanagawa prefecture. Even though it wasn ’t that far, there was still considerable distance.

”I went on a date with my girlfriend there, ” Shishio said and took out the camera before he gave it to Yukinoshita, but then he noticed that she was in silence after hearing his words. ”Senpai? ”

”Nothing. ” Yukinoshita shook her head and accepted the camera and the paper bag. ”By the way, thank you for the photo and the souvenirs. ” She then threw the strange and uncomfortable feeling on her heart and quickly focussed on the various cute photos of cats on the camera while thinking that his photography skill was amazing!

”You ’re welcome. ” Shishio nodded, but inwardly he felt strange by Yukinoshita ’s reaction since they weren ’t particularly close, right? So her reaction surprised him for a moment, however, he didn ’t overthink this matter and ate his bento quietly since he was a bit hungry.

Yukinoshita also did the same as she looked into the photos, then asked, ”Oga-kun, can I eat those snacks? ”

”Sure, sure. ” Shishio nodded without hesitation. ”I hope that it suits your taste. I don ’t know whether you like it or not, after all. ”

”Don ’t worry, even if it doesn ’t taste good, I ’ll eat it, ” Yukinoshita said with an understanding expression.

”….. ”

Shishio rolled his eyes and asked, ”Senpai, if I ’m not wrong, this is a service club, right? ”

”Um. ” Yukinoshita nodded and asked, ”Do you want to ask for help? ”

”I just want to ask, is that okay? ” Shishio asked.

”Sure. ” Yukinoshita nodded, then glanced at Shishio ’s bento and thought it was pretty plain, but then she thought he should make it by himself. She looked at Shishio and thought that there were many things that she didn ’t know about him, so she also thought to use this chance to ask him a question.

”Are you the only member of this club? ” Shishio asked. By asking this question, Yukinoshita also wouldn ’t feel offended since he knew that this girl was a lone wolf similar to his girlfriend, Saki.

Shishio didn ’t ask, ”Are you alone? ” Since this is a very sensitive question to ask, considering Yukishita ’s situation.

After all, unlike Saki, who had gained many friends after knowing him, Yukinoshita was alone, and Shishio didn ’t want to trigger trouble, considering he didn ’t have much interest in Yukinoshita. She might be beautiful, and all, but his Shiina, Saki, Nana, and Miu wouldn ’t lose to her, alright?

”…. ”

Out of all the questions she thought, Yukinoshita didn ’t expect Shishio to ask this question. However, her expression was still calm, showing her monicker as an ”Ice Queen. ” She nodded gently and said, ”For now, I ’m the only member. ” She wasn ’t sure about the future, but she wasn ’t lying, right?

”Does this club have a strict requirement to enter? ” Shishio asked.

”Strict requirements? What kind? ” Yukinoshita looked at Shishio curiously.

”Like you don ’t have an interest in ordinary people and only accept aliens, time-travelers, or espers, ” Shishio said as he looked at Yukinoshita ’s reaction.

”…no, I don ’t have such a weird requirement. ” Yukinoshita was speechless.

”Then you only accept a beautiful girl? ” Shishio asked curiously.

”… ”

Yukinoshita was lost for words, but then she showed a sweet smile, but this smile contained a coldness that could freeze anyone who saw her, and at the same time, she also asked with an icy voice that would make anyone shudder. ”Oga-kun, what do you think of me? I ’m not going to be angry, so tell me what you think of me? ”

’Liar. ’ Shishio rolled his eyes. ’You ’re clearly angry! ’

Yukinoshita was wondering what kind of girl she was on Shishio ’s head. Somehow she wanted to open his head so she could inspect the inside of his brain at this moment since the way he thought was really different from other people, and even though she didn ’t want to admit it, she really had fun talking with him.

”No, I thought that you ’re afraid if a guy decides to join, he might fall for you since you ’re cute and all, so it ’ll be troublesome, ” Shishio said truthfully. Even though Yukinoshita ’s personality was a bit unique, she was still a beautiful girl. It was normal for a guy to fall for her, considering most guys would fall for a girl based on their appearance. He wasn ’t a hypocrite and knew that appearance was important. Some girls might have a disappointing personality, but they wouldn ’t lack suitors as long as their appearance was suitable.

”…. ”

Unlike before, hearing Shishio ’s words, Yukinoshita blushed before she looked away. She tried to calm herself for a moment before she rubbed her chin and thought that it would be quite troublesome if there was a male member in the future since, without a doubt, that guy would fall for her. She knew about her beauty and cuteness, but at the same time, even though she was grateful for her beauty and cuteness, she also knew a lot of trouble that was brought by it. ”That ’s true, I ’m cute after all, so it is normal for a guy to fall for me. ”

”Senpai, aren ’t you too narcissistic? ” Haru was lost for words by her narcissism, but he also knew that Yukinoshita wasn ’t wrong. Her personality might be a bit disappointing, but most guys wouldn ’t think too much since they were greedy for her beauty.

”Oh? Am I wrong? ” Yukinoshita smiled sweetly, showing her best smile, and said, ”Then try to name someone who won ’t fall for me? ”

”Your father, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

”… ”

Yukinoshita knew that Shishio wasn ’t wrong since there was no way for her father to fall for her, but it wasn ’t counted!

”Isn ’t that obvious? ” Yukinoshita rolled her eyes. ”Who else? ”

”Gay? ”

”……. ” Yukinoshita ’s eyes pierced Shishio and said, ”Be serious! ”

”Then isn ’t there one in front of you? ” Shishio pointed his finger at himself.

”…… ”

Yukinoshita wanted to refute, but she couldn ’t since she knew that this guy had a girlfriend, so he didn ’t have an interest in her. She felt a bit conflicted, but at the same time, she started to think of a good idea.

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita, who was deep in thought, but he didn ’t bother her and continued to eat. However, suddenly she said something outrageous…

”Oga-kun, how about you join the service club? ”

”Ha? ”

Shishio thought that Yukinoshita was joking, but looking at this girl ’s expression, it seemed that she was serious. He then felt confused. He didn ’t smile and didn ’t remember that he made a move on her, but why did this girl start to get chummy on him?

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