I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 257 - Lets Be Friends

”You don ’t want to? ”

When Shishio didn ’t answer her, Yukinoshita couldn ’t help but become a bit dejected. She had never shown much interest toward other people, and she also had never asked someone actively and mainly did everything alone, which was why when Shishio was in silence, she thought he had rejected her.

Yukinoshita felt a bit of regret when she suddenly invited him and wondered why she had always been impulsive when she was with him, but then she heard his chuckle, which somehow annoyed her. She stared at him with her usual icy expression and asked, ”Oga-kun, have you not been taught manners? ”

Shishio wondered why Yukinoshita suddenly invited him to join her club, which was why he didn ’t answer her invitation for a while, but he didn ’t expect her to show such an expression. If he had to give an example, then her expression was like a sad cat. He could even see an imaginary cat ’s ears on the top of her head lowered, showing her disappointment and sadness. Still, he didn ’t feel that surprised since he knew that she might not have a lot of friends, or rather, she might not have a friend, so it might be her first time to invite someone or it had been a while, which was why it must be uncomfortable when she thought that she had been rejected.

”Sorry, I just didn ’t expect you to show such an expression. If it is someone else, then they might directly join the club when they see how cute you ’re right now, Senpai. ” Even though Shishio tried not to smile, he just couldn ’t help but smile when he saw Yukinoshita, who showed such an expression..

”…. ”

Yukinoshita was in a daze when she saw Shishio ’s smile before she quickly looked away with a blush.

Shishio also realized his mistake and stopped his smile before saying, ”Before I answer, can I ask you a question, Senpai? ”

Looking at Yukinoshita, who looked away to hide her embarrassment, Shishio had to admit that this girl was cute, but at the same time, she was so easy, but he didn ’t feel surprised, considering this girl could even fall for such a twisted man.

Shishio had to admit that Hikigaya Hachiman ’s personality was interesting, but personally, besides kindness (Yasashi), he didn ’t see any good point in him. He knew that a lot of people loved Hikigaya Hachiman, considering Hikigaya ’s character might resemble them. Still, he knew that such a character wasn ’t attractive to a woman, especially when Hikigaya was a bit creepy and awkward most of the time.

Hikigaya was also quite passive, and the only reason he could get Yukinoshita was that there were no other guys beside him.

If Hikigaya was in the world of Shoujo manga, where there were many handsome and rich young men, then without a doubt, Yukinoshita might have been stolen from him. After all, those guys had a lot of tricks, and Yukinoshita was easy prey.

Luckily, Hikigaya was at the world of harem story, so he could get Yukinoshita, even though Shishio had to admit that Hikigaya ’s confession was quite awkward, but it was so memorable.

Still, Hikigaya was a hundred times better than Mitaka, Sorata, and other protagonists that appear in this world, including Shishio, of course.

Why was Hikigaya better?

It was because Hikigaya was a truly good guy.

Hikigaya dared to become the enemy of the entire school so he could save someone. He dared to confess to someone, so he could save someone. He dared to save a dog, even if his leg was broken and all of his hard work to have a high school debut became pointless.

Still, even if Hikigaya was better than most of the protagonists in this novel, he was still a prick, and similar to most of the guys, he was also perverted. Still, his feelings toward a girl were sincere, and as long as he loved someone, he would love this girl dearly forever.

As for him, Shishio knew himself better than he was a scumbag, and he wasn ’t a good guy.

Now back to the main topic of why Shishio said that Yukinoshita Yukino was easy prey.

His words might be rude, but that was the truth, Shishio thought that Yukinoshita was easy prey.

Yukinoshita might be cold, but she did this to hide her weakness. Her childhood wasn ’t easy. She had become the enemy of the girls because she was cute, she was isolated, most girls were jealous of her, and she was also often compared to her big sister.

Yukinoshita also didn ’t have anyone that she could depend on, and the only way that she could protect herself was by becoming cold, rejecting everyone who wanted to get close to her, so that way, she didn ’t need to be hurt. She also wouldn ’t be troubled by various troubles again.

Yukinoshita was tired.

With all of that, how could someone conquer Yukinoshita?

It was easy, and all they needed was to give her a warm feeling, in other words, gentleness. By using gentleness, her icy exterior would melt slowly, and before long, she would fall.

It was that simple, but it couldn ’t be done deliberately since with her beautiful face, she must have had a lot of experience being confessed to, so she had always been wary around men.

If someone confessed to her without waiting for her heart to melt, then without a doubt, she would reject this person without hesitation since a confession would always give her no end trouble.

The reason why Hikigaya succeeded in wooing Yukinoshita was that in the beginning, he had never thought that he could become Yukinoshita ’s boyfriend since he knew himself that it was impossible. Moreover, he still carried the wound and the trauma that he received from confessing to a girl in his middle school, so he had never thought to confess to Yukinoshita, which weakened her guard.

The other reason was that it was Hiratsuka Shizuka ’s request to put Hikigaya in the service club.

If Hikigaya entered the service club by his own initiative, then without hesitation, Yukinoshita would reject him since she had always been wary of men.

It was also the reason why Hikigaya was so grateful toward Hiratsuka since the reason why he could get Yukinoshita was because of Hiratsuka, who had brought him to the service club. Without that chance, even if he was hit by Yukinoshita ’s car during his freshmen, then, without a doubt, Hikigaya and Yukinoshita wouldn ’t even cross to each other in their high school life and graduate from high school without knowing each other.

As for Shishio, he had never taken the initiative, and all the initiative was taken by Yukinoshita, which was why she didn ’t put her guard around him. She also actively invited him to the service club. He also showed her various flaws by chance and showed her his photography ability, which made her interested in him. Lastly, it was his face, which gave her a passive plus point on her mind.

When someone ’s face was so handsome or beautiful, most people would actively approach them even if their personalities were shit.

Shishio had seen an ”Otome Game ” (a harem visual novel for a girl). He had seen a lot of scumbags and psycho characters with handsome faces in that game that no one had ever thought to appear in reality. Still, it existed in reality, and sadly, those characters were more popular with women than Hikigaya ’s type of men. After all, those guys, even though their personalities were shit, could act, showing a perfect personality that girls like even if it was just an appearance.

It was sad, but girls ’ imagination was so wild that sometimes they wanted someone to mess their lives up, and when those girls had woken up from their imagination, they might have lost everything from family, friends, purity, and future.

Shishio might be a scumbag, but he was several times better than trash since he took responsibility for his women.

Shishio had three girlfriends, and there was also one girl to whom he had confessed, but she still hadn ’t given him an answer. He had confessed to four girls, so he wouldn ’t actively confess to someone right now, but if they threw themselves at him, why should he reject them?

Jokes aside, even though Shishio had to admit that Yukinoshita was beautiful and her legs were amazing, he wouldn ’t chase after her so obsessively since he had three girlfriends. Still, he didn ’t mind helping her, considering she had given him a reward. He knew that he would meet many girls that would trigger his rewards if he stayed beside Yukinoshita. Still, at the same time, he also needed to consider the feelings of his girlfriends since he knew that they might not stop him from joining the service club and letting him do what he wanted. However, he knew that inside their hearts, they would be saddened by his action.

Shishio had promised to make them happy, so how could he make them sad?

Shishio needed to put his priority right.

”What question? ” Yukinoshita ’s complexion returned to normal and asked Shishio curiously, wondering what kind of question he wanted to ask.

”Senpai, are you the only member of this club? ” Shishio asked.

Yukinoshita raised her eyebrow and nodded. ”For now, I ’m the only member of this club. ” After she said those words, she could see that Shishio ’s expression started to change, making her confused. ”What ’s wrong? ”

”No. ” Shaking his head, Shishio told the truth. ”If you ’re not alone, then I might reconsider joining your club, but since you ’re alone, then it might be hard for me to join, Senpai. ”

”Why? ” Yukinoshita was confused.

”I have a girlfriend. I don ’t want her to misunderstand, ” Shishio said helplessly.

”….. ”

Yukinoshita was silent since she knew that Shishio had told the truth. It didn ’t really matter the real reason why he joined the club, but without a doubt, his girlfriend would misunderstand him. She knew that she was cute, and it was normal for a girl to misunderstand her since it wasn ’t the first time, or rather, she had many similar experiences in her middle school.

As for her high school time, Yukinoshita was lucky that most of her classmates were female, but even so, there were still many stupid guys who wanted to confess to her, and she just rejected them without mercy.

However, by giving her this answer, Shishio ’s impression of Yukinoshita ’s mind became better.

If Shishio agreed to her request, then Yukinoshita would only nod and think that this result was something that she had expected. At the same time, she would also label him as a player, rascal, and scumbag since even though he had a girlfriend, he still stayed together with another girl.

However, by rejecting her request, Yukinoshita thought of him as a loyal boyfriend, and she also felt better, hearing why he rejected her request.

Still, Yukinoshita felt a bit uncomfortable hearing Shishio ’s reason even though she knew that was the truth, but she didn ’t think too much. ”Hmm… that ’s true, that might be troublesome… ” She murmured and agreed with Shishio ’s thought. ”Then, if there ’s one more member, you can join, right? ”

”… ”

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita helplessly and wondered why this girl was so eager to invite him to the club?

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