I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 259 - Beautiful Rain

Medium height with shoulder-length reddish-brown hair tied in pigtails with bangs swept towards the left side, bright blue eyes, an alluring frame, and large breasts.

Shishio knew very well who this girl was, especially after he received the ”Enhanced Memory ” and he also knew her situation, but he didn ’t expect that she would be bullied this way. Still, he had to admit that the reward that he received from this girl was a bit weird, not that he would complain since the reward was quite interesting.

”I ’m sorry for hugging you so suddenly. ”

Shishio quickly let go of the girl and moved back to maintain her personal distance since he was afraid that she might be uncomfortable. He glanced at the place where the group of girls had dropped the water to this girl before and thought that no matter where it was, there had always been bullying. Still, he wondered who was free enough to bully someone, considering how strict this school with grade was.

The girl showed a bit of disappointment when Shishio let go of her waist, but then she quickly cheered up and said, ”No, it is alright. Thank you for your help, Oga-kun. ”

”You know me? ” Shishio raised his eyebrow.

”I don ’t think that there are any girls in this school who don ’t know about you, ” the girl said with a smile.

’Really? ’ Shishio knew that he was famous, but was he this famous?

”Are you alright? ”

Hearing this voice, Shishio and the girl turned and saw Yukinoshita, who also moved in their direction.

”Ah, yes, thank you, ” the girl said with a smile toward Yukinoshita and nodded.

Yukinoshita looked at the girl for a moment before looking at the location where a group of female students had dropped the water before. ”Do you want me to help you report them? I can make them stop coming to school for a week or so. Expulsion is also possible. ” She hated bullying, and of course, she couldn ’t tolerate someone who had fun by bullying someone.

Hearing Yukinoshita ’s words, the girl smiled and said, ”Thank you, Yukinoshita-san, but I ’m alright. ”

Yukinoshita didn ’t seem surprised when this girl knew about her name and said, ”Are you sure that you don ’t want me to report them? You have the two of us as witnesses. If you report them, you can win and let them receive the punishment that they deserve. ” Even though she wasn ’t a follower of Hammurabi, she felt that if someone harmed someone, they needed to pay

The girl was a bit overwhelmed by Yukinoshita ’s words and then looked at Shishio for help.

Shishio wasn ’t surprised by the girl ’s reaction since most people in this country liked to avoid trouble, and when trouble was coming, they would pretend that nothing had happened. He then showed his camera and the photo where the girls dropped a bucket of water at the girl. ”I know that you don ’t like to be troubled by this matter, but you still need something to protect you from them. I have taken their photos, and if they still bother you, you can use this photo or tell us about this matter so they won ’t bother you again. ” This girl had given him a reward, so he owed her something.

Shishio knew that there was a lot of injustice in this world, whether it was war, famine, poverty, etc., etc. and he wasn ’t a hero who would help everyone in need, or rather, he wasn ’t a good guy, but if that injustice happened in front of him and he could help, then he would help.

”Great job! ” Yukinoshita said without hesitation when she saw Shishio taking the photo of a group of girls who dropped a bucket of water at this girl. She thought that the best thing that she had done recently was to give Shishio this camera since it could help someone, and at the same time, she also had to admit that his photography ability was amazing since, with just a second, he could take a clear evidence photo so easily.

”Ah, thank you very much! ” The girl said gratefully. She knew that with this photo, then she didn ’t need to worry that a group of people would bother her again.

”If you still need help, then come to the service club, ” Yukinoshita said.

”Service club? ” The girl looked at Yukinoshita curiously.

”You can say that it is a club to help someone, and I ’m the president of that club. I ’m Yukinoshita Yukino, ” Yukinohita said.

”My name is Momo Kashiwabara. ” Momo smiled and nodded. ”I ’ll come if I need help, Yukinon. ”

”…Yukinon? ” Yukinoshita ’s lips twitched.

”Is that not okay? You can also call me Momo, ” Momo said with a smile.

”I don ’t really mind. ” Yukinoshita sighed.

Momo then looked at Shishio and said, ”You can also call me Momo, Oga-kun. ”

Yukinoshita frowned, but she didn ’t say anything.

”No, I ’ll call you Kashiwabara-senpai, ” Shishio said calmly.

Yukinoshita nodded, and she wasn ’t sure why she felt a bit happy at that moment.

”Eh? Why? ” Momo was surprised since she didn ’t expect to be rejected.

”I don ’t really want to be misunderstood by my girlfriend, ” Shishio said.

”… ” Yukinoshita.

”Girlfriend? ” Momo then looked at Yukinoshita, showing an understanding, then nodded. ”Sorry, Yukinon. ”

”… ” Yukinoshita.

Momo felt a bit disappointed, but then she smiled toward both Yukinoshita and Shishio. ”Thank you for your help. I ’ll come to your clubroom if I need help. Bye, Yukinon, Oga-kun. ”

Looking at Momo, who had left, Shishio looked at Yukinoshita and asked, ”You ’re not going to fix the misunderstanding? ”

”Well, it doesn ’t really matter. We can fix the misunderstanding later if we meet her later, ” Yukinoshita said while looking away, trying to hide her blush since she didn ’t expect that she was misunderstood as his girlfriend.

”That ’s true. ” Shishio nodded, but then he asked, ”Do you know her Senpai? ”

”Oh? Why do you think so? ” Yukinoshita looked at Shishio curiously.

”Just a feeling, but if you don ’t know her, then it is alright, ” Shishio said.

Yukinoshita raised her eyebrow and asked, ”You ’re interested in her? ” She thought about Nana, then thought about Momo, and found the similarity between the two, and that similarity was their big boobs!

”What are you thinking about? I have a girlfriend, and even if I have an interest, it has nothing to do with you, right? ” Shishio said while looking at Yukinoshita.

”….. ” Yukinoshita was in silence for a moment, then asked, ”Then why do you ask? ”

”It ’s just… I wonder why something like before happened, but if you didn ’t know, then it ’s alright, ” Shishio said. He knew why such a thing happened to Momo, but he wouldn ’t say much in this situation.

”Hmm… ” Yukinoshita thought for a moment and said, ”Whatever the cause, when she needs help, we just need to help her, right? ”

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita for a moment and said, ”You sure said something nice, Senpai. ”

Yukinoshita rolled her eyes, but she didn ’t say much. The truth was, she knew why something like that happened to Momo since she also had heard a rumor about Momo. However, she didn ’t want to tell this rumor to Shishio since she didn ’t want him to view Momo the same way as those bad people did.

Looking at Yukinoshita, Shishio had to admit that this girl was really nice.

”Oga-kun! ”

Suddenly someone called his name, which caused both Shishio and Yukinoshita to turn their heads simultaneously.

”Tachibana-sensei, ” Shishio said in surprise, looking at Hina, who was leaning on the window on the corridor, waving her hand toward him with a smile.

Hina smiled happily, but then she was surprised when she saw Yukinoshita behind Shishio. ”Huh? Yukinoshita-san? ”

”Hello, Tachibana-sensei. ” Yukinoshita nodded toward Hina, but at the same time, she was wondering how Shishio and Hina knew each other since Hina was a 2nd-year teacher, so there shouldn ’t be a chance for Hina and Shishio to meet each other, right?

Hina was surprised by Yukinoshita ’s appearance but then frowned and quickly gestured to Shishio to move closer. ”Oga-kun, come here for a moment. ”

Shishio raised his eyebrow, then looked at Yukinoshita. ”Senpai, I ’ll go to the teacher first. You should go back to your class first since I don ’t want to make you late. ” Saying that, he walked toward Hina, wondering what Hina wanted to say to him.

”Um. ” Yukinoshita could only nod and wonder about the relationship between the two, but in the end, she could only shake her head, thinking about who she could invite to join the club since that way, she could invite Shishio to the club.

Without looking at Yukinoshita, Shishio approached Hina and said, ”Sensei, can you move a bit? ”

”Huh? ” Hina wanted to ask about Shishio ’s relationship with Yukinoshita, but after hearing his request, she nodded and moved to the side for a bit.

Shishio directly entered the building from the window, which caused Hina to feel speechless and couldn ’t help but pull his ear!

”You…! Not only do you ride on motorcycles, but you even do something rude! ”

”It hurts, Sensei! Stop! Stop! ” Shishio cried out and pretended that it was hurt.

Hina let go of Shishio ’s ear and asked worriedly, ”Was it hurt? ”

”It hurts. ” Shishio was quite pitiful at this moment, and Hina couldn ’t help but feel sorry and caressed his ear. ”Is it alright now? ”

”Well, try to caress it a bit more, Sensei, ” Shishio said without hesitation and had to admit that Hina ’s hand was so soft and it felt nice when she caressed his ear.

Still, the reason why he dared to do this was that there wasn ’t anyone in this place, but then he suddenly felt a jealous gaze toward him, which made him frown. He then turned his gaze to the side and saw a familiar young man, which somehow made him understand why he received this gaze.

”What ’s wrong? ” Hina asked curiously since Shishio suddenly looked away.

”Nothing. ” Shishio quickly covered Hina ’s gaze by standing in front of her and asked, ”So what ’s wrong, Sensei? The bell is almost ringing, you know? ”

Hina only remembered now and asked, ”Oga-kun, are you playing with Rui? ”

”Playing with Rui? ” Shishio ’s lips twitched and asked, ”Sensei, did you misunderstand my relationship with Rui-nee? ”

”You ’re not dating Rui? ” Hina asked with doubt.

”I ’m not. ” Shishio shook his head and said, ”We ’re only friends. ” He didn ’t lie since that was his relationship with Rui.

”Then that Yukinoshita-san? ” Hina asked.

”She ’s also my friend, ” Shishio said simply.

”Oga-kun, you sure have a lot of female friends, ” Hina said with a sigh, feeling that Rui might have a hard time taking down this beast.

Shishio only shrugged his shoulders and asked, ”By the way, have you met uncle Fujii ’s family, Sensei? ” He was wondering if Hina had met the main character of the Domestic Kanojo.

”Yes, I have. ” Hina nodded and said, ”I met Fujii-kun yesterday. ”

”Oh, he ’s my senior, right? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes. ” Hina nodded and said, ”His name is Fujii Natsuo. He ’s the second year. I ’ll introduce both of you if there ’s a chance in the future. ”

”I can ’t wait for that, ” Shishio said with a smile, and then he remembered something. ”Sensei, if I ’m not wrong, you ’re going to move into a new house, right? ’

”That ’s right. ” Hina nodded, then looked at Shishio up and down, and asked, ”Oga-kun, are you free on Sunday? ”

”What ’s wrong? ” Shishio asked with doubt.

”We might need help moving out into the new house. If you ’re free, how about you help us, ” Hina said with a smile and thought that it might be a good chance to make the relationship between Shishio and Rui closer since she knew that Rui had a feeling for Shishio.

Shishio didn ’t answer Hina ’s question for a moment and asked, ”You ’re going to move out this Sunday, right, Sensei? ”

”Yes. ” Hina nodded.

”Well, I should have had time at that time, ” Shishio said after a moment.

”Thank you, Oga-kun! ” Hina smiled and wanted to say something more, but suddenly the bell rang.

”No problem. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”The bell is ringing. I ’ll go back first, Sensei. ” He then left since he didn ’t want to be late.

”Yes, but don ’t run in the corridor, alright? ” Hina shouted.

Shishio only waved his hand, telling her not to worry.

Hina looked at Shishio ’s back and smiled, but then she forgot to tell him that Rui would be transferred into this school, which made her slap her forehead subconsciously. She then shook her head and thought that she could tell Shishio later and decided to go to her next class since it was troublesome if she was late, but at this moment, she didn ’t realize that someone was hiding, staring at the chummy conversation between her and Shishio.

When Shishio returned to his class, he talked with Nana, and she told him how they had spent their lunch before.

Nana didn ’t ask Shiina how Shiina had helped Shishio since, with so many people around them, it was quite hard to ask about that matter.

Shiina also didn ’t really want to talk about what she was doing with Shishio on that day since it was her precious memory, and she only wanted them to be known by him and her.

However, their lunch was quite enjoyable, and everyone was happy, eating, talking, and playing together.

Even so, Nana didn ’t forget and said, ”Don ’t forget about later, alright? ”

”Karaoke, right? You don ’t need to worry, I remember, ” Shishio said.

”Good! ” Nana smiled happily and couldn ’t wait to go on the karaoke, but when the class ended, and they were about to go home…

Everyone was staring outside, and they were speechless at this moment.

”Raining…. ”

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