I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 261 - Mai Sakurajima 1

”See you tomorrow, Shishio-kun! ”

Waving her hand, Miu smiled happily as she said goodbye, though, the truth, she was a bit reluctant to part with him.

”See you tomorrow, Senpai. ”

Waving his hand, Shishio saw Miu enter her apartment before he turned, walked for a moment, and said, ”Have you watched me enough? ” He had realized that someone had been following him for a while, but he didn ’t sense any harm from this guy, so in the end, he ignored it. Still, he had guessed the identity of this person.

The moment his words fell, someone walked out of a hiding place, holding an umbrella and wearing a hoodie, cap, and a facemask, staring at Shishio.

”Why did you follow me, Mai-san? ” Shishio asked curiously, wondering why this girl had been following him for a while, especially when the rain hadn ’t stopped, but it had slowed down since the rain had become a slight drizzle.

Looking at Shishio, who had just walked away with another girl, Mai felt a bit annoyed, and her mood wasn ’t good. ”I have wanted to call you out, but you ’ve been flirting with a new girl. ” She thought Shishio would only date Nana and Saki, but she didn ’t expect this guy to date another girl. However, strangely, even though Miu knew that Shishio was dating two girls simultaneously, Miu was still happy and even kissed him several times at the shelter before.

When they were kissing each other under the shelter, Mai was standing under the umbrella, and her body was frigging cold!

Mai was scared of her problem, and when she saw that the phenomenon happened once again in the morning before she went to the school, she ran directly back to her home. After calming herself for a while, she decided to meet Shishio, waiting for him to go home from school, but she didn ’t expect to see him flirting with a new girl!

Mai had to admit that Shishio was different from any other guys she had met but was he so special that three girls would date him together even if they had to share him?

If Mai had a boyfriend or a husband, she would want him for herself. As for sharing him with someone else?

Mai had never had such a thought.

Love was selfish, after all, and she wanted him to be for herself.

Mai was on her period, she was still under this strange phenomenon that made her invisible to the eyes of others, she needed to wait for him in the rain, her clothes were wet, and she felt so cold!

It would be weird if her mood was good at this moment, but Mai felt relieved that Shishio could see him.

Shishio looked at Mai for a moment and asked, ”Is it that problem that you told me about yesterday? ”

Mai wanted to answer Shishio ’s question, but suddenly she felt a sudden pain in her abdomen that made her frown and feel weak all of a sudden. Luckily, she was caught by Shishio. If she wasn ’t caught, then she would be all wet because of the puddle.

”What ’s wrong? ” Shishio was startled when Mai suddenly fell.

”My – My stomach… ” Mai tried to hold the pain in her abdomen.

Shishio ’s nose was quite sensitive since his body was three times stronger than an average human, and he could smell a unique smell from Mai. ”Are you on your period? ”

”Ugh… ” Mai blushed and wanted to pinch Shishio ’s waist for being so blunt, but the pain on her abdomen was so unbearable. ”It hurts… ”

”Let ’s go to the hospital, ” Shishio said and carried Mai directly in his arms.

”No, no! ” Mai quickly refused when she heard Shishio ’s words.

”Why? ” Shishio was confused.

”I – I don ’t want to enter a gossip tabloid, ” Mai said with all of her willpower since her abdomen was so painful. She felt a bit surprised when Shishio suddenly hugged and carried her, but she didn ’t have a choice, and somehow it felt comfortable since his body was so warm, so she hugged him tightly so he could share his warmth with her.

”Then where should we go? My place is a bit too far here. ” Shishio had never thought that Mai ’s status as a public figure would be so troublesome since they couldn ’t even enter a hospital. If his hospital was closed, then he would bring her there. Unfortunately, his hospital was far, and the nearby hospital was a bit far from this place.

’Hotel? ’

Shishio felt that it was awkward to bring Mai to the hotel, and even if he brought her there, what could he do there?

As for Mai ’s house, Shishio didn ’t know where it was since he sent her back yesterday. They didn ’t stop right in front of Mai ’s house. Instead, they stopped at a nearby convenience store, but even so, he could guess more or less where her house was.

However, if Shishio said those words, he was afraid that Mai would think of him as a creep since he knew the location of her house, so he needed to wait for her decision. Still looking at Mai, who was in pain, Shishio quickly said, ”Let ’s go to the hospital. You can think about tabloid gossip later since it is important to take care of your body first. ” He was about to go to the nearby hospital, but…

”M – My house is nearby… ” Mai said quietly. ”Let ’s go to my house. ”

”Huh? ” Shishio was dumbfounded when he heard Mai ’s words.

”Bring me home, ” Mai said in pain, and right now, she just wanted to go home.

”Where ’s your house? ” Shishio asked and became serious since he knew that Mai was in pain at that moment.

Mai then guided Shishio to where her house was. She didn ’t think that much of a worry that he knew her address since whether she realized it or not, she had trusted him since when she went unnoticed, the person that came to her mind was Shishio.

Under Mai ’s guidance, Shishio arrived at Mai ’s apartment building but looked at her pained expression. He knew that she didn ’t even have the energy to walk or normally talk with him.

”Mai-san, we have arrived, ” Shishio said quietly, hugging her gently in his arms.

”Ugh… it ’s painful… ” Mai ’s eyes were red, and she was crying since she needed to hold the pain for so long.

Looking at her expression, if possible, Shishio wanted to send her QI to her body, but he knew that it was unrealistic. ”Should I carry you all the way? ” Shishio asked.

Mai, who put her face on his neck, nodded after a moment of hesitation.

”What is your apartment number? ” Shishio needed the number and the card so they could enter her apartment building since it was protected with a password, electronic locking system, and various safety devices. Looking at this apartment, he knew that it was pretty expensive.

As he entered, Shishio moved quite fast and calmly to her apartment room.

”We have arrived, Mai-san, ” Shishio said.

They were right in front of Mai ’s apartment, but Shishio stopped since he knew it was pretty bad to enter her room. They were just acquaintances, and Shishio didn ’t want to become a criminal since he didn ’t receive permission to enter her apartment.

”Th – Thank you… ”

Shishio let go of Mai slowly as Mai used the wall as her support to stand up.

Looking at Mai, who could fall anytime just by walking, Shishio was so worried at this moment.

Mai, who had parted from Shishio ’s arms, felt that it was so difficult to walk and felt that it was better to stay in his arms all the time. She wanted to open the door of her apartment, but it took a lot of toll on her body. She wanted Shishio to help her, but she was afraid that she might trouble him.

”Let me help you. ”

Shishio decided to help since he couldn ’t leave Mai alone like this. He carried her again in his arms, opened the door of her apartment, entered without hesitation, and closed the door.

The moment Shishio entered, he was hit by a rose-like fragrance that made his nose itchy. He took off his shoes directly and helped her take off her wet shoes and sock gently, drying her white and beautiful feet with his hands and warming them up.

”Mai-san, can I enter? ” Shishio asked.

”Um. ” Mai nodded on his arms, agreeing without hesitation since she was so weak, and right now, she didn ’t want to think, and she just wanted to be pampered at this moment. She wanted someone to take care of her and didn ’t want to be alone.

Shishio then entered her apartment and wanted to put her on the sofa in the living room, but she didn ’t want to move away from him since his body was warm, hugging him like a koala, so, in the end, he gave up, and went to the kitchen while carrying her in his arms. ”Mai-san, can I borrow your kitchen? ”

”Um. ” Mai nodded weakly as she hugged him.

Entering the kitchen, Shishio looked at various ingredients before he made warm lemon ginger brown sugar water in a fast manner.

Unfortunately, Mai closed her eyes and didn ’t see his action at this moment since if she saw it, she would be dumbfounded.

Shishio then brought Mai to the sofa again, letting her sit on his lap before feeding her with the warm lemon ginger brown sugar water that he made with a spoon. ”Mai-san, drink this. ”

”Hmm? ”

Mai didn ’t know what it was, but she opened her mouth slightly when she felt the warmness from the spoon. She then tasted a sour, sweet, spicy, and warm liquid in her mouth before she subconsciously drank it. When she drank it, she felt her stomach was so warm, and she felt so comfortable that she opened her mouth again. ”Ahh… ”

”Does it taste good? ” Shishio asked as he fed her again.

”Um. ” Mai nodded and let Shishio feed her again and again.

When Mai felt better, Shishio let her sleep on the sofa before he said, ”Mai-san, where ’s the towel? ”

”Ugh…. ” Mai didn ’t have the energy to answer him, but she pointed her finger at the bathroom.

”Wait a moment. ” Shishio then went to the bathroom and filled the bathtub with hot water before walking out, bringing a towel to dry Mai ’s wet body. Without hesitation, he went to her room to bring a blanket and a sock, though, during the process, he happened to see her underwear, which was amazing. However, he didn ’t have any idea about her underwear since Mai was sick.

Mai then felt that her body was being dried as she closed her eyes. Her feet were covered in socks before her body was covered in a blanket. She felt so comfortable and just wanted to stay like this right now and didn ’t want to move.

”Mai-san, are you hungry? ”

Mai nodded gently.

”Do you want to eat something? ”

Mai nodded again.

”Wait a moment. I ’ll make something for you. ” Shishio had entered Mai ’s house and even saw her underwear, so there was no need to shy away from using her kitchen again.

Shishio checked the fridge and saw chicken tenderloin, cherry tomato, shimeji mushroom, egg, and some condiments on the side and decided to cook tomato and tenderloin egg drop soup.

Mai, who felt slightly better, saw Shishio in the kitchen, watching him, cooking for her, making her feel so comfortable. Right now, even if Shishio stole her underwear, she might forgive him since she was so grateful to him.

Mai waited for a moment before she smelled something delicious permeating through the entire room. She opened her sleepy eyes and felt a bit hungry.

”Can you eat? ”

Mai saw Shishio in the kitchen and moved her body slightly, sitting on the sofa.

Shishio also walked toward Mai and brought a bowl of soup that he made up before he gave it to her. ”Here, eat it while it is still warm. ”

”Um. ” Mai nodded and gently received the soup, feeling the warmth of the bowl on her palms before she slowly ate it. The moment she ate it, she felt like she was full of energy and could K.O. the chicken with her fists at this moment.

”Is it good? ”

”Um. ”

”Are you feeling better? ”

”Um. ”

”I have prepared a bath for you. You should take a bath before you rest, ” Shishio said.

”Um. ”

”I will go back now. Take care, alright? ” Shishio said and was about to go home, but Mai grasped the sleeve of his blazer. ”What ’s wrong? ”

”Stay here for a moment. I want to talk with you, ” Mai said weakly, hoping for him to stay.

Shishio looked at Mai for a moment, then looked at the time on his watch and nodded. ”I ’ll stay here for a while. ”

”Thank you. ” Mai showed a beautiful smile on her weak face, and somehow she understood why this girl was so popular with a girl and had a lot of girlfriends at that moment.

’Wait! What am I thinking?! ’

Mai quickly shook her head and thought that this guy was dangerous!

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