I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 263 - Gods Of Suimei

As the sound of the rain and the small volume of the television were mixed inside the living room of this apartment, those sounds seemed to disappear when Mai started to tell of her uninteresting high school life.

There was nothing special really, and her problem was quite similar to what Shishio had thought before.

When Mai decided to take a hiatus and got into high school, she still had work commitments before she decided to go on hiatus, and she wasn ’t able to attend school until halfway through her first year.

By then, social circles had formed, making her the ”odd one out, ” causing her to be isolated. As a result, the students didn ’t know how to deal with her. While they had no reason to bully her, they also feared associating with her would cause them to be isolated as well.

Telling those stories wore her down, but at the same time, it also made her feel comfortable that someone could hear her complain since she had always been alone after she went on hiatus. ”It isn ’t interesting, right? ”

”That ’s right. It is boring. ”

Mai couldn ’t help but fall into self-depreciation when she heard Shishio ’s words. She was in a helpless situation, and no one could help her. She also spent most of her time working, so she didn ’t have much experience dealing with people from the same generation since she mostly spent her time with someone older, considering her job. She also wanted a friend, but she couldn ’t have it because everyone felt that they weren ’t fit and inferior toward her, which made her high school life lonely.

If she knew that this was how her high school life would be, then wasn ’t it better to continue to work like before?

Staring at her reflection through the surface of lemon ginger water inside her cup, Mai wondered why she needed to endure all of this.

’If only that didn ’t happen… ’

If it was possible to travel to the past, Mai would return to her middle school time and change everything. That way, she could continue doing what she loved and didn ’t need to endure this pain, loneliness, and agony.

”Your classmates are boring. ”

”Huh? ” Mai was dumbfounded when she heard Shishio ’s words.

”I mean, isn ’t it right? ” Shishio looked at Mai and said, ”If I have you as my classmate, then I won ’t hesitate to befriend you even if they isolate me. I mean, it is a rare chance to become friends with a famous child actress. Even if we ’re part of it because you continue to become an actress, I can at least brag about someone that I ’m your friend, and when I graduate from university, I can at least ask your help to help me get into a job in the media industry. So rather than being jobless and not being isolated in high school, I choose being isolated in high school and getting a well-paid job in the future because I know you. ”

”…. ”

Mai was speechless when she heard Shishio ’s words and directly punched his shoulder. ”Bastard, you ’re using me! ” She didn ’t expect this guy to be so crafty to use her connection like this, though she didn ’t really hate this side of him.

Shishio caught Mai ’s fist, looking at Mai, and said, ”Then when I have become a big-wig in the media industry, I ’ll help your career when your career is stagnant. ”

”….. ”

Mai looked at Shishio in a daze.

”What? You don ’t believe me? ” Shishio tried to provoke Mai.

Being taunted by Shishio, Mai also provoked Shishio back. ”What about after that? You have become a big-wig in the media industry. You ’re going to marry me then, trying to get your crush during high school? ” But then she realized what she was saying, and her face was so hot at that moment.

”Well, it is a bit impossible for us to marry, ” Shishio said unnaturally.

Mai was dumbfounded, raised her eyebrow, and asked subconsciously, ”Why? ”

”When I have become a big-wig, I might already have a family, a wife, and children. ” Shishio then looked at Mai unnaturally and said, ”Even if we ’re together, then you might become my mistress. ”

”Bastard! ”

Mai was so furious at this moment and couldn ’t help but want to teach this cheeky junior! How could she be downgraded into a mere mistress?

”Ok, ok, calm down. I was joking. I ’m sorry, Mai-san! ” Shishio didn ’t fight back since he knew that he might have said too much.

Looking at Shishio, who acted like he was in pain, Mai snorted, but she stopped. Her nose flared, but it might be because she got quite emotional that she got a cramp again. ”Ugh… ”

”What ’s wrong? ” Shishio quickly asked.

”It was your fault! ” Mai blamed Shishio as she held her stomach.

Shishio nodded and said, ”Yes, it is my fault so let me take responsibility. ”

Mai was a bit stunned and asked subconsciously, ”How are you going to take responsibility? ”

”I have heard that you ’ll feel better if your belly is being rubbed, so I ’ll take responsibility and rub your belly, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

”…. ” Mai.

”Though, I won ’t force you if you don ’t want to. ” Shishio felt a bit uncomfortable by this stare.

Mai looked at Shishio for a moment, and she had to admit that if she ignored his three girlfriends, he was so pleasing to her eyes. She knew that what he was about to do was a bit indecent. Still, when she thought about what he had done before, especially when he had carried her all the way to her apartment and even took care of her until now, she felt that she could believe in him and at least, she knew that he wouldn ’t do something that hurt her.

Mai then turned her back toward him and said, ”It is an exception. You need to take responsibility for me now. ” Her face was so red, and she felt pretty embarrassed when she thought Shishio would rub her belly.

”Are you sure? ” Shishio was a bit dumbfounded since he was joking just now.

”What? Are you chickening out? ” Mai asked with a snort.

”…. ”

”Say someone whose body is all tense, ” Shishio said in a tease.

”Huh? Who is all tense? I ’m your senior, and I have a lot more experience! ”

”…It feels a bit let down when I know that you have a lot of experience. ”

Hearing Shishio ’s words, Mai also realized that her words were a bit misleading and quickly said, ”You were wrong! I ’m still a virgin! I… ”

”… ”

”How about we stop talking now? ”

Mai glared at Shishio and wondered why she had always lost control when she was with him, but then she couldn ’t help but let out a cute squeal when suddenly his hand was on the top of her belly. ”Wh – What are you doing?! ”

”Didn ’t you ask me to rub your belly? ”

”We – Well… ” Mai then looked at Shishio and said, ”Don ’t do anything weird! ”

”I know. ” Shishio didn ’t put his hand on her skin directly but rubbed her belly over her clothes. Feeling the softness of her belly, he was wondering whether he had a belly fetish.

Mai stared at Shishio ’s hand for a moment and saw he didn ’t do anything weird, so she let him rub her belly, and she had to admit that it felt so comfortable that she almost let out a moan. Fortunately, she was an actress, and she was good at acting. She looked at his expression that was quite calm, and couldn ’t help but feel slightly dejected since she knew that this guy had a lot of experience.

Mai then wanted to ask about his experience, but Shishio beat her first. ”Let ’s continue our conversation before. ”

”Um. ” Mai nodded.

”The abnormal situation that you felt before, I guess it must have something to do with how you ’re being isolated by your classmates. Everyone pretends that you don ’t exist, even though you ’re right beside them. I ’m not sure why, but then not only your classmates, but you also become unnoticed outside of the school, ” Shishio said calmly, but the truth, when he thought that he was in Mai ’s place, he couldn ’t help but think how frightened this experience was. Still, if he was in Mai ’s place, he was wondering what he would do?

If Shishio was in Mai ’s place, then he would be alone, and no one would help him since he was alone, and frankly, it was so scary!

Hearing Shishio ’s explanation, Mai also felt scared, moving her body closer to him. Feeling the warmth of his body, she felt quite relieved since she knew that someone was able to see her right now. ”Then what should I do? ”

Shishio didn ’t answer Mai ’s question, but he recalled a philosophical thought experiment that raised questions regarding observation and perception since it resembled Mai ’s abnormal situation. ”Have you heard about ”If a tree falls in a forest ”? ”

”If a tree falls in a forest? ” Mai raised her eyebrows and didn ’t understand what Shishio was saying.

”It is a philosophical thought experiment that raises questions regarding observation and perception. ” Shishio looked at Mai, who leaned on his chest, and said, ”I ’ll explain to you so you ’ll understand. ”

”Um. ” Mai nodded and listened to Shishio ’s explanation.

”The experiment is a question about if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? ” Shishio looked at Mai, who was in deep thought, and asked, ”What do you think? ”

”It does make a sound. ” Mai looked at the hand that rubbed her belly gently and said, ”The definition of sound, simplified, is a hearable noise. The tree will make a sound, even if nobody heard it. ”

”That ’s true, but the answer is ”yes ” and ”no. ”

”Huh? ” Mai was confused.

”The answer to this question depends on the definition of sound. If the definition of sound is like what you have answered before then, the sound does exist, but if the definition of sound is our perception of air vibrations, then sound does not exist since we do not hear it. ” Shishio explained and said, ”Right now, your situation is similar to a tree that falls in a forest. Right now, you exist in front of me. I can see you, I can hear your voice, I can feel your body ’s heat, and I can smell you. You exist in front of me, but at the same time, you don ’t exist in the eyes of others since your classmate ignores you. ” He didn ’t continue his explanation since he knew that he knew that Mai understood his explanation.

”Then… what should I do? ” Mai understood her situation and the cause of it. The problem now was how to solve this situation.

”Everyone must know that you exist. You ’re there right beside them, and they can ’t ignore you again. As long as you can do that, no one will ignore you, ” Shishio said.

”How do I do that? ” Mai asked subconsciously.

”You need to return to the show-biz, ” Shishio said.

”….. ”

Shishio didn ’t want Mai to answer him and continued. ”By returning to the show-biz, even if they want to ignore you, it is impossible. You ’ll be seen. You ’ll return to normal, and you won ’t… ”

”NO! ”

Shishio was a bit stunned by Mai ’s sudden rejection and asked, ”Why? ”

”Just no! ”

Shishio raised his eyebrows and said, ”Didn ’t you want to return to the show-biz world? When you watched the advertisement for a movie on television before, didn ’t you frown at it? You want to become the heroine in that movie, righ– ”

”Go home! ”

”Mai-san, I… ”

”Go home! ”

Mai moved away from Shishio and didn ’t look at him. ”Can you just go home now? ”

Looking at Mai ’s condition, Shishio let out a sigh and picked up his bag. ”Then I ’ll go back. Be careful. You ’re still on period. I have made porridge and lemon ginger water in the kitchen. If you want to eat or drink them, just warm them up. ”

It made her guilty when Mai heard his every word, and she knew that Shishio just cared about her, which was why he told her to return to the show-biz world, but the experience that made her go on hiatus made her unable to go back so easily. He didn ’t understand her feelings, which was why she was angry, but at the same time, she knew that she couldn ’t blame him since he didn ’t know anything.

Hearing his footsteps, Mai knew that Shishio was about to leave, and she wanted to stop him, but she knew that she didn ’t have a right, especially when she had scolded and rejected him. She knew that he was about to walk out, and when she thought she wouldn ’t meet him again, she felt indescribable regret, and she wanted to call him, but she knew that she couldn ’t, especially when she had lashed him out.

”Mai-san, I know that I might be insensitive before since I don ’t know what kind of circumstances have made you go on hiatus, so I ’m sorry for making you angry and reminding you of something that you hate. ”

Hearing Shishio ’s words, Mai wanted to say something, but…

”I ’ll try to search for other solutions to solve your problem. You can call me if you have a problem. Also, I know that it is so scary to declare something you like, but you should know that there ’s someone who is supporting you, so just do what you like to do. ”

Shishio didn ’t say anything anymore and walked out since more than this was useless. The rest was Mai ’s decision. Still, there were a lot of ways to solve Mai ’s problem, but this was the quickest one, and this method also gave him the least trouble.

Hearing the ”click ” sound of the door, Mai knew that she was alone now, and the bright room returned into a pale dull, full of loneliness.. She leaned to the side, resting her head on the edge of the sofa, strangely feeling so cold, while wondering what she should do right now, feeling regret that she couldn ’t stop him.

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