As the rain stopped, the night also came.

Shishio felt that the temperature was chilly, and he was afraid that someone might catch a fever. Recalling Ryuunosuke ’s request, who asked him to cook something with a tomato, he felt that it wasn ’t a bad idea since tomato was full of vitamin c and it would boost someone ’s immunity just by eating it.

Shishio thought for a moment and decided to cook tomato egg noodles. It was quick, easy, nourishing, and it hit the spot like a good bowl of noodle soup always does.

With that being decided, Shishio also started to cook.

”It ’s cold! It ’s cold! ” Mayumi entered the living room as she rubbed her shoulders. ”Shishio, what are you going to cook? ” She looked at Shishio in the kitchen curiously.

”Tomato egg noodles, ” Shishio said.

”Oh? Is it good? Where does this dish come from? ” Mayumi asked as she got closer, pressing her chest against his Shishio ’s deliberately or subconsciously.

”Okay, okay, I ’ll cook one for you, so stay away from me for a bit. ” Shishio looked away since he had to admit that Mayumi smelled good and her boobs were just too soft. If this continued, he was afraid that the demon inside him would push Mayumi to bed later.

Looking at Shishio, who was embarrassed, Mayumi smiled brightly, thinking her charm as a woman was strong and his reaction was so cute. Still, she had to admit that his body heat was so warm that it felt so comfortable. ”Your body is so warm. Let me stay like this for a moment. ” She rubbed her face against his shoulder, and somehow she was intoxicated by his smell. ’Damn, why does he smell so good! ’ She felt that it would be bad if this continued since she might not get away from him.

Shishio looked around and saw that there were only both of them right now, but he knew that sooner or later, more people would come. However, he felt that this situation was a bit dangerous since he knew how big his sexual drive was, and even though Mayumi ’s personality was a bit disappointing, she was still a beautiful woman after all. ”By the way, where ’s Sayaka-san? I haven ’t seen her for a while. ” There was no reason why he asked this, and he just asked this question randomly.

Hearing Shishio ’s question, Mayumi snorted and said, ”Why are you asking about her? Do you have an interest in her? ”

”I am just asking, why do you react so exaggeratedly? ” Shishio was speechless. ”By the way, stay away for a bit. I ’m going to make noodles. ” It wasn ’t that he was interested in Sayaka, but this girl ’s appearance in the novel was quite rare, so he was afraid the readers might forget about her, which was why he asked this question.

”Well, if you ask where she ’s at, then she ’s probably at the party. ” Mayumi stepped back for a bit and looked at Shishio, who had a hand-pulling noodle skillfully. Pulling, twisting, slapping, repeating that process several times, she was dumbfounded when Shishio made noodles. ”Huh? It ’s really a noodle! By the way, it is different when you make udon at that time. ”

”It ’s noodles from China. There is a difference between the two countries noodles. ” Shishio had to admit that China had various unique ways to create noodles. Like an Italian, who was proud of their pasta, the Chinese were also proud of their noodles. ”Okay, don ’t cause trouble for me, alright? Can you sit down in the living room? ”

”What ’s wrong? Are you afraid that something that shouldn ’t be stood up will stand up? ” Mayumi stood right behind Shishio, whispering those sweet words right in his ear. ”If it ’s stand up, should this Onee-san take care of it? ”

Shishio ’s lips twitched, and he said, ”Ah, Chihiro-nee! ”

”Wha–?! ” Mayumi was dumbfounded and turned her head quickly, but she didn ’t see anyone there. ”Hey, I didn ’t see anyone! ” She sounded quite displeased since she knew that Shishio had fooled her.

Looking at Mayumi, who turned around, Shishio thought to mimic those martial art movies and gave a hand chop to Mayumi ’s neck so she would pass out, but he knew that it was dangerous, so, in the end, he slapped her butts directly.

”Hey! ” Mayumi was startled when her butts were slapped, and when she was about to say something, she heard his whisper.

”Don ’t play around, or I ’ll take your advance seriously, Mayumi-san, ” Shishio whispered to Mayumi ’s ear while pushing his body toward Mayumi.

Mayumi ’s body trembled and felt that something that shouldn ’t be awakened might be awakened at that moment. However, she didn ’t fear Shishio and wanted to taunt him again, but…

”Shishio, I ’m hungry! ” Misaki ’s cheerful voice was heard.

Hearing Misaki ’s voice, Shishio and Mayumi also quickly distanced themselves, especially when Roberta, Shiina, Ritsu, Shiro-san, Chihiro, and Ryuunosuke also came one by one.

The food was also ready, so Shishio put all the noodles in the bowl, and Mayumi, who saw this, knew that her chance to flirt with Shishio had ended, but even so, there should be a lot of opportunities again in the future, right?

As everyone ate the tomato egg noodles, they tasted the refreshing and delicious taste of this dish. Somehow, they felt that they were on the top of the tomato garden, feeling the freshness of the surrounding area.

Still, they felt a bit strange when they saw Shishio helping to feed Shiina.

”Is it good? ” Shishio asked.

”Um. ” Shiina nodded with a smile, then opened her mouth again. ”Ahh… ”

”Mashiro, you can eat on your own, right? ” Shishi asked.

”Ahh… ” Mashiro still opened her mouth.

”It can ’t be helped. ” Shishio sighed as he fed the noodles into Mashiro ’s mouth, and when she chewed the noodles, he also ate the noodles.

”Huh?! You two have an indirect kiss! ” Misaki was dumbfounded and couldn ’t help but exclaim!

An indirect kiss is an act of kissing an object that someone else kissed recently, symbolizing a kiss between the two people. For example, someone touching one ’s lips to an object that someone else has touched their lips to (such as food or a cup).

It might sound silly to some people, and they didn ’t really understand what was so special about it. However, some people were so excited about it, and they might not be able to sleep once they did an indirect kiss.

As for Shishio and Shiina, they didn ’t care too much since they had done something bolder than an indirect kiss. However, Shiina felt happy and warm when they shared their food together, eating together since she had never had such an experience.

As for Shishio, he didn ’t think too much since they were just eating.

As for the rest, they thought that the act of Shiina and Shishio were so bold that they might think of them as an adult since they dared to do an indirect kiss and feeding play right in public!

Everyone knew that Shishio had been tasked to take care of Shiina, but they were too close, right?

”What? Do you want me to feed you too? ” Shishio asked calmly.

”Eh?! ”

Misaki didn ’t expect this response, and she didn ’t know how to answer for a moment. In some situations, she might be bold, but when it came to the real thing, she was so embarrassed that she didn ’t know what to do.

Ritsu wasn ’t sure what to say in this situation. She looked at Shishio, Misaki, and Shiina before she buried her head in the bowl and kept eating while thinking the moral quality of the Sakurasou might have lowered.

Shaking his head, Shishio asked, ”Now that you mention it, Mashiro, you ’re drawing manga with a computer, right? ” He decided to change the subject since it was dangerous to continue this conversation since he was afraid that he might need to feed Roberta, Misaki, Ritsu, Chihiro, Mayumi, and Shiro-san too.

”Um. ” Shiina nodded and asked, ”What ’s wrong? ”

Unlike the traditional mangaka that drew using paper and a pen, Shiina drew her manga with a computer, which was more convenient and cheaper. Still, at the same time, it was also quite tricky since the sense of drawing on a computer was different from the sense of drawing with paper.

”Is it difficult? ” Shishio asked curiously.

”It ’s okay. It ’s faster. ” Shiina was a genius, so it was quite easy to get used to the feeling of drawing with a computer.

It was still 2005, and Shishio knew the difference in specs at the computer was quite huge compared to the future.

Shishio thought for a moment and felt that he might need to create a drawing software, computer, and a drawing pad for Shiina so she could draw easier.

”Shishio. ”

”Hmm? ”

”I ’ll come to your room to talk about a manga. ”

Shishio stopped, thinking, and looked at Shiina for a moment. He could see her eyes were clear, but he knew what she was thinking about, so he nodded. ”Well, you can come later. ” He thought about his plan to visit Tokugawa and wondered whether he should bring her.

”Um. ” Shiina nodded and didn ’t say much afterward, and after the dinner ended, she strode to her room, preparing her material to visit Shishio ’s room.

Shishio also returned to his room after he finished his dinner.

As for everyone, they didn ’t doubt their words, thinking that they were really in the middle of preparing their manga.

”Shishio-kun, don ’t forget about my manuscript! ” Misaki quickly said.

”I ’ll finish it tomorrow. You don ’t need to worry, ” Shishio said as he waved his hand.

It might be a bit random, but Shishio, who went back to his room, couldn ’t help but lament how expensive the condom was. He knew that if he wasn ’t rich, he might have trouble buying a condom every day since he needed to use many of them.

So why did such a thought cross into his mind? It was because he was thinking about the reward that he had received before. He had always wanted to accept this reward before, so now, he was going to accept it.

Shishio accepted without hesitation and felt warm on his balls. He felt a bit weird with his reward, but he was quite curious what kind of reward it was, so he accepted it.

”……….. ”

Shishio realized how amazing this reward was.

The ”Enhanced Testicles ” gave him a lot of things, but more importantly, his balls were indestructible and couldn ’t be destroyed no matter what.

Shishio knew that someone might target his balls during a fight, and even though he knew that he could avoid them, there was a small chance that his balls might be damaged or busted, but now, with this reward, he didn ’t need to worry about this anymore. It also gave him an unlimited amount of semen, and he could control whether his semen would get a girl pregnant or not, which was a great thing.

Shishio knew that a condom was a great thing, but it would reduce the happiness of having sex since they couldn ’t transmit each other ’s warmness.

Shishio thought this was a great reward, but then the door of his room was opened and closed before he saw someone who suddenly leaped into him. He caught this person smoothly, but then he was kissed.

The person who entered his room was Shiina, and as she entered his room, she hugged him directly and kissed his lips. She had always wanted to do this before, and now, she could do it.

As they kissed each other, they also used their tongues, embracing each other, and didn ’t want to part.

As they parted, Shiina panted as she leaned into his chest.

”We ’re not going to talk about your manga? ” Shishio asked.

”No. ” Shiina could feel his hard thing on her butts, and she knew what they were about to do. Her face flushed, and her hand was about to reach his penis, but…

”Mashiro, wait a moment. ” Shishio quickly stopped Shiina. He didn ’t feel surprised at how eager she was since he had taught her many things last night.

”What ’s wrong? ” Shiina ’s mind was a bit muddled since the pleasure of kissing intoxicated her, and she wanted more.

”I will go somewhere first, ” Shishio said.

”Where? ” Shiina ’s mind cleared up and wondered whether Shishio was going to go.

Shishio hadn ’t explained his fighting hobby, so he explained to Shiina his appointment to fight on Tokugawa ’s ring.

Hearing Shishio ’s explanation, Shiina was a bit dumbfounded and felt a bit unreal. She looked at Shishio and asked, ”You ’re going to fight today? ” She held his arms tightly, showing how worried she was.

”No, I ’m going to check the ring now, so let ’s continue when I have gone back, ” Shishio said.

”I will go with you, ” Shiina said without hesitation.

”……. ”

”Can I? ” Shiina asked as she stared at Shishio with a pitiful expression.

”……. ”

”Let ’s go then. ” Shishio then changed his clothes by wearing a cap and a hoodie. He also gave Shiina his hoodie and cap so she wouldn ’t catch a cold. He also didn ’t forget to bring Shiina ’s shoes to his room since he wouldn ’t use the front door.

It wasn ’t her first time wearing Shishio ’s clothes, and she had to admit that it felt so comfortable. ”Are we going out now? ”

”Um. ” Shishio carried Shiina in his arms and walked out of the window.

”………. ” Shiina.

”Don ’t be surprised, alright? ” Shishio said, then jumped out of his room from the window like a ninja.

In Shishio ’s arms, Shiina felt like she was flying right now and looked at Shishio in amazement, jumping from the roof to another roof quietly without any noises. ”Shishio, are you a ninja? ” She, of course, knew about a ninja and didn ’t expect her man to be a ninja.

Shishio only smiled and didn ’t say much. ”We can talk later. Don ’t talk now since you ’ll bite your tongue. ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded, but right now, even though she was still worried, she knew that her man was strong.

Tokugawa had insomnia. After he met Shishio at his school at that time, he couldn ’t fall asleep, especially when he recalled how he was cut in half. After the accident, he tried to ask a famous kendo practitioner that he knew, and as expected, they didn ’t believe his words which annoyed him.

When Tokugawa thought of those people, he couldn ’t help but snort, thinking they were too weak to understand Shishio ’s ability. He wasn ’t in the mood to eat, and he spent all his time drinking warm tea alone while watching the garden from his room. He still remembered the taste of the tea that Shishio brewed and had to admit that even though the tea that he drank was expensive and rare, its taste was quite so-so compared to the tea that Shishio brewed.

Tokugawa let out a sigh and said, ”I want to see him fight. ”

”Then how about you visit him? ”

”It isn ’t that simple. He ’s dangerous. Unlike the majority of people who want to prove that they ’re the strongest, he doesn ’t have that aspiration and what he just wants to do is to protect the people that he cares about. ” Tokugawa also understood the difference between Shishio and the rest of the fighters he had seen in his life. The majority, no, all the fighters that he had ever seen wanted to prove that they were the strongest, but Shishio was different.

Shishio just wanted to protect the people that he cared about, which was why he threatened Tokugawa.

Tokugawa also felt slightly bad toward Shishio, so even though he wanted to see how strong Shishio was, he didn ’t force him to fight again.

”I see. It ’s great that you don ’t have an intention to force someone. ”

Tokugawa nodded, but then he realized that he was talking with someone!

Tokugawa was dumbfounded, then turned his head, and he was in shock when he saw Shishio carrying a girl in his arms, was sitting right on his side!

Tokugawa opened his eyes wide before he screamed since he was too shocked!

”………. ”

Shishio looked at Tokugawa and wasn ’t sure what to say until his sleeve was tucked. ”What ’s wrong, Mashiro? ”

”He ’s like, ”The Scream, ” Shiina said in a surprise.

”……….. ”

Shishio thought about the famous painting by Edvard Munch and thought that Tokugawa was quite similar to that painting right now.

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