I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 266 - As A Man There Is Something That I Need To Do

nt to see Shishio play around in this sacred arena!

Tokugawa thought that Shishio had just learned Taekwondo, and Shishio might have gotten smug by winning against Kanoh Agito and tried to learn other martial arts half-heartily. However, it was normal for him to doubt Shishio. After all, Shishio was just a 15-year-old boy, and even if Shishio ’s talent was strong, there was no way for him to believe Shishio could develop a Taekwondo into a master level.

Shishio ’s talent in Bajiquan was so scary. So why should he waste his time on Taekwondo?

Tokugawa couldn ’t help but pity Shishio and felt that he should tell him that humans always had a limit.

Shishio didn ’t feel surprised by Tokugawa ’s reaction and said, ”You just don ’t think that Taekwondo is a strong martial art, right? ” It was normal to see someone who looked down on Taekwondo since most of the users of these practitioners couldn ’t even use them in the fight. As for someone who could use them in a fight, compared to the number of Karate, Boxer, Muay Thai, even Silat, the number of those fighters who used Taekwondo was small, and they also weren ’t that strong either. The reason why they were famous was that it was pleasing to see them in a fight since their kick techniques were beautiful.

”…… ” Tokugawa.

”Then do you want to see it? ” Shishio suddenly asked.

”What? ” Tokugawa was dumbfounded.

”Do you want to see how strong the Taekwondo that I have developed? ” Shishio asked.

”I…. ” Tokugawa became even dumbfounded.

”You want to see it, Mashiro? ” Shishio asked.

Shiina nodded without hesitation. ”I want to see. ” She hadn ’t seen how strong Shishio was, and she was also quite curious at how strong Shishio was while she also wondered what kind of martial art Taekwondo was.

Shishio nodded, then let go of Shiina, distanced himself from Shiina and Tokugawa, then used his ”Taekwondo Mastery, ” showing it to both of them.

When Shishio started to move, even though Tokugawa and Shiina hadn ’t seen him use an attack technique, they were a bit dumbfounded by his movement technique since it felt like he had created multiple afterimages!

In the eyes of others, Shishio was just walking, without any sounds, but the truth, he was moving at fast speed and in a manner that could confuse the enemy ’s rhythm, which caused them to see his afterimages.

”See? It ’s interesting to know what you can do with your feet, right? ”

Shishio ’s voice reverberated through the octagonal arena.

”Is this a Taekwondo technique? Why does it feel like an assassination technique? ” Tokugawa was at a loss, but at the same time, he was also fascinated!

”Then, since it is Taekwondo, should I show you a kick technique? ” Shishio stopped then asked.

”Yes, yes! ” Tokugawa forgot that he doubted Shishio before and just watched this movement technique. He had just fallen in love and wanted to see him fight as soon as possible!

Taekwondo versus Chinese Kenpo!

Tokugawa wanted to see it!

Shishio took off his shoes since he didn ’t want to destroy them, then after taking some distance from both Tokugawa and Shiina, he planted his feet firmly to the ground, breaking it, before unleashing a shockwave-backed kick!


”………….. ” Tokugawa and Shiina.

Shishio didn ’t look at the result of his kick, put on his shoes again, and walked to Shiina. ”Tokugawa-san, I ’ll go back first. ”

”Oh – oh… ” Tokugawa nodded dumbly.

”Let ’s go back, Mashiro, ” Shishio said.

”Um. ” Shiina nodded and let him carry her.

”Wait, let my — ” Tokugawa wanted to say something, but then he saw them had disappeared so suddenly.

”………. ”

Tokugawa let out a long sigh and felt so cold at that moment. He felt that Shishio was quite scary since Shishio could disappear without anyone noticing as long as Shishio wanted to. Luckily, they weren ’t enemies, so he walked toward the result of Shishio ’s kick.

’Is he really a human? ’

Looking at the part of the destroyed octagonal wooden arena and a huge fissure on the ground, Tokugawa felt that his legs trembled, and he was amazed by Shishio ’s power. Still, at the same time, he really anticipated the fight on Wednesday.

The location of the Underground Arena wasn ’t that far from Sakurasou since it was located in Bunkyou.

There were only tens of kilometers between Sakurasou and Bunkyou.

It might be long-distance for some people, but it wasn ’t for Shishio.

Shishio jumped from one building after another while carrying Shiina in his arms, moving silently and swiftly.

Shiina, who was in Shishio ’s arms, was amazed by the sight before her. It was so breathtaking, watching the sight of the town at night mixed with various dazzling lights from vehicles and buildings. She also realized that even though it was night, the town hadn ’t slept yet.

”Should we stay here for a moment? ” Shishio asked.

”Um. ” Shiina nodded without hesitation.

On the top of the building at night, Shishio was hugging Shiina from behind, watching the scenery tonight.

Shiina, who was being hugged, blushed, then looked at Shishio ’s handsome face in a daze.

”What ’s wrong? ” Shishio asked.

Shiina recalled this gentle side and his fierce side that he showed on the car, mixed together, standing on the top of a building and the arena, feeling that she should put his image into a painting somehow. She also couldn ’t help but recall when he declared his dream before.

”Should we go back now? ” Shishio asked.

”Um. ” Shiina nodded as she hugged him. ”Let ’s go back, Shishio. ”

The way Shiina hugged him was a bit different somehow, but Shishio could smell an intense smell from her and knew what she wanted.. He didn ’t hesitate to carry her and sprinted toward Sakurasou since, as a man, there was something that he must do tonight.

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