I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 267 - Two Battles

might not be as powerful as you ’re thinking, you know? His family is rich, after all. He might buy that Kanoh Agito for losing during the mat — ”


Retsu cut Katsumi ’s words and said, ”I know what kind of person Kanoh Agito is, and I don ’t think that he ’ll purposefully lose to someone just for money. Don ’t you know his master? Do you think the CEO of the Dainippon Bank lacks money? ”

Katsumi raised his hands helplessly and nodded. ”Sorry, sorry, my bad. ” If he thought about it carefully, he also didn ’t believe that Kanoh Agito would lose purposely since Kanoh Agito ’s master was the CEO of the Dainippon Bank, one of the biggest banks in this country. There was a lot of money in the bank that someone might not have possibly spent on them, so why should Kanoh lose purposely for money?

Especially when the fight between Shishio and Kanoh was held to decide who would get a massive investment project with ten billion yen of worth, so who would dare to lose purposely in this battle?

Still, without a doubt, Katsumi, Doppo, and Retsu were quite curious about Shishio Oga since this 15-year-old boy could defeat the undefeatable champion of the Kengan Match. They had seen the 17-year-old champion at the Underground Arena, so they didn ’t feel that much surprised with the 15-year-old champion of the Kengan Match. However, as a martial art, they had their own pride, and they didn ’t think they would lose to anyone!

While they were in the middle of their thoughts, they heard hurried footsteps coming closer and closer, and when they were wondering who ran on this place, they heard a familiar voice.

”Retsu, your match has been decided! Wednesday night! Can you fight? ” Tokugawa shouted loudly as he panted since he had been running for a while, but even so, he still stared at Retsu with reddened eyes, waiting for his response.

Retsu felt that his blood was boiling at that moment, and he stood up without hesitation. Bowing his head toward Tokugawa to show his thanks, and said, ”Thank you! ” His eyes were full of fighting spirit, and he couldn ’t wait to fight Shishio Oga!

After Tokugawa said those words, he then didn ’t hesitate to announce the fight between Retsu Kaioh and Shishio Oga, and without a doubt, the Underground Arena was going to be boiled with the intensity of their match!

The night passed quickly, and the morning was coming.

The members of the literature club had promised to each other to cook their own bento for lunch before so they could eat it together in the clubroom. As a member, Shishio also cooked a bento too, but this time, he made a lot of them so he could share them with everyone.

Shishio is in his class right now, talking with Usa and Tagami. ”You have joined a soccer club, Tagami? ”

”Of course! ” Tagami nodded without hesitation and said, ”By the way, Oga, do you know the manager of that club is so cute! ”

”……. ”

Shishio was speechless and asked, ”Why do you need to mention this matter to me? What do you want me to do? ”

Hearing Shishio ’s response, Tagami understood the meaning behind Shishio ’s words.

Shishio had a girlfriend after all, so what was the use of telling him this?

Tagami felt an arrow strike his chest. ”Ugh… ”

Usa laughed when he saw Tagami ’s reaction.

”Are you interested in her? ” Shishio asked curiously.

”Yes. ” Tagami nodded, regained his excitement, and said, ”Her name is Iroha Isshiki. She ’s at 1-5 class. ”

”Then go after her, ” Shishio said simply, and his expression didn ’t change much when he heard that name.

Tagami blushed and said, ”It ’s easy for you to say that, but I ’m so nervous when I meet her! ”

Usa nodded and agreed. ”If you need help, then I will support you. ”

”Rather than talking about a girl, isn ’t it better to talk about the sport test that we ’ll do tomorrow? ” Nana then joined and said, ”I ’m going to bring him back. ”

”…….. ”

Looking at Shishio, who was pulled by Nana, Usa and Tagami sighed and thought that it had always been a hoe before bro.

Nana was in a hurry since there was something that she needed to ask Shishio, especially when she learned that Shishio was going to fight in a match. So she moved closer toward him and asked in a whisper, ”Are you really going to have a match on Wednesday? ”

”Yes. ”

”Can I come too? ”

”Why not? ”

”Then I will come. ” Nana nodded without hesitation and asked, ”By the way, Miu-senpai doesn ’t know about this matter, right? Are you planning to tell her? ”

Shishio didn ’t answer Nana ’s question first but looked at her and asked, ”What do you think? Should I tell her? ”

”It isn ’t about whether you need to tell her or not. ” Nana looked at Shishio and said, ”She ’s your girlfriend, and she has a right to know what you ’re going to do. Unless it is an important secret such as a country secret or company secret, then there was no need to hide it, right? But that isn ’t the case, right? If so, then you won ’t tell me, Saki, and Mashiro, right? ”

”That ’s true. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”Thank you, Nana. You ’re so smart. ”

Nana smiled and hugged his arm without hesitation. ”I have always been smart! ”

”Cough! Cough! ”

”Can you not flirt in class? ”

Maiko and Mea looked at Shishio and Nana helplessly.

Shishio and Nana didn ’t think too much and sat on their seats naturally as if nothing had happened.

”……… ” Maiko and Mea.

”By the way, do you remember about yesterday ’s plan to cook a bento to have lunch together? ” Mea asked Shishio curiously.

”Of course, I remember. ” Shishio nodded since there was no way that he could forget since he had an ”Enhanced Memory. ”

”Oh? Did you cook your own bento, Shishio? ” Nana asked curiously since she didn ’t know that Shishio could cook.

”I cooked the bento on my own. ” Shishio nodded, but then Mea laughed, which made him confused. ”Why did you laugh? ”

Mea patted Shishio ’s shoulder and said, ”Don ’t worry, I cook a lot so I can share some with you. ”

”………. ”

Shishio looked at Mea speechless, wondering whether this girl thought that his cooking skill was shit.

’If only this girl knows…. ’

Shishio shook his head and didn ’t refute Mea ’s words since the fact was better than words, and he was also a bit afraid that he might be afraid to hit their confidence when they knew the truth.

They continued to talk to each other until the teacher came, but then all of them were anticipating lunchtime since, during lunch, they would start their feminine appeal battle to show who was the strongest girl among them!

But at this moment, they didn ’t even know that the feminine appeal that they were proud of had been defeated by Shishio.

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