I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 276 - Shishio Is Being Seduced

During her work time at the convenience store, Nanami ’s heart had been giddy when she remembered her conversation with Shishio before.

’He ’s going to come! ’

Nanami looked at the clock from time to time and also looked at the entrance, wondering when Shishio was going to come.

”What ’s wrong, Aoyama-san? Do you have an appointment with someone? ”

Nanami looked at her co-worker with an apologetic expression. ”So – Sorry. ”

”It ’s alright. ” The woman waved her hand and said, ”But from your expression, is it a boy? Do you have a boyfriend now? You have just become a high school student, right? Ah, I was so popular back then that a lot of guys sent me a love letter… ”

Hearing her co-worker, who started to talk without stopping, Nanami could only smile bitterly. Her co-worker wasn ’t bad, but she might be frustrated since her husband had been on a business trip, which caused her co-worker to feel frustrated. However, her co-worker had taken care of her several times, so she couldn ’t treat her so badly, and she was also grateful for her. Still, she was embarrassed when her co-worker told her how sexually frustrated she was since her co-worker hadn ’t done it with her husband in few years.

’If it ’s Shishio… ’

When she thought about Shishio ’s body, Nanami couldn ’t help but flush and thought that if Shishio married her, they might have sex every day. Still, she listened to her co-worker ’s story quietly since she learned a lot of things from her, especially the life of a housewife.

Luckily when Nanami ’s co-worker talked, there weren ’t any customers, and there were only the two of them, so even though their conversation was slightly vulgar, they didn ’t need to worry that someone might hear them. They also talked quietly in case a customer entered the store.

*Ding!* *Ding!*

The sound of the automatic door was heard, and Nanami and her co-worker greeted the customer at the same time subconsciously.

”Wel– ” 2x

Nanami and her co-worker stopped since they Shishio right in front of them.

It was Nanami ’s first time to see him, wearing casual clothes, and she had to admit that he was so handsome.

As for Nanami ’s co-worker, she was already flushed when she saw Shishio.

”Are you still working, Nanami? ” Shishio asked.

”Ah, yes, wait a moment, Shishio-kun, my work will end soon, ” Nanami said with a flustered smile since she felt relief when she saw Shishio.

”….. ” Nanami ’s co-worker.

”You don ’t need to be in a hurry. I have come so soon after all. I ’ll buy something first, then wait outside. ” Shishio picked a warm lemon tea then paid for it, talking with Nanami for a while before he walked out.

Looking at Shishio, who walked out of the convenience store, Nanami looked at the time, and there was still 15 minutes before her work ended, but it didn ’t mean that it was over since she still needed to put a half-priced sticker on the bento, but before that, she needed to say something to her co-worker since her co-worker ’s eyes were too frightening!

Shishio opened his warm lemon tea then sat on his motorcycle. It was a bit chilly, but his lemon tea warmed him up. He remembered that there were still 15 minutes before Nanami ’s work ended, so he thought to do something first. He took out his phone and scrolled the list of contacts on his phone before he found the number of the person that he needed to talk with. However, before that, he decided to text her first.

Shishio: ”Sorry for bothering you, Ebina-senpai, it ’s me, Shishio Oga. Can I call you? I want to ask you something. ”

Shishio thought that he would wait for Ebina ’s response for a while, but he didn ’t expect her to reply to him so fast. Without hesitation, he called her number and talked about his plan to create the community forum on the Suimei.

Hina Ebina was studying in her room and read a BL manga during her break from time to time, but she was more into her manga than her study since the plot was so interesting. Her breathing was quite heavy, and she was so excited, but at the same time, she also knew that she couldn ’t show this side of her to someone since they would think of her as disgusting. She knew that she was an otaku and she was also a fujoshi, and at the same time, she also knew how society would view her hobby, and it was also the reason why she didn ’t have an interest in a relationship.

Still, when Ebina thought about a relationship, she couldn ’t help but sigh when she thought she had given her contact number to Shishio. Still, until now, he didn ’t even contact her, and she also had heard that he had gotten a girlfriend.

”Still, it might not be a girlfriend, but a boyfriend! ”

When Ebina thought about Shishio and Kiriya, who were walking next to each other so closely (her imagination) at that time, she couldn ’t help but become so excited. ”Ha…! Ha…! Ha…! ” She then quickly pulled a tissue and wiped her nosebleed. ”How dangerous… ” She felt that Shishio ’s handsomeness was too destructive, and at the same time, it was really unfortunate that he didn ’t show an interest toward her best friend, Yumiko Miura. She was a bit disappointed, but there was nothing that she could do since no one could control the matter of the heart.

”Still… ”

Right now, Ebina ’s mind was preoccupied with the release of the new BL manga that would be released on Thursday night. However, the location of the release was troublesome since it was located in Ikebukuro.

If it was during the day, then Ebina didn ’t need to worry, but it would be held at night.

There was a huge difference between Ikebukuro during the day and at night.

During the day, Ebina didn ’t care and could even come to the Ikebukuro alone, but at night, she knew she would just attract a lot of trouble. Even though she knew that she was fujoshi, she also knew that she was a cute girl, and she knew that there were a lot of guys that might pick her up or annoy her during her pilgrimage. She also had heard that there were still many Gang Colors. In addition, there were many strange rumors on Ikebukuro, such as The Headless Rider or even the Dollars.

”Sometimes, it ’ll be great if I have a boyfriend… ”

If only she had a boyfriend that wouldn ’t just be her hobby and could accompany her to the Ikebukuro, then she would be so happy, but she knew that it would be hard since she knew that a lot of guys would be disgusted by BL. She wondered whether she could only read the new BL manga at the weekend, which made her a bit depressed since she wanted to read it as soon as possible.

When Ebina felt depressed, suddenly her phone vibrated, which made her raise her eyebrow when she saw an unknown number, but then she saw a name on the text. She couldn ’t help but smile and directly replied.

Ebina: ”Sure, hurry up and call me! ”

Shishio then called her, and both of them talked for a while. Even though their relationship wasn ’t particularly close with Shishio ’s way of speaking, it was only a matter of time before Ebina felt comfortable. Then he went straight to the point, telling her about his plan to create the forum community.

Ebina thought that Shishio had asked her help to get close to Yumiko, but she was dumbfounded and didn ’t expect him to ask him to popularize the community forum that he had created.

”Hey, you ask me? I don ’t have many friends, you know? ” Ebina had to admit that Shishio ’s plan was amazing, and she knew that with this forum, there were many things that she could do, and she could even create a ”Fujoshi Community ” on the school. But, more importantly, she didn ’t need to be scared that someone might create a rumor about her, especially when Shishio was the founder of this forum.

If there was really a rumor about her, then Shishio would help her and erase the rumor, which was a great thing!

”Yes, I can tell that you don ’t have so many friends. ”

”…Can you not be so blunt? ” Ebina was speechless.

”It isn ’t something so embarrassing, and I think that you don ’t need so many friends. It ’s alright just to have one or two then be friends with them for the rest of your life, right? ”

Ebina couldn ’t help but smile when she heard Shishio ’s words and said, ”You sure have a lot of ways with your words. I wonder how many girls that have fallen with you. ”

”I hope that you ’re not included on that list, Ebina-senpai. ”

”In your dream! ” Ebina laughed and said, ”Well, there ’s a lot of girls who are falling for you in my class, but of course, I ’m not included in it. ”

”You know, we have moved so far away from our topic of conversation. ”

”Now that you mention it, why did you ask for my help? As I ’ve said before, I don ’t have many friends, you know? ” Ebina said truthfully. If she could help Shishio, she would help him, but she couldn ’t, and she was also quite introverted.

”But Miura-senpai is your friend, right? Isn ’t Miura-senpai popular and has a lot of friends? How about you talk with her and tell her subtly about this forum? By then, you ’ll leave it to the snowball effect where Miura-senpai talks to her other friends, and her other friends will talk again to their friends again. By then, all 2nd years will also use this community forum. ”

Ebina was dumbfounded and couldn ’t help but slap her forehead. ”You ’re right! I almost forgot about this matter! ”

”So, can you help me? ”

Hearing Shishio ’s request, Ebina thought for a moment and said, ”I can help, but can I ask for a request? ”

”What? ”

”Can you accompany me to the Ikebukuro on Thursday night? ”

”What time? ”

”After 6 in the evening? I ’ll wait for you at the station, ” Ebina said.

”Isn ’t that a bit too late? And Ikebukuro? Isn ’t that place dangerous? ” Shishio had heard a lot of rumors about Ikebukuro, especially about the Gang Colors, Yakuza, and even drug dealers. There were a lot of crimes in that city, which was why if a girl wanted to go there, it was better during the day, and it was better not to go there alone. It was also the reason why he was quite confused about why Ebina decided to go there.

”That ’s why I ask you to come with me! ” Ebina pouted then asked, ”Can you? ” Why did she ask Shishio? It was because she could tell that he didn ’t have an interest in her, and it was also good to talk with her. As for whether her hobby as a Fujoshi was being known, she could buy something secretly by then, asking him to wait while she bought her new BL manga secretly.

”I don ’t mind. ” Shishio thought for a moment and asked, ”Should we go there with a motorcycle, Senpai? ”

”Eh? You have a motorcycle, Shishio-kun? ” Ebina asked in surprise.

”I have it, but don ’t tell the teacher, alright? ”

Ebina laughed and thought that Shishio was really a bad boy. ”Don ’t worry, don ’t worry. Your secret is safe with me. ”

”By the way, I haven ’t been to Ikebukuro. Do you know a parking park for motorcycles there, Senpai? ”

”I know! You don ’t need to worry! ” Ebina patted her chest and said, ”I have been on the Ikebukuro for my entire 16 years. ”

”Can you go there when you ’re still a baby? ”

”Enough about me! Where do you want to pick me up? ” Ebina asked.

”Nearby station? Near your house? ” Shishio asked.

”Hmm… ” Ebina thought for a moment and said, ”Just come to my near my house. ” She felt that it didn ’t matter if Shishio knew about where she lived since she believed in him. She also had his secret, after all. ”Here ’s my address…. ”

”Okay, see you on Thursday night. ”

”See you, Oga-kun! ”

They talked for a moment before they ended their conversation shortly after.

But then Ebina realized what she was doing, and her face was slightly red at that moment. ’This… isn ’t this a date? ’

However, when she thought about her Fujoshi hobby…

”No way, right? ”

As he ended his call, Shishio looked at Nanami, who walked out from the backdoor of the convenience store. Her face was quite cute since she was blushing, and strangely enough, when he saw her wearing a school uniform at night, there was a sense of disobedience, which caused him to see her in a lewd image. He then started to recite ”Phi ” so quickly that he could calm himself.

”Sorry to make you wait, Shishio-kun? ” Nanami said with a light blush.

”No, I didn ’t wait too long. ” Shishio shook his head.

”Um… if you don ’t mind, how about we talk at my apartment? It isn ’t that far from here, ” Nanami said.

”…Is that alright? ” Shishio asked.

”I – I don ’t mind. ” Nanami lowered her head shyly.

If it was someone else, Nanami might hesitate, but the one who came was Shishio, so she didn ’t really mind. Still, she was quite shy at that moment.

”Then should we go now? ” Shishio asked.

”Ah, yes! ” Nanami nodded, then suddenly asked, ”By the way, have you eaten Shishio-kun yet? ”

Shishio wanted to nod, but when he saw her expression, he shook her head and said, ”Not yet. ”

”There ’s still a lot of half-priced Bentos that are sold on the convenience store. Do you want me to bring you one? ” Nanami asked.

”Is that okay? ” Shishio asked.

”Of course! ” Nanami nodded without hesitation. ”Should I get them for you? What type of Bentos do you want? ”

Shishio listened to what kind of bento was sold at the convenience store and told her his choice.

Nanami then walked back to the convenience store before she returned with two half-priced Bentos in her hands with a red face.

Shishio didn ’t say anything about this and said, ”Thank you, Nanami. ”

”No, no, it ’s alright. ” Nanami shook her head, but then she only noticed his motorcycle. ” This motorcycle? ”

”It ’s mine. ” Shishi gave a helmet to Nanami, and she subconsciously caught it. ”It ’s troublesome to walk around this area, so I got a motorcycle. ”

”…Is that alright? ” Nanami asked curiously since she knew that Shishio was the same age as her, so he shouldn ’t get his driving license yet, right?

”It ’s alright as long as you don ’t tell anyone, right? ” Shishio said with a smile.

Looking at this smile, Nanami was in a daze again and thought that this smile was too cheating, right?

’If you always show me this smile… ’

Nanami shook her head and felt a bit depressed right now. As for the matter of whether Shishio had a driving license, she forgot about that matter now.

”Let ’s go. It won ’t be good if we ’re too late, right? ” Shishio started his motorcycle, waiting for Nanami to sit on his back.

”Then… excuse me… ” Nanami was a bit shy, but she sat on Shishio ’s back and clutched into his jacket timidly. It was her first time being so close with a guy before but before that…

”Wait a moment. Wear this. ”

Shishio took off his jacket and gave it to Nanami.

”Eh? ” Nanami was startled.

”It ’s a bit cold at night. You might not get used to it, so wear it, ” Shishio said.

”But… ”

”Wear it. ”

Nanami pouted, but in the end, she wore it. ’It ’s Shishio ’s smell… ’ Her face was so red, and she somehow wanted to sniff his jacket, but she knew that she couldn ’t do that.

”Are you ready? ”

”Yes. ”

Nanami held part of his t-shirt before she saw the motorcycle moving slowly. As the motorcycle moved, she had to admit that it was a bit chilly. Luckily, he had told her to wear his jacket, but then she was worried about Shishio, and as expected, she saw his body trembled slightly.

’What should I do? ’

Nanami knew that Shishio lent her his jacket so she wouldn ’t feel cold, but in exchange, his body was cold right now. She thought for a moment, and in the end, she hugged him directly!

Nanami was so nervous when she hugged him so suddenly, wondering how he would react. Still, she hoped that he wouldn ’t say anything since she was dying of embarrassment at that moment. Luckily, he didn ’t say anything, and at the same time, she sighed in relief when she saw his body stop trembling.

After a moment, Nanami also felt comfortable hugging him, so she relaxed and rested her head on his shoulder, smelling his musky smell. ’It ’s nice… ’

As for Shishio, he was a gentleman, he wouldn ’t reject someone, but he wouldn ’t invite someone openly. As for indirectly, he definitely wouldn ’t admit that he indirectly caused Nanami to hug him right now, but he had to admit that the feeling of D cup size on his back was so good….

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