I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 277 - Mathematics Is Important Knowledge

huckled and said, ”Shishio-kun, tell me the truth, why you want to help me. ”

”It ’s the truth, ” Shishio said softly.

Nanami ’s heart was beating so fast, but she knew that this guy wasn ’t serious, so she kept staring at him and didn ’t say anything.

”…Can I just say that I just want to help you? ” Shishio asked.

Nanami wanted to say something, but she was cut by Shishio. ”Before you ask ”why, ” why do you need to ask that question? Can you just become my maid? And I just want to see you in a maid uniform! ”

”Pervert! ”

Nanami retorted with a red face. She took a deep breath and sighed. ”I just didn ’t expect that the most handsome guy at school would be a pervert. ” She thought that Shishio would be a serious and gentle guy, but she didn ’t expect that he was a pervert. However, she had to admit that this side of him was quite interesting, and she didn ’t really mind wearing a maid uniform.

”Oh? Do you feel disillusioned? ” Shishio asked with a smile.

”Not really, but… ”

”But? ”

”If I live on the Sakurasou, you won ’t be able to see me wearing a maid uniform, right? ” Nanami smiled and asked, ”Is that alright? ” Her tone was full of teasing, watching him curiously.

”……… ”

Sakurasou was a dorm, and many people lived in that place, including his aunt, Chihiro.

If Shishio asked Nanami to wear a maid uniform in that place, there would be a lot of trouble. He rubbed his chin and started to think about this matter seriously. Money wasn ’t a problem for him, and he could take it out anytime. Even if he spent it for Nanami for free, he didn ’t really mind it since he had received a ”Music Mastery ” from her.

The worth of this ability was simply negligible compared to the money that Shishio would give to Nanami.

Still, hearing her tone, which was full of tease, Shishio could tell that Nanami didn ’t mind wearing a maid uniform for him. ”Oh? So you don ’t really mind wearing the maid uniform for me? ”

Nanami felt that her face was scorching since she was so shy at that moment.

’Just… ’

”Just why are you helping me so much, Shishio-kun? You know… I ’m not that beautiful… ” Compared to Nana, who was so stylish, Nanami felt quite inferior, and she had to admit that Nana was more beautiful than her, which made her wonder what made Shishio attracted to her. ’Even if I wear a maid uniform, is it good? ’ But then, her chin was lifted, which made her surprised, and she saw him right in front of her!

Nanami couldn ’t look away from Shishio and felt that her heart was thumping so fast right now.

’Am I going to be kissed? ’

Nanami closed her eyes, waiting for Shishio to kiss her, but she wasn ’t kissed, and she only heard his voice.

”Really? I think that you ’re cute. ”

Shishio had to admit that compared to Nana, Shiina, and any other girls he knew, Nanami was quite plain, or rather, Nanami was quite similar to Miu. However, Nanami had a bigger bust compared to Miu since her D cup wasn ’t for nothing since he had felt how soft it was before. Still, no matter what, she was still one of the heroines in the story, so her face was more beautiful than a normal high school girl.

”Do – Don ’t tease me…! ” Nanami couldn ’t look straight at Shishio, lowering her head shyly.

Shishio sighed and said, ”You know, you ’re so stubborn. Can you just let me help you? ” He couldn ’t help but rub her head, thinking why this girl was so stubborn.

Nanami didn ’t say anything and also wondered why she was so stubborn. She could just accept Shishio ’s help and became his maid, getting a lot of salary by working under him, but she just couldn ’t give him a nod. If Shishio was just pitying him, she would reject him without hesitation, but she knew he didn ’t feel that way.

Feeling the pat on her head, Nanami didn ’t say anything and looked at Shishio, who was so close right beside her, and somehow she could only sigh, feeling envious of Nana. She looked at him again and asked, ”Shishio-kun, you want to hire me to become your maid, right? ”

”Yes. ”

”So, what will I do if I become your maid? ” Nanami asked curiously, wondering what she had to do.

”Well… ” Shishio thought for a moment and said. ”Cooking. ”

Nanami nodded. ”Then? ”

”Cleaning. ”

”Um… then? ”

”Washing. ”

”Okay. ”

”Including my underwear, is that okay? ”

”…….. ” Nanami blushed, but then she nodded. ”… Okay – Okay. ”

”You don ’t need to force yourself, you know, ” Shishio said and thought that this girl was really working hard.

”No, no, it ’s alright. I can wash your underwear! ” Nanami said without hesitation and asked, ”Then what should I do next? ”

”Do you want to do more than that? ” Shishio asked.

”As long as I can do it, I ’ll help! ” Nanami said without hesitation.

”Then… If I ask you to help me with that need, is that alright with you? ” Shishio asked curiously.

”Tha – That needs! ” Nanami ’s face was burning once again. ”Wha – What kind of needs? ”

”Well, the thing on your imagination, ” Shishio said subtly.

”Pervert! ”

”Huh? What did you imagine? ” Shishio asked curiously.

”You – You ’re teasing me again! ” Nanami pouted.

Shishio smiled happily and asked, ”Do you agree? ”

”…….. ”

Nanami looked at this smile and felt that this smile was too cheating, right?

”Um. ” Nanami nodded and bowed her head slightly, which caused her ponytail to move slightly. ”Please take care of me from now on, Shishio-kun. ”

”Then please take care of me too, Nanami. ” Shishio then looked at Nanami, used his ”Mathematics Mastery ” to calculate her body ’s size, and thought to make her maid uniform later. He had asked Roberta to get him a sewing machine, and all he needed to do next was to buy fabric.

”What are you thinking about, Shishio-kun? ” Nanami asked suspiciously.

”I was just thinking about the mathematical formula, ” Shishio said with a serious expression. He wasn ’t lying, and he was telling the truth, but even so, why did Nanami look at him with a doubtful expression?

It seemed that Shishio needed to educate her on how to act in front of her master in the future.

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