I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 279 - Study X Study

As Wednesday was coming, the Sport Test started, and as usual, Nishikata quickly told everyone to prepare and not to waste time since the time was limited.

Nanami, who had changed into her PE uniform, still thought what had happened yesterday was a dream. She looked at Shishio, who was talking with his friends and couldn ’t help but pout, thinking that this guy was bad. However, from now on, he would become her master, and she would work as his maid.

’I ’ll need to ask the teacher to move to Sakurasou later. ’

Even so, Nanami had planned to move to Sakurasou so she could stay with him. Still, she had to admit that Shishio ’s family was full of mystery, and besides coming from Kyoto, she didn ’t know much about him. Some people thought of him as a member of a big clan or something, but it was just a rumor.

’Hmm… ’

Nanami was curious and wanted to ask Shishio, but at the same time, it was also because of this that she couldn ’t concentrate on the PE lesson, especially when she thought about last night, she felt that her face was hot!

As for Sorata, his existence might have been forgotten in the past few chapters, but he was still in the same class as Shishio and Nanami, so he also needed to do this Sport Test, even though he felt a bit lazy. As for Nanami, he didn ’t feel that worried about her since even though Nanami was quite close to Shishio, it was impossible for both of them to be together since Shishio ’s girlfriend, Nana was right in their class too.

Sorata also felt that his relationship with Nanami was still close, which made him happy. As for whether he loved Nanami or not, it was a different matter, or rather, he still had a feeling toward Shiina, even though he knew that it was impossible.

As for Shishio, if he knew what Sorata was thinking, then he could only stare at him in silence. He didn ’t do anything with Shiina last night and just slept together after he gave her a good massage so he could sleep better. Even though he didn ’t know much about massage, his knowledge of ”Orthopedic Mastery ” along with other martial art abilities, it was simply a child ’s play for him to make Shiina ’s body feel better.

Shiina had always maintained a similar posture for a long time when she drew something, so of course, it was necessary to fix her posture, or else, there might be a problem in the future since it wasn ’t rare for a mangaka to have a problem with their lower back.

Shishio then thought about tonight, the day that he would have a match on the Underground Arena, and strangely enough, he quite anticipated it.

”What ’s wrong, Tagami? You have been depressed for a while. ”

Hearing Usa ’s voice, Shishio turned his head and looked at Usa, who seemed worried, and Tagami, who seemed depressed. He thought for a moment and asked, ”Did you get rejected? ”

”Ugh! ” Tagami felt that an arrow pierced into his chest at that moment.

”TAGAMI!!! ” Usa quickly caught Tagami, who was about to fall. ”Oga-kun, please have mercy! ”

Shishio ignored Usa ’s words and asked, ”Did you confess to that girl… who was her name again? ”

”Iroha Isshiki… ” Even though Tagami was depressed, he still answered Shishio ’s question.

”Did you confess to her yesterday? ” Shishio asked.

”Um. ” Tagami nodded with a sigh.

”You were too reckless, Tagami. ” Usa sighed and said, ”You have only known each other for a moment. Why were you so hasty? ”

”I can ’t help it! ” Tagami sighed again and said, ”Love is like a hurricane! It came so sudden, and I couldn ’t control myself! ”

”Yes, love is a hurricane. ” Shishio wanted to laugh at Tagami, but he held it since he felt that it was too cruel. ”And just like a hurricane, it left everything in a mess after it came. ”

”…. ” Tagami and Usa.

Shishio patted Tagami ’s shoulder and said, ”But wasn ’t it good that you got rejected? ”

”Huh? Why is it good? ” Tagami asked with an explicable expression.

”From the beginning, you ’d never put your feelings too much when you confessed to her, right? So even if you got rejected, you would only feel depressed for a few days before you fall for a new girl. ” Shishio knew that a guy like Tagami had never thought too much when he confessed, and when Tagami saw a cute girl, this guy might confess directly as long as there was a chance, ignoring the fact that they had only known each other for a moment.

However, Shishio didn ’t feel that surprised. Why?

It was because Shishio had a similar experience since he was often confessed by a girl, even though they didn ’t know him well.

Still, unlike guys who were afraid of humiliation and rejection, the girls were more open-minded toward rejection, and they might not give up even if they were rejected.

What girls were afraid of the most was violence and being forced since they were weaker than guys, and even some girls were more powerful than guys. In an actual situation where something happened to them, they wouldn ’t be able to react, and they wouldn ’t be able to bring out their powers.

”Ugh… ” Tagami couldn ’t refute it since he just thought that Iroha was cute, and he felt that he was falling in love at that moment, so, in a moment of heat, he directly confessed, and as expected, he was rejected splendidly. He gritted his teeth and looked at Usa. ”Enough about me. How are you, Usa? Have you confessed to that senior? ”

”Huh?! ” Usa blushed and couldn ’t help when he was mentioned.

”Oh-ho? From that expression, is there a development between you? ” Tagami asked with interest.

”… ” Usa couldn ’t say anything and became depressed when he heard Tagami ’s question.

Shishio patted Tagami ’s shoulder and said, ”Tagami, have mercy. ”

”Sorry. ” Tagami sighed and didn ’t expect that he would hurt Usa ’s fragile heart.

”It – It ’s alright… we – we have started to talk to each other even though it was only a few words… ” Usa tried to show his smile.

”…. ” Tagami and Shishio.

Shishio shook his head and wondered why Usa had to fall in love with Ritsu. If Usa were to fall for background characters that wouldn ’t trigger his system, then he wouldn ’t think too much. Unfortunately…

Tagami patted Usa ’s shoulder and said, ”Just confess and get rejected. ”

”Huh?! Why am I being rejected? Don ’t you think that there ’s a chance that she ’ll accept my confession? ” Usa complained.

”You couldn ’t even maintain a conversation with her. Why do you think that she ’ll accept you? ” Tagami was cruel even though Usa had tried to help him before.

”…. ” Usa.

Usa then looked at Shishio and wanted to say something, but…

”Stop it. ” Shishio cut Usa ’s words and said, ”I don ’t like to help someone else ’s love life. It ’s troublesome, but… ”

”But? ” 2x

”If you get rejected, I ’ll treat you to ramen. ” Shishio patted Usa ’s shoulder and said, ”Let ’s go. Nishikata-sensei is calling everyone. ”

”Oh – Oh! ” 2x

”By the way, I have been rejected. Can you treat me to ramen, Oga-kun? ” Tagami asked.

”… ”

Nishikata was about to start the Sport Test, but suddenly someone came and called his name.

”Nishikata-sensei! ”

Nishikata turned his head and saw the new coach of the baseball team. ”Todoroki-sensei, what ’s wrong? ”

Todoroki Raizou is the coach of the Suimei Academy High School Baseball Team.

Raizou was wearing a jersey, looking at Nishikata with a smile, and asked, ”Sorry for disturbing your class, but can I join you? ” He was like an average middle-aged man in his 40s with a slightly unkempt appearance, but his body was quite well-built since he was a professional baseball player in the past.

”I ’m okay with it, but why? ” Nishikita asked curiously.

Raizou looked around, and his eyes locked into one person on the field. ”I have heard that there ’s a monster in this class. ”

”Monster… ” Nishikata was speechless, but he knew who Raizou meant. ”He isn ’t a monster but a prodigy. Do you want to invite him to the baseball club? ”

”If he ’s as good as the rumor said, then I will invite him. After all, I want our school to win the Koshien. ” Raizou stared at Shishio, and he then saw Shishio looking in his direction, which stunned him. ”Even his face smells of money… ’ He had to admit that the world was unfair, but that life was.

Sometimes someone is born with fast legs, a smart brain, a powerful body, and a lot more.

However, it was Raizou ’s first time seeing someone born with everything, whether money, body, or appearance.

”Even if you try to invite him, he might not agree, you know? ” Niskihiata said.

”If you don ’t try it, you won ’t know, right? ” Raizou smiled and said, ”Nishikata-sensei, how about you start the Sport Test since everyone is waiting now. ” He couldn ’t wait to see Shishio ’s performance right now and wondered whether it could surprise him or not.

”Oh, right! ” Nishikata almost forgot. ”Everyone gathers here! Girls and boys are separated! ”

Hearing Nishikata ’s words, everyone started to get ready since the Sport Test was about to start!

”Shishio, try to massacre everyone, ” Nana said with a smile.

”…. ”

”Is that something you should ask your boyfriend? And should you say something so scary with a bright smile? ” Shishio rolled his eyes.

”But I want to see how good your Sports Test is, ” Nana said with a cheerful expression.

”… ”

”Well, all I can say is that I ’ll try to do my best. ” Shishio wouldn ’t do his best since if he did his best, he would have broken the world record easily, and he was too lazy to attract too much attention because of it.

”Everyone lines up! ”

Shishio patted Nana ’s shoulder and said, ”See you later. ” However, his arm was grabbed, and he heard his whisper.

”If you get 1st place, I ’ll reward you. ”

”… ”

Shishio took a deep breath and said, ”Don ’t worry, I ’ll get the 1st place. ” His eyes were burning, and he wondered whether he should show 10% of his power in this Sport Test.

Nana chuckled, but at the same time, it made her feel relieved since she was quite nervous when she thought that Shishio would fight tonight, so she thought to encourage him, but she didn ’t expect that the effect would be so effective.

Leaving Nana, Shishio lined up with everyone.

”100-meter sprints, softball throws, long jumps, chin-ups, and 1500 m run that in order. Give it your all! ” Nishikata shouted.

Shishio felt that it should be pretty easy, but then, he wondered why an old man was looking at him with a smile. However, he ignored this old man and prepared for his test, and at the same time, he tried to recall each of the world records for the test so he wouldn ’t do something that attracted too much attention.

’Being exceptional is sometimes difficult… ’

Shishio thought that matching everyone ’s pace and staying in the group was too troublesome, but that was how a human was. They lived in a group, and everyone would single out the one that attracted too much attention.

There was even a saying in Japanese, ”the nail that sticks out gets hammered. ”

We live in a society that tells us to be different, then ridicules you when you are.

As for this problem, Shishio didn ’t have a solution, or rather, even if he had a solution, it was only working for him. As for the other people, he didn ’t care much and it might not be working since they weren ’t exceptional enough. He knew that he was selfish, but being a good guy was the last thing that he would do since being a good guy would always bring trouble.

Shishio then prepared for his first Sport Test, which was 100-meter sprints. He was in his position and recalled that the world record of the 100 meters dash was being held by Usain Bolt with 9.58 seconds.

As for the others, they were staring at Shishio ’s without blinking away since they were curious about his result.

”On your marks! ”

”Set! ”

Shishio took a deep breath and thought that he should aim for 11 seconds.

”Go! ”

Shishio then ran, leaving everyone behind smoothly, and arrived at the goal.

”….. ”

Shishio looked at Nishikata and asked, ”Nishikata-sensei, what are my times? ”

”… ”

Nishikata stared at his stopwatch for a while and said, ”11 seconds. ” Some people might say that this number might be normal, but even so, it was difficult for people to reach this number since most of them would get either 12 seconds or 13 seconds. More importantly, he knew that Shishio didn ’t even get serious and Shishio could even get faster and it was 11 seconds without plus or minus, a perfect 11 seconds!

Nishikata took a deep breath and asked, ”You ’re not a secret weapon of Japan in the Olympics, right? ”

”…. ”

Shishio felt that being exceptional was difficult, but he didn ’t care since he was waiting for the reward that Nana would give him later.

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