I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 27 - Martial Artist

e to zero.

Shishio then rested for a bit and let out his breath calmly. He felt very good at the moment and the ”Bajiquan Mastery ” was fully integrated into his body, however, he wasn ’t sure whether he could fully use all of this technique during the fight since he didn ’t think that he would have a chance to fight someone in the future.

The world was so peaceful and Shishio didn ’t have a hobby to provoke someone.

Lastly, as a smart man, it was better to use the brain to have revenge rather than his muscle.

When Shishio stopped, he heard a voice from his side.

”Why did you stop, Shishio-kun? ” Misaki asked curiously since she could tell that Shishio didn ’t seem tired and she was also wondering whether she could see more techniques.

”Senpai, is there a wooden sword here? ” Shishio asked.

”Wooden sword? You can do kendo too? ” Misaki asked curiously.

”Yes, I wonder whether there ’s one? ”

”Wait a moment! Let me get it for you! ” Misaki then stood up and dashed somewhere.

Shishio was wondering where Misaki was going to take a wooden sword, but then before long, she returned with a wooden sword in her hand.

”Here. ”

Misaki directly gave the wooden sword to Shishio.

Shishio was dumbfounded and asked, ”Where does this wooden sword come from? ”

”It ’s in the corridor, ” Misaki said.

”Corridor? ”

”Un. ” Misaki nodded and said, ”In the woman ’s corridor, it is used to smash any man that is going to enter the woman ’s area. ”

”…. ”

Shishio nodded and didn ’t say much. ”Senpai, stay a few meters away from me. ”

”Huh? Why? ”

”Because it is dangerous, trust me. ” Shishio knew powerful ”Thunder Breathing ” was so he wanted to take some precautions.

”Un! Un! ”

Misaki became even more excited and wondered what Shishio was about to do.

Shishio then took a few steps back then started his ”Thunder Breathing ”.

Based on his understanding, ”Breathing Styles ” are swordsmanship forms practiced and taught by the ”Demon Slayer Corps ”. ”Breathing Styles ” makes use of specific and concentrated breath patterns, which increase the user ’s lung capacity and amount of oxygen in the blood. This increase of oxygen allows the user to enhance their physical abilities and mental concentration, allowing them to fight on par with ”Demons ”, whose physical prowess surpasses that of the average human.

With this ”Breathing Styles ”, his top-class body became even stronger.

Shishio then started to breathe and his breath was so powerful that it was heard by both Misaki and Ritsu who watched on the side.

The way Shishio wielded his sword at this moment was similar to a sword style known as Iaijutsu.

Shishio channeled his strength into his legs, maximizing the output of every single muscle and blood vessel in them.


”First Form: Thunderclap and Flash. ”


Shishio unsheathed his wooden blade, dashed forward at blinding speeds that mimic lightning ripping through the air, and decapitated the opponent.

Shishio appeared five meters from his previous spot then looked at the wooden sword in his hand before letting out a sigh since he could feel that this sword was almost destroyed after he used it before, and at the same time, his feet felt slightly sore which made him wonder whether his body wasn ’t powerful enough to use ”Thunder Breathing ”.

”…. ”

On the other hand, Ritsu and Misaki opened their eyes and mouth wide since Shishio ’s speed was so fast!

’Is that human speed? ’ 2x

It was their thoughts at that moment.

Shishio was about to try ”Thunder Breathing ” again, however…

”Shishio, can you come with me? ”

Shishio, who heard Chihiro ’s voice, turned around and asked, ”What ’s wrong, Chihiro-nee? ”

”Your entrance exam result has been announced so come with me, ” Chihiro said.

”Yes, Chihiro-nee. ”

Shishio walked to the corridor and left the courtyard, following Chihiro to her room.

Ritsu and Misaki blinked their eyes before wiping their eyes several times since they knew that what had happened before was a reality.

”Wait a moment, Shishio-kun! Chihiro-sensei! I want to know Shishio-kun ’s result too! ”

Misaki then chased after Shishio and Chihiro.

”… ”

Ritsu was alone in the room before she stood up and decided to go to the bookstore since she wanted to see whether there was a book about swordsmanship, kendo, or a samurai since she was curious about Shishio ’s kendo style before.

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