I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 282 - Daddy Complex

As they arrived at Wagnaria, they were welcomed by Popura again.

”Welcome! ” Popura greeted with a smile, but then she was surprised. ”Oga-kun? ” Shishio was wearing a cap, so she wasn ’t so sure.

”Hello, Taneshima-san. ” Shishio nodded and asked, ”Is there an empty seat? I need six seats. ”

Roberta didn ’t change her expression when she saw Popura, but Shiina observed Popura quietly.

”Six? That ’s a lot! ”

”There ’s no empty seat? ”

”No, there ’s. Please follow me, Oga-kun. ” Popura then guided the three of them and didn ’t feel surprised by Roberta since she had seen her in the past, but then she was looking at Shiina, who was wearing a pink hoodie, pink cap, and tight black jeans, and sneakers curiously. She looked at Roberta and Shiina, then thought about Nana, Miu, and Saki that she saw yesterday and wondered why there were so many beautiful girls around Shishio?

”What ’s wrong, Taneshima-san? ” Shishio asked.

”Um, you have a lot of beautiful friends, Oga-kun, ” Popura said with an innocent smile.

”… ” Shishio, Roberta, and Shiina.

Shishio wasn ’t sure what to say for a moment, but then he nodded and said, ”Thank you. ”

Popura somehow felt that this ”thank you ” was a bit weird, but she wasn ’t sure, so she didn ’t think too much. ”Please sit here. ”

”Thanks. ”

”Should I bring the menu? ” Popura asked.

”Sure. ” Shishio nodded since they hadn ’t eaten yet.

When Popura left to bring the menu books, Shiina asked, ”Shishio, can an elementary school student work? ”

”…Mashiro, she ’s a high school student and even older than us. Also, don ’t call her an elementary school student or else she might get angry, ” Shishio reminded Shiina and didn ’t feel surprised by her reaction.

Shiina nodded and made a note on her head directly.

There were six seats with three seats facing each other, but Roberta and Shiina directly squeezed him in the middle.

”……. ” Shishio.

Shishio didn ’t think too much, then saw Miu and Saki, who entered the Wagnaria, and he quickly raised his hand, waving his hand toward them.

”Shishio-kun! ” Miu called his name with a smile.

Saki didn ’t say much, but she moved toward Shishio faster.

Saki and Miu then looked at Roberta and Shiina. Finally, they looked at Shiina, who was wearing similar clothes to Shishio but with a different color, which made them feel a bit jealous. As Shishio had told them before, they were wearing clothes that were easy to move and wore a jacket since it was a bit chilly.

As for Shiina ’s clothes, Shishio had bought them by asking Roberta. Shiina loved them since her clothes were similar to Shishio and it also felt comfortable to move.

As for Roberta, Saki had seen her,, so she greeted her naturally. ”Roberta-san. ”

Roberta only nodded and didn ’t say anything.

”Um… ” However, Miu hadn ’t seen Roberta, so she wasn ’t sure who Roberta was.


’Maid? ’

Miu was wondering why a maid was sitting right beside Shishio. ’Is this a cosplay or a real maid? ’ She had often thought that Shishio might be someone from a hidden wealthy family or something. Still, it surprised her when she saw a maid so suddenly.

Shishio was about to introduce Roberta, but…

”Shishio! ”

Shishio looked up and saw Nana. ”Nana! ”

Nana quickly moved in Shishio ’s direction. She was wearing a parka jacket, a white t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. However, when she arrived, she looked at Shiina for a moment, feeling that she should buy similar clothes in the future before she looked at Roberta. ”Um… why is there a maid here? ”

”Sit down first, and I ’ll introduce you to each other, ” Shishio said, but then…

”Shishio-kun, you really have a lot of beautiful friends, ” Popura said innocently.

”…….. ”

Hearing Popura ’s words, they weren ’t sure what to say for a moment, but looking at her innocent expression, they felt that they shouldn ’t tarnish her innocent.

”Let ’s order something first, ” Shishio said.

They nodded and thought that they could talk later since they needed to send Popura away first since their conversation might corrupt the mind of that girl.

”An order! ” Popura shouted and put the order on Shishio ’s table.

”Oh. ” Jun Satou received the order, then looked in Shishio ’s direction curiously. He had to admit that he was curious, especially when he saw one man surrounded by five beautiful females.

”You ’re curious about their relationship? ” Hiroomi Souma suddenly appeared beside Satou and asked.

”…Don ’t come so suddenly, or I ’ll smack you with a pan, ” Satou said with a deadpan expression.

”How cruel! ” Souma wanted to cry, but then he said, ”However, it ’s better that you don ’t think too much about him. ”

”Why? ” Satou looked at Souma curiously and asked, ”You have told everyone before that we shouldn ’t annoy him so much before, but you have never told us. Why? ”

Souma sighed and said, ”It ’s because it ’s the best for everyone not to know him and treat him like a normal guest since if you know annoy him, then some of us might… ” He might have tried to get Shishio ’s information before, but suddenly his computer was blank and directly destroyed. However, before all of that happened, there was a message on his computer, and he still remembered that message so well. ’Ugh… it ’s better not to think about him, or else I might get thrown to the Tokyo Bay. ’

”Why? ” Satou even became curious.

”Hmm… ” Souma thought for a moment and said, ”Can you see his car? That ’s Land Rover, it is a luxurious foreign car and I can see that it is also bulletproof. ”

”Bu – Bulletproof?! ” Satou was dumbfounded.

”Shhh…! ” Souma ’s heart was beating so fast when he saw Shishio watching in his direction and quickly pulled Satou along with him. ”Don ’t scream so suddenly! ”

”……. ”

It was Satou ’s first time to see Souma so scared, which made him also scared for some reason. ”That – That guy isn ’t a young master from a large yakuza organization, right? ”

”His identity should be scarier than that, so it is better not to talk about him, alright? ” Souma said with a serious expression and opened his closed eyes directly.

”…… ”

Satou, who saw Souma open his eyes, nodded without hesitation and felt that it was better to follow Souma ’s words without saying anything much.

Shishio knew that Souma, the information broker for this restaurant, tried to search for his information, but it was impossible, and he gave him a warning. Still, he had to admit that Souma was so good at collecting information, which made him wonder whether he could use him.


Souma felt his entire body was cold and wondered if something might happen to him.

”Let me introduce you. Her name is Roberta. As you can see, she ’s my maid, ” Shishio said.

”…….. ” Miu and Nana.

”Um, a real maid? ” Nana asked.

”Real. ” Shishio nodded, then he introduced Nana and Miu. ”Roberta, they ’re Miu and Nana. ”

”Hello. ” Roberta bowed her head.

”Ah, yes! ” 2x

Miu and Nana subconsciously bowed their heads too.

Nana looked at Shihio and asked, ”Shishio, is your family rich? ”

”Well, not bad. ” Shishio didn ’t tell a detail and said, ”By the way, what did you tell your parents? ”

”Study. ” 3x

Saki, Miu, and Nana said without hesitation since they told their parents that they were going to stay at their friends ’ place and went on to study there since the Monthly Exam was about to come. They also brought their bags and uniform since Shishio had told them that they were going to live in their house after the match.

Unlike Saki, who had stayed at Shishio ’s house, Miu and Nana were a bit nervous since they wondered whether they were going to do the thing that a couple would do.

”By the way, this place is safe, right? There ’s no yakuza or anything, right? ” When Nana thought about an underground fighting arena, she couldn ’t help but connect it with the yakuza since she knew that it was illegal to do an underground fighting arena.

”It ’s safe since it is being held by the Tokugawa family, ” Shishio said.

”…Tokugawa? ” Miu was dumbfounded and asked, ”Um… Shishio-kun, which Tokugawa? ”

”Tokugawa, our shogunate before, is the one that appears in the history book. It ’s the current patriarch of that clan that manages this underground fighting arena, ” Shishio said.

”…….. ” Miu ’s head was so dizzy at that moment.

Nana rubbed her head and felt that the information that entered her head was quite too much. She then looked at Shiina and Saki, who were still calm, and asked, ”What do you think, Mashiro, Saki? ”

”Hmm? ” Shiina tilted her head, showing a confused expression while eating her parfait.

”……. ” Nana.

”You don ’t need to think too much. You ’ll slowly understand when you see it with your own eyes, ” Saki said calmly since her state of mind was better since she had seen Shishio ’s match before on the Kengan Match.

Hearing Saki ’s advice, Miu and Nana nodded and it was better not to think too much until they saw it with their own eyes.

Still, as they ate, they continued to talk about the Underground Arena and wondered about Shishio ’s opponent.

After they ate, Shishio paid for the dinner, but then he saw Inami, who had hit him yesterday.

”I… um… ” Inami was so restless at that moment.

”Come on, Inami-chan. ” Popura patted Inami ’s back, trying to support her.

If Shishio didn ’t know what had happened, he thought that Inami was going to confess to him, but he knew that she didn ’t.

”I ’m sorry for almost hitting you yesterday! ” Inami said in one breath while bowing her head.

”……. ” Roberta and Shiina were dumbfounded since they didn ’t expect that Inami was about to hit Shishio.

”It ’s alright. I received your apology yesterday, and I know that it takes all of your courage to apologize to me, considering your situation so I accept your apology and do your best to cure your androphobia, ” Shishio said calmly.

”Ye – Yes! ” Inami bowed her head again with a blush on her face. ”Tha – Thank you! ”

Shishio only waved his hand and left with everyone since he had received Inami ’s apology, especially when she had given him a ”Boxing Mastery. ” As for what would happen between them, nothing might happen since she wasn ’t his type after all, and he also didn ’t want to be punched by her all the time. Also, he had to admit that the MC of the Wagnaria wasn ’t bad, but it was better to stay away since that MC was also able to trigger his system.

”That ’s great, Inami! You ’re able to apologize! ” Popura said with a happy smile.

”Taneshima-san… ” Inami was also so happy since she could talk and apologize to Shishio. What she needed to do next was to cure her androphobia since she didn ’t want to be trapped by her fear of man forever.

While Inami was doing her best to cure her condition, Shishio and his group had trouble.

Shishio ’s car could only be entered by five people, but there were more than six people.

Looking at everyone who was hesitant, Shishio sat on the passenger seat directly, which made them dumbfounded, before he patted his thigh and asked, ”Do any of you want to sit on my lap? ”

”………….. ”

Standing outside of the Tokyo Dome, Tokugawa couldn ’t stay still and was waiting for Shishio.

”Tokugawa-sama, why don ’t you wait inside? The temperature is quite chilly. ”

”Isn ’t it better to wait inside? We ’ll take care of him and guide him inside. ”

”Yes, everyone is already inside, we — ”

”SHUT UP! ” Tokugawa roared. ”IF YOU WANT TO ENTER, JUST ENTER! I WILL WAIT FOR HIM HERE! ” If everyone had to beg him to fight on the Underground Arena, it would be his first time begging someone to fight, but he didn ’t regret it since he knew that he was about to see the new strongest human on earth!

Tokugawa knew that everyone was already waiting, but so what?

Tokugawa didn ’t care about them, and he just cared about that young man right now!

Tokugawa ’s bodyguards looked at each other before they sighed since they didn ’t understand why Tokugawa was so obsessive with Shishio Oga and wondered whether Shishio Oga was really that strong, but then they saw a group of six people, walking toward their direction. What attracted them the most was the figure of the young man that walked in the middle with a black cap and black hoodie, but even so, they felt that his existence seemed to be in harmony with the world as if the world was created just for him.

Tokugawa ’s eyes lit up and wanted to say something, but suddenly they felt a chill!

Not only Tokugawa but all the people around him also felt a chill as if they saw a bloodthirsty beast right in front of them, and it was about to tear them apart. They couldn ’t move for a moment, and some of them were directly pissed on their pants.

Shishio frowned when he smelled urine and told Shiina, Nana, Miu, Saki, and Roberta to wait for a moment before he walked to Tokugawa and pat Tokugawa ’s shoulder lightly. He smiled lightly and said, ”Tokugawa-san, let ’s go. ”

”……… ”

When Tokugawa and his bodyguards saw Shishio smiling at them, they had to admit that it was their first time to see someone as handsome as Shishio in this world.

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