I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 284 - Enough Of Play

Shishio and his group entered the Tokyo Dome with Tokugawa ’s guidance.

Tokugawa kicked some of his bodyguards out directly since he didn ’t expect some of them to piss on their pants, which was shameful!

’Still… ’

Tokugawa looked at Shishio curiously, wondering what Shishio had done that he felt a terror on his entire body.

However, even if Tokugawa asked, Shishio wouldn ’t answer him since he just had his ”Pheromone Control ” to scare Tokugawa and his goons. It might be his first time using this ability, but he could use it well. Still, he felt that using this ability was better to use sexual matters rather than to intimidate someone. After all, with this ”Pheremone Control, ” he could make any girl open their legs for him so easily. Still, he knew that there should be a lot more use of this ability, but he could slowly learn it later.

Shishio and Tokugawa talked to each other, talking about his opponent since Tokugawa hadn ’t told him much about Retsu Kaioh.

As for the girls, they were dumbfounded, looking around the Tokyo Dome curiously, and then even became dumbfounded when they saw that there was a lift that would lead them to the Underground Arena.

Entering the lift, the girls hadn ’t talked for a while since they were pretty nervous, and they could only stand near Shishio to calm their hearts, especially in front of Tokugawa, the patriarch of the Tokugawa Clan.

Even though this tiny old man seemed to be relatively harmless, they knew that identity of this old man wasn ’t something that they could afford to be rude with.

After someone had preconceived ideas inside their mind, they would project those ideas subconsciously, showing their preconceived idea on their bodies.

They knew that Tokugawa was the descendants of the Tokugawa clan. In their minds, they couldn ’t treat Tokugawa like a kind elderly man in the neighborhood, and his existence made them quite nervous, except for Shiina and Roberta, of course.

Tokugawa, who talked with Shishio, didn ’t think too much about the girls brought by Shishio. Everyone had their own hobbies, and Shishio ’s hobby might be a woman. Still, he had to admit Shishio was amazing since this 15-year-old boy had five women simultaneously, and he could also see the relationship between them were in harmony, which made him even more amazed. It was also why he sent a maid rather than a butler to take care of Shishio ’s needs before the match.

However, Tokugawa could also see that they were pretty restrained in front of him, so he didn ’t stay here any longer since he had to prepare for the match. ”Your match is about to begin soon. I have to be on stage. Be careful. Your opponent is strong. ” Leaving such words, he left Shishio and his group, and as soon as he left…

”I was so nervous…! ” Nana let out a long sigh. Her boobs were undulating up and down, showing how scared she was.

Miu also couldn ’t stand up, holding Shishio ’s arm tightly since she was so nervous before.

”Calm down. You don ’t need to get scared, you know? Tokugawa-san is just a kind old man. ”

Besides his dangerous hobby of watching martial artists fight each other, Shishio ’s impression of Tokugawa was quite good since that old man respected the strong. As long as someone was strong enough, Tokugawa would support that person no matter what.

Tokugawa led them to the changing room, but they didn ’t enter the room and stood in the corridor outside. If they walked tens of meters away from the corridor, it would lead into the stage of the Underground Arena. Even from their location, they could hear the voice of many people from the corridor, which made them feel quite nervous.

Saki, Shiina, and Roberta were better, but it was different for Miu and Nana since it was their first time to come to this place.

”Take a deep breath, ” Shishio said while caressing the back of Nana and Miu gently.

Miu and Nana took a deep breath at the same time, but they showed a considerable difference.

If Nana ’s chest was moving up and down, Miu ’s chest didn ’t move, but if Shishio looked closely, he could see that her ribs were moving up and down.

Shishio only realized it now, but it seemed that there were all kinds of sizes in front of him from A, B, C, D, and G, which made him appreciate them even more.

”Have you calmed down? ” Shishio asked with a gentle smile.

”….. ” Roberta, Shiina, Saki, Miu, Nana, and the maid were staring at Shishio in a daze.

”Um. ” Miu nodded shyly.

”You know, you should restrain your smile in the future… your smile is too dangerous, ” Saki said with a sigh.

The rest also agreed with Saki ’s remarks since they weren ’t sure how many girls would fall for Shishio if they saw his smile.

”More importantly, Shishio, are you sure that you ’re going to be alright? That old man has told you that your opponent is strong! ” Nana reminded Shishio quickly as she calmed down.

Shishio didn ’t answer Nana ’s question and looked at the maid that Tokugawa prepared. Even though this woman didn ’t trigger him a quest, he had to admit that she was beautiful, but this maid was still worse than his woman. ”Is Retsu Kaioh strong? ”

Hearing Shishio ’s question, the maid looked at Shishio for a moment, and she was still in a daze, especially when she saw his smile before. Still, then, she nodded with a serious expression and said, ”Retsu Kaioh is a strong martial artist. He is the master of the Chinese Kenpo. ” She looked at Shishio worriedly and couldn ’t bear to see him get hurt. ”Um… I know that my words are quite rude, but isn ’t it better to stop this match? You might get hurt. ”

”Um… if you don ’t mind, can you tell us about Retsu Kaioh? ” Miu asked with three-point timidity, three points nervously, three points worriedly, and one point curiously.

The maid nodded and told what kind of martial art Retsu Kaioh was in front of everyone.

Hearing the story of Retsu Kaioh from the maid, everyone was dumbfounded.

Four thousand years of Chinese martial arts? Being abandoned in the martial temple? Getting the name of ”Kaioh, ” which was the title for the strongest Chinese martial artist? Using all of his life for martial arts?

Hearing Retsu Kaioh ’s history and accomplishments, they were all dumbfounded, and they were unable to say anything for a moment.

Japan is a country that respects seniors.

Retsu Kaiouh was older than Shishio, and of course, they thought Retsu must be stronger than Shishio. After all, Shishio was only 15-year-old, and they had never seen him fight, so it was normal for them to doubt him.

However, Saki and Roberta didn ’t say anything since they believed in Shishio, and they also saw how powerful he was, so they thought he would be okay and win this match!

Still, Shiina, Miu, and Nana looked at Shishio worriedly.

”What? You ’re worried about me? ” Shishio asked with a smile.

”… ”

’This smile is too dangerous, right? ’

”Stop smiling for a bit, Shishio. ” Shiina couldn ’t concentrate when she saw him smiling.

”Okay, okay, I know that you ’re worried, and I ’m happy with your feelings, so when this is over… ” Shishio moved closer to Shiina and whispered something to her.

Shiina blushed instantly and hammered Shishio ’s chest.

”… ”

”Hey, what are you talking about? ” Nana pouted.

”Nothing, let ’s study for the Monthly Exam after this match since it is still a bit early, ” Shishio said.

”Huh?! ”

”Do you think that this is a time to think about the Monthly Exam?! ”

”You ’re about to have a match, you know?! ”

”You might get hurt! ”

Nana wanted to say something again, but her lips were shut by Shishio ’s lips!

”…. ”

As their lips parted, Shishio looked at Nana and said, ”Just shut your mouth for a bit and wait for me, alright? ”

”Ah – ah… ” Nana couldn ’t say any words, and her face was so reddened at that moment. Her body was scorching, and she looked at him obsessively.

”… ” The rest of the girls.

Shishio could see they wanted to kiss, but he could do it later since he heard the announcement that the match was about to start. He took off his cap, hoodie, t-shirt, and sneakers, leaving only his denim pants.

Everyone could see the eight-packs on his stomach, the v-line below his abs, and his well-built body that was sculpted as if a Greek God.

”…. ” They felt something warm dripped from their noses right now, but they didn ’t care about any of that and kept staring at Shishio.

”Then I ’ll go now, ” Shishio said with a smile before he walked toward the corridor.

Looking at Shishio, who walked away, they looked at each other before they chased after him, so they could watch his match closely, but before that, they took Shishio ’s clothes that he put on the ground before they chased after him.

As Retsu entered the stage, the audience cheered loudly in excitement, but he ignored all of them, and in his eyes, he stared at the passage on the opposite side of his direction, waiting for his opponent. As he stared, he felt that the noise around him disappeared as if there was only him and his opponent in this world.

However, Tokugawa was full of excitement, shouting using the microphone as if he was afraid that no one would hear him.


Some people were doubtful when they heard this name, some people were excited, and others showed eagerness. Still, even so, they wanted to see the appearance of this 15-year-old boy that had caused a considerable noise in the underground fighting circle.

As they waited for him to appear, suddenly everyone was in silence, even though they didn ’t understand the reason. It was as if they felt something that made them shut their mouths, they didn ’t hear anything, but they knew that someone was coming from the dark corridor.


The audience subconsciously gulped the salivae on their mouths, and from the dark corridor, a silhouette of someone appeared.

’Ah, it ’s him… ’

As he appeared, this thought appeared on everyone ’s mind. They knew that without a doubt, the young man that appeared right on the stage with a relaxed manner was Shishio Oga. When they blinked their eyes for a moment, they were dumbfounded when Shishio, who was near the stage ’s entrance, would suddenly appear a few meters right in front of Retsu Kaioh.

”….. ”

Even Retsu opened his eyes wide when he saw this magical situation.

”Nice to meet you, Retsu Kaioh-san. My name is Shishio Oga. I hope that we can have a good fight. ” Hearing his well-mannered introduction, Retsu didn ’t lower his guard, or rather, he raised his guard and focussed on the young man in front of him since he knew if he didn ’t do that, then… he might…

Retsu took a deep breath, calmed himself, hit his fist against his palm, bowed his head slightly, and said, ”Nice to meet you, Shishio Oga-kun. My name is Retsu Kaioh. I hope that we can have a good fight, but… ” He stared at Shishio, showed a fearless smile, and declared, ”But I ’ll be the winner of this match. ”

Shishio might try not to smile, but at this moment, he couldn ’t stop it and smiled toward Retsu, showing his handsome smile to everyone on the Underground Arena, which caused all of them to be even dumbfounded.

”Then let ’s see whether you have that ability or not. ”

Their fighting spirit was burning. They set the Underground Arena ablaze and caused everyone to scream subconsciously.


Their scream sounded like a plea since they couldn ’t wait anymore that they pleaded to watch this match as soon as possible!

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