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Chapter 284 - Enough Of Play

oh said and could see how strong Retsu was from Retsu ’s presence alone.

’Really? Can you do that? ’ Katahara looked at Erioh suspiciously, but he didn ’t say anything since he also could see that Retsu was strong.

Some people might think that it was hard to tell whether someone was strong or not, but that wasn ’t the truth. It was so easy to tell whether someone was strong or not by looking at the body of someone. If someone was huge, tall, and muscular, then without a doubt, that person was strong, right?

Retsu might not be the tallest man on earth, nor was he the most muscular man on earth, but his reputation made people think that he was strong, even though some people had never seen him fight. His presence and expression were also other factors that made people think of him as a strong

As Retsu appeared, Tokugawa continued and asked Shishio to appear, but as his voice fell, suddenly everyone was in silence so suddenly, even though no one told them to shut their mouths.

Kanoh, Erioh, and Katahara didn ’t close their eyes and saw the silhouette of someone from the dark corridor, and when Shishio Oga appeared, there was one thought that crossed their minds at this moment.

’He has become stronger?! ’

Kanoh, Erioh, and Katahara didn ’t understand, but they could tell that Shishio had become stronger, which made them dumbfounded. They kept staring at him until suddenly Shishio disappeared and appeared a few meters away from Retsu.

”………. ”

’This… is this a technique that ’s capable of someone turning invisible? ’ Katahara ’s lips twitched uncontrollably, and he just didn ’t think that someone could defeat Shishio right now.

Fighters can only win a fight when their opponent is right in front of their eyes, but what if their opponent can ’t be seen with their eyes? What if their opponent disappears and turns invisible?

Even the strongest creature on earth, Yuujiro Hanma, was incapable of turning invisible!

Katahara didn ’t say anything afterward, nor did Kanoh or Erioh say anything since they were afraid that they might lose sight of the scene that appeared right in front of their eyes.

Even Doppo and Katsumi, who were looking down at Shishio, were also dumbfounded when they saw Shishio Oga appear on the stage.

Tokugawa couldn ’t handle it anymore. He was full of excitement, his eyes were red, and he was panted.

Everyone was in a similar state since they wanted to see how strong Shishio Oga was?

”BEGIN!!! ”

With the loud sound of the gong, the emcee screamed loudly on the microphone, afraid that no one would hear him, and the match between Shishio Oga and Retsu Kaioh started!

Shishio and Retsu heard the sound of the gong and the announcement that the fight would start, but neither of them put their fighting stance as they stared into each other.

”Why don ’t you put your stance? ” Retsu asked.

”You might think that I ’m arrogant, but I don ’t think that your attack will hit me, ” Shishio said in a relaxed manner.

”…………. ”

After the announcement of the fight, the Underground Arena was in a solemn situation, and everyone was in silence, so when Shishio talked, everyone could hear his words, which made them dumbfounded.

’I don ’t think your attack will hit me? ’

They had never heard such arrogant words before, but Retsu only laughed so hard before he kicked the sand, teeth, and nails on the ground toward Shishio ’s direction to blind Shishio ’s eyes and moved so fast right in front of Shishio to punch him right on the solar plexus, but…

”………….. ”

Everyone was silent.

The sand, teeth, and nails that Retsu kicked hit nothing, and Retsu ’s fist also missed.

On the other hand, Shishio suddenly appeared a few meters behind Retsu as if nothing had happened and threw two red hair ties to the ground.

Shishio knew his ”Auto-Pilot ” was strong since he didn ’t need his brain to send a signal to his body, but his body had already reacted and dodged Retsu directly, which amazed him.

Retsu was dumbfounded and quickly turned around, but then he realized that his ponytail was broken and his long hair was untied.

”………… ” Everyone.

”Well, enough of a play. ”

Shishio ’s atmosphere started to change, and unlike what everyone imagined, they would see his magical Bajiquan technique, but they didn ’t expect that he would fight in different kinds of martial art!

’Taekwondo?! ’

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw Shishio ’s stance since the one that he showed wasn ’t Bajiquan, but Taekwondo!

Taekwondo ’s fighting stance is quite particular.

Commonly, the user will turn the body to the side to present a smaller target, slightly bent knees for balance and agility, feet about two shoulder widths apart, and hands down to maintain the balance.

Shishio used such a stance, which made no one sure to say for a moment.

Even Retsu was also dumbfounded when he saw Shishio suddenly show a Taekwondo stance. Even though he didn ’t say much about it, compared to the 4,000 years history of Chinese martial arts, all of those modern martial arts were just babies!

However, Retsu also knew that everything depended on an individual.

If a baby uses a gun to fight an adult who uses a tree branch, who will win?

The answer is obvious, right?

It is an adult.

Even if a baby has a gun, it is still impossible for it to use it. On the other hand, even if an adult has a tree branch, the baby can ’t do anything.

Retsu ’s mind was moving so fast. Unfortunately, he was still unable to react when Shishio appeared right in front of him, and suddenly he felt that his brain was shaking and felt the world was turning around before he fell directly to the ground.

”…………… ”

As Retsu fell to the ground, Shishio walked away toward where his women had been waiting.

However, no one said anything and watched this scene dumbfoundedly since the match had ended.

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