I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 286 - We Never Learn

”… ”

Everyone was in silence when they saw Retsu fall on the ground, and Shishio walked away.

’This… ’

No one was sure what to say in this situation since they had never encountered this situation.

The common audience, who just followed the hype without knowing anything, was confused. After all, this match was too high level for them to understand, and if this match wasn ’t held on the Underground Arena, they would think that this was a fake match.

The Underground Arena ’s prestige was without a doubt, and there was no money involved in this arena, so no one could pay someone so they could win the match, which was obviously different from other underground fighting organizations.

Still, even so, the common audience understood that Shishio was fast!

Miu and Nana were also dumbfounded since they didn ’t expect that Shishio ’s fight would end so soon. They thought that there would be a bloody fight that they couldn ’t bear to watch, but they didn ’t expect that match would end so soon.

”Just… what did Shishio do? ” Saki was confused since she felt that Shishio had become stronger.

”Kick. ” 2x

Roberta and Shiina said at the same time.

”Kick? ” 4x

Miu, Nana, Saki, and the maid looked at Roberta and Shiina curiously at the same time.

Roberta didn ’t continue her words and looked at Shiina.

Shiina noticed Roberta ’s gaze and said, ”I don ’t know, but I saw Shishio kick that man ’s head three times. ”

”Three times?! ”

Unlike the common audience who couldn ’t see anything, but those elite fighters, fighting maniacs, and some audience that often watched the fight between fighters could see Shishio ’s kick, which was something that couldn ’t be done unless someone had practiced for a long time.

’Prodigy. ’

Katsumi was often told that he was a genius, but when he saw Shishio defeat Retsu in an instant. He felt that his nickname was just sarcasm somehow. Even though he couldn ’t see it clearly and it might be an optical illusion, he felt that for a moment, Shishio ’s kick turned into three kicks and hit Retsu ’s right temple, left temple, and the back of the head at the same time.

”Three kicks at the same time… ” Doppo murmured.

”Dad… ” Katsumi looked at Doppo and asked, ”You could see it too, dad? ”

Doppo looked at Katsumi for a moment and nodded. ”I ’d thought that it was only an optical illusion, but I guess his speed is so fast that it creates something like an afterimage like in the manga. ”

”… ” Katsumi wanted to refute, but he knew that he couldn ’t. ”But how did he do that? ”

”How? ” Erioh thought for a moment and said, ”That ’s a good question, but all I can say is that he ’s just good at kicking people that his movement is so smooth, causing an illusion that he can do three kicks at the same time. ”

”…That ’s all? ” Katahara looked at Erioh expectantly.

”What do you want me to say? ” Erioh was helpless and said, ”Do you want me to say that Shishio Oga has a similar technique from our family by forcibly opening up the limit of the body? ”

”Does he? ”

”No. He doesn ’t have that kind of power, or rather he might not need it since the power of his body is already so strong now. ”

Katahara felt a bit disappointed, listening to Erioh ’s explanation, and said with a disappointed sigh, ”I wonder whether the fight has ended now. How boring. ”

”It can ’t be helped. ” Erioh ’s expression turned solemn as he looked at Shishio ’s figure. ”He has become stronger, after all. ”

Shishio then looked in the direction of Tokugawa, telling him the match had ended.

Tokugawa sighed and then looked at Retsu. Somehow, he felt that he should get a stronger fighter for Shishio since Retsu was too weak, right?

’Or rather, has he become stronger? ’

If the match was held a week ago, it might have taken a while for Shishio to defeat Retsu, but now, with his physical strength being three times stronger than ordinary people, it was easy for him to defeat Retsu.

Tokugawa nodded at Shishio and was about to raise his hand, but…


Retsu, who had fallen, stood up once again as he shouted loudly.

Shishio turned and looked at Retsu, who had stood up once again. He just stared at Retsu and didn ’t say anything. He knew that Retsu should have realized the difference between them, but there was no way for Retsu to give up so easily. After all, a martial artist was such a creature.

Retsu stared at Shishio with a pained expression as he panted. His brain was still shaking, and he still felt dizzy, but even so, he just didn ’t want to lose like this. He had talked so big before, but he couldn ’t even touch Shishio ’s body, which made his pride unable to accept it!

His name is Retsu Kaioh!

Retsu had lost his calm and there was only anger in his heart, and right now, he just wanted to break Shishio ’s calm expression!

Sometimes when an emotion reaches a certain extent, it causes someone ’s power to increase substantially.

For example, when a mother wants to protect her children, she won ’t feel anything even if she is splashed with hot water.

This is what Retsu felt right now: his pride, hard work, and 4,000 years history of Chinese martial arts are put on this match!

Retsu had told Baki that he wanted to see Shishio ’s fight, and he wanted to see the next strongest creature on earth.

However, as a martial artist, as a fighter, he just wanted to beat the shit of Shishio Oga right now!!!

”SHAAAA!!!! ”

Retsu lowered his hips as if trying to accumulate all the power inside his lower body before he leaped in one go. Then, he raised his leg as if an ax that was about to split a log in a vertical line.

Retsu had never felt this good before, and he had never thought that he could feel that his power also become even stronger!

Everyone who saw Retsu ’s attack was full of excitement, especially Doppo and Katsumi, who were Retsu ’s friends, and they thought that this match would become more interesting.


Shishio looked at this scene with a sigh inwardly, thinking that every fighter was sure to be selfish. He then changed his stance on boxing, raising both of his fists near his face, and as Retsu came, he used a ”Left Straight ” to punch Retsu, who sought death from him.


Retsu was about to strike down Shishio with his kick, but he didn ’t know what had happened, and suddenly he was thrown tens of meters away, directly blasted away from the stage, and was thrown back into the corridor. He felt that his entire body was in pain, and he could also feel some of his bones were broken, but even so, he stared at Shishio ’s figure that slowly turned into a silhouette before he passed out.

”…….. ”

”Can you announce the result of the match? ” Shishio asked as he stared at Tokugawa.

Baki, who had walked away from the Tokyo Dome, wondered how Retsu could say something so stupid before.

”How stupid. ”

Baki felt that Retsu ’s words were stupid, and he thought that he should forget it, but why he couldn ’t and there was also irritation in his heart.

Yuujiro Hanma was the strongest creature on earth, and there was nothing that could defeat him. Even Retsu also had faced him, which was why Baki was wondering why Retsu could say that someone could even match that monster.

Even now, Baki also didn ’t think that he could defeat his father. Instead, he became more and more desperate as the gap between them became clear to him.

However, Baki knew that he was strong. After all, if he wasn ’t strong, then he couldn ’t become the champion of the Underground Arena.

Still, even so, Baki still felt an irritation on his heart, and what made him even annoyed, he didn ’t know why he felt this feeling.

However, what Baki felt at this moment was extremely simple, and that feeling was called jealousy.

Baki had been working hard all of his life to defeat his father and give revenge on his mother. He had trained in the cruelest way possible and even defeated a lot of strong people, but even so, no one had ever thought of him would be able to match Yuujiro Hanma. He was Yuujiro ’s son, and he had the blood of Hanma on his heart. Even though he had never said it and always showed hatred toward his father, he was prouder of his origin and his father than anyone.

Baki was the son of the strongest creature on earth, and his dream was to defeat this strongest creature on earth.

The job of defeating the strongest creature on earth was left for him, which was why Baki couldn ’t accept it when he heard someone younger could be more talented than him and might even match his father.

Looking at the Tokyo Dome, Baki snorted before he went home since he didn ’t think that Shishio Oga was strong, and it was only a time that Shishio would be defeated by Retsu Kaiouh.

”…………. ”

After they heard the loud blast of air, the sand, gravel, nails, and teeth were scattering in the air.

”…………. ”

This scene dumbfounded everyone.

They didn ’t know that had happened, but one thing for sure, Shishio ’s attack was so strong that he was capable of creating a powerful jet blast of air just from the force of it.

”………….. ”

The stage was in silence since they felt that they were dreaming at this moment, but after they wiped their eyes several times, they knew that this scene was real and the winner of this match was obvious to all.

Shishio Oga was standing tall, alone, showing his mighty to everyone.

On the other hand, Retsu was thrown back into the corridor from Shishio ’s punch. Looking at the path that was created by Retsu on the ground when he was punched, the audience couldn ’t only stare at it in a daze.

”Can you announce the match now? ” Shishio asked.

”Ah, yes! ” The emcee was quite awoken and shouted, ”THE MATCH IS OVER! IT ’S OVER!!!! SHISHIO OGA IS THE WINNER!!! ”


Along with the shout of the emcee, the audience cheered so loudly. They cheered loudly, not because they were excited because of Shishio ’s victory. Instead, they cheered loudly since they were able to see his match since they knew that from now on, this 15-year-old boy would become a legend!

Now, Shishio was still young, he was only 15-year-old, but as he grew older, he would become stronger, and they were proud that they were able to watch his growth, and at the same time, they also hoped that there was a strong fighter that could become his obstacle so he could grow stronger.

That ’s what everyone was thinking, but it was different from the fighters who saw this match. They felt a huge gap, the gap, which was known as talent. They trained hard for several years until they were full of blood and wounds, but all of that hard work was wrecked by something which was known as talent.

Before, they doubted Shishio ’s ability, but now, after watching this match, they realized that they weren ’t even worthy of fighting him.

However, some people were simply unable to accept this cruel fact, and in their minds, they had to fight him to show that their efforts weren ’t useless!

Even so, Shishio didn ’t care about any of them since, in his mind, they were all just background characters that appeared in his life. They were just characters whose faces were too lazy to draw by the mangaka on their manga.

What is important to Shishio right now is the group of girls waiting for him at the entrance of the corridor. He smiled at them gently and said softly, ”I ’m back. ”

”Welcome back. ” 5x

Before Shishio said something again, they threw themselves at him, and they were just glad that he wasn ’t hurt at this moment.

”By the way, I have something to say to all of you, ” Shishio suddenly said.

”What ’s wrong? ”

They looked at Shishio, wondering what he was going to say.

”Thank you. ” Shishio looked at them with a gentle smile and said, ”I know that I ’m selfish, which is why I want to say thank you for letting me be selfish. ” He knew that he was selfish for bringing them here and letting them see him fighting, even though he knew that they didn ’t want to, and it was the reason why he was so grateful for them.

They wanted to get angry at him before, but all of that anger disappeared, and they hugged him tightly.

”How about we go back now? ” Shishio asked.

”Um. ” 4x

Shishio then looked at Roberta, who had been staring at him, and asked, ”What ’s wrong, Roberta? ”

”Nothing, Shishio-sama. ” Roberta shook her head gently and said, ”Should we go to your apartment? ”

”Yes. ” Shishio thought to sleep in his apartment tonight.

”Then you have to take your time in the bath so you can relax later, ” Roberta said.

Shishio thought for a moment and remembered that he had only done a shower when he was in his apartment, even though there was a huge bathtub. ”That ’s a great idea. ”

Hearing Shishio ’s answer, Roberta showed a rare smile before she returned to her cold expression.

With all of that, his first fight on the Underground Arena ended, and Shishio had to admit that he had become even stronger, but the question now is, was it enough?

Shishio wasn ’t sure how to answer that question, but if he wanted to become stronger, then he needed to add… Cough! Cough!

Shishio tried to resist becoming a scumbag before, but he knew that he couldn ’t, so why not just enjoy it?

Still, Shishio didn ’t know that he had attracted a lot of attention to him, but even so, it didn ’t really matter since the circle of the underground fighters was small, and even if someone wanted to fight him, there were only two results.

The results that he mentioned weren ’t a defeat or victory.. Instead, they either lost their confidence as a martial artist or became a feed for the fish on Tokyo Bay.

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