I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 287 - Bloodhound Of Florencia

Shishio was about to go back, but Tokugawa quickly chased after him.

”Shishio-kun, wait!! ”

Shishio and his group turned and looked at Tokugawa, who was chasing after him. ”What ’s wrong, Tokugawa-san? The match has ended, right? ” His match didn ’t take that much time to end, so the night was still young. However, he thought of teaching his girls to study since the Monthly Exam would start next week. They had told their parents that they would go study and if they went to study later, they wouldn ’t lie to their parents, right?

It was just before they went to study. They went to some places first.

”Hey, I haven ’t congratulated you on your victory, and you haven ’t told me where you want your reward to be, ” Tokugawa said with a smile.

”My reward, huh? ” Shishio thought for a moment and said, ”I haven ’t thought of it, but I ’ll tell you when I have made my decision, is that alright? ”

”Sure. ” Tokugawa nodded with a smile and said, ”By the way, there is someone who wants to meet you. ”

Shishio sighed and said, ”Nana, Miu, Mashiro, Saki, can you enter the car first? ”

”What? ”

The four girls were dumbfounded, but Shishio only looked at them and asked, ”Please, can you? ”

Looking at Shishio ’s expression, they nodded, but they told him to be careful before they left. After all, they were worried about him, but they also knew that they couldn ’t help him much.

”Be careful, alright? ”

Shishio wanted to tell them that there were almost no people who could defeat him. Still, if a prehistoric human suddenly appeared in this world, then this person might have a chance to cause trouble.

Nana, Miu, Shiina, and Saki entered the car, leaving only Shishio, Tokugawa, and Roberta.

Shishio and Roberta stood next to each other, with Roberta holding a huge suitcase in her hands, staring at the two figures that slowly approached them.

”Wow, I never expected you to have your own maid. ” A man in his early 20s came in with a playful manner, but…

”Katsumi, if you make fun of him, then I ’ll be the first one who settles on you, ” Tokugawa said with a serious expression.

”Just a joke! Just a joke! I was just making a joke, grandpa! ” The man in his early 20s was Katsumi Orochi, the son of the Doppo Orochi, and he was also known as the ”Lethal Weapon ” on the Underground Arena, showing how strong and dangerous he was. If there was no Baki and Shishio, then without a doubt, the name of genius would fall on him.

”Tokugawa-san, do you want me to fight them again? ” Shishio asked with a frown.

”No, no, they just want to meet you, ” Tokugawa said hurriedly.

Shishio didn ’t look at Katsumi but instead at the bald, muscular man on the side of Katsumi. ”I have seen you on television before. Orochi Doppo-san, right? ” He had seen Orochi Doppo on the television before since Orochi ’s reputation was high in the world of karate.

”Haha… it ’s great that you know about me. ” Orochi smiled, and even though he was in his 50s, his body was still healthy, but even so, everyone could see the power on his body from how muscular he was.

”Still, why do you want to meet me? ” Shishio asked.

”Isn ’t the reason obvious? ” Orochi moved his neck to the right and left as he walked forward. ”I just want to fight with you! ”

”……. ”

”Oi! Oi! Orochi, this isn ’t what we ’re talking about! ” Tokugawa quickly tried to stop Orochi since he didn ’t want Orochi to cause trouble to Shishio again.

”Grandpa, let ’s just stay on the side and watch the fight, alright? ” Katsumi quickly lifted Tokugawa and moved to the side.

”BASTARD, LET GO OF ME!!! ” Tokugawa tried to move around, fighting Katsumi back, but Katsumi was young, he was also about 186 cm, and there was no way a frail old man like Tokugawa could escape from Katsumi.

Katsumi just lifted Tokugawa with both of his hands and then watched his father fight Shishio. He also had an urge to fight Shishio, but he let his father fight Shishio first.

Why did both of them do this?

It was because of Retsu Kaioh.

Retsu was their dear friend, and Katsumi and Doppo couldn ’t watch their friend being beaten so mercilessly by Shishio, and they wanted to teach Shishio a lesson by themselves. Their reason for picking a fight was as simple as that, or rather, this reason was still reasonable since most fights happened for an unreasonable reason.

Shishio looked at Orochi calmly and asked, ”Do you want to fight me? ”

”Have you not heard my words? ” Orochi smiled arrogantly.

”Then have you prepared my reward? ” Shishio asked.

”Your reward? ” Orochi raised his eyebrow.

”Tokugawa-san will give me a luxurious house as long as I have fought. If you want to fight me, then you have to prepare something for me, ” Shishio said calmly, and his expression didn ’t even change much from the beginning to the end. He sighed inwardly and felt a bit regret to bring Nana, Miu, Shiina, and Saki since, with their presence, it was impossible to give this old man a cruel lesson.

”…. ”

Orochi looked at Shishio with a stunned expression before he laughed so hard. ”Do you want a reward? Then how about I give you my fist! ” His expression started to change, and he dashed directly to Shishio.

They were fighting, and there had never been a reward for the fight. The only reward that the fighters could get was an accomplishment that they felt after they won against their opponents.

Tokugawa, who tried to escape from Katsumi, stopped and watched Orochi that dashed toward Shishio.

Even though he was quite playful, Katsumi also knew how strong Shishio was, and he wanted to know who was stronger between his father and Shishio. Still, he believed that his father would win without a doubt.

Orochi Doppo was a strong karate user, and it wouldn ’t be exaggerated to say that he was the ”God of Karate ” in the modern world.


*Bang!* *Bang!*

”…. ”

Katsumi and Tokugawa opened their eyes wide when they saw the scene that appeared before them.

Roberta, who had been silent, took out a gun from her suitcase and shot it directly right into Doppo.

”….. ”

Doppo was also stunned and looked at his stomach, which was shot by a bullet. He didn ’t feel anything at first, but when he saw blood dripped from his stomach, he knew that he had been shot, which made him dumbfounded, and at the same time, he felt his stomach was burning in pain. Still, he looked at Shishio in a complicated gaze since he knew that if Shishio didn ’t move Roberta ’s hand, then the bullet would hit his head, causing his head to explode and killing him in a second. It wasn ’t that it was impossible for him to dodge the bullet with his experience, but Roberta was also an experienced soldier, and her movement was so sudden that he couldn ’t react.

Doppo was secretly grateful for Shishio, so he didn ’t move at that moment and stayed in a place since she could tell that inside that suitcase, there should be more dangerous weapons.

Still, it was normal for Doppo not to be able to react to the gun since Roberta ’s shot was so sudden and without hesitation. Even if he had fought someone in the past with a gun in the past, the one who wielded it wasn ’t someone with experience, and those people would have a mental breakdown whenever they aimed it toward someone so their level was different from Roberta, who could kill someone without blinking her eyes.

”G – Gun…!? ” Katsumi and Tokugawa were dumbfounded since they didn ’t expect that Roberta would take out a gun directly and shoot it at Doppo. Luckily, Shishio changed the direction of Roberta ’s aim so it would hit Doppo ’s stomach.

”Shishio-sama… ” Roberta looked at Shishio with a confused expression.

”There are the girls here. ” Shishio didn ’t want Nana, Miu, Saki, and Shiina to see the scene where Roberta killed someone. He could move Roberta ’s bullet and make it to miss Doppo, but he didn ’t do that and let her shoot Doppo ’s stomach since he wanted to teach Doppo a lesson. Luckily, Roberta was using a silencer, and it was quite dark, so the girls shouldn ’t have seen anything when Roberta shot Doppo with a gun.

Roberta nodded and asked, ”Should I kill him later? ”

”….. ”

Tokugawa had a shudder, hearing Roberta ’s cold voice, but Katsumi couldn ’t handle it when he saw his father was shot by a gun and directly made his move.

Katsumi jumped and was about to send a flying kick in Roberta ’s direction, but then a rifle aimed in his direction!

”STOP!!!!!! ” Tokugawa roared. He knew that it was the fault of Doppo and Katsumi for picking a fight against Shishio, but he couldn ’t beat to see two strong fighters like Doppo and Katsumi die by a bullet. If they had to die, then it should be in the ring with two fists, not with a gun!

Shishio also stopped Roberta ’s movement and said, ”Let me handle this. ”

Hearing Shishio ’s words, Roberta nodded and stopped her movement.

Their conversation was just a second, but in that time, Katsumi had arrived, and his kick was about to hit Roberta, but then Shishio punched Katsumi ’s leg ’s joint directly and broke it.


Katsumi was in midair and screamed when his leg ’s joint was broken, but then his face was punched, and most of his teeth were broken before he was thrown toward Doppo ’s direction!

Doppo caught his son directly with both of his hands, ignoring the pain in his stomach. It wasn ’t his first time being shot by a bullet, after all, but even so, it was still painful. Looking at Katsumi ’s leg that had moved in a different direction and broken teeth, as a father, he was angry, but when he was about to say something… he was hit by a wave of terror from Shishio ’s direction. He saw Shishio approach him, and it made him subconsciously move back before he gritted his teeth and stayed in his place.

”This is a fight that you pick, right? Then don ’t blame me for being cruel. ” Shishio stared at Doppo with a calm expression.


Doppo felt that he was right in front of the abyss, there was only endless darkness in front of him, and he didn ’t see any hope. ”I… ” However, his pride didn ’t allow him to bow down, and he kept staring at Shishio with an expression, ”If you want me to bow down, then you have to kill me! ”

As for Katsumi that was in Doppo ’s hands, this guy passed out directly since the pain was too much for him.

”….. ”

Shishio only stared at Doppo for a moment and had to admit that it wasn ’t pleasing to stare at an ugly old man. He flicked his fingers gently, causing something to enter through Doppo ’s wound, murmured in a voice that could only be heard by him, then said, ”Roberta, let ’s go back. ”

”Yes, Shishio-sama. ” Roberta didn ’t see the harm in Katsumi and Doppo and directly ignored them and even if they might cause harm, she could eliminate them again in the future.

Shishio turned around and said, ”Tokugawa-san, I ’ll go back. ” As for what they were about to tell him in the future, then it was already too late.

”Wait! Wait! Shishio-kun, wait a moment! Don ’t go back! I ’ll add more rewards so you ’ll forgive both of them! ” Tokugawa quickly screamed, but Shishio ignored Tokugawa and entered the car with Roberta before they left.

Looking at Shishio, who had left, Tokugawa directly scolded Doppo, ”DOPPO, ARE YOU STUPID?! DO YOU WANT TO DIE THAT MUCH?! ”

Doppo flinched at the pain in his stomach, but he said in a joking tone, ”What are you afraid of? We ’re just fighting. Why are you so exaggerating? ” He didn ’t think too much about what Shishio would do to him, or rather, they were just fighting, and he had lost, so that ’s all, right?

”… ”

Tokugawa felt that he was so exasperated at that moment, and his blood pressure was so high, wanted to smack Doppo ’s bald head. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself, and said, ”This is the fight that you pick. Don ’t beg me if you regret it. ” He didn ’t stay any longer and left directly. If it was Shishio ’s family, he didn ’t feel scared, but Shishio ’s power on the economy was also so scary, and Shishio didn ’t lack someone who would help him kill someone. However, killing someone was just too simple, and he knew that Shishio would do something more. He didn ’t know what Shishio would do, but he knew that guy wouldn ’t be merciful toward his enemy.

”Wait! Wait! Take me to a doctor! ” Doppo quickly called out since he needed to remove the bullet from his stomach and his son also needed surgery.

However, Tokugawa snorted and left directly. ”Just get there on your own! ”

”Hey, hey, is that a word that you should say to someone who has just been shot?! ” Doppo was so helpless at that moment, but then, he thought about one hospital and decided to go there.

In the car, Shishio didn ’t show his fierce expression, only a warm smile that could make every girl fall. He was a ”switch-type ” of person. He could change his state whenever he wanted to, so in front of his women. He became their perfect lover. He knew that he was lucky that they didn ’t see what had happened since the light on the parking park was dim.

”Tonight, stay at my house, alright? ”

”Eh? ” 3x

Miu, Nana, and Saki were wondering whether they would become women tonight.

Still, they didn ’t know Shiina, who was sitting on Shishio ’s lap at that moment, was blushing as she felt something hard, poking her butts at this moment.

Shishio didn ’t think too much about Shiina ’s reaction and looked at Roberta, whose state was as calm as usual, before he looked at the window, wondering what he should do with Doppo.

”Shishio, what are you thinking? ” Shiina asked after she made herself comfortable with the hard thing on her butts.

”I ’m thinking about what I should teach you for the Monthly Exam later, ” Shishio said with a smile.

”…….. ”

Hearing Shishio ’s words, they were speechless. After all, they had just watched something so amazing tonight, but why did they have to learn?

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