I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 288 - Just Like That Nothing Exaggerated

As they arrived at Shishio ’s penthouse apartment, Nana and Miu were dumbfounded, staring at the scenery right in front of them.

”Shishio… is that Tokyo Bay? ”

”Yes, that ’s Tokyo Bay. ”

It had been a while since he stayed in this place, and he had to admit that this place was comfortable, especially when there were so many people here.

”Can I go out to see? ” Nana asked curiously.

”Sure. Just go. ” Shishio nodded.

”Come on, Mashiro, Miu-senpai, Saki-senpai! ” Nana directly pulled Shiina, Saki, and Miu to the terrace to see the scenery outside.

Shishio only smiled when he saw the four of them, but then he heard Roberta ’s voice.

”Shishio-sama, should I take care of them now? ” Roberta asked in a low voice.

Shishio understood who ”them ” was in Roberta ’s mouth. ”Let ’s take care of their organization first. Can you ask the media to fill Friday ’s news with all the scandals that their organization has? ”

”Yes. ” Roberta nodded. ”Leave it to me. ” She then left quietly to prepare everything.

Shishio knew that, unlike Sorata or Mitaka, Doppo and Katsumi weren ’t something that he could take on lightly, especially when the two of them were the leaders of the biggest karate organization. However, because it was a big organization, there had always been a scandal in this organization, and he was going to reveal everything to the country.

Shishio knew that with Doppo ’s connection and friendship with a lot of people, this matter could be solved, but what if Doppo didn ’t exist in this world anymore?

”Shishio, this place is amazing! ” Nana was amazed and really wanted to stay in this place.

”Really? ” Shishio smiled and didn ’t feel surprised by Nana ’s reaction since he got this luxurious apartment building from Nana in the past. ”How about you four take a bath then? There ’s a huge bath inside. Saki, can you help them? ”

”Sure. ” Saki nodded. After all, out of the four of them, she was the only girl that had stayed in this penthouse apartment. Still, her face turned red when she recalled that she had taken advantage of Shishio at that time, but now, she didn ’t need to worry about that anymore since they had dated to each other now.

Watching the four girls that walked toward the large bath inside his penthouse apartment, Shishio also went to his room to take a bath since he wanted to relax now.

Shishio washed his entire body with warm water under the shower, and somehow he started to think about what had happened before. He felt that fighting against a martial artist was the most troublesome thing since they were all egoists, and they didn ’t care about the consequence. They were different from businessmen who needed to consider their profit and loss and only cared whether they won or not, which made it troublesome. Moreover, if they lose, then they might try to get revenge, and if he didn ’t want to go on this revenge, they might try to bring their people to surround him, which made it even more troublesome.

Shishio knew that Doppo was the head of Shin Sekai Karate, and it was the biggest karate organization with one million members nationwide and overseas. With that many people, he knew that there were a lot of things that could be done, and they might try to attack his house or the people around him so they could fight him, which was why it was better for them to leave this world early.

As for Tokugawa, Shishio didn ’t need to worry too much about him since he knew that Tokugawa was someone who feared death more than anyone in this world, and by showing what he had done to Doppo and Katsumi, he knew that Tokugawa wouldn ’t do anything to him. Instead, Tokugawa would keep his mouth in silence and didn ’t say anything. However, even if Tokugawa wanted to report him, there was no evidence since he had erased all of the evidence that he was on the Underground Arena tonight.

’Since you are the one who picked the fight, then don ’t blame me. ’

Shishio sat on the stool as he thought about his revenge without showing his face and all of his trails behind, but then the door of his bathroom was knocked on.

”Shishio-sama. ”

Shishio raised his eyebrow and asked, ”What ’s wrong, Roberta? ”

”I have taken care of the rest. ”

”Thank you. ” Shishio had to admit that he was so glad to have Roberta beside him, but then suddenly, the door of the bathroom opened. He was startled and turned his head. ”Huh? ” He was dumbfounded when he saw Roberta open the door of the bathroom so suddenly, and he was even more dumbfounded when he saw her only wearing a white towel around her body.

Shishio couldn ’t say anything for a while as he stared at Roberta and his mind was blank for a moment. It might be because she often wore a loose uniform that it was quite hard to see her figure, but when she took it off, her figure was amazing. Her bust was so big that it almost spilled out from the white towel, legs were so toned and straight, but it seemed so soft, but what made him quite interested was the toes of her feet, which were quite cute for some reason. Still, what he wanted to see the most were her stomach areas. Unfortunately, it was covered by a white towel, so he couldn ’t see it.

As Shishio stared at her, Roberta also stared at Shishio. Her long purple hair was still tied in two long braids, and she also still wore her glasses. Her glasses might be covered by steam, but she could still clearly see Shishio ’s figure clearly.

”Shishio-sama, should I wash your back? ”

”….. ”

Shiina, Miu, and Saki entered the bathroom, but they couldn ’t help but show an envious gaze toward Nana since this girl ’s growth was too much, right?

”Wow! ” Nana could only say ”wow ” from the beginning to the end since all her vocabulary had been used when she watched Shishio ’s match, and she wasn ’t sure how to describe her feelings. She then looked at Saki and asked, ”Saki, do you know what Shishio ’s parents do? ”

Saki shook her head and said, ”I ’m not sure, but this penthouse apartment isn ’t owned by Shishio ’s parents. ”

”Eh? Really? ” Miu was dumbfounded.

”Um. ” Saki nodded.

”Then where did he get this penthouse? Fighting? ” Nana asked with a confused expression, wondering what her man was doing.

”Stocks, investments, and other financial related matters, ” Saki thought for a moment, then said, ”By the way, this entire building is also his. ”

”……… ”

Still, Nana and Miu weren ’t sure how to describe their feelings when they knew their boyfriend ’s secret was slowly being revealed to them, but they were happy that he trusted him, and at the same time, it might be a way for him to reassure them not to worry about their future.


”How about we stop this conversation? ” Nana asked.

”Agree. ” 2x

Nana, Saki, and Miu felt that this topic was a bit too much for them, and it was better to enjoy the warm bath.

Nana washed her body, but she felt that someone was staring at her. She turned her head and looked at Shiina, who was looking at her chest, which made her amused. ”Mashiro, are you interested in my breasts? ”

Shiina looked at Nana and nodded. ”Why is it so big? ” She looked at her breasts, and even though it wasn ’t bad, compared to Nana, her size was simply small.

”Mashiro-chan, you don ’t need to get jealous since… ” Miu looked at her chest and couldn ’t help but let out a long sigh. Her chest size was modest, or rather, she might not have any? The only redeeming feature of her chest was probably her two cute pink nipples, but even so, she couldn ’t help but feel jealous when she looked at Shiina, Saki, and Nana. After all, they also had two pink nipples, but their chests were bigger.

Saki patted Miu ’s shoulder and said, ”It ’s alright. That guy is a pervert. Whether it is small or big, he loves them all. ”

”….. ” Miu.

”That guy might say that. ” Nana nodded in agreement in laughter.

Shiina looked at her chest and thought when Shishio sucked them vigorously, which made her face redden. She looked at Nana, Miu, and Saki and wondered whether she could go to Shishio ’s side.

”What ’s wrong, Mashiro? Do you want to enter the bath now? Let ’s go together! ” Nana said cheerfully as she pulled Shiina to the large bath.

”….. ”

Shiina looked at Nana in silence as Nana ’s breasts were undulating up and down. Somehow, she just didn ’t feel so good at that moment.

”Is it feels good, Shishio-sama? ”

”Yes, it feels good, Roberta. ”

Shishio wasn ’t sure what to say, but he could only say that it felt good since it was his first time to let someone wash his back. He might have had a lover in the past and also had taken a bath together, but even so, he only had taken a full body wash together, so it was his first time to have his back washed by someone. However, he also found out that it was part of the culture of this country, so he could only enjoy it.

”Shishio-sama, why did you stop me before? ” Roberta suddenly asked as she washed the soap on his body with water.

Shishio stopped, thinking something perverted, and asked, ”You want to kill him? ”

”Yes. ” Roberta nodded without hesitation. ”That person is dangerous, especially his origin. ” When she knew about Doppo ’s origin, she felt that it was better to end that person ’s life as soon as possible since she knew that if they let him go, trouble would come toward Shishio. As his maid, she would eliminate all the threats that came toward him no matter what, so she felt that it was necessary to kill Doppo.

”You don ’t need to worry about him since that person won ’t be able to live tomorrow, ” Shishio said.

”Really? ” Roberta was surprised.

”Have you heard about succinylcholine? ” Shishio asked.

”That ’s what you have asked me before, right? If I ’m not wrong, it should be used as an anesthesia, right? ” Roberta asked.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded. ”It is used as an anesthesia, but when it is used on a large amount, it ’ll cause someone won ’t be able to move, and by then, they won ’t be able to breathe as they pass away because of the lack of oxygen. We have a hospital, so we can use cardiac arrest as a reason. ”

”I ’ll use it from now on. ” Roberta nodded and felt that it was better to use succinylcholine since it was cleaner and no one could find a fault on it, but then asked, ”Does succinylcholine work in delay? ”

”No, it works immediately, but I have used a capsule, so it might need a few hours before the capsule melts. ” Shishio looked at Roberta from the mirror ’s reflection, and he couldn ’t stop the heat on his body anymore. ”I know that you can dye your body with blood to protect me, but even so, I hope that you can remain clean in front of the public, at least. I hope that you can live normally. ” He knew that Roberta could kill Doppo immediately, but he stopped her since if he let her kill him, then she might not be able to live normally again since there were many people who saw her murder, and he wouldn ’t let that happen since he wanted her to live with him and stay with him like always.

”Shishio-sama… ” Roberta gently hugged Shishio from behind and softly said, ”I ’m alright living in the darkness as long as I can be with you, Shishio-sama. ”

”Roberta… ” Shishio had to admit that he was moved by Roberta ’s words, but… ”Wait, where did you touch me? ”

”Shishio-sama, Mashiro can ’t handle this big thing alone, so let me help you to take care of this from now on, alright? ”

Her soft fingers wrapped gently around his hardened shaft. The thickness was so thick that she couldn ’t wrap it fully, but even so, she stroked it up and down rhythmically and used her hand to massage his balls gently. Looking at his glistening glans, Roberta felt that her mouth was watery, and she opened her mouth wide, sucking it deeply, wriggling her tongue around, and creating a deep dent on both of her cheeks.

”Shh… ” Letting out a comfortable sigh, Shishio recalled that Roberta had a ”Bloodhound of Florencia ” as her moniker.. He didn ’t know anything about ”blood ” on her moniker, but the ”hound ” moniker was suitable since she was so good at licking.

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