I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 289 - Even If Theres A Cruel Scene This Is Still A Harem Story

Looking at Doppo, who walked away with the car, Tokugawa couldn ’t stop the palpitations that he felt in his heart. He knew that there was no way Shishio would let go of Doppo so easily, but he didn ’t know what Shishio was about to do, especially when he knew that Shishio was also a ninjutsu user. He also knew that Shishio was also particularly smart, and he knew that if Shishio wanted to kill someone, then no one could stop him.

Tokugawa had a chill when he recalled that Shishio could enter his house without anyone noticing. His entire body shuddered, and he wanted to say something, but in the end, he couldn ’t move his lips as he watched Doppo and Katsumi move away with a car that he had prepared.

Doppo kicked the door of Tokugawa ’s car directly and brought his son to the hospital, ignoring the security, and quickly asked the staff to take care of his son since he knew that his son was in a critical situation. Luckily, he came at night, and there weren ’t that many patients, and he also went through a critical room passage, so no one stopped him.

Doppo knew that Shishio ’s attack on Katsumi was vicious, and the only thing that he was afraid of was that his son might not be able to continue karate. If that really happened, then he couldn ’t forgive himself since he was the one who caused this to happen. If he didn ’t bring Katsumi to fight as usual, then this wouldn ’t happen, but at the same time, he wouldn ’t make Shishio feel better. After all, Shishio was the one who had caused this to happen.

Doppo might be the one who picked the fight, and he also knew that it was his fault, but there were no rules that he couldn ’t get his revenge, right?

After all, there were no rules on the fight. As long as someone dared enough, they could do it anytime, anywhere, and with any weapons as long as they wanted to.

”Sir, please follow us to the room so we can take care of your wounds. If you continue to do this, then you might die from blood loss. ”

”You must save my son first! ” Doppo grabbed the collar of the doctor who preached to him and stared at him fiercely.

”Yes, yes, please don ’t worry. Your son will be alright. But, for now, please follow me and let me take care of your wound! ”

Hearing the words of the doctor, Doppo nodded for a moment since he felt so uncomfortable with a bullet on his stomach. Luckily, Shishio stopped Roberta from shooting him again since he was sure that if Shishio didn ’t stop her, his body might be riddled with bullets. However, this and that were different.

If he was the one who was hurt, then Doppo didn ’t think too much, and he might even close his dojo since he had lost against Shishio. However, Katsumi was also hurt too. Even though Katsumi was his adopted son, without a doubt, he treated him and loved him like his real son, even though they usually treated each other like a competitor.

Doppo followed the doctor as he watched Katsumi, his son, being brought somewhere with a stretcher since he knew that Katsumi was in critical condition. He then thought about Tokugawa, who didn ’t help him, and thought that he might also need to slap that elderly man ’s head after he had gotten better.

As he was being pushed on the stretcher, Doppo was wondering how a young man could be so strong.

’Was my training for over a decade useless? ’

Doppo couldn ’t help but think, especially when he thought about his son, who was defeated so easily. As he was in deep thought, he let the doctor take out a bullet from his stomach.

”Don ’t use the anesthesia, ” Doppo suddenly said.

”But… ”

”Just listen to me! ” Doppo roared.

The doctor gritted his teeth and did what Doppo asked, taking out the bullet without using anesthesia.

Doppo gritted his teeth and flinched in discomfort when the doctor took out the bullet from his stomach. He wasn ’t being anesthetized and could feel the pain on his body, but even so, it was all good since it made him sober, and it also ignited his spirit so he could teach that bastard again after he had gone better.

As for Shishio ’s revenge, Doppo didn ’t think too much. After all, in his mind, Shishio was just like a plant in the greenhouse. Shishio might be strong and beautiful, but that young man had never tasted the cruelty of the world, and because of that, he was going to teach him a lesson.

Doppo touched the huge scar on his face and thought that it wouldn ’t be bad for Shishio to have a matching scar-like him. When he thought about that possibility, his face became hideous, which caused the doctor to feel a bit scared. However, the doctor was quite professional since he was able to take out the bullet and sew his wound.

”It ’s done. You should take a rest first, Dop– ”

Doppo ignored the doctor ’s words and walked directly out of the room to see his son ’s operation.

”Wai— ” The doctor was dumbfounded and quickly chased after Doppo. ”Wait! Wait! Don ’t walk around! You need to take a rest! You just have a bullet on your stomach! ” However, his words were ignored by Doppo.

Doppo was about to walk out of his room, but then he stopped and asked, ”Where ’s my son ’s operation room? ”

”…. ” The doctor.

The doctor gave up and guided Doppo to the room where his colleagues had surgery on Katsumi. Still, he had to admit that Doppo was really ”God of War ” since even though Doppo had just been shot by a bullet, Doppo could still stand and wait for his son ’s surgery. Moreover, he wondered what kind of crime organization or yakuza group that Doppo had fought since he was quite curious, and since Doppo could walk to this hospital, then Doppo should have won, right?

Still, if the doctor knew that Doppo had picked a fight against a 15-year-old boy and lost so badly, he would only look at Doppo in disdain. After all, it was shameless to see an adult beat up a youngster without reason.

However, in this country, a lot of similar things happen, and a teacher or an adult often beats up the youngster in the name of education.

Doppo ignored the doctor and kept watching the operation, but his face couldn ’t help frowning since they were too long, right?

”Hey, why is the surgery so long? ”

”What? ”

”I ’m asking you! Just answer me! ” Doppo glared at the doctor with an impatient expression.

”… ”


The doctor had to admit that even though he was amazed by Doppo ’s power, this guy ’s personality was too problematic. Even though he knew that Doppo was worried about his son, there was no reason to get angry at him, right?

However, Doppo was too scared, so he didn ’t dare to complain and answered what he knew.

”I don ’t know much, but from what I know that he has several broken bones. You should wait until the surgery ends and ask the doctor in charge. I know that you ’re alright, so I won ’t accompany you since I still have a job. ” After saying such words, the doctor left without hesitation.

Doppo didn ’t say anything and looked at the doctors in the surgery room, hoping that everything was alright. However, he knew that nothing was right, especially when he thought of Katsumi ’s limp body. The limping that he felt on Katsumi ’s body before, he knew that it wasn ’t a good thing, but even so, he still had a hope that everything would be alright.

Doppo didn ’t say anything and kept watching the surgery for a few hours without moving away until the doctor in charge walked out of the surgery and he directly grabbed the doctor. ”Tell me about his condition! ”

The doctor, who was tired after the surgery, was startled, but he calmed down and said, ”Let me go first. I can ’t talk with you. Grab my collar like this! ”

Doppo then let go of the doctor ’s collar and caused the doctor to fall on the ground.

”Cough! Cough! ”

”Hurry up and tell me! ” Doppo was so impatient at that moment.

The doctor ’s mood wasn ’t good, but even so, he explained to Doppo. ”Your son is alright, but… ”

”But… ”

”He might not be able to walk anymore, ” the doctor said calmly.

”……. ”

Doppo felt as if thunder had struck down his body. His face was so pale that he couldn ’t believe what he had heard. ”Wh – What? ” He looked at the doctor in disbelief and grabbed the doctor ’s collar again, raising him to the sky. ”You ’re lying, right? Tell me! ”

”Stop! Stop! Security helps me! ” The doctor screamed loudly, and his colleagues who heard him tried to help him by pulling him away from Doppo.

”Tell me that you ’re lying! ”

”He wasn ’t lying! Your son has a spinal cord that is injured, and he can ’t walk anymore! ” The other doctor quickly screamed so Doppo would let go of his colleague since he could see that his colleague almost died.

Doppo let go of the doctor, ignoring the fact that he almost killed a doctor. His mind was in a mess, and he didn ’t know what to do.

”Cough! Cough! ” The doctor coughed several times, and his colleagues quickly questioned his condition.

”Are you alright? ”

”You should rest a bit. ”

The doctor who was grasped by Doppo before didn ’t care about his colleagues ’ words and looked at Doppo in annoyances and said, ”Wasn ’t everything your fault? If you didn ’t bring your son to fight, then this accident wouldn ’t happen, right? ” He knew that Doppo ’s condition wasn ’t right, and he was afraid that the next time this guy might beat them up to cure his son, so, with his quick mind, he quickly put all the blame on Doppo.

”My fault…? ” Doppo was dumbfounded.

”Yes, it was your fault! ” The doctor then thought for a moment and said, ”I ’ll try to get a new doctor. I ’m not sure whether he can save your son or not, but we should give it a try. ” He looked at his colleagues, and they also gave him a nod. They were just bluffing since they just wanted to get away from Doppo right now since they were afraid that they might be killed in an accident since Doppo ’s state of mind wasn ’t right.

Doppo didn ’t stop the doctor, and the words that the doctor had told him kept repeating into his mind.

’If I didn ’t bring him… ’

Doppo had never felt so guilty before, however…

’That bastard…! ’

Doppo thought that if Shishio wasn ’t so cruel, then this wouldn ’t happen, so even if he died, he would bring Shishio with him. He didn ’t care what would happen to him next, and he just wanted to see Shishio in despair. He then thought to visit Tokugawa to get Shishio ’s information, however…

”Ugh! ”

Doppo clutched his chest and felt that his heart was beating so fast that he had trouble breathing, and he felt that everything was so painful. He wanted to scream, asking for help, but his voice couldn ’t come out as he collapsed on the ground.

Doppo had never felt so helpless. Even if he fought against the Siberian tiger or Yuujiro Hanma in the past, he had never felt regret since he was dying with pride. However, right now, he felt a boundless regret, especially when he had to leave his adopted son, his wife, and also all the members of his karate organization, especially when he had created a scary enemy for them.

As a fighter, there had never been a regret other than dying in a place other than a battlefield. However, he was about to die now, dying in the hospital, without any opponents like any other people. There was no pride in dying by fighting someone strong. It was just a fear that he would lose his life like any other person.

’It ’s a fight that you pick. Don ’t regret it. ’

Doppo had a chill in his heart, and right now, he had never felt so much regret in his life. However, there was no medicine for regret, and he knew that he would bring a big enemy for everyone when he passed away. He then closed his eyes, and his heart stopped beating. It wasn ’t until later that the doctor noticed him and they were dumbfounded when they knew that he was dying and the cause of his death was cardiac arrest.

It was just like that, nothing exaggerated, nothing related, without any drama or anything, the one who was known as the ”God of War, ” the ”Man-Eater Orochi, ” and the ”Tiger Slayer, ” Doppo Orochi dead.

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