I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 290 - Do You Hate A Lewd Girl?

Shishio looked at Roberta, who was sleeping on his arm, with a mix of tired and comfortable expressions.

”….. ”

Shishio opened the blanket for a bit and saw a cloudy liquid dripping from her nether region gently. His lips twitched when Roberta hugged his waist and made him unable to let it out outside. Luckily, he had gotten the ”Enhanced Testicles ” before, so he didn ’t need to worry that he would cause a pregnancy.

Shishio let out a soft sigh as he stared at the time, thinking that it might be good to start his workout session early.

”Hmn… Shishio-sama? ” Roberta opened her eyes slightly, showing how sleepy she was.

”Sleep first. ” Shishio smiled as he caressed Roberta ’s long messy wavy purple hair before kissing her forehead.

Roberta smiled gently when she looked at his smile. She caressed his face gently before she closed her eyes as she received his kiss. She wanted to do it again, but she hadn ’t gone to sleep since dawn, so she was quite tired. She looked at Shishio ’s thing and asked, ”Should I help you, Shishio-sama? ”

”It ’s alright. ” Shishio still caressed Roberta ’s hair gently and said, ”You ’re still tired. Sleep more. I ’ll work out outside. ”

”Um. ” Roberta nodded as she continued to sleep since she had to admit that Shishio was fierce and amazing.

Looking at Roberta, who continued to sleep, Shishio didn ’t go to work out first but went to the bathroom to wash his body first.

Inside the shower, Shishio knew that Doppo should have died now, and the cause of death had nothing to do with him. After all, he knew that Doppo ’s reason for death should be cardiac arrest.

Why did it happen?

It was because Shishio threw pethidine at the wound that was caused by Roberta ’s bullet. It was quite small, but he had enhanced the potency of the pethidine, so once it entered someone ’s body, it would cause a cardiac arrest to someone directly.

Shishio might have told Roberta that he would use succinylcholine before, but he decided to use pethidine since it was more natural. If Doppo was on the street or a deserted place, he might use succinylcholine since it was more painful, but since Doppo was in the hospital and didn ’t want Doppo ’s death related to him, he decided to use pethidine.

Pethidine might be widely used as an opioid in labor and delivery, but the thing that Shishio used on Doppo was scarier since he used it, so it would cause a natural cardiac arrest on Doppo.

Shishio knew that what he had done was cruel since he decided to kill Doppo directly. However, he felt that it was necessary to protect his family, women, and the people he knew.

Doppo, even though a lot of people worshipped him as a ”God of War ” in the world of karate, a lot of people were saved by him, and he might be someone ’s husband and someone ’s father. This guy was proud, and he definitely wasn ’t a gentle nor a kind guy, considering there was a lot of blood on this guy ’s hands, and this guy also had killed someone too.

Shishio knew that even though he was powerful, his age was his weakness. He knew how troublesome this country ’s society was, especially when everyone was forced to respect their senior. If he just had to respect the senior normally, then he didn ’t care much, but sometimes, there were a lot of unreasonable things such as being told to lay low so the senior could show how great they were, being told to concede because so the senior could get all the achievement, or and there was a lot more. As for his feeling toward this matter, he felt that it was useless to waste his time on such a troublesome interpersonal relationship.

Shishio knew that even though Doppo might have lost, that guy would come back again, especially when Doppo had at least 10,000 loyal goons under his karate ’s organization. If they were all good guys and following the rules, then he might be merciful, but they were unlawful, and they wouldn ’t hesitate to use force. He even heard that some of them were even related to a yakuza.

The law regarding a fight with a lot of people was the most troublesome thing. After all, if there were too many people, and even if he could get the help of the police easily, there was no way that the police could put 10,000 people into jail directly. He also felt that it was also a bit too much to kill 10,000 people too, but 10,000 people were, in the end, just a number without a leader.

If Doppo was like Sorata or Mitaka, then Shishio would ignore him, but Doppo wasn ’t someone like that. Doppo was dangerous, so he decided to end this guy ’s life.

After all, if Shishio was weaker, then what would his situation be?

Without a doubt, Shishio would be riddled with wounds, and his face might be disfigured by Doppo. He might have been killed, too, since the law of killing someone in Japan was quite mild. Someone just needed to be imprisoned for a few years before they could walk out of prison, so why should they fear killing someone with such a small punishment?

There were a lot of proverbs about how to handle the enemy. Even in the religious text, there was a lot of text that told someone to forgive the enemy. Even in the shonen manga, the main protagonist would usually forgive their enemy then become friends with each other.

Shishio felt that there were a lot of such proverbs because those people, which were mostly normal people, might be asked to forgive the enemy because they might not be able to have the power to do anything to their enemy so it was better to forgive them and treat them with kindness.

Still, if your parents might be killed, or your women might be raped, then can you forgive your enemy?

Shishio felt that the treatment of the enemy on the shonen manga was bullshit and when someone had become an enemy, everything that they did wouldn ’t be pleasing to the eyes, and they would hurt each other without care.

The only good enemy is a dead enemy.

The sentence above might be cruel, but it was necessary since Shishio was realistic and pragmatic. Therefore, instead of waiting for the enemy to become his friend, it was better to kill them so they wouldn ’t cause him trouble since that way, they wouldn ’t cause him trouble.

As for his feelings toward killing someone, Shishio didn ’t think too much, or rather, he shouldn ’t think too much. However, there was one fact that he had always remembered, he could kill others, others could naturally come to kill him. Still, it wouldn ’t be easy to kill him, though.

With that thought, Shishio then checked the rewards that he had gotten from Roberta last night.

Shishio looked at his rewards and decided to accept the asset first, which was 67% of Iwami Heavy Industries. He wasn ’t sure what to say for a moment, but he had to admit that this reward was amazing, and it caused him convenience to deal with many things.

Iwami Heavy Industries is one of the biggest industrial giants in the country, which deals in ocean, air, and space development. Among them, the project they invest most of their energy in is weapon manufacturing.

The combination of this company and his private security company was simply a perfect synergy.

’Still, I have become Togo ’s boss, huh? ’

Shishio felt a bit speechless, but he didn ’t think too much and continued with his rewards.

Shishio then decided to accept ”Flower Gardening Mastery ” since he felt bit these rewards were a bit dull.

’Hmm… even though those skills seem mundane, once it has become a reward, it can become an amazing thing, huh? ’

Even though gardening might seem normal or dull, once it had become a reward on the system, it became an amazing ability.

In the ”Flower Gardening Mastery, ” Shishio was given an extraordinary skill in gardening but was only limited to flowers. He could plant and grow any kind of flowers and could manage them so expertly that they could grow and flourish beyond expectations.

Shishio somehow wanted to grow a flower garden since it could be used as an ingredient for various things such as medicine, food, personal care, and other things.

Shishio then decided to accept his last two rewards: ”Enhanced Sense of Smell ” and ”Enhanced Durability. ”

Shishio decided to accept the ”Enhanced Durability ” and could feel that even if he was hit by a truck, he knew that he would be alright and he wouldn ’t be teleported to another world. Still, even if this ability was powerful, it didn ’t mean that it was omnipotent since he would still die if he was hit by a bomb or hit on his head directly. However, he didn ’t have a hobby to take a hit, but it was better than nothing since it could become part of his protection in the future.

’Lastly… ”

Shishio looked at his last reward and felt a bit doubtful, but in the end, he decided to accept his last reward. He accepted his reward and suddenly felt a lot of smells mixed in his penthouse, but it didn ’t feel as bad as he had imagined. Rather, he found an interesting way to use this ability, and it also made his food became better.

Shishio then walked out of the bathroom, dried his body, then tried his sense of smell again. He had always thought that this ability was troublesome, but that wasn ’t the case since he could also shut down some of the smells that he didn ’t like.

’Well, since it has ended. Let ’s start working out soon. ’

Shishio then thought about Doppo, then Katsumi. He had made Katsumi lose his ability to use his lower body, and he knew that Katsumi wouldn ’t wake up soon since he had made it that way by using his ”Orthopaedics Mastery. ”

As for whether Katsumi would talk about his involvement in this matter or not when he had woken up, Shishio didn ’t feel that worried since he had used ”Hypnosis Mastery, ” making Katsumi forget his involvement and thought of it as a nightmare. Still, he needed to end Katsumi ’s life soon so no one would think of his involvement.

Shishio didn ’t like trouble, but if trouble came to him, then he would solve it quickly.

’Somehow, it reminds me of the motto of one of the main characters in the story before. ’

Shishio was doing his workout, but in the middle of a workout, he heard a soft voice that called out his name softly.

”Shishio-kun? ”

Shishio turned his head and saw Miu was there. ”Good morning, Senpai. ” He smiled at this cute girl, but at the same time…

’This smell… ’

Shishio looked at Miu, whose face was flushed, and thought that his ”Enhanced Sense of Smell ” was more amazing than he had thought.

’Hmm…. let ’s try it on the group of housewives when I get back later. ’

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