I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 290 - Do You Hate A Lewd Girl?

ts. ’Thi – This is too big, right? ’

”Sorry, Senpai… ” Shishio was also in an awkward position. Even though he had come to a lot of times last night, his thing was still fierce.

”No – No, it ’s alright, Shishio-kun. ” Looking at the mix of depressed and awkward expressions, Miu wanted to laugh and couldn ’t help but pat his head. Still, she was happy that he showed such a reaction, and she would be troubled if he didn ’t show a reaction. ”I ’m not angry, alright? ”

”…. ”

Shishio looked at Miu, who patted his head, and had to admit that this girl was a bit too easy, right?

Shishio pretended to show such depression and awkward expression before, and as expected, this girl decided to pamper him. Looking at her, he really wanted to bully this girl forever.

”So, Senpai… can you help me take care of it? ” Shishio whispered as he held Miu ’s soft and small hand gently on his hand, rubbing the tip of her fingers and nails, and felt that he might be able to do this for his entire life.

”Eh?! ” Miu was dumbfounded, her face was so red, but as she gazed into his eyes, she was so shy and embarrassed. However, she didn ’t refuse and just lowered her head. ”I – I… should I use my mouth too? ”

”…….. ”

The quietest is the lewdest.

Shishio had to remember these words in his head forever.


”Ah, Senpai, you ’re too crafty! ”

”……. ”

Shishio and Miu turned their heads and saw Saki and Nana were there.

Miu was so shy, and her face was so red before she ran away.

’Oh, no… ’

Shishio wanted to cry at that moment.

Everyone had woken up, and they ate breakfast together.

The one who prepared breakfast was Saki, Miu, and Nana. The three girls showed their culinary skills and forced Shishio to taste all of the foods that they cooked in the morning.

”……. ” Shishio.

If Shishio didn ’t have a ”Seimei Kikan, ” then his stomach would swell because of how full he was. He then looked at Shiina and hopefully that this girl didn ’t ask him to teach her to cook since even though she was often in a daze, she was quite competitive.

As they ate breakfast together, Roberta also joined, and she didn ’t change her expression much as if what had happened last night was just a dream.

However, Shishio knew that what had happened last night happened, and he still remembered her moan, which made him a bit hard.

’I wonder whether I can get something that can help me to calm down. ’

”Shishio-sama, here ’s today ’s newspaper. ” Roberta gave Shishio today ’s newspaper.

”Thank you, Roberta. ” Shishio wondered whether he could get something to calm himself, but he didn ’t want something like this.

”…… ”

Shishio looked at the headline of the newspaper and didn ’t feel that much surprised.

”Not succumbing to the enemy, but succumbing to the disease. ”

”Doppo Orochi, the legendary karate-ka, has died of cardiac arrest! ”

Shishio directly calmed down after he read the news.

”What ’s wrong, Shishio? ” Saki asked while looking at the newspaper curiously.

”It ’s unpleasant news, ” Shishio said and didn ’t hide the news from Saki.

”Doppo Orochi? ” Saki was surprised. After all, she also had practiced karate in the past, so of course, she naturally knew who Doppo Orochi was, which was why she didn ’t expect that he would die from cardiac arrest. However, she didn ’t think too much since Doppo was practically a stranger, and she also felt that it was unpleasant news. ”Put down your newspaper! Let ’s eat. ”

”Okay, okay. ” Shishio put down his newspaper and looked at everyone ’s reaction, but their expression didn ’t change much. However, it was normal, considering they didn ’t see Doppo when Doppo appeared, asking him for a fight last night with how dim the light was.

In the end, except for Saki, no one really knew Doppo, so even if a legendary karate-ka had died, they didn ’t really talk about it, considering how depressing it was to discuss someone who had passed away, and they also didn ’t think too much about it.

As for telling what he had done, it was better not to talk about it since there was no need for them to know his cruel side.

Everyone has every side that they want to hide from someone, including their loved one.

Shishio wasn ’t sure what other people ’s thoughts were, but he felt that this wasn ’t something that he needed to talk about. After all, what he had done might seem big or exaggerated to some people, but for him, it was nothing.

After they ate, they went to the school together, stopped in the quiet neighboring area when there was no one before they walked together to the school.

”Ritsu is sad, ” Shiina said as they walked together, thinking that Ritsu was lonely when Ritsu walked alone without her and Shishio.

”….. ”

Shishio patted Shiina ’s head and said, ”We have always walked together. After all, so you don ’t need to worry too much. ” He wondered what he should do with Ritsu, but he felt that he needed to tell her the truth about his relationship with everyone since he knew that being left out was uncomfortable.

Shishio had told Mea and Maiko about his relationship. Even Mai also knew about it. He might not need to tell Ritsu, but he just wanted to tell her. As for how she would react, he could pretty much tell that she might slap him or ignore him for a few days. Still, if he didn ’t try, he wouldn ’t know the result, right?

Also, if he didn ’t do this, he knew that their relationship wouldn ’t progress.

”Um. ” Shiina nodded.

However, Saki, Nana, and Miu looked at Shishio and wondered whether Ritsu might become their sister in the future.

”Right, Saki, can I visit your class later? ” Shishio suddenly asked.

”Huh? ” Saki was surprised and asked, ”Why? ”

”Well, I was just curious since I ’d never seen your class, ” Shishio said.

”Okay. ” Saki nodded and felt a bit excited when she thought that Shishio would visit her class.

Still, Shishio would have never expected that he would meet someone unexpected during the break when he was about to visit Saki ’s class. When he was about to approach Saki ’s class, he saw someone familiar, eating lunch alone in the class next to Saki ’s. He was a bit dumbfounded and rubbed his eyes several times, but he knew that this girl had appeared in his school.

”Huh? Rui-nee? ”

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