I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 294 - Ikebukuro Isnt Just A Normal District

cute girl. It was like a Stand-user would attract another Stand-user. Still, the girls ’ friendship was more complicated than the meeting between Stand-users since if two Stand-users couldn ’t accept each other, they would directly fight with each other, beating each other to a pulp, but girls were using the underhanded techniques, gathered a crowd, creating a rumor, and doing various things to take down their opponents with a vicious method.

Somehow Shishio felt that he was glad that he was born as a guy.

”Hey, Yumasaki, don ’t be so rude! ” Kodaka couldn ’t help but remind Yumasaki since this guy was quite rude.

”Sorry, sorry, but I ’m quite curious, you know? Ebina-chan is the pearl on the Otome Road after all, ” Yumasaki said sheepishly.

’Pearl of the Otome Road? ’ Shishio was wondering whether Ebina was really that famous. ”It ’s alright, Kodata-san. I don ’t mind answering Yumisaki-san ’s question. ”

”Sorry about that, Oga-kun, ” Kodata also apologized.

”Ebina-senpai isn ’t my girlfriend. She ’s my senior, ” Shishio said.

”Senpai? You ’re younger than her? ” Saburo looked up at Shishio and felt the malice of the world. Shishio was younger than him, but his height wasn ’t that different from Kodata.

”I ’m a freshman in high school this year. ” Shishio didn ’t hide his identity since he knew that the three of them weren ’t bad guys.

”So you ’re coming to accompany her? ” Kodata asked.

”Well, yeah, and I ’m also quite curious about Ikebukuro since it is my first time here, ” Shishio said.

”Oh? Your first time? ”

They were quite surprised by Shishio ’s words.

”How come it is your first time? ” Saburo asked weirdly. After all, Ikebukuro was a famous commercial district, and it would have been weird if someone hadn ’t come to the Ikebukuro. However, when he observed Shishio again, he felt that it wasn ’t that weird since even though Shishio might dress normally like them, he could see that Shishio seemed like someone born from a royal clan or something. He wasn ’t that sure, though.

”Are you coming outside of Tokyo? ” Kodata asked.

”I ’m from Kyoto, ” Shishio said.

”Kyoto! ” 3x

The three of them were surprised when they tried to observe Shishio again.

Shishio looked at the three of them, who looked at him as if an alien and could only shake his head since they were too rude, right?

Even though it might be rare to see someone from Kyoto, it didn ’t mean that it was okay to stare at someone so rudely like this.

”Cough! Cough! ” Shishio coughed to remind them.

Kodata was the first one who realized how rude their reaction was and quickly apologized. ”I ’m sorry for the rudeness. ” He then slapped the heads of Saburo and Yumisaki since they were still staring at Shishio. ”Don ’t be rude to him like that! ”

”Sorry, sorry, but the last time I was in Kyoto was during my high school ’s school trip, and as expected, Kyoto ’s people really had an elegant aura around them… ” Saburo said in amazement.

”Not all the people in Kyoto like me. Please don ’t put such prejudice over Kyoto ’s men, but thank you for your praise, ” Shishio said calmly.

”Sorry… ” Saburo quickly apologized since he knew he was quite rude, but the atmosphere didn ’t feel awkward since Shishio didn ’t make it that way.

”What a shame… if you ’re a little older, then I ’ll bring you to a good place… ” Yumisaki sighed regretfully.

”Fun place? ” Shishio was curious.

”That place! ” Yumisaki pointed his finger at the nearby Animate.

”…I don ’t need to be an adult to enter an Animate, right? ” Shishio asked weirdly.

”No, no, no, the place that I want to bring you might be inside the Animate, but… ” Yumisaki moved closer and whispered, ”There ’s a really, really fun place inside… ”

Yumisaki ’s whisper was like a voice of the devil that tried to tempt a human.

Shishio somehow understood the meaning of Yumisaki ’s words, and as a man, there was no way that he didn ’t understand where Yumisaki wanted to bring him. ”Isn ’t that alright? With my weight and facemask, who will think that I ’m underage? ”

Yumisaki smiled when Shishio quickly caught up. ”That ’s true. Should we go now? I ’ll introduce you to the new world! ”

”…New world… ” Shishio would be lying if he wasn ’t interested since he only saw the culture of this country through a convenience store, and he hadn ’t entered a specialized store like Animate. ”Still, I ’m afraid that Ebina-senpai might go back. ”

”You don ’t need to worry. It might take a while for them to come back since they need to get a lot of things and also a signature from the author, ” Yumisaki whispered like a devil again.

Shishio still hesitated, but Yumisaki quickly added, ”Kodata-san and Saburo-san can wait here and tell them that we ’re going to the toilet for a while, right? ”

”….. ” Kodata and Saburo.

Shishio looked at Yumisaki for a moment, bowed his head slightly, and said, ”Please take care of me, Yumisaki-senpai. ”

”Okay, Oga-kun! Follow me! Let me guide you to the new world! ” Yumisaki smiled brightly then looked at Kodata and Saburo. ”Please take care of the scene, alright, Kodata-san, Saburo-san! Let ’s go, Oga-kun! ”

”OH! ”

Shishio and Yumisaki didn ’t hesitate and walked toward the forbidden area of the Animate under the speechless stare of Kodata and Saburo, who could only shake each other helplessly.

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