I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 298 - The Difficulty Of A Scumbag

”Enter. ”

Yukinoshita closed the book in her hand and saw the Service Club ’s room door was opened.

Shishio entered the room and noticed that Yukinoshita was looking at him. ”What ’s wrong, Senpai? ”

”Nothing. ” Yukinoshita shook her head and said, ”I ’m surprised that you have come. ”

”Are you still holding a grudge over that past? ” Shishio asked helplessly since he didn ’t come to this clubroom in the past. Still, the fault wasn ’t his, considering Yukinoshita made a one-sided appointment forcefully.

”Yes, ” Yukinoshita admitted generously.

”….. ”

Shishio didn ’t say anything and picked up the chair and desk on the back, then put it near Yukinoshita. When he set up the chair and table, he saw that she stood up and walked toward the single student desk right on the side, before she brought him a cup of tea and a package of senbei (Japanese rice cracker snack), before putting them on the desk that he picked before.

”Here you go. ”

”Thanks, Senpai. ” Shishio picked the cup of warm tea and sipped it gently. While sipping the tea, he wondered why he had to spend the end of the Friday with Yukinoshita. He had four girlfriends, and he felt that it was better to spend his time with either Miu or Saki since their relationship might progress further if he spent time with either of them.

As for Nana and Shiina, Shishio didn ’t need to worry too much, considering Shiina lived with him. As for Nana, he would go out with her tomorrow to search for an apartment for her to live in alone.

”No problem. ” Yukinoshita sat down on her seat again and picked up her book to read.

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita and asked, ”So is there something that we ’ll do today? ”

”Nothing. ”

”….Nothing? ”

”Yes. There ’s nothing. ” Yukinoshita didn ’t lift her head and kept reading as she answered Shishio ’s question. ”As long as there isn ’t any request, then we have nothing to do. ”

Hearing Yukinoshita ’s answer, Shishio felt that it was better to skip the clubroom today.

”However, I won ’t let you skip the club, ” Yukinoshita said.

”Why? ” Shishio asked.

”Because this is my order as the leader of this club, ” Yukinoshita said while looking straight at Shishio ’s eyes.

”….. ” Shishio looked at Yukinoshita and asked, ”Senpai, can I ask you a question? ”

”What? ” Yukinoshita drank the tea that she had just brewed slowly, but suddenly…

”Do you like me so much? ” Shishio asked.

”Cough! ” Yukinoshita suddenly coughed the tea that she had just drunk.

”Senpai, are you alright? ” Shishio quickly patted Yukinoshita ’s back gently so she would feel better.

Yukinoshita coughed several times, then looked at him with a grudge and hint of blush on her cheeks. ”Oga-kun, has someone told you that you ’re so narcissistic? ”

”No, this is the first time I ’ve heard of it, but you ’re so persistent at me, so I can ’t help but misunderstand your feelings toward me, ” Shishio said calmly. ”Still, could it be that you were confessing to me just now? I ’m sorry it won ’t work out. You ’re all beautiful legs and — ”

”Oga-kun. ”

Hearing Yukinoshita ’s icy voice, Shishio stopped and asked, ”What ’s wrong, Yukinoshita-senpai? ”

”Shut up. ”

”Yes. ”

”….. ”

Yukinoshita pinched the bridge of her nose and said, ”Oga-kun, can I ask you a question? ” She waited for a while, but she didn ’t hear her response. ”Why didn ’t you say anything? ” She looked at Shishio with a confused expression.

”Didn ’t you tell me to shut up before? ” Shishio asked.

”… ” Yukinoshita kept staring at Shishio, and if a stare could kill someone, then it was her stare at this moment. ”You can talk now. ”

”Do you want to ask me something again, Senpai? ” Shishio asked.

”You like my legs, right? ” Yukinoshita asked while staring at Shishio.

”…Why do you think so? ” Shishio ’s expression was almost broken at that moment.

”Oh, nothing. ” Shaking her head gently, Yukinoshita sipped her tea slowly, then said, ”It ’s just, you have glanced at my legs four times earlier. ”

”…… ”

Shishio knew that girls had always been sensitive toward a gaze, but he didn ’t expect that they would be so sensitive that Yukinoshita noticed his secret gaze.

”You have also said my legs are beautiful too, right? ” Yukinoshita somehow showed a proud expression as if she had won.

Shishio felt that he was a criminal that had been caught red-handed by the police. He wasn ’t sure what to say in this situation, and he racked his brain so hard. Still, he wondered why he told her that her legs were beautiful. Luckily, he was saved by his luck.

The door was opened, and a voice was heard.

”Yukinoshita, is Oga-kun here? ”

Shishio and Yukinoshita saw Hiratsuka appear in the clubroom of the Service Club.

”I ’m here, Sensei. ” Shishio looked at his savior with a smile, but Yukinoshita had an unpleasant expression.

Hiratsuka wanted to say something, but she was stunned when she saw Shishio ’s smile, and somehow she also recalled when she saw him half-naked when she stayed on the Sakurasou before.

”Sensei, I ’ve told you to knock before you enter, right? ” Yukinoshita said with a sigh.

”Sorry, sorry. ” Hiratsuka apologized in a perfunctory manner and looked at Shishio. ”I ’d thought that you would skip the club. ”

”If I skip, what will you do? ” Shishio asked curiously.

”Well, I ’ll drag you here, ” Hiratsuka said simply.

”…. ” Shishio looked at Hiratsuka and asked, ”Hiratsuka-sensei, you know, I ’m not really a problem student, and even though I don ’t mind joining this club, you should also know that I have a lot of important things to do, right? ”

’Important to do? ’ Yukinoshita looked at Shishio curiously.

Hiratsuka dragged a chair to the side and put it right in front of Shishio ’s desk, facing right in front of him. ”Well, Oga-kun, I know that you ’re quite busy, but you should know that you ’re a student now. Even though I know that what you do is important for your future, you have only three years of high school. Even though high school isn ’t all of your life, there ’s something that you can only do at a school. ”

”So you think it is wrong to work hard toward a future, Sensei? ” Shishio asked.

”I don ’t think that it is wrong. Instead, I think that it is admirable, but I think that you should have fun too. ” Hiratsuka looked at Shishio ’s handsome face and said, ”Do you want to become a boring adult that only knows how to work? After all, you have come so far from Kyoto to Tokyo, right? ”

”Well, I come from Kyoto to Tokyo, so it ’ll be easier to manage most of my business. As for my life, you don ’t need to worry since I work hard, and I also play hard too, Sensei, ” Shishio said calmly. ”Still, isn ’t it better for me to work hard, Sensei? ”

”Why? ” Hiratsuka was confused by Shishio ’s answer.

”That way, I can marry a certain teacher when I graduate shortly from high school, ” Shishio said with a gentle smile.

”… ”

”The heck, are you trying to seduce your teacher for, little bastard! ” Hiratsuka was mad, trying to hide her embarrassment.

”…. ” Yukinoshita.

”My bad, my bad, I was just kidding, ” Shishio apologized with a smile. ”Still, with that said, I ’m happy that you ’re worried about me, but Sensei, you should also understand my position too. There should be a day that I can ’t come to the school because of some business, but it is inevitable. After all, my energy is limited and I ’m only one person. However, as you have said before, I have only three years of high school, and even though school isn ’t all about my life, there are things that I can only do in high school. While I work hard for my future, I won ’t forget to have fun while I ’m a high school student. ”

”It ’s good that you understand. ” Hiratsuka was still blushing, then she coughed and said, ”Well, well, since you understand, I ’ll go out now. If you have trouble, then you can come to me. ”

”Oh? Can I come to you from now on, Sensei? ” Shishio asked with a hint of interest.

Hiratsuka somehow felt that Shishio ’s words were quite misleading, and she also felt that Yukinoshita ’s stares started to hurt her. ”Isn ’t that obvious? I ’m a guidance counselor at this school. Anyway, I ’ll have to go now. Also, don ’t cause trouble! ” She then ran as fast as possible, escaping since she was afraid that Shishio might seduce her.

”… ”

Looking at Hiratsuka, who was running away, Shishio turned his head toward Yukinoshita, who kept staring at him with complex emotion. If he had to describe her expression with 10 points, then it would be 3 points sadness, 3 points confusion, 3 points discomfort, and 1 point curiosity.

”Oga-kun, I ’m not impressed that you try to seduce your teacher while you have a girlfriend, ” Yukinoshita said coldly. Still, she also felt uncomfortable since she didn ’t know anything about him.

”I was joking before, and do you think that Hiratsuka-sensei will take my words seriously? We ’re a teacher and a student, you know? ” Shishio said.

Yukinoshita only realized the difference of status between Shishio and Hiratsuka, and she wasn ’t sure why. She felt relieved at that moment. ”Still, what was that about? ” She didn ’t really want to talk about the relationship between Shishio and Hiratsuka since it made her uncomfortable, but there was something that she wanted to ask him.

”Well, I don ’t mind telling you, but don ’t tell someone, alright? ” Shishio said. He knew that Yukinoshita didn ’t have a friend, and it was impossible for her to tell someone about his matter, but even so, he still said those words.

”You don ’t need to worry, ” Yukinoshita said calmly, closed her book, and looked at Shishio curiously.

Shishio also didn ’t mind and told her what he was doing, but he didn ’t tell her the truth and only told her that he was helping a family business in Tokyo and Hiratsuka was worried about him who might be busy with his family business.

Shishio didn ’t really like to show off, and he also felt that it wasn ’t necessary. Also, instead of owning a business on his own, it was more believable to tell her that he was helping a family business and as expected, she believed his words so easily.

”I see… ” Yukinoshita nodded and didn ’t expect that Shishio would be so busy. Still, it wasn ’t uncommon to see children from a big family manage a family business, but she was quite amazed by Shishio since even though he was younger than her, he had already been entrusted to manage the family business.

”Now I understand why it seems that you seem reluctant to come to the clubroom. You don ’t like to waste your time, right? ” Strangely, Yukinoshita felt uncomfortable right now, even though she didn ’t understand the reason. She knew that it was better for him not to come to this clubroom, and she also shouldn ’t force him to come, considering how busy he was, but she just didn ’t want to say that he shouldn ’t come and quit the club.

”Senpai, I don ’t think that it is a waste of time to come to the Service Club even if we don ’t have anything to do, ” Shishio said.

”Oh? Why? ” Yukinoshita looked at Shishio curiously and felt a bit stupid, wondering the reason why he decided to come.

”Even if we have nothing to do, I can stare at your legs, right? ” Shishio said with a smile.

”…. ” Yukinoshita.

”Sorry, I was joking. You didn ’t need to look at me with that cold expression, right? Senpai, I was joking so, please don ’t call the police! ”

Yukinoshita stopped the movement on her hand and looked at Shishio helplessly. Still, inwardly, she wanted to laugh and said, ”Still, if you ’re busy, then you don ’t need to force to come, but tell me beforehand first, alright? ”

”Sure. ” Shishio nodded. ”Still, if that ’s the case, our chances of the meeting will decrease, right? ”

”What? Could it be that you were confessing to me just now? I ’m sorry it won ’t work out, ” Yukinoshita said cheerfully.

”…….. ”

Shishio rubbed his temple and asked, ”Senpai, can I ask a request? Wait a moment! I ’m not going to make a perverted request! ”

”What is the request? ” Yukinoshta asked as she stopped her movement on her phone.

”So, is it possible for a member to make a request? ” Shishio asked.

”It ’s possible. ” Yukinoshita nodded and put down her phone. ”So, what do you want to ask? ”

”Well, I haven ’t explored the school that much, and there are a lot of places that I don ’t know. Can you show me around? ” Shishio asked.

”Why not? ” Yukinoshita nodded, but then the door was knocked on again, and the door was opened.

”Yukinon, Oga-kun, are you here? ”

When Shishio and Yukinoshita were about to go out, they saw Momo enter the clubroom together with a girl.

”Kashiwabara-san, can you stop calling me Yukinon? ” Yukinoshita sighed.

”Eh? Why? Isn ’t it cute? ” Momo asked with a smile.

Yukinoshita looked at the girl beside Momo, but she didn ’t know who the other girl was. However, Shishio was surprised to see Rui was there.

”Rui-nee? ”

”Shishio-kun? ”

”……… ” Momo and Yukinoshita looked at the two of them and wondered how the two of them knew each other?

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