Shishio looked at Momo, who had decided to show them around the school curiously, wondering what kind of places she would show.

Rui and Yukinoshita also didn ’t say much and let Momo show them around the school.

Still, Shishio noticed something strange when Momo led them to the first place.

”This is the infirmary, ” Momo said while looking at Shishio.

”Why are you looking at me like that, Kashiwabara-senpai? ” Shishio asked with some confusion.

”Do you know this place? ” Momo asked.

”I have been here before, ” Shishio said since the infirmary was the place where he confessed to Nana before. As for having sex like on the hentai manga on the infirmary, he felt it was impossible unless the school doctor was his woman or his subordinate. After all, unlike the school doctor in the story, they had always gone from time to time. The school doctor in this school was quite strict and had always stayed in the infirmary. As for his case at that time, it might be an exception, not that he cared about it.

”How about the next place? ” Yukinoshita asked.

”Impatient, aren ’t we? Then let ’s follow me! ” Momo said as she showed them to the next place, but…

”This is a female changing room, ” Momo said with a smile.

”…. ” Everyone.

”Well, Rui-nee needs to know this place, right? ” Shishio said to dispel the awkwardness.

”That ’s true. ” Rui nodded.

”How about the next place? ” Yukinoshita asked. She felt slightly strange with the place that Momo had shown, but she didn ’t say anything since she couldn ’t point out which part was strange.

”Okay. Okay. ” Momo smiled then showed them the next place. ”This is an empty classroom that ’s rarely used. ”

”….. ” Everyone.

”What about next? ” Shishio asked.

”Okay. ” Momo nodded, then showed them the PE storage room, which made them a bit confused.

”Why are you showing all of this place? ” Finally, Rui couldn ’t handle it anymore and asked.

Momo was a bit shy and said in a blush, ”I ’m giving priority to all the places that guys would get excited hearing about… ” She then looked at Shishio shyly, waiting for his answer. ”What do you think? Are you happy? ”

Yukinoshita and Rui also did the same and stared at Shishio.

’Why are you all looking at me? ’

If they were alone, then his answer might be more expressive, but there was Yukinoshita and Rui around him, so…

”It ’s interesting, but it troubles me if you ask that kind of question… ” Shishio was speechless, then said, ”How about the next place? ”

Luckily, the next place that Momo showed next was quite normal such as the classroom, cafeteria, rooftop, and other important places before they went under the stairs of the special building of the school.

Shishio noticed Yukinoshita ’s expression while looking around curiously and asked, ”Haven ’t you been here, Yukinoshita-senpai? ”

”No, I haven ’t been to the strange places in this school. ” Then, Yukinoshita looked at Momo and asked, ”What are we doing here, Kashiwabara-san? ”

”Fufufu… ” Momo opened her hands wide with an exaggerated pose. ”This is my secret and my favorite place! Ta-da! ”

Shishio, Rui, and Yukinoshita looked at Momo ’s favorite place and felt quite surprised.

”Oh? There ’s an ice cream vending machine, ” Shishio said in surprise.

”Right? Isn ’t it surprising that our school has this kind of thing here? ” Momo said proudly when she saw their expression. ”How about we buy some? ”

They agreed and decided to buy ice cream.

Momo showed an example first by buying a vanilla ice cream.

Rui bought chocolate ice cream, and Yukinoshita bought strawberry ice cream.

Momo nodded with a smile when she saw Rui and Yukinoshita bought ice cream, then looked at Shishio and asked, ”What are you going to buy, Oga-kun? ”

”I thought I ’d get a unique flavor that can only be gotten in this vending machine, ” Shishio said while looking at the flavors of ice creams that were sold on this vending machine.

”Oh? You ’re such a challenger! ” Momo smiled, then pointed her finger, and said, ”How about this? This is Banana Choco Mint Hawaiian flavor. ”

”Banana Choco Mint Hawaiian flavor… ” Shishio was in a daze and didn ’t expect that there was some unique flavor in this vending machine.

Yukinoshita licked her ice cream gently while sitting on the nearby bench, but then she said, ”Don ’t buy something weird. What if you can ’t finish it? ”

”It ’s okay. I can finish it. ” Shishio didn ’t hesitate and chose Banana Choco Mint Hawaiian flavor directly. He wanted to sit on the bench, but Rui and Yukinoshita sat next to each other, and the free spaces were either on their sides, which made him speechless.

Rui and Yukinoshita also noticed this, but they didn ’t say anything and ate their ice cream while looking at Shishio.

”You ’re not sitting down? ” Yukinoshita asked.

”Yeah, you can sit down, you know? ” Rui said.

”Thank you, but I ’ll stand up, ” Shishio said calmly as he opened the package of the ice cream.

Momo laughed, hearing Shishio ’s answer, but Rui and Yukinoshita didn ’t say anything and continued to eat their ice creams.

Shishio just wanted to eat ice cream, but he didn ’t expect that he almost caused a war, which made him helpless. Luckily, he was quite witty, so he decided to enjoy the fruit of his victory right now. He put his ice cream on his mouth and raised his eyebrow.

Momo, Yukinoshita, and Rui didn ’t say anything and stared at Shishio ’s expression, which had eaten such a strange flavor of ice cream.

”How is it? ” Rui asked curiously.

”It ’s okay. ” Shishio ate his ice cream calmly and didn ’t feel that the taste of his ice cream was that bad, but it was pretty unique.

”Is it good? ” Momo asked.

”Hmm… there ’s a sweet, bitter, and the combination of both? Somehow it reminds me of life, ” Shishio said with a frown.

”This is the first time I ’ve heard of such a deep flavored ice cream, ” Yukinoshita said speechlessly.

”Can I taste it? ” Rui asked.

”Why not? ” Shishio didn ’t overthink and gave his ice cream to Rui.

Rui didn ’t take Shishio ’s ice cream and licked his ice cream gently from his hand.

”How is it? ” Shishio asked.

”You ’re lying. ” Rui frowned and said, ”This tastes strange. ”

”I never said that it tasted good anyway, ” Shishio said speechlessly.

Rui and Shishio didn ’t think too much when they had an indirect kiss since they had kissed and had sex in the past, but Yukinoshita and Momo, who saw this, were stunned since they saw that Rui and Shishio were too intimate, right?

”Oga-kun, ” Yukinoshita suddenly called Shishio.

”What ’s wrong, Senpai? Why do you show such a scary expression? ” Shishio looked at Yukinoshita with a weird expression.

”You have a girlfriend, right? Is it alright to show such intimate action with another girl? ” Yukinoshita asked with a frown.

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita and understood why she showed such a reaction, and he only realized now that an indirect kiss might not seem much for him and Rui, but it was different for Yukinoshita. He was about to say something, but Momo suddenly licked his ice cream.

Momo blinked her eyes as she tasted Shishio ’s ice cream. ”The taste isn ’t that bad. ” She looked at Shishio and said, ”You know, I ’d never had the courage to buy that weird flavored ice cream, but trying a new thing isn ’t a bad thing. ”

”Right? ” Shishio nodded.

”Also, Yukinon, you should be that angry. After all, they ’re just tasting ice cream, right? If you want to taste it, why don ’t you try Shishio ’s ice cream too? ” Momo said as she looked at Yukinoshita.

Yukinoshita blinked her eyes and wondered whether high school students nowadays were so bold. ”It ’s alright. I ’m afraid that my stomach might hurt from eating such weird flavored ice cream. ” Still, she looked at Shishio and thought that this guy might become a scumbag if she didn ’t watch him over. Also, she blushed with the thought of having an indirect kiss. Luckily, no one noticed her reaction at that moment.

”Still, now Oga-kun, Rui-Rui, you two are so close, right? Don ’t tell me… you two are… ”

Unlike the harem story, where there would be suspense, BGM and the MC would be so nervous when someone revealed his relationship. Shishio and Rui were so calm that their expressions didn ’t change much when Momo looked at them with an expression as if a detective had solved the murder case.

”Rui-Rui is Oga-kun ’s ex-girlfriend, right? ” Momo said with confidence.

”… ”

”Really? ” Yukinoshita was surprised. However, if that was the case, she didn ’t think it was weird. Still, she was wondering why she had been feeling uncomfortable for a while, but she decided to ignore this feeling.

”Why do you think so? ” Shishio asked curiously.

Rui didn ’t say anything and looked at Momo.

”You might hide it by saying that you two are friends, but Rui has been staring at you from time to time, and your relationship is quite intimate. Also, Rui-Rui is a transfer student, and she has only been in this school for a few days. So you might have met each other in the past, right? ” Momo said as if she had solved the case.

”You know, we might be close because we ’re childhood friends, right? ” Shishio said.

”Eh? You two a childhood friend? ” Momo asked in surprise.

”…No. ” Shishio wondered whether Momo was smart or stupid, but he had heard that girls ’ IQ was lowered when they were together with the men they fell with.

”Then sex friends? ” Momo asked.

”….. ” Shishio, Yukinoshita, and Rui.

”No, ” Shishio said so there wouldn ’t be an awkward silence.

”Then what ’s your relationship? ” Momo asked curiously.

”…. ”

Shishio had to admit that it was hard to maintain a balance in a relationship. If he was too close, they might misunderstand him, and if he was too far away, then they might be sad and think that he hated them. Looking at the three beautiful girls in front of him, he could only sigh inwardly, feeling that he was really a hypocrite. If he didn ’t have an interest in them, he should just cut their relationship right away so they wouldn ’t entangle each other in the future and should feel satisfied with the four girls that he had right now.

’Let ’s just follow the flow, for now, to see where our relationship will develop. ’ As for actively chasing after them, Shishio wouldn ’t do that since it would be wrong to do that in his position.

Shishio thought he was really a scumbag and there was no need to hide it, but suddenly Rui interrupted his thought.

”Shishio-kun, let me explain this, ” Rui suddenly said.

”Rui-nee? ” Shishio was surprised, but when he saw her expression, he nodded. As for whether this girl would drop a bomb or not, he didn ’t feel worried since he had met a more troublesome situation.

”Our relationship is just a friend, but if you feel that our relationship might seem closer than mere friends, then it is because I ’m his first friend in Tokyo, ” Rui said.

”First friend?! ” 2x

Momo and Yukinoshita were surprised.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded. ”On the first day, I came to Tokyo. I was quite worried about my future, and I happened to meet Rui-nee by chance at the convenience store…. ” He told how he met Rui, but at the same time, he was quite surprised he didn ’t meet the bloodbath situation, which made him glad somehow.

”By then, we ’d become friends with each other, ” Rui also told them how she met Shishio.

However, neither Shishio nor Rui told Momo and Yukinoshita about how they lost their virginity at the same time.

Momo and Yukinoshita nodded and understood why the relationship between Shishio and Rui was so close.

They didn ’t talk about this matter again and continued to talk until they decided to go back.

”Right, do you want to go somewhere after this? Tomorrow is Saturday. How about we go to karaoke or something? ” Momo asked with a smile.

”Sorry, I can ’t, ” Yukinoshita said without hesitation.

”Me too. I have to go back, ” Rui said without hesitation too.

”…. ” Momo somehow had expected this, but she didn ’t give up and looked at Shishio.

Shishio smiled wryly since he had become a center of attention again. ”Sorry, I have something to do after this. ”

”What are you going to do? ” Rui asked curiously.

”My classmate is about to move to my dorm, so I have decided to help, ” Shishio said.

They nodded, and Momo ’s plan to invite everyone to play for a while failed, but she didn ’t force them and told them that they should go together again if they had a chance.

Rui, Yukinoshita, and Shishio didn ’t make a promise, but they would play with Momo if they had a chance, which made her happy.

Looking at Momo, who kept smiling, Shishio looked at the scrunchie she wore on her left wrist, but he didn ’t say anything and decided to go home, but…

”Shishio-kun. ”

Shishio looked at Rui, who had followed him, and asked, ”What ’s wrong, Senpai? Did you forget about something? ”

”Can we talk for a bit? ” Rui asked.

”….. ”

Shishio was wondering why he felt that he had seen Deja Vu?

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