I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 303 - What Do You Want To Do?

Unlike what everyone imagined, Shishio didn ’t do anything perverted in his room, especially when Roberta was still in her period. It was better to tell her to rest since he knew how sensitive women were during their period. Instead, he researched the people who had a grudge against Katsumi Orochi. Even though he knew that Katsumi wouldn ’t wake up so easily and he had shaken that guy ’s head so his memory might be vague, but he knew that humans had a lot of possibilities, so he wanted to end that guy as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Katsumi was an arrogant guy, and this guy had a lot of enemies from all the people he had found in the past.

However, Katsumi ’s background was Shinshinkai Karate ’s heir, one of the biggest martial arts organizations, so no trouble could come to him. Still, it was different now since Doppo Orochi had passed away, and the organization was in shambles.

Shishio didn ’t intend to kill Katsumi by himself. Instead, he would visit the house of one of those people who had a grudge against Katsumi, especially the one with the worst background. As for what he was about to do, it was better to keep it a secret.

Still, even if the world might be surprised by what had happened on Orochi Doppo, Katsumi Doppo, and Shinshinkai Karate, no one would link their accident to Shishio.

”Shishio-sama, be careful, ” Roberta said and gave Shishio many things he needed.

”Thank you. Tell Mashiro that I ’m going to the convenience store if she asks, ” Shishio said.

”Yes. ” Roberta nodded.

”I ’ll come back soon. ”

Leaving such words, when Roberta blinked her eyes, she saw that Shishio had already disappeared. She was alone in his room, looked at his bed, and moved slowly toward it before resting there while hugging his pillow. ”Shishio-sama… ”

Shishio didn ’t waste his time and saw a dilapidated house in front of him. He had come so far away to Adachi Ward, and without hesitation, he entered this guy ’s house. With the combination of ”Bajiquan Mastery ” and ”Ninjutsu Mastery, ” it was impossible for someone to notice him, so he entered the house easily.

Shishio heard the sound of a television in the living room, and he could see a man was sitting on the tatami floor while watching the television without a light, surrounded by trash. He saw that this person was watching the news related to Doppo Orochi and Shinsekai Karate with a disgusting grin.

Shishio could see how happy this man was and even heard his curse, but he didn ’t care much since it had nothing to do with him. He then sneaked behind this man, pressed the pressure points on his body, and murmured in a low voice, causing the man to be in a daze. He whispered something and put down a doctor uniform on the side of this man before he walked out directly.

As Shishio walked out, the man didn ’t hesitate to put on a doctor uniform, went to the kitchen to pick something, and walked out of his house directly, walking toward the direction of the hospital where Katsumi Doppo was treated.

After what he was doing, Shishio didn ’t hesitate to go home directly. What he was doing before was using his ”Hypnosis Mastery ” to make that man to…

There was no need to explain, right?

Shishio knew that he might be cruel toward Katsumi Doppo and Orochi Doppo, but since they had become his enemies, there was no need to show mercy. Also, he had to admit that everything was because of Tokugawa. If Tokugawa didn ’t bring him to the Underground Arena, then this thing wouldn ’t happen, but at the same time, it was also Togo ’s fault, too, since she was the one who brought him to the Kengan Match.

However, more importantly, it was also his fault.

If Shishio didn ’t agree to become a fighter of all those stupid things, then this wouldn ’t happen. If he didn ’t join the fight, then he might spend his time steadily accumulating his net worth by seducing girls.

Still, what had happened, then happened, and all he could do was to minimize the damage. Instead of regretting what he was doing, which was simply a useless act, it was better to think to solve this matter as soon as possible.

Shishio didn ’t regret what he was doing, and the matter of killing was something that needed to be done. He knew that even though Doppo and Katsumi weren ’t bad guys, they weren ’t good guys either. If they didn ’t provoke him, then there was no need for him to do anything, but since they had provoked him, then there was no need to blame him for being ruthless.

As for that man before, Shishiso only granted his wish and encouraged him to do what he wanted to do. Also, it might be his bad luck to be targeted by him. Still, that man wasn ’t a good man either since there were many women that this man had raped. He sighed and thought that the world was dangerous.

’Why is there a lot of danger in my life? ’

Shishio sighed, then returned to his room, but then he was stunned when he saw Roberta sniffing his pillow intoxicatedly.

”…… ”

Roberta suddenly noticed someone ’s presence and quickly awoke, but then she was stunned when she saw Shishio was there. ”Um… I… ”

Shishio didn ’t say much and kissed Roberta ’s lips since this woman was too cute, right?

Still, why did she have to have her period today?

Shishio could only lament his luck today.

Nanami had woken up at six in the morning since she wanted to help Shishio as soon as possible. After all, he had paid her, and she wanted to be helpful to him. She thought to clean up his room, but she felt that it might be rude to wake him up so early, so she didn ’t have anything to do and sat absently in the corridor near the living room while staring at the yard in front of her, without knowing what to do.

’There ’s no need to work so hard. You just need to clean up my clothes, room, and cook, huh? ’ Nanami felt that her work was simple and there wasn ’t much she needed to do, but her salary was good. Still, she felt uncomfortable just receiving a salary like this, and she wanted to do something more, but she wasn ’t sure what to do. While she was thinking about what to do, suddenly she heard the sound of the door being opened, and when she looked at who it was, she didn ’t expect that it would be Shishio.

”Shishio-kun? ”

Shishio, who had just finished his workout, looked at Nanami, who was sitting in the corridor. He felt slightly surprised, then greeted her. ”Good morning. Why did you wake up so early, Nanami? It ’s Saturday, you know? ”

Nanami also moved to Shishio without hesitation and said, ”Good morning, Shishio-kun. It ’s just a habit that I have always woken up in the morning. ”

”I see. ” Shishio didn ’t overthink and asked, ”Then can you make me breakfast? I will take a bath first. ”

”Yes. ” Nanami nodded. ”Did you just finish a work – ” She couldn ’t finish her words since suddenly Shishio took off his shirt.

”Shi – Shishio-kun! ”

Her face flushed, and she panicked. She closed her eyes with her hands hurriedly, but there was a huge gap between her fingers.

”Ah, sorry. ” Shishio apologized and wore his t-shirt again. ”Sorry, it was just that there weren ’t any people in the early morning, so I ’d usually take off my upper wear like this. ”

”No, no, it ’s alright, you don ’t need to mind me, you know. If you want, you can take off your upper wear, ” Nanami quickly said with a red face, especially when she recalled how amazing Shishio ’s body was, but…

”…. ” Shishio.

Nanami quickly realized what she was doing and quickly apologized. ”I – I ’m sorry, Shishio-kun! ” She didn ’t expect to be so bold, and she quickly ran away.

Looking at Nanami, who ran away, Shishio felt that he needed to do something about this girl so she would be able to relax.

Nanami was cooking for Shishio ’s breakfast in the kitchen, but her mind kept recalling when he took off his upper wear before, and her face flushed once again. She believed that if she took Shishio ’s photo that was full of sweat and showed his abs, there would be a lot of people who would buy it, or rather, she could sell it with a lot of money, but she was reluctant since she wanted to keep that image for herself alone.

’No, no, you can ’t think of that, Nanami! ’

Nanami shook her head furiously, causing her ponytail to sway from right to left. She then focussed on cooking breakfast for Shishio since she knew that he would come out soon. Still, she forgot that two women were sleeping in the living room together, next to each other, ignoring their femininity.

There were three women before, but one woman slipped out and went back to her room since she needed to clean up her makeup or her skin might be damaged, right?

Shishio entered the kitchen and saw that Nanami had prepared breakfast for him.

”Shishio-kun, ” Nanami greeted Shishio with a smile. ”I have prepared breakfast. You should eat while it is still warm.

”Thank you, Nanami. ” Shishio looked at the breakfast that Nanami had prepared. The breakfast was quite simple, and it consisted of steaming hot white rice, miso soup, grilled salmon, and a simple salad. He then sat down and started to eat after he said ”itadakimasu, ” but then he noticed that Nanami was sitting in front of him, looking at him with a smile. ”Is there something on my face, Nanami? ”

”No – nothing! ” Nanami quickly shook her head with a blush, feeling slightly embarrassed when she was staring at him, eating her food with relish. ”Is – is it good? ”

”It ’s delicious. ” Shishio nodded and asked, ”Are you not going to eat? ”

”I ’ll eat breakfast later. You don ’t need to worry. ” Nanami sighed in relief and felt happy when she heard that her food was good.

”By the way, did you sleep well last night? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes, I had a good sleep last night. ” Nanami had to admit that it was quite good to stay on Sakurasou. Even though the building was quite old, the facilities were better compared to her previous apartment. Still, there was something that she needed to say, ”Um, Shishio-kun? ”

”Hmm? ”

”Is there something that you want me to do again? ” Nanami asked.

”….. ” Shishio looked at Nanami for a moment and patted her head.

”Shi – Shishio-kun? ” Nanami was surprised when her head was patted so suddenly. Still, it felt so nice.

”You have done enough, Nanami. I know that you might feel uncomfortable with my help, and you might want to do more, but this is enough for me, ” Shishio said gently.

Nanami looked at Shishio for a moment and asked, ”Why are you so gentle with me, Shishio-kun? We ’re just classmates, right? ” Even though she had decided to accept his help, she still felt uncomfortable that she couldn ’t do anything for him except for household chores.

Shishio looked at Nanami and asked, ”Do you want our relationship to be more than classmates? ”

”Eh? ” Nanami was stunned.

Shishio knew that Chihiro and Mayumi were still sleeping nearby, but even so, it wouldn ’t hurt to be more careful, right?

”After I have eaten my breakfast, let ’s go to my room, ” Shishio whispered.

”Eh? Eh? ” Nanami was dumbfounded, but this time, her face was so red.

”You want to help me more, right? ” Shishio moved closer to Nanami ’s ear, then said, ”Then let ’s go to my room. ”

Nanami felt that her heart was thumping and her face was so hot. She knew that she shouldn ’t nod and shook her head since she knew that Shishio had a girlfriend, but…

”Um. ”

Nanami nodded.

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