I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 305 - Ice Coffee Float

Coming out from Sakurasou, Shishio rode his motorcycle to Nana ’s house since he had promised to help her search for her apartment, but he had to admit that his mind was still thinking about what he had done with Nanami before.

Shishio wasn ’t blind to Nanami ’s feelings toward him, but if he got serious with her, it would be unfair for her, so he gave her time. He wanted her to think whether she wanted her to be in a serious relationship with him or to have fun with him.

Shishio also felt that it was wrong for him to make a relationship with Nanami just because they were kissing each other. He had taken Rui ’s virginity, but they weren ’t dating each other. Moreover, compared to Rui, who had taken his virginity too, the weight of Nanami was lighter.

Lastly, Shishio wanted Nanami to understand that even if they were dating each other, their relationship would be different from other people since he was a scumbag that dated five women at the same time.

Still, no matter what her decision was, Shishio was going to respect her choice.

Of course, Shishio also thought to help her problem, such as making her have a smooth journey on her career as a Seiyuu, but before that, he felt that Nanami needed to hone her technique since she was still an amateur.

’Or should I not treat her dearly? ’

Shishio felt that the path of the scumbag was difficult.

However, Shishio knew that he was being unfair towards Nanami. What was unfair wasn ’t the fact that he was dating several girls simultaneously, but the fact that he would be alright even if Nanami wasn ’t with him.

’I ’m just greedy for her body, huh? ’

Shishio knew that they needed to talk again, but not now since there was something that he needed to do.

”Come in, Shishio-kun! Nana and my husband are inside. ”

Shishio, who parked his motorcycle in Nana ’s house ’s yard, looked at Nana ’s mother, who was so excited, seeing him. He looked at this woman for a moment before he took off his helmet and said, ”Yes, aunty. ”

”Why do you call me aunty? Why don ’t you call me mom? ” Nana ’s mom complained.

”….Let ’s talk about that after I marry your daughter, ” Shishio said helplessly.

”Huh? You don ’t plan to marry my daughter? Are you saying that you ’re playing with my daughter? ” Nana ’s mom ’s tone changed.

”…. ” Shishio ’s lips twitched, but he calmed himself. He took a gentle breath, looked at Nana ’s mother, and said, ”No, I ’m serious about her, so even if she gets pregnant in high school, you don ’t need to worry. I ’ll take responsibility and marry her. ”

”….. ” Nana ’s mother looked at Shishio for a moment and nodded in satisfaction. ”It ’s good that you have balls, Shishio-kun. ”

’My balls have been enhanced, you know? ’

Still, with Nana ’s mother ’s words, Shishio wondered what he was afraid of?

’Isn ’t it just more lovers? ’

Shishio thought that his ”Enhanced Testicles ” would be useless if he kept hesitating like this. What he needed to do was to pour gasoline into the fire and keep that fire burning forever. Sometimes the fire was weak, but as long as there was still fire, it hadn ’t died yet.

Still, even though Shishio wanted Nanami to be his, he wanted to maintain their current relationship since it felt wrong to suddenly change his mind, and the time wasn ’t right. He needed to solve Nanami ’s last problem before he could take her down.

However, Nana ’s mother realized something and looked at Shishio in surprise. ’Have they had sex? Isn ’t it too soon? ’ She was too dumbfounded and wanted to ask Shishio, but…

”Shishio, let ’s go! Let ’s see our new house! ” Nana said excitedly before Shishio entered the house and hugged him directly, kissing his cheek without hesitation.

Nana ’s mother was irritated by Nana ’s act and said, ”You ’re a girl! How can you act so shameless like this? ”

”…. ” Shishio looked at Nana ’s mother, who gave him ”Bondage Mastery ” in the past, but he stayed in silence, pretending that he didn ’t know anything. Still, he might not know that Nana ’s mother had misunderstood something.

”Nana, you can go to my friend ’s real estate agency agent. I have given him a call, and you just need to tell me my name. ” Nana ’s father also walked out from the living room and reminded his daughter.

”Yes, dad! ” Nana smiled happily and pulled Shishio. ”Let ’s go, Shishio! ”

”Wait a moment, let me greet you, father, first. ” Shishio greeted Nana ’s father then talked with him for a while before he said goodbye to Nana ’s parents, leaving them to the real estate agency owned by Nana ’s father ’s friend.

When Shishio and Nana left, Nana ’s mother looked at her husband and asked, ”Is it alright? ” She felt a bit worried about letting her youngest daughter live alone. However, she wasn ’t worried that Nana might get pregnant by Shishio. Instead, it was alright even if she got pregnant with him, but she was worried that Nana might not be able to take care of herself since she knew how sloppy her daughter was.

”Why not? Isn ’t it good that our daughter is going to live alone? We ’ll be living like newlyweds like before, isn ’t that good? ” Nana ’s father looked at Nana ’s mother with a smile.

”Oh… ” Nana ’s mother blushed and knew what her husband was planning.

”It ’s a rare time that there ’s only two of us. Nana and Shishio will probably come back in the evening, so… ” Nana ’s father carried his wife directly to his room.

”Kyaa!! ” Nana ’s mother let out a cute squeal. ”Wa – Wait, I ’m still sweaty! I need to take a bath! ”

”Let ’s take it together. ”

With those words, both of them entered the bathroom together.

Leaving Nana ’s house, Shishio drove to the real estate agency owned by Nana ’s father ’s friend. The distance was quite far, but it was alright since he was riding a motorcycle.

Even though they had just met each other yesterday, Nana smiled happily when she met him. She hugged Shishio ’s waist tightly before she thought of a question that she wanted to ask. ”Shishio. ”

”Hmm? ”

”Do you want to live with me? ” Nana asked.

”I don ’t mind, but I can ’t live with you every day, you know? ” Shishio didn ’t mind moving, but he also had this strange affection toward Sakurasou. His parents also asked him to live there, and if he suddenly moved, it was quite troublesome to tell his parents, considering his aunt was also living with him there.

”Okay! ” Nana was happy. ”So should we get 1LDK or 2LDK? ”

LDK is an abbreviation frequently used in Japanese real estate to describe apartments. It stands for Living, Dining and Kitchen area and is preceded by a number of rooms. Some examples 1LDK = one-room apartment with a living, dining, and kitchen area. So if it is 2LDK, then there should be more than one room.

”Let ’s check what kind of apartment they have on the real estate agency. Also, I might be able to get that apartment for free, so you don ’t need to worry, ” Shishio said.

”Eh? Free? How? ” Nana was surprised.

”Did you forget about my fight before? My reward is either a house or an apartment, ” Shishio said.

Nana was dumbfounded and asked, ”You ’re free to choose? ”

”Yeah, I ’m free to choose. ”

”Let ’s get the most expensive, ” Nana said without hesitation.

”……… ”

Shishio glanced at Nana and thought that this girl was really smart.

Shishio and Nana arrived at the real estate agency, and they were greeted by the female agent kindly and warmly. After all, Nana ’s father was the friend of the owner of this real estate agency, and Shishio was so handsome that he could smite any girls on the street.

Shishio might wear something casual since he was wearing white sleeves and a blue navy sakujan jacket with a Fuu Dog pattern on the back and on his right chest, a white t-shirt, skinny jeans pants, and sneakers. His style might seem delinquent, but when he wore it, he gave a different feeling.

Still, it might be because Shishio was so handsome that the female agent talked with them happily, but at the same time, she lamented the fact that Shishio had a girlfriend.

”This is for rent, right? Can you tell me your budget? ” The female agent asked.

”No, we ’re going to buy it, ” Nana said with a serious expression.

”Really?! ” The female agent was dumbfounded and looked at Shishio subconsciously. After all, she thought that he was the one who made the decision and had the money. She could see that Nana was still in high school, but Shishio gave her a mature feeling, so it was normal for her to look at Shishio.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded and asked, ”The price doesn ’t matter, but the building should be new with an electronic locking system, soundproof, internet, lift, also it should be either near the train or bus stations or near Suimei high school. ”

”You sure know a lot Shishio, ” Nana said in amazement.

Shishio patted Nana ’s head and said, ”I think this is a common thing, so we ’ll be comfortable if we live there, but then, is there something that you want to ask? ”

”Hmm… I ’m not sure… I don ’t know much, but I think the size should be 2LDK or 3LDK. If it ’s like your apartment on Minato, I think it is too big, ” Nana said thoughtfully.

”Is it 2LDK or 3LDK, is it? ” The female agent asked. Still, she looked at Shishio, then looked at Nana in jealousy since this girl had caught a carp.

”Do you have a photo of them? Or is it possible to visit them? ” Nana asked curiously.

”Yes, of course. ” The female agent nodded. ”Do you want to go there now? ”

”Yes. ” Nana nodded without hesitation.

”I ’ll bring out the car so you can wait here for a moment, ” the female agent said.

”I came here with a motorcycle. Is it possible to park it here? ” Shishio asked.

”Sure. ” The female agent nodded. ”How about you park it in the parking park nearby? ”

”Thanks. ”

After Shishio parked his motorcycle, the female agent brought Shishio and Nana to the apartment that suited their wish. She brought them to three apartments and explained each of those apartments carefully, but Nana didn ’t seem to be satisfied with the apartment since if she lived in each of those apartments, she needed to use a train to go to the school, and she hated the train since it was always packed with a lot of people.

”There is one more that is near the Suimei high school. The train station isn ’t that close, but it isn ’t that bad. However, there ’s a bus station nearby that you can use to go to the school, ” the female agent said eloquently.

”Really? Then can we check it? ” Nana asked.

”Sure. ”

Shishio didn ’t say anything since he knew how troublesome a girl was when shopping, so it was better not to say much, especially when he could see that Nana was having fun.

Still, his lips twitched when he found out that the female agent had brought him to the apartment where Mai Sakurajima was living.

”There are a variety of plans inside. Whether it is 2LDK or 3LDK, you can see them inside, ” the female agent said.

”Let ’s see the 3LDK first, ” Nana said without hesitation.

”Isn ’t it a bit too big? ” Shishio asked.

”Well, there ’s going to be a lot of people who are going to visit, right? ” Nana said with a smile.

”…. ” Shishio had to admit that Nana was really a smart girl.

”Wow…. ” Nana looked at the apartment inside. It was already fully furnished, but the female agent told her that the interior could be changed anytime, depending on the wish. She then looked at the scenery from the balcony and she instantly fell in love with this place. She then looked at Shishio and said, ”Shishio, let ’s get this one. ”

”Are you sure? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes! ” Nana nodded without hesitation.

Shishio felt a bit speechless when he thought that Mai was living in this place too, but he didn ’t think too much since Nana loved this place. ”Well, let me give a call to someone first. ”

”Yes. ” The female agent nodded and wondered whether Shishio was calling his parents.

”Nana, you should ask more questions, if you have any, ” Shishio said and walked to the balcony.

”Um. ” Nana thought that Shishio would call Tokugawa, so she didn ’t bother him and talked with the female agent about this apartment more since she would be living here.

Shishio, who was on the balcony, called Tokugawa, and it was quickly connected. ”Tokugawa-san, I have chosen the apartment. Can you buy it for me? ”

”Okay. ” Tokugawa ’s voice was slightly low, and he agreed to Shishio ’s request without hesitation. ”Where is the location? ”

”It ’s on…. ” Shishio told about the address, the real agency office, and the agent that took care of him.

”Okay, I ’ll tell my people to take care of it. You ’ll own that building tomorrow, ” Tokugawa said.

”Thanks, ” Shishio said gratefully since he had gotten this apartment for free. ”Then I ’ll hang up the call. ” He thought that he might have heard that he was going to have this building, but he thought he might have heard it wrong.

”Wa – wait! ”

”What ’s wrong, Tokugawa-san? ” Shishio asked.

”Di – Did you do it? ” Tokugawa asked with shaky tones.

”What are you talking about? ” Shishio was confused.

”I… ” Tokugawa wanted to say something, but in the end, he closed his mouth since he knew that there was no way for them to talk about this matter over the phone. ”Can you come to my house? ”

”…You want me to fight someone again? ” Shishio asked plainly.

”No, ” Tokugawa said hurriedly.

”Then? ”

”I just want to ask… ” Tokugawa said weakly.

Shishio thought for a moment and said, ”I ’ll visit Gouki Shibukawa in the future. I ’ll talk with you there. ”

”Yes. ” Tokugawa agreed without hesitation. ”If you ’re free, then tell me, please tell me. ”

”You don ’t need to worry. I ’ll hang up the phone, alright? ” Shishio said.

”Yes. ”

They didn ’t say more words and hung up the call.

Shishio looked at the sight before him, staring at it absently until someone hugged his back, but feeling the two soft melons on his back, he didn ’t need to guess who this person was. ”What ’s wrong, Nana? ”

”Nothing, I just want to hug you somehow, ” Nana said with a smile.

Shishio looked at Nana for a moment then kissed her lips without hesitation.

Nana was surprised and felt a bit shy, but she slowly relaxed and hugged him.

They kissed each other for a while before they parted.

”Let ’s not make Kiriyama-san (female real estate agent) wait, ” Shishio said.

”Um. ” Nana nodded shyly.

Kiriyama, who saw Shishio kissing Nana, blushed and felt quite jealous, but at the same time, she sighed since she was single. Feeling unhappy, she suddenly heard that Shishio planned to buy this apartment and someone should call her soon, which made her happy since she knew that she would get a lot of commission for this sale!

’Fuck boyfriend! I ’m going to get a lot of money! ’

Kiriyama screamed happily, but inwardly, if there was someone as handsome and rich as Shishio, then she might not work and become a housewife fully dedicated as his wife.

Shishio didn ’t know what Kiriyama was thinking, but he knew that his day wasn ’t over and another girl was waiting for him after this, but before that, he was going to have a blast with Nana.

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