I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 308 - Shishio Isnt A Bad Guy

On the top of the soft and huge bed, Shishio and Saki flirted with each other until sunlight came through the gap of the curtain.

”Saki, do you want to see the sun? ” Shishio asked.

”Sun? ” Saki blinked her eyes and asked in a baffling tone, ”While naked? ”

”… ”

With what they were doing last night, there was no way for their clothes to be intact, and of course, they slept naked.

”I ’ll help you to wear clothes, ” Shishio said since there was no way that he would let the world see her naked. Her naked body could only be seen by him alone, not even God that gave him the system.

”Well, I don ’t mind. ” Saki nodded, but then she said, ”I ’ll wear — ” She couldn ’t finish her words since she felt her lower body was so sore.

”You ’re still tired. Don ’t be stubborn, and let me help you. You ’re my secretary, but you ’re still my woman, ” Shishio said as he helped Saki gently.

”Um… ” Saki nodded with a blush, then looked at Shishio ’s huge thing that was so hard. ”Wait, how about you wear clothes first. ”

”What are you embarrassed about? We have seen each other ’s bodies so much that I know every part of your body like there ’s a mole on the cheek of your butt, ” Shishio said while shaking his head. Still, he had to admit that this girl had a mole in an unexpected position, making her even cuter.


After wearing their clothes sloppily, they sat on the terrace while basking themselves in the morning sun.

Saki didn ’t know why it felt so comfortable, especially when she leaned on Shishio ’s chest, closing her eyes, feeling relaxed.

’Is it because I ’m with the one that I love? ’

Saki looked at Shishio, who also closed his eyes, resting together. Her face was slightly red when she thought about how wild they were last night, and she had to admit that he was a beast. Still, there was something that she needed to talk about with him. ”Shishio. ”

”Hmm? ”

”If I ’m pregnant, what do you think? ” Saki rubbed her belly as if trying to feel the life that might be born from her womb. She knew what she had done last night might be done on the impulse. She didn ’t let him come out on the outside. Instead, let him come out inside. Deep inside, there was a demon inside her heart telling him to have a child with him, or it might be her woman instinct wanting to be impregnated by the man that she loved so much?

In conclusion, Saki might just not want to part from him.

Saki knew how normal she was, except for her beautiful face and slightly better grade. There was nothing that she could compare with Shishio. It might be because of this reason that she became desperate and held his waist when he was about to come out, letting him splurt all of his semen on her womb, hoping that she could get pregnant so she wouldn ’t lose him.

Looking at Saki, Shishio sighed inwardly, thinking that when girls had fallen in love, their IQ was lowered to zero. If he was a cruel man, even if she was pregnant or not, he wouldn ’t care much since it had nothing to do with him. Still, as someone who came to this world alone, he sought a connection more than anyone in this world.

”Do you want to get pregnant with my child? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes. ” Saki nodded without hesitation, but…

”But not now, right? ” Shishio smiled and also started to rub Saki ’s belly gently. He could see a liquid dripping from her nether region to her inner thighs, but he didn ’t intend to say anything about this matter. ”Saki, we ’re still young. There ’s a lot of things that you and I want to do. While I don ’t mind having a child, at least I want you to graduate from high school first since there will be a lot of inconvenient matters if you get pregnant right now. I ’m also not at my legal age to marry either, so even if you get pregnant, I can ’t marry you. ”

Saki looked at Shishio and asked, ”You want to marry me? ”

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded.

”But you have a lot of girls, you know? Can you marry all of us? It is illegal to do polygamy in this country, you know? ” Saki asked while staring at Shishio.

Hearing Saki ’s question, Shishio knew that this was the trouble he needed to face since he often said he would do something about the laws to legalize polygamy in this country. However, he knew that it would take a long time to do it since changing the law wasn ’t as simple as it seemed.

After all, Saki was different from Mea and Maiko. Saki was his woman, so Shishio wouldn ’t say bullshit before her since it was also important to see the reality before them.

His system might be able to help, but how many women did he need to change the legalization of polygamy?

All the girls in Tokyo? Japan? Or even the world?

Shishio wasn ’t sure, but he was afraid he might be stabbed with a knife one day if he dared to fuck so many women.

”You know, even if we don ’t marry, I think that it is alright, ” Saki suddenly said.

”Saki? ” Shishio looked at Saki in surprise.

”I still remember what you said to Mea and Maiko, but they ’ve been quite stupid after all since they ’ve been affected by your momentum, ” Saki said calmly.

”….. ” Shishio.

”But you know? I think this is enough as long as I can be with you. Marrying you might be nice, but more importantly, having you stay with me is all I want. If you ’re busy legalizing polygamy and forget about us, then that ’s something that I ’m sad about, ” Saki said calmly and suddenly felt that her hair was kissed. She looked up and asked, ”Shishio? ”

”Sorry, I can ’t help it. ” Shishio looked at Saki, but then he smiled and asked, ”So I don ’t need to marry you, right? ”

”…. ” Saki somehow wanted to beat up this bastard suddenly!

”Sorry, I was joking. ” Shishio stared at the morning sky and said, ”Still, as you have said before, we don ’t need to marry so we can be together. Our relationship might also change if we marry together, and some couples also are unhappy when they ’re going to marry each other, right? ”

”…. ” Saki was in silence and knew what Shishio had said was right, but at the same time, she felt a bit disappointed since, as a woman, who didn ’t want to marry the man that she loved?

It might not be or a few years later, or it could be even a decade later. However, Saki was alright with waiting since she knew how complicated Shishio ’s relationship with a woman was and how many women he had.

Having a child with him, Saki knew that Shishio could become a good father, but it might be hard for them to marry each other.

’Well, as long as I can be with him, then it ’s going to be alright. ’ Saki cheered herself up, but tears kept dripping from her eyes.

”But… ”

Shishio ’s voice suddenly fell, and he said, ”It might not be now, but I hope that you will marry me, Saki. ”

”… ”

Saki looked at Shishio, blinked her eyes in surprise.

”So wait for me, alright? ” Shishio said as he kissed Saki ’s tears.

”Um. ” Saki nodded then moved forward, kissing his lips, hugging him, without letting him go so she could imprint all of his existence onto her body.

Shishio sometimes knew it was better not to overthink, but he knew that sometimes he also needed to think since he knew that Saki ’s feeling toward him wasn ’t something he could think nonchalantly.

As they parted, they leaned into each other until Shishio said, ”Still, we might have children before we marry each other, though. Is that okay? ”

”….. ” Saki looked at Shishio and thought that this guy was a scumbag.

Shishio and Saki didn ’t immediately go back and take a bath together before watching the movie they had rented last night. After all, they had rented it, so it would be wasteful if they didn ’t watch the movie.

Saki laid her head on Shishio ’s lap at that moment, and frankly, it felt nice to lay on his lap, which made her smile happily.

Shishio could only smile helplessly and thought that no matter how old woman was, they loved being spoiled by their man. Even though Saki was one year older than him, she acted like a little girl, which made him want to tease her.

Unexpectedly, the movie was quite good, even though it was rather plain in his mind. Still, it was quite an enjoyable movie to watch.

If Shishio had to give an example, this movie would be similar to the Japanese movie ”Shall We Dance? ” in 1996.

The story was about a middle-aged man who had an unfulfilled life, especially after taking a loan to buy a house, so to make his life more exciting, he decided to join a dancing school.

Still, what made Shishio attracted by this movie wasn ’t because of the dance. Instead, it was the decision of the middle-aged man to buy a house. It wasn ’t that buying a house was a horrible thing, but the thought of having a loan on the bank for an entire 15 years or more was something scary for him.

Suppose the middle-aged man was a wealthy businessman or a high-ranking executive. In that case, Shishio might not think too much if the middle-aged man decided to buy a house, but the middle-aged man was just an average manager level of some companies. Therefore, considering the average income of that person, he felt that it was too hasty to buy a house.

Still, life is a chain of choices.

While it might be scary to have 15 years of loan, this middle-aged man might buy a house for his precious family. While it might sound stupid for some people, it wasn ’t a realm that could be understood by logic. Instead, it was in the realm of emotion.

Shishio didn ’t feel surprised since emotion sometimes made us make do some impulses like what Saki did last night by hugging his waist when he was about to come out, especially when she knew that she might get pregnant during high school, but even so, she didn ’t let go of his waist.

’Luckily… ’

If he didn ’t have ”Enhanced Testicles, ” he was afraid that this girl might get pregnant.

As the movie ended, Shishio suddenly said, ”There should be a pregnancy test here. Do you want to check it? ”

”…Yes. ” Saki nodded awkwardly.

After checking that she saw that she didn ’t get pregnant, Saki somehow felt that she didn ’t feel guilty anymore, but at the same time, she felt a bit disappointed until she was told that Shishio had a technique that made him able to not get girls pregnant, which made her dumbfounded. However, if she considered how strong he was, she felt that there should be such a technique in this world, so she didn ’t think too much. After all, even if she got pregnant, she knew that he would take responsibility, so what was she afraid of?

Then after Saki felt slightly better, Shishio sent her back home since it was impossible to keep her with him all the time, and she needed to go home, right?

Still, Saki told him not to send her too close to her house since she was lying to her parents that she played at Nana ’s house, but he ignored it and told her that he would send her to her house, which made her smile wrily but felt warm inwardly.

As they rode a motorcycle, Saki rubbed her face on his back and hugged him tightly, wanting the time to stop.

”Should I visit your house? ” Shishio asked.

Saki looked at Shishio for a moment and asked, ”Are you sure? ”

”Why not? ”

”I don ’t mind, but let ’s not do it now. With how awkward I walk, my father might beat you up, ” Saki said with a smile.

”…. ”

”It ’s alright, isn ’t it? ” Shishio felt that one or two punches were worth it.

”Well, my father is on a business trip now. I lied to you, ” Saki said with a smile as she hugged Shishio ’s waist.

”….. ”

”But there ’s my mother, little brother, and little sister, ” Saki said.

”Well, let ’s just see how it goes, ” Shishio said.

Saki nodded and didn ’t think too much since she knew that this guy was good at bullshitting, so she knew he would be alright.

As they arrived at Saki ’s house, unexpectedly, nothing happened.

”When I get better, let ’s do it again. ” Saki kissed Shishio ’s cheek lightly before she walked inside her house slowly since her lower body was still sore at that moment.

Shishio looked at Saki ’s back, and somehow he felt slightly complex. He shook his head and didn ’t immediately go back since there was one more duty that he needed to take care of.

Shishio was waiting at the apartment building entrance while chatting with a group of housewives before someone he had been waiting for came.

”Sorry to make you wait, Shishio-kun. ” Miu smiled, but her smile was quite awkward since there was a little thing that clung to her leg so tightly that she couldn ’t do anything.

Shishio looked at Miu ’s little sister, Miya, and asked, ”What ’s wrong, Miya-chan? ”

Miya escaped directly from Miu ’s leg and quickly ran to Shishio and begged, clutching onto his leg. ”Onii-chan, can I go with you too? ”

”……….. ”

Looking at her puppy-like expression, Shishio realized that the existence of a little sister was more dangerous than any martial art master that he had faced since he just couldn ’t think of a way to defeat this cute creature, and there was only one answer that he could think of.

”Of course! ”

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