I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 310 - Home Moving Service 2

Shishio was welcomed warmly in the Fujii household, especially by the mother of Rui and Hina since she had thought of him as her son-in-law.

Looking at how excited their mother was, Hina and Rui could only look at their mother with a sigh if their mother knew the reality…

Anyway, it was quite easy for Shishio to integrate into the Fujii household, his relationship with Fujii Akihito was quite good, and his relationship with Fujii Natsuo was quite okay. After all, he was polite when he talked with someone, so it was quite easy for him to get a good impression of someone.

Natsuo also felt quite good toward Shishio, and he also had to admit that Shishio was a good junior. Still, if he had something to complain about, he felt that Shishio was too close toward Hina, making him a bit unhappy. However, he felt that his thought was a bit unreasonable since it was normal for a student and a teacher to be close to each other, right?

Natsuo still remembered how he met Hina on the rooftop two weeks ago by chance, and the two of them often talked to each other secretly. Still, he felt irked toward Hina since she treated him like a child when he happened to see her cry on the rooftop in the past.

Natsuo thought he wanted to become an adult as soon as possible and followed his friends on the group date. However, it was harder than he had thought since it wasn ’t fun, and he also wasn ’t used to the group date, so after it ended, he could only go home without exchanging contact with the girls.

Still, Natsuo wasn ’t sure why when he went home, he felt something was missing, and it was as if he had lost something even though he didn ’t know what it was. He thought something had been stolen from him, which somehow made him even more at a loss.

Luckily, Natsuo had a best friend who could console him, so he felt better after talking with his best friend.

However, Natsuo didn ’t expect a surprise from his father since his father told him that he was going to remarry. He didn ’t think too much since he knew that his father might be lonely since it had been so long since his mother had passed away.

Still, Natsuo had never expected his father to marry Hina ’s mother, which shocked him to the core. His head was dizzy, and he felt that his knees were weak, but he would be lying if he wasn ’t excited when he thought that he would be living with Hina from now on.

Natsuo was excited, but he didn ’t forget that he had another new stepsister, Rui. His relationship with Rui was fairly normal, they weren ’t so close, and they weren ’t particularly distant either. After all, they knew that they would become a family from now on, so they couldn ’t be too distant since it might cause their new family to be awkward.

Compared to Rui, Natsuo was more excited about Hina. He knew that he was partial, but it couldn ’t be helped since he had a feeling toward Hina.

Still, it was because of this feeling that Natsuo felt annoyed when he saw Hina closer to another student other than him. However, he also knew Hina ’s character so it wasn ’t surprising for her to be close with a lot of students since even now, he also knew that there were a lot of students who had a crush on Hina, considering she was beautiful, approachable, and their age wasn ’t that much different since she was in her 24.

Natsuo also thought that Hina ’s attitude toward Shishio was similar to those of other students, so he didn ’t think too much.

Still, even so, Natsuo was surprised to see Shishio suddenly appear in his new house since he didn ’t expect it. His heart was beating so fast, thinking that the relationship between Shishio and Hina was closer than he had thought. Luckily, it seemed that it was only his imagination. After all, the reason why Shishio came to his new house should be Rui.

Natsuo knew that he might be oversensitive toward his new stepsiblings, so when he happened to see Rui suddenly transferred into his school, he thought that they shouldn ’t talk to each other so no one would think that they were stepsiblings.

It wasn ’t that being known as a stepsibling was taboo, but Natsuo felt that it was troublesome if someone knew about their relationship so he thought to keep it a secret since he didn ’t want a strange rumor to appear around them, especially when someone knew that they had become a stepsibling and lived together in the same house. However, he didn ’t expect that he would hurt Rui ’s feelings in the process.

Natsuo knew that he was being childish, and he told Rui not to talk to each other at the school since he was afraid that there might be a strange rumor about them.

Rui also replied Natsuo coldly and didn ’t care much about Natsuo and his ego since it was her nature.

Natsuo felt a bit regret and thought to talk with Rui wanted to tell that it was all a misunderstanding, but when he came, he didn ’t expect to see her talk with Shishio and from their conversation, they seemed to know each other, which made him feel weird, but it was hard to ask, considering their relationship and all so until this moment, the relationship between him and Rui was simply awkward, and he didn ’t know what to say.

Natsuo thought they could talk to each other when they lived in the same house, but he wasn ’t sure what to say to her.

While Natsuo was on his inner dialogue, the moving company brought their stuff to their new house.

Shishio also helped by bringing a lot of huge stuff inside the house.

Looking at Shishio, who brought a lot of huge and heavy stuff easily one by one, Hina, Rui, and Tsukiko Fujii (The mother of Hina and Rui) were surprised. They couldn ’t look away from his strong arms that seemed to emit a masculine aura when he lifted their stuff to the house.

”Wow, Oga-kun, you ’re so strong. Did you do sport? ” Akihito Fujii asked curiously.

”I did karate before, Fujii-ojiisan. ” Shishio didn ’t lie since he had just gotten his ”Fish-Men Karate ” before, so even if he told someone that he had trained karate, he didn ’t lie since there was a lot of karate school and each other had a different focus. It was just that his focus was on the water.

It might seem weird why Shishio said that he had trained karate rather than Bajiquan, Thunder Breathing, Ninjutsu, Taekwondo, or boxing, but unlike karate, the majority of his martial arts were relatively uncommon being practiced by Japanese people. Instead, karate was the most common martial art practiced by Japanese people, so they would easily accept that he had trained karate in the past without asking many questions.

If Shishio answered Akihito Fujii that he had trained Taekwondo, he was sure that Akihito would ask him why he trained in such a martial art.

”Karate? Can you show me, Oga-kun? ” Hina asked curiously since it was her first time to hear that Shishio did karate.

”Hina! Don ’t mess around! Hurry up and move your stuff to your room! ” Tsukiko reprimanded Hina.

”Yes~~. ” Hina pouted, but she didn ’t complain.

Shishio didn ’t overthink and looked at Natsuo, who also tried to lift a heavy thing, but he could see how weak Natsuo was, and this guy almost fell on the ground, so he helped him without hesitation. ”Are you alright, Fujii-senpai? ”

”Ah, ye – yes, thank you, Oga-kun. ” Natsuo blushed and felt quite embarrassed. He knew that it was childish of him since he tried to lift heavy stuff to show Hina that his strength wasn ’t bad, but he didn ’t expect that the stuff he lifted was so heavy that he almost fell. Luckily, Shishio caught him or else, his waist might not be saved.

”Let me handle this, Fujii-senpai. ” Shishio then took the stuff from Natsuo ’s hand and put it inside the house.

”Thank you, Oga-kun. ” Natsuo sighed and thought he shouldn ’t do something stupid and quickly finished the move. Still, there was something that he was curious about, so he asked, ”Right, Oga-kun, can I ask you something? ”

”What ’s wrong, Senpai? ” Shishio asked curiously.

”What ’s your relationship with Tachibana-san? ” Natsuo asked.

”Which Tachibana-san? ” Shishio asked strangely, wondering why Natsuo called his stepsisters by their family name. He knew that calling someone by their first name was something uncommon, and only someone who was close enough could call someone by their first name. Still, he didn ’t understand this tradition since the name was just a name, right?

Why do you blush when someone calls you by your first name?

Shishio just couldn ’t understand this, especially when Natsuo was so restrained to call his stepsiblings by their first name.

”Um… ” Natsuo realized his mistake and quickly said, ”I mean, about… ” However, before he finished, Hina suddenly interjected. ”Natsuo-kun, you should call our first name so you won ’t cause confusion. ”

”Eh? ” Natsuo was startled.

”Alright, call me, Hina-chan, alright? ” Hina said with a cute smile.

”Ah, um… ” Natsuo lowered his head in blush, feeling so nervous.

Hina only smiled then looked at Shishio. ”Shishio-kun, you should also call me Hina-chan too, you know? It feels weird that you call me Tachibana-sensei when you call Rui by her first name. ”

Natsuo, who heard Hina ’s words, was dumbfounded. Still, he looked at Shishio, wondering how Shishio would respond.

”Why should I call you that? ” Shishio asked weirdly.

Hearing Shishio ’s answer, Natsuo somehow sighed in relief.

”Moo… don ’t be shy, alright? Just call Hina-chan, ” Hina said with a smile as she poked Shishio ’s cheek.

”Okay, okay, Hina-chan-sensei, don ’t cause trouble. ”

”Good job, Shishio-kun. ” Hina ruffled Shishio ’s hair with a happy smile and said, ”Ah, I can also call you, Shishio-kun, right? ”

”You have called me that. How am I going to stop you? ” Also, I ’m a bit sweaty. Don ’t get too close, ” Shishio said as he moved Hina ’s hand away.

”Really? ” Hina didn ’t care when Shishio swept her hand since she thought he was shy. Still, she was quite intrigued by his words and moved closer, sniffing his smell, which caused her to blush since his scent was so masculine. ”You smell so nice, Shishio-kun. ”

”… ” Natsuo.

”Shishio-kun, can you help me? ” Suddenly Rui ’s voice interrupted them.

”Okay, Rui-nee. ” Shishio didn ’t entangle with Hina again and walked away.

Looking at Shishio, who walked away, Hina sighed and somehow felt a bit disappointed. She then looked at Natsuo with a smile and said, ”Come on, Natsuo-kun. Try to call my name. ”

Natsuo blushed again and wanted to call Hina ’s first name, especially when Shishio had called Hina by her first name, but before he could say it…

”Hina, don ’t mess around! ” Tsukiko roared.

”Yes, Mom! ” Hina was scared and quickly moved.

”….. ” Natsuo.

Shishio carried a box that was filled with Rui ’s stuff to her room and asked, ”Where should I put this, Rui-nee? ”

”Just put it on the floor, ” Rui said.

Shishio put the box on the floor, but suddenly he heard the door was closed and locked. He raised his eyebrow, and when he turned his head, he didn ’t expect that his lips would be kissed by Rui directly!

If Shishio didn ’t have an ”Enhanced Balance, ” he would fall messily when Rui suddenly pushed him. Fortunately, he had one, so he sat in a comfortable position.

Still, Shishio was under two choices at this moment whether he should accept or push Rui away. He was in deep thought, and his mind was running close to a light speed, but when he felt Rui ’s tongue try to pry his mouth open, his mind stopped working since he had found his answer.

Shishio hugged Rui ’s waist so their kiss wouldn ’t be broken and started his counterattack.

Shishio had decided to become a scumbag anyway, so what ’s the use of rejecting?

Rui knew Shishio ’s answer, which made her happy, even though she didn ’t understand the reason.. Still, her thought was broken when she could feel his tongue inside her mouth, and she knew that she was at his mercy again, but she didn ’t mind, and she hugged his neck affectionately as they continued to kiss each other, causing the quiet room filled with the lewd sound of their kiss.

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