I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 31 - Girl In Daze

Walking out of the Sakurasou, Shishio remembered that there was a bookstore in the shopping district where he walked with Chihiro yesterday so he didn ’t hesitate and walked directly toward the bookstore.

Along the way, it was very quiet and there weren ’t many people that walked around even though he was at the resident area.​​

However, Shishio felt that it was normal since it was in the afternoon and most people would spend their time in their houses or work rather than walking around the street in the middle of the afternoon.

Shishio then thought about his plan today, he rubbed his chin and thought to go to the bookstore first then went to Wagnaria to have lunch. He felt that spending the rest of his time on the restaurant wouldn ’t be bad, considering there might be some women and girls that could trigger his system on Wagnaria later.

In the Wagnaria, Shishio had met two girls that could trigger his quest, however, he knew that there should be more girls who could trigger his quest there. He let out a sigh and felt conflicted since with the more rewards that he got, he felt ridiculous for hating the system since he would be lying if he didn ’t enjoy his rewards, but…

’But becoming a scumbag? ’

Shishio felt conflicted at this moment, but he decided to throw that thought away since, at this moment, it was useless to think too much since he hadn ’t fallen in love with someone after all, and there weren ’t any girls that he wanted to date at this moment.

While walking, Shishio felt that he should use his time in a better way, so he used his time to train his ”Breathing Styles ” better.

There are two ways to use ”Breathing Styles ”: Total Concentration Breathing, and Total Concentration: Constant.

Total Concentration Breathing, an advanced application of Breathing, is a state where a Breathing Style user inhales the maximum amount of oxygen within a specific breath pattern to raise their physical and mental prowess to their utmost limits. Demon Slayers are often used for brief moments to temporarily boost their combat capabilities to prepare for a decisive attack.

Total Concentration: Constant is a Total Concentration Breathing state during the morning, noon, and night, and even while asleep that Advanced Demon Slayers, such as Hashira, can constantly maintain. There is an immense difference in strength, speed, and stamina between someone who can maintain Total Concentration Breathing at all times and someone who cannot.

Total Concentration Breathing might be powerful, but it should be used in critical moments and it wasn ’t being suitable being used every time.

However, Total Concentration: Constant was different since it could be used in daily life.

Shishio then didn ’t hesitate and used ”Breathing Styles ” in Total Concentration: Constant. He let out a breath and he could feel that his body became even more powerful.

In truth, Shishio was quite surprised when he received ”Thunder Breathing ” since its origin was the famous work, ”Kimetsu no Yaiba ”.

However, the ability of ”Thunder Breathing ” wasn ’t exaggerated and it was still quite normal, considering it was only a martial art.

Still, Shishio was very happy about this reward, but he had to admit that it took a lot of energy to maintain this Total Concentration: Constant so he ended the test shortly since if he continued, he might go famish sooner or later.

It took Shishio 15 minutes to arrive at the bookstore and he didn ’t hesitate to enter it directly since it was quite cold outside.

The automatic door was opened, there was no greeting or whatever.

Unlike restaurants that greeted their customers every time they entered, a bookstore didn ’t really need to do that.

Shishio entered the bookstore while looking around curiously. When he came to Tokyo, he didn ’t bring a lot of things and the game on his phone was only a ”snake ” which made him speechless. There also wasn ’t much entertainment and he was also too lazy to play an online game or game console since he felt that it was too backward.

Shishio had received a baptism of various games in the past so he didn ’t show excitement when he saw a retro game or rather he was bored by it. He felt that he should create his own gaming company in the future since it was a profitable industry, but then again, he was going to do it step by step since nothing good came from being in a hurry.

Thinking about his 20 billion yen of assets, Shishio let out a sigh. It might sound like a lot, however, in truth, it wasn ’t that much.

There were a lot of companies that he wanted to invest in and 20 billion yen was too little for him.

However, he knew that he had a chance next year since, in 2007-2008, there would be a financial crisis that happened in the entire world.

Shishio was going to use that chance to make a lot of money, but then, he knew that it wasn ’t the time now and what he should do at this moment was to learn more about this world since there might be some difference and something development might be different from the timeline of his original world.

Shishio looked around until he walked toward one of the staffs of the bookstore.

”Excuse me, do you have a book about law and taxes here? ”

”Ah, yes, if it is about law and taxes, it is over there, please follow me. ”

Shishio followed the staff and walked toward the section of law and taxes. He had to admit that Ginokuniya Bookstore was a very great bookstore and based on his understanding it should be the biggest bookstore chain in Japan.

”Thank you very much. ”

The staff only bowed his head slightly, smiled, and left.

Shishio had to admit that the service was very good, but he didn ’t waste his time anymore and checked the books about tax and law on the corner, reading its title one by one. The thing that he was glad about was that he had received a ”Language Mastery ”, most of the Japanese words were written with kanji, however, the previous Shishio Oga was in his third middle school after all so there were still kanji words that he didn ’t know.

However, it was normal, considering there were tens of thousands of kanji words in the world, and his ”Language Mastery ” solved that problem and he could read his book with ease.

Shishio looked at the book intently, but he could notice a lot of people, especially girls were glancing and looking at him from time to time. However, he ignored them since they couldn ’t trigger his quest.

Shishio had a feeling that his future wife should be someone that was able to trigger his quest. It wasn ’t because he was greedy about the rewards that he would receive from the system, it was just that even though the girls that triggered his quest had a weird personality, every one of them was beautiful after all.

Shishio ’s face flushed slightly when he thought about Rui, but then he shook his head since what had happened between them was just one time and probably, both of them might not see each other again.

Shishio shook his head after picking up some books about law and taxes. He didn ’t buy much since he knew that it would take a long time to read it and it was so thick that it was very troublesome to bring it back.

Shishio then went to search Shiro-san ’s book after he asked the staff. He also asked whether this author was popular, but unexpectedly, that masochist pervert was quite popular that the bookstore prepared special shelves for Shiro-san ’s book. He was even more shocked when he learned that Shiro-san also had won an ”Akutagawa Prize ”.

”…….. ”

Shishio looked at the shelves with complicated expressions. He looked at the various books and decided to choose the one randomly, but when he was about to grab the book, another hand happened to touch his hand that grabbed the book.

Looking at the hand that touched him, he could tell that it was the hand of a girl.

”Huh? ”

Shishio and the girl turned to each other and looked at each other for a while before the girl realized her action.

”Ah, I am sorry! ”

The girl quickly bowed her head with a flustered expression.

”No, you don ’t need to worry that much, do you want to buy this book? ” Shishio asked and he didn ’t expect that his luck would be so good since…

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