I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 311 - Unfair Relationship

In this quiet room, Shishio and Rui were kissing each other. Their lips were pressing against each other, their tongues were entangled, and they sucked each other saliva as if it was the most delicious thing they had ever drunk.

Rui pressed all of her body against him, and she moved her hips, rubbing her panties over his pants, feeling his hard phallus. She felt how hot and big it was, making her flush and excited. She knew that it might be wrong since she knew that he had a girlfriend, but she just couldn ’t forget the feeling when they were having sex for the first time. It felt so nice and enjoyable that she often thought about the time they were having sex.

Rui didn ’t understand her feeling, but when she heard that Shishio had a girlfriend, it saddened her and frustrated her. However, she knew that their relationship was just a friend, and it was wrong for her to feel unhappy when she heard that he had a girlfriend.

Still, Rui wanted to know why Shishio had decided to get a girlfriend. After all, she could see his expression at that time wasn ’t lying, and he really didn ’t plan to make a girlfriend during his high school time, but suddenly he had a girlfriend, which made her feel flabbergasted.

Rui didn ’t know what had happened.

Either Shishio was a good actor, or there were too many girls that seduced him.

Still, she felt that the reason should be the latter since she knew Shishio ’s charm was dangerous. His body was perfect, he was handsome, he was also good at sex, and he was polite and gentle, even if it was just an appearance.

With all of those factors, which women didn ’t love him?

This was why Rui invited Shishio to help her family move out to the new house.

When Shishio helped to move the stuff inside the house, Rui didn ’t talk with him that much. Instead, she observed him from a distance, and it felt strange somehow when she saw Hina seemed to be too close to her liking, especially when Hina asked him to call her by her first name. However, she didn ’t overthink this matter since she also knew about Hina ’s character since Hina was her sister and all.

Fortunately, Shishio didn ’t seem to have an interest in Hina.

Rui was curious about Shishio ’s girlfriend, and she thought to ask him by asking her to help her to move her stuff to her room. Still, as they were alone together in her room, there was an impulse on her heart. So she closed and locked the door of her room and kissed his lips directly!

Rui knew that it might be strange, and they were just friends, but she just couldn ’t help and wanted to do this again. Her feelings were mixed, but more importantly, she felt annoyed. She didn ’t feel annoyed toward Shishio, but she felt annoyed toward his girlfriend. She was the first person he met in Tokyo, and she was also his first friend. She should be the one who knew the most about him, but why did she feel that she didn ’t know anything about him?

Rui knew that she was so selfish by forcing her feelings toward him, but she just couldn ’t help it. Still, her unhappiness directly turned into happiness when she wasn ’t being pushed away by Shishio.

Rui had prepared to be pushed away by Shishio, but she didn ’t expect him to accept her kiss right away.

Rui also let go of her worries and enjoyed their kiss.

’Ah, this is… ’

Rui knew that this was something that she had always wanted, and it was also something that kept her from sleeping at night, so she let go of her reason and let her body burnt by the fire.

They kissed each other ’s lips greedily, without caring about the fact that there were other people other than them inside this house, but as Rui became greedier, she moved her hand toward his pants, caressed them with her soft hand before she decided to take it out, but when she was about to do it, their lips were parted right away.

”Wait a moment! ”

Rui ’s head was lightheaded, and her eyes were hazy. She felt that she was drunk, intoxicated by the kiss and the pleasure they exchanged, which was why Shishio ’s reaction made her unhappy. ”What ’s wrong? You want to say that you have a girlfriend? ”

”…. ”

Shishio was speechless. He wasn ’t hypocritical enough to tell Rui that he had a girlfriend when he had just kissed her greedily. ”Wait a minute before we continue. There must be something that we need to talk about. ”

”What? ” Rui ’s mind also became sober, and she looked at him curiously. Still, she didn ’t let go of his neck, hugging it with her hands, pressing her forehead against his, staring into his eyes, without looking away, waiting for what he was going to say to her.

”Your parents and siblings are here. It ’s alright if we kiss, but doing more than that will be dangerous. Did you forget how loud your moan is? ” Shishio said without blinking his eyes.

Rui ’s face quickly reddened, and she just wanted to slap this guy ’s head. Still, her entire body was so hot at that moment, and the obstacles that Shishio had mentioned were just a small matter in her head. ”It ’s alright. You can close my mouth with your mouth. ”

”…. ”

Shishio looked at Rui and wondered how horny this girl was, but it wasn ’t Rui ’s fault either since he just subconsciously released his pheromone, which caused her to feel horny so, at this moment, he knew that he needed to say something to cause her desire to mate to disappear directly.

”Rui-nee, I ’m a scumbag. ”

”… ”

Rui was dumbfounded, blinking her eyes, staring at Shishio, while wondering whether she had heard something wrong.

”Before we continue, how about we talk about this matter first? Also, even though you have said that it might be fine if I close your mouth with mine, you think that your family won ’t notice if we disappear so suddenly? ” Shishio said calmly.

Rui looked at Shishio for a moment and nodded. ”You need to tell me a lot of things. ”

”Sure. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”So let ’s go out now? ”

”Um. ” Rui nodded, then kissed Shishio ’s lips again for the last time.

”….. ” Shishio was dumbfounded and asked, ”Why? ”

”I just want to. ” Rui stood up steadily while tidying up her clothes and her expression turned to her usual deadpan expression.

”…. ” Shishio could only shake his head and also helped her to tidy up her clothes.

”Don ’t forget about your clothes, ” Rui said since she was rubbing Shishio ’s stomach before and causing his clothes to be in a mess.

”Don ’t worry. ” Shishio nodded.

They helped each other before they walked out of the room together, but they saw Natsuo, who lifted a box when they were about to walk downstairs.

Natsuo was startled when he saw Shishio and Rui were together, but before he asked, Shishio quickly said, ”Senpai, do you need my help? ”

”Ah, yes, thank you, Oga-kun. ” Natsuo accepted Shishio ’s help without hesitation since the box he lifted was so heavy.

”It ’s a bit heavy. ” Shishio lifted Natsuo ’s box and said, ”It ’s a bit similar to Rui-nee ’s box. ”

”Did you help Tachibana-san before, Oga-kun? ” Natsuo asked curiously.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded. ”After all, she ’s a girl. She can ’t lift something as heavy as this. ”

”That ’s true. ” Natsuo nodded since the box that he lifted was so heavy. It was heavy for him, and of course, it should be heavier for Rui, right? After all, girls ’ strength was weaker than men ’s.

Rui looked at Shishio for a moment, but she didn ’t say much, walking downstairs directly. She didn ’t overthink even if what she was doing in the room was known by someone. After all, they didn ’t do a crime, and they were doing a happy thing, so there was no need to fear even if it was known. Still, she had to admit that this secret rendezvous excited her.

”Where should I put this, Senpai? ” Shishio asked.

”Ah, let me help you too, Oga-kun, ” Natsuo said and carried the box together with Shishio.

Shishio looked at Natsuo and thought that this guy wasn ’t that bad, but… he shook his head inwardly and didn ’t overthink.

With Shishio ’s help, they finished moving pretty fast.

”Shishio-kun, why don ’t you stay so we can eat together? ” Tsukiko asked.

Shishio wanted to reject, but he noticed Rui ’s gaze and decided not to. ”Thank you Tsukiko-obaasan. ”

”It ’s alright. It ’s alright. ” Tsukiko waved her hand with a smile and asked, ”Should we get sushi or something? ”

”No, I ’ll cook, ” Rui suddenly said.

”Eh? Cooking? Is that okay? Are you not tired from moving your stuff? ” Tsukiko asked worriedly.

”It ’s okay, ” Rui said simply, then looked at Shishio. ”Shishio-kun, can you help me to buy ingredients together? ”

”Sure. ” Shishio nodded.

”By the way, it might take a long time to buy them, ” Rui said and left together with Shishio.

Looking at Rui and Shishio that walked out together, Tsukiko smiled and asked, ”Hina, are they dating? ”

”Eh? Really? Have they dated? ” Akihito Fujii was also surprised.

”What? ” Natsuo was dumbfounded.

Hina ’s lips twitched, wondering how to tell that Shishio had a girlfriend, but that girlfriend wasn ’t Rui, but someone else. Still, she couldn ’t say that now since it might make everything turn awkward. ”Ah, no, they haven ’t dated yet. ”

”What? Their progress is too slow! ” Tsukiko complained.

”Isn ’t that fine? They ’re still a high school after all, ” Akihito said with a smile.

”Well, that ’s true… ” Tsukiko nodded, showing an understanding.

Hina ’s lips twitched, and she sighed inwardly, but she didn ’t say anything.

Still, Natsuo sighed in relief when he knew the reason why Shishio came to help to move out was because of Rui, not because of Hina, but strangely enough, he felt that something from him had been lost once again. However, he ignored it since he felt relief to hear that Shishio liked Rui.

Hina didn ’t care about what Natsuo was thinking. Instead, she wondered what was happening between Shishio and Rui. ’Rui should know that he has a girlfriend, right? ’ She was afraid that a scumbag would seduce her little sister, but she couldn ’t say anything when she thought about her relationship since she wasn ’t that much different from her little sister.

Shishio and Rui didn ’t ride a motorcycle but walked together toward a supermarket located quite far from Rui ’s new house.

”So… ” Rui looked at Shishio and asked, ”You ’re a scumbag? ”

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded.

”… ” Rui wasn ’t sure what to say and asked, ”I wonder why you say that you ’re a scumbag. ”

”You know that I have a girlfriend, right? ”

”Yes. ” Even though Rui didn ’t feel comfortable, she nodded.

”The truth is, I don ’t have a girlfriend. ”

”Eh? ”

”I have four girlfriends. ”

”….. ”

Rui stopped her steps and looked at Shishio in a daze. Then after she woke up, she said, ”Scumbag. ”

”Right? ”

Rui felt a bit complicated and asked, ”Did you lie before? ”

”Before? ”

”You told me that I was your first, right? ” Rui asked.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded. ”You ’re my first woman. I was a virgin when I met you. ”

Rui stared at Shishio for a moment and nodded. ”I can tell that you ’re not lying. ”

”….. ” Shishio wasn ’t sure what to say.

”So… you have four girlfriends, right? ” Rui asked.

”Yes. ”

”What do they think if they know that you ’re dating four girls at the same time? ” Rui asked.

”They know each other, ” Shishio said.

”….Really? ”

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded. ”I date them together, and they know each other. Also, their relationship is pretty good to each other. ”

”… ” Rui felt a bit dizzy right now.

”Are you alright? ” Shishio asked worriedly and helped her to stand up by holding her waist.

”I ’m alright. ” Rui let out a long sigh and said, ”It ’s just… I wonder where that pure boy goes… ”

”….. ”

’Pure boy… ’ Shishio was speechless.

”I still want to ask you a question, but we don ’t have much time, ” Rui said.

”Huh? We have a lot of time, right? Didn ’t you say that we ’re going to go out for a while? ” Shishio asked with a confused expression since he thought that she would just ask him a question.

”This question is important, but there ’s something that I want you to help me with. ” Rui then pointed her finger at the nearby Love Hotel and asked, ”I haven ’t been there. Do you want to visit it with me? ”

”……. ”

Shishio looked at Rui and wondered whether his charm was so high that this girl ignored the fact that he was dating four girls or if this girl was just too horny after what they were doing before. Still, in the end, he didn ’t overthink and held Rui ’s waist naturally, guiding her toward the hotel. Of course, he used his QI to erase their presence so no one would look at them. ”I ’m also a bit curious about that place. Let ’s visit that place. ”

”Um. ”

As they entered, Shishio wondered the same question that Rui asked.

’I wonder where that pure girl goes…. ’

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